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    What is a Festival of the Lost?

    Festival of the Lost is the a seasonal halloween event held in the game during the fall. The current Festival will run from October 12 to November 2. It offers players unique activities to participate in, and rewards to obtain. It is important to note, that all of the rewards of this event will not be available for unlocking after it ends.

    Festival of the Lost Boosting

    This festival is not a simple event with easy rewards. It requires dozens of hours to be fully completed. This is why we are happy to provide you with various Festival of the Lost Carry services:

    • Jurassic Green Pulse Rifle - this weapon is very effective in PvP thanks to the perks it has;
    • Candy Event Currency Farm - this special currency is used for purchasing helmet ornaments and bags with random rewards from festival vendor;
    • Headless Horsepower - new exotic sparrow with a halloween design.


    To participate in the event, you have to finish an opening questline of the game, and visit the Tower for the first time.


    How can I farm candies?

    You have to wear a Festival mask while participating in any activities. Candies drop from both PvE and PvP dead enemies, and found in the loot chests. However, most of the candies can be obtained by playing Haunted Lost Sectors.

    What is a Haunted Lost Sector?

    It is a special activity available only during the event. You will visit 3 different locations, complete several Summoning Rituals and defeat strong various bosses, including so-called Haunted Ones - creatures with pumpkins instead of heads.

    What are the Spectral Pages?

    Spectral Pages is a second event currency. You get it from chests and completing any type of activities. These pages can be later used for creating Manifested Pages by completing Haunted Lost Sectors.