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Greetings, travelers! It is been stated more than once, that travel time in World of Warcraft is a big part of the gameplay. Optimizing it and making the most out of it is very important. Today we shall learn how to minimize your travel time and transport around Azeroth as quickly as possible. This may come in handy during your casual gameplay, world buffs gathering and holidays that require lots of travel, such as Midsummer Fire Festival and Lunar Festival. There are many ways to get around the world quickly: items, teleports, portals, and flight paths along with boats. Let’s get started!

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WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths 5.0


The most common mean of transportation from one point to another will be a flight path. One is discovered by traveling to the area and speaking to a flight master in the said area. Once a flight path is unlocked, you can use it in the upcoming adventures.

Right behind the flight paths is your own mount which is unlocked at level 40. You will have to learn riding skills at level 40 and then at level 60, to have access to faster mount, but both will cost you a good amount of gold, which you might want to prepare in advance.

Mages are able to open Portals, which can be used to teleport themselves and players to different cities, shaving minutes off your travel time. Warlocks are useful as well, but they require 2 additional players to perform a Ritual of Summoning and summon other players to warlock’s position.

When you visit an Inn in any part of the world, you will be able to bound your character to that Inn and receive a Hearthstone, which can be used to teleport you back to that Inn once every hour. To bound character to the chosen Inn, talk to the Innkeeper and choose the “Make this inn your home” option. 

Hearthstones have a 10 second cast time which can be interrupted by received damage. Paladins do shine here, as they are able to use hearthstone under the effect of Divine Shield, escaping certain death in a dire situation.

WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths

Shamans are able to free up a bag slot by destroying hearthstone and using Astral Recall instead.

Flight Paths

Flight Paths are the primary means of traveling around Azeroth in WoW Classic. Known as flight points, or taxi, they are creating transportation links between fixed geographical points, allowing you to travel via fixed paths for a small fee. Once you take on a flight route, you cannot cancel it, unless you are in a flight of multiple points, then you can log out of the game and log back, then you will land at the next waypoint of the journey. Be careful with choosing your destination!

When you discover a new flight master for the first time and there is a flight path you have not learned yet, you will see a green quest mark above its head. You should talk to flight master then and learn a new path point. Costs of using flight points depend on how far the destination you are going to, and if the flight master has a faction reputation attached to them, a faction discount will be applied, based on your reputation level.

Riding Skill and Mounts

All players are able to learn how to ride their first mount at level 40, and even faster one at level 60. Each race has their own steed and their own riding skills:

Riding skill can be learned for 20 gold (without reputation discounts). Once you have learned a skill, then comes the part where you buy a mount from your race vendor. Rare mounts that increase your speed by 60% will cost 80 gold each, and an epic mount will cost a 1000 gold, 900 for the mount itself and 100 for a riding skill.

Mount QualitySpeed IncreaseMinimal LevelCost (Before Discount)
Rare60%4080 Gold
Epic100%601000 Gold

If you want to buy a mount from a different race, you will need to reach Exalted with that faction first. As for discounts, the amount of gold you pay for the mount can be decreased by up to 20% – 10% off at Honored reputation with a faction, and 10% off at PvP rank 3. All racial mounts are BoE, so a friend or another player can purchase the mount with a 20% discount and trade it with you.

Paladins and Warlocks have their own special and unique mounts – Warhorse and Felsteed at level 40, and Charger with Dreadsteed at level 60, respectively. While the level 40 mounts can be learned from the Class Trainers, level 60 mounts are obtained after long quest chains that will require time and a lot of money. Yet, they are still cheaper than 1000 gold mounts.

Boat, Zeppelin, and Tram

There are multiple means of transportation in Azeroth, that are focused on long journeys, connecting far away destinations and that can be used for free. Both factions can travel on boats, the Horde make use of a flying Zeppelin between Undercity and Orgrimmar, and the Alliance uses the Deeprun Tram to travel between Stormwind and Ironforge.

Boat Routes

WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths

Mostly, boats are maintained by the Alliance, but there is also a neutral boat that connects Kalimdor and Eastern Kingdoms via two of the Steamwheedle Cartel neutral towns.

  • Kalimdor – Eastern Kingdoms (A – Alliance, N – neutral)
  • The Maiden’s Fancy (N): Ratchet, The Barrens – Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale
  • The Lady Mehley (A): Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh – Menethil Harbor, Wetlands
  • The Bravery (A): Auberdine, Darkshore – Menethil Harbor, Wetlands
  • Kalimdor Boats
  • The Moonspray (A): Rut’theran Village, Teldrassil – Auberdine, Darkshore
  • Feathermoon Ferry (A): The Forgotten Coast, Feralas – Sardor Isle, Feralas

Interesting fact.
In the Beta version of the game when some of the boat paths had yet to be implemented, there were two captains in the game, who worked as a temporary measure. Captain Placeholder, who teleported players from Menethil Harbor to Auberdine and Captain Noteo, his counterpart, would take travelers from Auberdine to Menethil Harbor. He was implemented in the game once again after release and helped travelers until a glitch with the boat path was fixed. He became popular among players, some fans asked to bring him back, and the song was created – The Lament of Captain Placeholder.

Zeppelin Routes

WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths

Zeppelins are maintained by the Horde.

