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Arms Warrior PvE Guide (WoW Legion 7.3.5)

Arms Warrior specializes in using a single two-handed weapon with max kickback. One of the toughest Melee fighters in the game.



Let’s take a closer look at the weakest and the strongest aspects of this specialization:


  • Massive damage on a single target.
  • Nice damage on 2 closely located targets.
  • Also, nice AoE damage.
  • Has Commanding Shout for the raid.


  • Relatively low survival rate.
  • Strong dependency on Legendaries.
  • Overall DPS is very random.

Basic information on the spec:

An Arms Warrior, much like any other Warrior spec, uses one key resource – Rage. Rage is accumulated after successful auto-attacks and after utilizing specific Rage-generating abilities. Consequently, there are abilities that spend it.

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Main abilities

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General information. On achieving several new levels you’ll get access to new talent ‘Tiers’. Talents may have different effect on abilities: add new features, replace old ones, modify passively different effects and spells. Talents can be changed in Sanctuaries or any recreational zones. However, if you don’t have any of those places nearby you can use the Codex of the Tranquil Mind which allows you to switch channels within a minute. You can’t change talents in combat. You can’t change a talent if the talent you’ve picked in the last Tier is on Cooldown. You’ll have to wait until it’s restored first.

Tier 1. Lvl 15.

  • Dauntless. Decreases the Rage cost of all the abilities by 10%.
  • Overpower. Gives you an additional ability dealing nice physical damage; your base chance of Crit is 60% higher, his attack cannot be paried, blocked or evaded. The ability is available only during the proc that is triggered by using your other abilities.

* Your default choice here is Dauntless in any case.
If your combat employs additional targets, 2 to 4 of them, and you have an opportunity to use Execute on them, Sweeping Strikes becomes a very nice option.
Overpower is a nice talent, too, but it does fall behind against Dauntless.

Tier 2. Lvl 30.

  • Shockwave. Allows you to deal minor damage and stun your enemies in a cone 10 m ahead of you for 3 secs. If this ability damages 3 or more enemies, its restoring time reduces by 20 secs. CD 40 secs.
  • Storm Bolt. You throw your weapon into an enemy within the 20-m range thus dealing them minor damage and stunning them for 4 secs. CD 30 secs.
  • Double Time. Your Charge now has 2 charges, and its restoring time is 3 secs shorter.

* Your default choice is Double Time as it increases your mobility.
If you need additional control of some sort, the other 2 talents would work for it.


Tier 3. Lvl 45.

  • Trauma. Slam, Whirlwind and Execute cause the target to bleed thus dealing additional 20% of damage by these abilities for the next 6 secs. The damage sums up.
  • Rend. An additional ability dealing minor physical damage and leaving a strong physical DoT for 8 secs. Costs 30 Rage.
  • Avatar. Allows you to transform into a colossus for 20 secs. Actuating this talent cancels any movement-impairing effects on you, and your outgoing damage grows by 20%. CD 1.5 min.

* Trauma is a great choice for almost any situation as it allows you to deal more damage by secondary abilities, and it provides an increase for the execute phase. With 4T21 becomes a default choice for a single target.
Rend is a good option on a single target in any case.
Avatar is the Tier’s weakest talent for single target, but it can be used in case you crave burst damage.

Tier 4. Lvl 60.

  • Second Wind. Passively restores 7% of your max Health in case you haven’t received damage over the last 5 secs.
  • Defensive Stance. Allows you to activate your Defensive Pose in which you receive 20% less damage, but you also deal 10% less damage. Active until cancelled. CD 6 secs.

* Bounding Stride is your basic choice as it ups your mobility.
Defensive Stance does give you a down on DPS with both its bonus and GCD spending, but, as you know, the dead do not damage, which makes it a nice – but still optional – choice for survival on the encounter.
Second Wind is barely used because it’s not at all often you come across encounters with incoming damage-free windows long enough to activate it.

Tier 5. Lvl 75.

