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PUBG in 2023 really differs from the one from 2017, and unless you follow all the updates or even if you are a new player to this game, you’ll have lots of troubles with mastering it. Don’t be afraid, this game is hard, but exciting and interesting. Use our beginners guide, our tips and tricks and dominate your opponents in matches!

PUBG Tips and Tricks for Beginners

  • If you are a novice, prepare for a lot of deaths and don’t be upset because of them. In PUBG it’s one of the hardest gunplays in the whole game industry, but as you will be able to handle some of the S+ tier guns from the tier list above, you’ll absolutely love this game;
  • If you are knocked out, it will be a good decision to not look at enemies. Just turn around. There is the unspoken rule: if you don’t give information to your teammates, your enemies won’t kill you, so your teammates will have an opportunity to wipe out their squad and revive you. Otherwise, you’ll have to wait until your friends end the game;
  • You could see some professionals or streamers killing from the moving car. That is called drive-by. To do it without stopping, you must change seat and press W key while ADSing or firing at the same time. Otherwise, your car will immediately start stopping;
  • Always move and change your position. HE grenades, Molotov cocktails, Blue Zone, and other grenades are very strong, so sitting in primitive positions is not the right choice. Even more, if you are peeking someone from any cover, pay attention if there are some open sides except the one you are peeking. As it was mentioned before, SRs are unbelievably strong in stationary targets;
  • Don’t rush coming to the safe zone. It’s not so dangerous until the 4th stage. Until that, you are able to loot everything you need;
  • The best way to peek your opponent out of the wall — is a little peek to the right from behind the wall without using Q/E keys. In that case, your enemy will see much less parts and areas of your body. That happens because in PUBG your character is right-handed, and he is more inclined to the right side of his own body, and peeking left is not the same as peeking right;
  • Separate jump and parkour keys (for example, Space and V). This allows you to be much more flexible with your movement. For example, you will be able to do a window crouching trick (instead of parkouring, press jump near the window and crouch at the same time. You will be sitting in the window frame and surprise your opponents).

PUBG Inventory Tips and Tricks

Any bullets, medical supplies, grenades, e.t.c. have their own weight. So how do you manage your space? Here are some tips and tricks on how to manage inventory in PUBG:

  1. Energy drinks are actually more effective than painkillers. 2 energy drinks weigh as 1 painkiller, but provide you 80% boost instead of 60%;
  2. You won’t need more than 3 HE grenades, and it’s vital to have 2-3 smoke grenades in your inventory;
  3. 150 bullets for AR is the perfect amount you need. For DMR this quantity varies between 75-100;
  4. You don’t need too much medicine. 4-5 first aid kits + 5 bandages + 7-10 energy drinks is just enough for a match. In case you’ll need more after fighting, you’ll be able to loot it from the death crates.

PUBG Best Weapons Tier List

There you can see which guns (except ones from the airdrop. They all are amazing) are the best right now and will be good for a long time!

PUBG Beginners Guide

It’s hard to remember all of it, so we will describe you key moments and S+ tier guns:

  1. AUG – the best assault rifle right now since it has very low recoil, good amount of damage, optimal bullet speed (to use it on middle or close ranges) and good rate of fire. We recommend every player to use it;
  2. M416 – just like an AUG, but a little worse. Still one of the best guns in the game;
  3. Beryl M762 – absolute beast in close range fights. It has really hard recoil to control, but it’s really rewarding, believe us;
  4. Mini14 – the best DMR for long ranges. It has the highest bullet speed in the game and low recoil. Also, it’s very easy to spam with it even in 8x scope;
  5. SLR – the best DMR for mid ranges. Highest bullet damage and optimal satisfying bullet speed makes it a must-have weapon in any game stage.

Key moments:

  • All of SRs are placed in A-tier. Sniper rifles are good since they can one-shot players with a 1 or 2 level helmet, but it’s very hard to play with it on any game stage unless you play versus bots. Players move unpredictably most of the time, so we don’t recommend them. Even more, if you watch PRO-players matches, you won’t see them playing with Kar98k or M24, they almost always choose Mini14 or SLR;
  • B-D tier is not recommended to play with unless it’s the start of the game. They don’t have range potential, and since maps and fights in PUBG are very variable, it’s hard to keep unversatile weapons;
  • SMGs are not recommended on any maps except small ones like Paramo, Sanhok or Karakin, so that’s why they are not put on S+ tier even provided good damage and rate of fire;

PUBG Best Weapons Attachments

There you will find best universal loadouts for your weapons, so you will know what to seek for in matches:

  • AR – compensator, vertical foregrip, extended quickdraw magazine, red dot (holographic) sight and tactical stock. This combination lets you control spray very easily.

PUBG Beginners Guide

  • DMR – compensator, lightweight grip, extended quickdraw magazine, cheek pad, and x-scope and canted sight. Canted sight lets you to zoom in and out in the scope much faster;

PUBG Beginners Guide

  • SMG – Same as AR. Compensator, vertical foregrip, extended quickdraw magazine, red dot (holographic) sight and tactical stock;

PUBG Beginners Guide

  • SR – just use a suppressor and extended mag when possible.

