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Secret locations such as Rooms, Labs or Bear Caves can be a good choice of place to loot. Sometimes you can find a Tier-3 helmet, guns from airdrop and other valuable items. But even here, it’s not without a “but”. Let’s get to the bottom of it.

PUBG Secret Rooms

PUBG Corp. made some places where you can loot very valuable items. These places are Bear Caves and Secret Rooms on a couple of maps. Secret rooms can be found in different areas on the map, both in the corners and in the center. These rooms look like normal buildings and may not be easy to recognize, but locked doors could indicate that they are there.

Where to find Secret Keys

To get in secret rooms you need to find a Security or Secret Key. It’s on the floor like all the other loot. But not on every map. For example, Deston has precise locations with security keys spawn, while Taego randomizes this part of gameplay. For your convenience, our team has prepared all locations with loot and locations with keys. Let’s take a look at every map.

PUBG Taego Secret Rooms Locations

So, as it was said before, on Taego the system of secret keys is random, and you can find them anywhere on the map, where the usual loot is spawned.

PUBG Secret Locations

You can find some pretty valuable items here. For example, Level 3 gear, guns from airdrop, Self-AED, Med kits, e.g. But their drop rate is pretty low, so we don’t recommend you to make finding secret keys and rooms the number one goal of every game.

PUBG Deston Security Keys and Rooms Locations

There you can find security keys only in precise locations which you can see marked on our map. Same goes for the security rooms. They can look like trucks with a passcode element or rooms with the same things.

PUBG Secret Locations

The best advice about the Deston is not playing in Ripton. There you’ll have to use the drone to fly into small rooms with not as good loot as in the other places on the map.

PUBG Secret Locations

In other places you will always find Tier-3 gear (helmet, vest or backpack) and random gun from airdrop. Now that sounds like something serious. If you fell on the Arena, for example, and cleared it of enemies, getting this kind of loot will be a very nice bonus. It is also worth mentioning that the keys are not guaranteed to spawn, but randomly, but the locations remain the same

PUBG Paramo Secret Rooms Locations

Since Paramo itself is a very small map, there are few secret rooms and keys accordingly. Those that are available are pyramids that are opened with a special zigzag key.

PUBG Secret Locations

Here you are guaranteed to find high tier loot (Adrenaline Syringe, Med Kit, Critical Response Kit) or Tier-3 armor items. Yes, loot is very random and not always worth your effort, so as with Taego, we don’t recommend you base your matchmaking behavior on this element of gameplay.

PUBG Vikendi Secret Rooms Locations

Vikendi is the best map where you can try unusual playstyle from the start of the match. There are caves with bears, where you are guaranteed to find Tier-3 gear or guns from airdrop, but have to fight with bears.

PUBG Secret Locations

Bears will charge and attack you once they spot you. They kill you with 2 punches, while you can kill them with ~40 rounds with Beryl M762. That means bears have around 1800 HP, and there is no matter where you will shoot: in it’s head or body – damage will be the same, so be aware of them!

PUBG Lab Camps Locations

As you can see, there are also lab camps and secret rooms.

Lab camps are accessible without any conditions – you just need to come to them and open loot boxes. After that a rather loud siren will start playing for about 5 seconds and can be heard within a radius of about 100 meters. So be careful while you are looting!

Secret rooms are accessible only by opening them with special secret keys. The keys spawn randomly, and you can find them all over the map. Inside these rooms you will find the high quality loot we mentioned earlier (+Self-AED), as well as tier-3 equipment.

As you can see, in this map, you can land in Lab Camp or Bear Caves at the very beginning. We’ll tell you in confidence: our team plays this way, and as soon as you learn how to resist bears, you’ll steadily loot airdrop at the very beginning of the game!

A modicum of luck isn’t all you need to equip well in PUBG. As you can see, it’s possible not to rely on luck, but to loot high quality items with almost 100% probability. Hope this guide was useful to you, keep our pictures for yourself so that you can quickly navigate during the match!

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