* Fervor of Battle with 4T21, Opportunity strikes and Trauma becomes a default choice for single target fights.
Titanic Might is your default choice as it allows you to maintain Colossus Smash during 100% of the combat and use it on additional targets.
Mortal Combo can be useful with Sweeping Strikes but mostly never used.

Tier 6. Lvl 90.

  • Focused Rage. Demands 20 Rage thus empowering your next Mortal Strike by 30%. The effect can be added up, up to 3 times. Used regardless of GCD. CD 1.5 secs.

* In for the Kill is your best option on this Tier as it ups your DPS during Colossus Smash which is when you deal most of the damage.
Focused Rage is a nice pick for the encounters where you need an extremely strong burst into a short-living target.
Deadly Calm is a pretty weak talent.

Tier 7. Lvl 100.

  • Opportunity Strikes. Your Melee abilities have a 60% (depending on the target’s HP level) chance of triggering an additional attack which deals medium damage and restores 5 Rage.
  • Ravager. Replaces Bladestorm. Allows you to pick a spot within a 40-m range on which you leave a spinning weapon. The weapon deals major physical damage for 7 secs. Each time the ability deals damage, it restores 7 Rage for you. CD 1 min.

* Ravager is your best option in case you have to deal burst damage the Legendary head The Great Storm’s Eye.
Opportunity Strikes is your default choice with 4T21 for a single target.
Anger Management is generally a nice talent as well. It should be used in case you need to deal bursts more often. But at the end of the day, it offers less DPS over the combat as compared to the other 2.

So, we can boil it all down to the following build:

  1. DauntlessSweeping Strikes AoE
  2. Trauma / Avatar
  3. Fervor of BattleTitanic Might AoE
  4. In for the Kill
  5. Opportunity StrikesRavager

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Unlike talents, in the weapons branch there is no choice of what you can and what you can’t take. With the current Artifact Knowledge, the order of artifact acquisition is insignificant as to open all the traits, you only need to earn 2.23 billion artifact power which is extremely easy to do just over the first few minutes after you’ve reached level 110.


An Arms Warrior uses 1 Iron, 1 Blood and 1 Shadow.

Most traits are quite valuable related to weapon ilvl. For that matter there is a list of the relevant build according to the relic value and weapon ilvl equivalent:

Trait ilvl
Many will fall 3.3
Prcise Strikes 3.3
Exploit the weakness 2.8
Deathblow 1.3
Storm of swords 1.2
Unending rage 0.3
Crushing blows 0.2


If you face situations where you’re not sure, we recommend you use the raidbots.com web-site which has a convenient interface for figuring out if it’s worth replacing Relic A with Relic B.

Netherlight Crucible


Tier 1 of any relic allows you to increase your weapon’s ilvl by 5 points.

Tier 2. Here you face your first crucial choice between Light and Shadow. This Tier’s traits are stronger than the artifact ones. That’s why this choice would often define everything. Should this Tier proc only weak or approximately similar traits, you need to figure out which relic on Tier 3 to target on your way.

Trait ilvl
Infusion of Light 3.5
Secure in the Light 3.5
Shadowbind 3.5
Torment the Weak 3.4
Master of Shadows 3.2
Chaotic Darkness 3.2
Murderous Intent 2.7
Shocklight 2.6
Light Speed 2.5
Dark Sorrows 1.7


Tier 3. Like it was said before, the traits on Tier 2 are significantly stronger. The rating of the Tier 3 traits coincides with that of the relics:


Trait ilvl
Many will fall 3.3
Prcise Strikes 3.3
Exploit the weakness 2.8
Deathblow 1.3
Storm of swords 1.2
Unending rage 0.3
Crushing blows 0.2

Other traits are defensive and provide no dps that’s why they are not accounted for here. Here their value is considered equal to 0.

If you are using CrucibleWeight you can import this string into the game:

cruweight^128910^ilvl^1^209481^1.08 6:1.35 7:1.35^216274^3.39 6:3.54 7:3.54^252799^2.71^252922^1.63^252875^3.44^252906^3.28^209459^-0.12 6:0.44 7:0.12^252888^3.25^252091^3.0^209472^-0.02 6:-0.02 7:-0.34^248579^3.5 6:3.3 7:3.48^209494^2.9 6:3.0 7:2.69^252191^2.6^238075^0.44 6:-0.01 7:0.11^252088^2.31^253070^3.48^253093^3.3^end


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An Arms Warrior has access to the total of 14 Legendaries.