PUBG Best Weapon Loadouts

We recommend everyone to use following combinations of guns since they are well balanced on any range and easy to set up and use:

  1. M416 (or AUG) + Mini-14 — this is a great decision for any range. M4 or AUG can spray even on mid ranges, and Mini-14 is one of the best weapons for a long range;
  2. Beryl M762 + SLR — absolutely humiliating combo in close or mid range. There are no equals to these guns in these ranges;
  3. M416 (or AUG) + Kar98k (or M24) — good old combination of close or mid range AR with one-shotting in head SR.

PUBG Main Mechanics

To begin with, we need to understand which mechanics this game has, there is a list:

  • Each player has 100 HP. If you want to heal yourself, you can use medical consumables such as bandages, first aid kits and medical kits. Bandages and first aid kits can heal you up to 75 HP, while med kit can heal full 100 HP. Another 25 HP can be healed by energy drinks, painkillers or adrenaline syringes which give 40, 60 or 100 boost respectively. Boost gives a player bonuses such as periodic heal and movement speed bonus (only after 60% boost gained).

PUBG Beginners Guide

  • To reduce incoming damage, you should find armor vests and helmets. They, like the backpacks, have three levels. Oddly enough, the best equipment has 3rd level.

PUBG Beginners Guide

PUBG Beginners Guide

PUBG Beginners Guide

  • Players have 3 weapon slots (2 main and 1 handgun), 1 slot for melee weapon and 1 slot for throwables. You can read about the Best Weapons Sets for every player below.

PUBG Beginners Guide

  • Weapon recoil in PUBG is unpredictable. Yes, it has a pattern, but it’s random every time. You can lower that recoil by grips and muzzle modifiers, but spray on long ranges will still be impossible, so be ready for that.
  • PUBG has 8 maps. Every week map rotation changes, and there will be picked one of 5 game maps (2 maps are fixed in patch, and 3 maps rotate).
  • After someone shots you, you get knocked out. To revive you, your teammate has to come to you and press F key by default. After 10 seconds, you will be revived with 10 HP. In case your enemy kills you after knocking out, on 3 maps (Erangel, Miramar, Deston) your team will have an opportunity to take your blue chip from your deathbox and bring you back by registering your chip in the blue chip tower.
  • Mini-maps are divided by black squares (1 km x 1 km each) and white squares (100m x 100m each), so you will be able to calculate the distance to the drop-off point, for example (check out How to land first in PUBG below).

PUBG Menu Overview

Here you will find everything you need to know about the main menu in PUBG.

PUBG Beginners Guide

First of all, let’s overview what we see after launching the game:

1. It’s Survivor Pass. You can click on it to check quests and rewards. Most of them are premium, but there are actually some cool skins you can get for free;

2. Selector of the game modes: TPP (third-person perspective) or FPP (first-person perspective); solo, duo mode, squad or 1-2-3-man squad (without filling your team with random players). Also, in TPP mode you can practice versus bots in the imitation of a real match;

3. These are the tabs which take you to the related pages. Here are quick explanations:

  • PLAY – there you can search for matches either in normal, ranked, arcade, training or custom modes;
  • CAREER – there you can look for your statistics for the lifetime or for the last match you’ve played;
  • CUSTOMIZE – there you can customize your character with cosmetics;
  • HIDEOUT – there you can open cases with weapon skins and customize some of them;
  • WORKSHOP – there you can craft cosmetics with Hunter or Archivist’s chests, for example;
  • STORE – there you can buy skins for G-Coins or BP.

4. Icons

  • First icon (PUBG Beginners Guide) is Events tab. There you can check missions and rewards for their completion.
  • Second icon (PUBG Beginners Guide) is the News tab. There you can check patch notes and other stuff posted by developers.
  • Third icon (PUBG Beginners Guide) is the notifications tab. Almost useless, but sometimes developers giveaway G-coins, and there you can check if you got it.
  • Fourth icon (PUBG Beginners Guide) is the settings menu. And there we have many interesting things to talk about. You can jump to the Best Settings for PUBG and check them out right now!

Also, in this section you can see your amount of G-coins and BP, and also if your PLUS is activated (you can earn PUBG PLUS status via buying the game instead of playing for free. It allows you to obtain bonus items as cool gloves and BP, to play ranked mode, earn medals and boost XP gained).

PUBG Beginners Guide

5. Chat window, friends and clan tabs. There you can find your friends from any platform, create or join any clan.

Also, you can see the big “Intense Battle Royale” window, but this is an event, and it changes in an obscure period of time, so we won’t sharpen the focus on it.

PUBG Best Settings 2023

The most interesting part of the guide. We guarantee that your FPS and performance will be better with these in-game and video driver settings!

PUBG Beginners Guide

You can play with your monitor resolution such as FullHD or QuadHD, for example, but we recommend this unique resolution – 1728×1080. It doesn’t make players’ models wider like in CS:GO, but it boosts FPS and makes it easier to spray with automatic guns. In Best Nvidia and AMD Settings you can check how to make a 1728×1080 resolution.

