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    Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Campaign

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    Buy Shadowkeep campaign boost and get the whole Shadowkeep completed. You will get access to the Moon activities like the Pit of Heresy. Each campaign in Destiny 2 is a long storyline with its own plot and a set of special rewards. With our Shadowkeep Campaign Completion boost, you will be able to complete this story, unlock various rewards and earn a bunch of different resources and XP.

    Completion of the campaign can take days of your free time, and to make this process much faster - buy Shadowkeep Campaign Completion for your character.

    What you will get
    • Shadowkeep campaign completed;
    • Pit of Heresy unlocked;
    • Class exotic armor;
    • Dreambane armor and Moon weapons;
    • Eris Memory quest - unlocked;
    • Experience boost for your Season pass and Artifact;
    • All additional gear and resources that will drop during the completion.
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    Additional options
    • Number of Guardians — choose the number of guardians that's required to be boosted;
    • Beyond Light Campaign — we'll complete the campaign and unlock Stasis subclass, Europa, Exo challenges for pinnacle rewards, Variks quests, Empire hunts, Stasis aspect quests, and themed armor and weapons for your collection;
    • Witch Queen Legendary Campaign — we'll complete the campaign and unlock Throne World, Fynch Challenges, and themed armor and weapons for your collection;
    • Lightfall Legendary Campaign — we'll complete the campaign and unlock Strand Subclass, Neptune, Nimbus Challenges, Terminal Overload activities, and themed armor and weapons for your collection;
    • Stream — monitor the campaign completion processes live.

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    • Destiny 2 account with Shadowkeep DLC purchased.

    Safety warning

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    Destiny 2 Shadowkeep Campaign boost FAQ

    The Shadowkeep Campaign is a significant expansion in Destiny 2. Set on the Moon, players are tasked with facing nightmarish versions of past enemies. The campaign involves a series of quests and missions that help players unravel the mysteries of the Hive's resurgence and the disturbing nightmares plaguing the lunar surface.

    To start the Shadowkeep Campaign, you first need to purchase the Shadowkeep expansion. Upon completion of the purchase, head to the Moon from the game's Director interface, and you'll be prompted to embark on the opening mission of the Shadowkeep campaign.

    The Shadowkeep Campaign introduces a compelling storyline involving the Hive and the Darkness, coupled with various activities such as new strikes, a raid, and Nightmare Hunts. Players can also earn new armor, weapons, and exotic gear throughout the campaign.

    Shadowkeep Campaign
    Execution options
    Number of Guardians
    5 hours Order completion