Let’s single out the best and the good Legendaries:

The Great Storm’s Eye is a great Legendary allowing you to empower your burst (6 stacks, 6% for each; with Ravager it’s 4%), especially if you have 4t20.

Archavon’s Heavy Hand is a nice Legendary providing a stable single-target bonus.

Ayala’s Stone Heart is somewhat random, but, in general, it’s one of the strongest Legendaries for a single target and a minor cleave.

Soul of the Battlelord is a great choice without 4t20; if you do have that set, the additional talent of the ring proves to have quite small efficiency.

Naj’entus’s Vertebrae is your best pick for continuous AoE.

Timeless Stratagem goes particularly well with Mythic+ with Weight of the Earth for AoE. An average Legendary, in general.

Mannoroth’s Bloodletting Manacles allows you to endure your survival in the encounters with constant incoming damage.

Weight of the Earth – combined with Avatar – performs really well on continuous AoE.

Aggramar’s Stride increases your moving speed and makes you completely uncatchable during Battle Cry. An occasional one, though.

Sephuz’s Secret works quite nicely in Mythic+ for trashing as your Charge and Shockwave allow you to activate Sephus quite frequently. In raid situations it is pretty much worthless unless you have the opportunity to trigger its proc per CD.

Kil’jaeden’s Burning Wish is a nice option for burst AoE but it does occupy a trinket slot and is still behind the best Legendaries.

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus allows you to increase your survival which can be of great use when exploring new Bosses. In terms of DPS this is a rather mediocre Legendary.

Rethu’s Incessant Courage is a craft belt allowing you to have more stats. A great choice for fresh characters, an average one for everybody else.

Insignia of the Grand Army.

If you’ve got different Legendaries out of the first list, and want to figure out which one of them would be better for you, we recommend you use Simcraft.

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The basic priority rating for the characteristics is as follows:

Mastery > Haste = Versatility = Crit > Strength


This spec’s Mastery increases the bonus damage and the own damage by your Colossus Smash.

20% Haste allows you to make your Battle Cry and Bladestorm last 5 secs. Considering the human factor, it is recommended you have a bit more than those 20%. You should also know that once you reach 12.5% Haste, you receive an additional GCD for the duration of Colossus Smash.

Other stats are more or less equal to each other which means their value is going to be quite volatile against one another depending on the gear you have. That’s why is recommended, once you receive new equipment, you use Simcraft or Raidbots.com. There is no way to get a more precise answer to which stat to focus on first, but through a simulation.

Based on the aforementioned characteristics and results of your character’s own simulation results, you can draw conclusions on Gems, Chants and Raid Chemicals.

  1. Gems:
  1. Chants:
  1. Food:
  1. Flasks and Potions:

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Set bonuses




  • 2 pieces: Using Colossus Smash increases your damage in case of critical strike by 7% for 8 secs.
  • 4 pieces: Mortal Strike increases the damage and the chance of delivering a critical strike by your next Whirlwind or Slam by 12%. The effect can be added up, up to 3 times.


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Pummel with a modifier, with the Shift key held, the ability is applied on a remembered target, without – on the current one.

/cast [mod:shift,@focus][]Pummel


For max efficiency of the Bladestorm + Battle Cry combo:

/cast Battle Cry
/cast Bladestorm


A convenient macro for Ravager. Allows you to place your Ravager at the cursor’s position instantly upon using this macro. ( [@cursor] may be replaced with [@player], if you want the Ravager to be directly in the model of your character)

/cast [@cursor] Bladestorm


If talented with Ravager, Bladestorm is automatically replaced with this talent which enables you to use one macro regardless of talents.

It also makes sence to have a macro cancelling Bladestorm for when all your adds die:

#showtooltip Bladestorm
/cancelaura Bladestorm