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    Buy PoE Mageblood – 100% prestige equipment that everybody wants! Mageblood's high defences rating makes it the best-in-slot belt for any build. It is perfect for bossing, Uber Blight, Uber Breach, and Simulacrum. Moreover, its unique passive will free you from flask micromanagement and ease your game! Every player will find its balance, and consistency useful, but only select few will have it.

    In-game PoE trade is unreliable. Save your nerves! Choose the most convenient time to buy a Mageblood belt and enjoy the 24/7 consultant service during execution.

    What you will get
    • Mageblood;
    • 4 potions apply automatically;
    • Unique protection from Nullifier modifier;
    • Rocket up your boss fighting;
    • Upgrade your ability to farm;
    • Maximum utility item for the end-game.


    • Select your options and inquire;
    • Our consultant will reach you in live chat or by email;
    • We will share details on your purchase and set the execution time to match your plans;
    • Stay in your hideout and accept the group invitation and the trade offer from the courier;
    • IMPORTANT: Add any RARE item to trade, make sure it is not UNIQUE, MAGIC, or any other type but RARE;
    • Do not write anything besides greetings in the game chat. Especially don’t mention the purchase;
    • Both conditions are essential for your account protection;
    • Equip any of 44+ level characters with the Mageblood! Don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot!

    For any questions you may have please contact us any time of day and night :) We are 24/7 online!

    Poe mageblood faq

    How to get a mageblood in path of exile?

    First of all, you need a lot of time. The highest chance to get this belt comes during the first 40 hours of straight farming. Through this process, you need to commit to one farming strategy that matches your play style. You should consider that all the strategies have high requirements for your build's ability to grind fast. Take your 75+ level character and use a bunch of Harbinger, Abyss, Breach, Legion, or Shaper Scarabs with Abyss on the map device. If you feel yourself adventurous try using the Expedition mechanics. And don’t forget your coffee! 

    What is the mageblood drop rate?

    There is no straight answer. The Mageblood belt is contained in the core drop pool. So it can drop anywhere yet with extremely low chances.

    Why is mageblood that expensive?

    First of all, farming Mageblood with divination cards is disadvantageous. So nobody target farms it and thus doesn’t increase the drop rate.

    Furthermore, the best farming strategies require a high degree of game knowledge. Farmer should be aware of the maps’ features and builds that match them. For example, in most situations, you are looking up the ability to grind fast. You read recommendations and apply modifiers with Abyss on the map device. But it turns out you are not able to manage the setup efficentelly, hence It lowers your chances significantly. You should be aware that any mistakes will affect at least 40 hours of constant farming!

    After all, Mageblood is the highest and rarest tier equipment!

    Is mageblood worth the price?

    Despite the price of in-game trade being somewhat steep, Mageblood is undoubtedly a number one heavy belt. Any player will find its balance, and consistency useful.

    Why mageblood is so good?

    Mageblood resistance solves defense suffix superfluity and empties other equipment modifiers for anything you want. The current version of the game is very defense focused and this belt is tearing it up!

    Moreover, the mobility boost from flasks provides you with both high grind power, and hit and run option when the situation gets tricky :)

    Mageblood also protects the character from the nasty Nullifier modifier, which removes any charges and flasks effects on hit.

    To summarize, Mageblood provides you with build flexibility and utility at the same time!

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