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    Forerunner Exotic Sidearm Catalyst

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    Buy Forerunner Exotic Sidearm Catalyst and get it guaranteed for 16 favor rank! Our professional players will obtain sidearm Catalyst for you and can complete masterwork for it fast!

    This catalyst gives the Forerunner a new perk - The Rock- For several seconds after a final blow, press alternate fire to consume part of your ammo reserves, converting your next thrown grenade into a fragmentation grenade.

    What you will get

    • Forerunner sidearm catalyst guaranteed if you choose desired rank - 16;
    • Chance to obtain legendary weapons and gear;
    • All items and resources that might drop during this farm;
    • Experience for your Season Pass and Artifact.

    Additional options

    • Catalyst Masterwork - We will complete the Catalyst Masterwork requirements for your Forerunner, so it will start working! With Catalyst Masterworked, you'll have the buff described above!
    • I need Forerunner - We will farm this gun for you. If you don't have a weapon yet, you can't buy a catalyst.
    • With a live stream - We will stream all the farming process for you. You'll be able to watch how Vex Mythoclast farmed by yourself and to talk with the booster!

    How Forerunner catalyst boost works

        • Select preferred options and place an order;
        • We will contact you via our live chat or by sending an email;
        • All the details will be discussed beforehand and the start time will be set according to your schedule;
        • We’ll find you a team of experienced boosters who fits in your schedule the best;
        • For your convenience, we will create a Discord chat where you can communicate with your manager and track order progress;
        • At the appointed time, our professional player will take your character and start completing reputation farm and gaining catalyst;
        • We'll inform you about the service completion;
        • Enjoy the results! And don’t forget to rate our services on Trustpilot.

    Requirements for catalyst

        • Destiny 2 account with Bungie 30th Anniversary pack purchased;
        • Forerunner obtained;

        Please note that recently developers changed their security and in-game surveillance system and could issue account suspension for some activities. We cannot affect their actions in any possible way. So we take every precaution available to avoid the risks that are involved. Make sure to follow all instructions of our managers and boosters before and during your order.


    Create orbs of power.!
    Throw grenades with catalyst after every kill!
    Hard to obtain, easy to buy!


    What does the Forerunner catalyst do?

    Catalyst upgrade gives this weapon a new perk that lets you after successful elimination throw grenades in exchange for your ammo.

    How many kills do I need for the Gjallarhorn catalyst?

    You need to kill 700 kills to complete it, that's a lot of grinds.

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