  • Kalimdor to Eastern Kingdoms
  • The Thundercaller: Orgrimmar, Durotar – Undercity, Tirisfal Glades
  • The Iron Eagle: Orgrimmar, Durotar – Grom’gol Base Camp, Stranglethorn Vale
  • Eastern Kingdoms Zeppelin
  • The Purple Princess: Undercity, Tirisfal Glades – Grom’gol Base Camp, Stranglethorn Vale

Tram Route

WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths

There is only one tram route in Azeroth – the Deeprun Tram that connects Ironforge and Stormwind, two Alliance capitals.


Mage Portals

Mages are able to open Portals, which can be used to teleport themselves and players to different cities. Other players will be able to use a Mage portal if they are in a group with the mage.

Portal and Teleport spells are learned from Portal Trainers in capital cities and require reagents to cast spells: Rune of Teleportation for Teleport spells, and Rune of Portals for Portal spells.

Learning each of the teleportation spells requires a specific level:

TeleportLevel RequiredPortalLevel Required
Teleport: Stormwind20Portal: Stormwind40
Teleport: Ironforge20Portal: Ironforge40
Teleport: Orgrimmar20Portal: Orgrimmar40
Teleport: Undercity20Portal: Undercity40
Teleport: Darnassus30Portal: Darnassus50
Teleport: Thunder Bluff30Portal: Thunder Bluff50

Traveling in Kalimdor

WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths

Let’s check all the ways to get your character to different locations in Kalimdor.

Alliance locations:

  • Darnassus, capital of the Night Elves in Northern Kalimdor.
    • Boat from Auberdine, Darkshore (The Moonspray). Boat will land in Rut’theran Village, then use the pink tree portal to get to Darnassus.
    • Mage: Portal: Darnassus, Teleport: Darnassus.
  • Auberdine, Darkshore, Northern Kalimdor.
    • Boat from Rut’theran Village, Teldrassil (The Moonspray).
    • Boat from Menethil Harbor, Wetlands (The Bravery). Right-most dock on Menethil Harbor.
  • Theramore, a port city ruled by Jaina Proudmoore, in Dustwallow Marsh, Central Kalimdor. Close to Onyxia’s Lair.
    • Boat from Menethil Harbor, Wetlands (The Lady Mehley). Left-most dock on Menethil Harbor.
  • Feathermoon Stronghold, on Sardor Isle, Feralas, Central Kalimdor.
    • Boat from The Forgotten Coast, Feralas (Feathermoon Ferry). A dock exists on the northern end of the Forgotten Coast, and the boat will take you to Sardor Isle.

Horde locations:

Neutral locations:

  • Nighthaven, Moonglade in Northern Kalimdor.
    • Druids can learn Teleport: Moonglade at level 10, and teleport there at any time. Most of the Druid class quests happen in Moonglade.
    • During the Lunar Festival in February, players can use the Lunar Festival Invitation from within the Greater Moonlights scattered across capital cities to teleport to Moonglade.
  • Everlook, Winterspring in Northern Kalimdor.
    • Engineers can use Dimensional Ripper – Everlook to teleport to Everlook. The item requires 260 Engineering, as well as Goblin Engineering learned, to be crafted and used.
  • Ratchet, The Barrens in Central Kalimdor.
    • Boat from Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale. The only boat that leaves from the docks in Booty Bay.
  • Gadgetzan, Tanaris in Southern Kalimdor.
    • Engineers can use Ultrasafe Transporter: Gadgetzan to teleport to Gadgetzan. The item requires 260 Engineering, as well as Gnomish Engineering learned, to be crafted and used.

Traveling in Eastern Kingdoms

WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths

Now, let’s get to all the ways to get your character to different locations in Eastern Kingdoms.

Alliance locations:

  • Menethil Harbor, Wetlands in Central Eastern Kingdoms
    • Boat from Auberdine, Darkshore (The Bravery).
    • Boat from Theramore, Dustwallow Marsh (The Lady Mehley). The only boat that leaves Theramore.
  • Ironforge, capital of the Dwarves in Central Eastern Kingdoms
  • Stormwind City, capital of the Humans in Southern Eastern Kingdoms.

Horde locations:

  • Undercity, capital of the Forsaken in Northern Eastern Kingdoms.
    • Zeppelin from Orgrimmar, Durotar (The Thundercaller). The zeppelin tower is located right outside Orgrimmar, to the right of the capital entrance.
    • Zeppelin from Grom’gol Base Camp, Stranglethorn Vale (The Purple Princess).
    • Mage: Portal: Undercity, Teleport: Undercity.
  • Gnomeregan, irradiated capital of the Gnomes in Central Eastern Kingdoms.
    • Horde players are able to directly teleport to Gnomeregan from Booty Bay after finishing the short questline starting with Chief Engineer Scooty. You must have the Goblin Transponder rewarded from the quest to use the teleport.
  • Grom’gol Base Camp, Stranglethorn Vale in Southern Eastern Kingdoms.
    • Zeppelin from Orgrimmar, Durotar (The Thundercaller). The zeppelin tower is located right outside Orgrimmar, to the right of the capital entrance.
    • Zeppelin from Undercity, Tirisfal Glades (The Purple Princess).

Neutral locations:

  • Booty Bay, Stranglethorn Vale in Southern Eastern Kingdoms.
    • Boat from Ratchet, The Barrens (The Maiden’s Fancy). The only boat that leaves the docks of Booty Bay.
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WoW Classic Travel Guide Paths 5.0

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