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Mirror of Kalandra - is the important item in Path of Exile. It is used for replicating rare items. It's not really easy to farm a lot of mirrors. You can spend a few hours to get one mirror but it's faster and easier to buy it. You can upgrade your gear faster and cheaper no matter if it’s standart or delirium. Buy Mirror of Kalandra on Overgear.com

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Why do you need Mirror of Kalandra in Path of Exile?

Mirror of Kalandra is one of the rarest currency items in the PoE. It can be used to create a copy of any equipment in the game (except unique items, corrupted items, and duplicated maps). Copied items are similar to original ones, but you can’t modify it with another currency items. You allowed to drop, sell to vendors, and trade Mirror of Kalandra like other items. Also, you can use the Mirror of Kalandra as a trophy to show your wealth. 

What about chances to own Mirror of Kalandra?

Mirror of Kalandra is about a thousand times rarest than Exalted orbs and occurs only at an inventory of a small number of players. Besides being a rarest currency in the Path of Exile, Mirror of Kalandra is the most valuable currency too. You can buy a mirror only from another player, drop it with extremely low chance or assemble using Mirror Shards (which are incredibly rare to have too). The drop rate for a Mirror is about 0.0001 percent. You have to spend lots of gameplay hours to own just one. Fun fact - the developers at one point admitted that there was a light in their office that went off each time a Mirror of Kalandra dropped.

Typical mistakes players make related to Mirror of Kalandra.

At first, the Path of Exile players usually doesn’t understand the worth of this item. They use it to duplicate not top-tier items instead of selling Mirror (in 9 of 10 cases it is the best way to interact with it). Also, players can exchange Mirror for unique fishing rods with vendors, but these rods can be easily purchased from other players for lower prices.

How much Mirror of Kalandra worth?

Mirror of Kalandra, as mentioned earlier, is a very rare currency item. You can buy a mirror starting from 100 up to 300 Exalted orbs. Although price depends on a league you playing at. Unpopular leagues provide higher prices because of top-players not interested in supplying mid and low-level players. There is a possibility to trade real money for mirrors, so you can buy Mirror of Kalandra by the price starting from 100 dollars up to 300 dollars. You should have the exact understanding of why do you really need to own Mirror (for example, you own BiS gear and you want to sell it with high price). 

What do we offer?

You can easily buy Mirror of Kalandra on Overgear from professional traders. It is simple to contact one of our reliable sellers and choose the realm you playing at - you just leave a request and wait for a little. Also, buy a mirror with real money is the easiest way to get it. You can choose any platform you prefer (PC, Xbox One, or PS4) and any game mode. We aim to provide top-quality service and here is some advantages:

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You can be sure that you won’t be scammed because our priority is the safety of your time and money.After a deal, you will be able to duplicate one of your items, make sure that it’s worth it!