PUBG Beginners Guide

  • Render Scale – always set it to 100. It allows the game be smooth and good-looking;
  • FPP Camera FOV – set it 90, 95 or 103. It’s a matter of taste and doesn’t affect on FPS;

Note: if your computer doesn’t fit settings from the image, set Overall Graphics Quality to “Very Low”

  • Anti-Aliasing – set it to ultra or very low. Every other parameter makes image on the screen soapy and fuzzy;
  • Post-Processing – tons of tests on different PCs showed that this should be set to very low or medium. You need to try both of them and decide which you like more;
  • Textures – if your video card is good enough, set it to any option, and if not, to very low. It affects only on the clarity of the textures;
  • Shadows, Effects, Foliage, View distance – set it to low. They don’t give you any profit, but take lots of FPS;
  • Sharpen – disabled because of irrelevance. Sharpen effect implemented badly, and if you want this exact effect, you should choose it in monitor or graphic card settings;
  • V-Sync – locks your FPS to your monitor’s refresh rate, irrelevant;
  • Motion Blur – NO! Red flag!
  • DirectX Version – there you should test three options, then DirectX 10 (Check out Best Launch Options to know how to enable DirectX 10 in PUBG) and decide which one affects your system better.

PUBG Beginners Guide

In Sound settings be sure to enable HRTF. This option allows you to clearly hear where you are being shot from.

PUBG Beginners Guide

In Controls settings we recommend you to raise the Vertical Sensitivity Multiplier up to 1.3-1.5. It will help you a lot with controlling spray.

In Gameplay settings (Interface tab) disable Inventory Character Render, On-screen guide and messages in game.

PUBG Beginners Guide

They really affect the CPU, and you won’t need them.

PUBG Beginners Guide

In the Function tab enable Auto Reload and set all default firing modes to full auto. It will save you priceless seconds after picking up the weapon at the start of the match!

We are now done with in-game setting, moving to graphic card settings.

PUBG Best Nvidia and AMD Settings

Let’s start with Nvidia. Every option here is set to the best ratio of FPS and image quality, so your eyes will be thankful while FPS grows:

PUBG Beginners Guide

PUBG Beginners Guide

Now let’s see how to make a 1728×1080 resolution on nvidia graphic card:

PUBG Beginners Guide

1. Go to the “Change Resolution” tab, click on your monitor’s resolution, and then click “Customize”:

PUBG Beginners Guide

2. Choose “Create custom resolution”:

PUBG Beginners Guide

3. Change horizontal pixels to 1728 and click “Test”;

4. Congratulations!

That’s all for Nvidia users, now let’s talk about AMD.

1. First, go to “Gaming” tab, click on the “Global Graphics”:

PUBG Beginners Guide

There choose “Graphics” and use these settings for maximum performance and good picture quality:

PUBG Beginners Guide

PUBG Beginners Guide

Now let’s see how to make the 1728×1080 resolution on AMD graphic cards:

1. Go to the “Display” tab;

2. Click on the “Create New” button near to “Custom resolutions”:

PUBG Beginners Guide

3. There change Resolution and Timing Display to 1728 pixels;

4. Click “Create” and enjoy!

PUBG Beginners Guide

PUBG Best Launch Options

PUBG Beginners Guide

In steam, you are able to set launch options (Click RMB on PUBG in the Library and choose Properties). There is a list of the most needed settings with explanations:

Launch optionDescription
-refreshSets the hertz value of the monitor. Most often it is 60 Hz, although there are gaming monitors up to 144 Hz.
-maxMemThe amount of RAM the game will consume. PUBG requires at least 8 Gb. Keep in mind that you have to leave another 3 Gb for the Windows operating system. And if you have a browser open, another 2-3vGb.
-malloc=systemThe process gives the use of RAM to the system, taking it away from the game. Since the game is not optimized, this will help increase fps.
-USEALLAVAILABLECORESThis entry allows you to use all the processor cores to speed up performance in the game.
-sm4Reduces usage from DirectX 11 to DirectX 10 if the system does not match requirements.
-koreanrating greenReplace default blood with green. Also, corpses disappear immediately

Also, there is our personal recommendation:
-koreanrating green -sm4 -USEALLAVAILABLECORES -malloc=system

How to Land First in PUBG

  1. Choose the land location. It has to be less than 1200 meters away from drop point;
  2. When you get to the optimal drop point (1000-1100 meters), press F and drop out from the airplane;
  3. Move to the destination point at 164 km/h;
  4. As soon as the destination point is 100-150 meters away, quickly pick up speed by holding the Shift button and reach a speed of 234 km/h. This way you open the parachute much lower.

Important notes:

  1. On the Paramo map you jump from a plane at a much lower altitude than on the other maps, so here jump out of the plane not at 1000-1100 meters, but at 500-600 meters;
  2. In case you realize that you are farther than 150 meters from the destination point, you still should hold the Shift button and reach as much speed as you can. You can see this situation in the picture.
PUBG Beginners Guide


That’s all you need to know about PUBG on PC in 2023. Use our advice to dominate your enemies. If they worked, we’ll be glad if you rate this guide!

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