Prophecy Dungeon Run

Happy 7th anniversary, guardians! In honor of such an event, we are holding a promotion: First 5 guardians who chat with us at 14:00 BST will get a FREE Prophecy Dungeon run!

You can choose a self-play or piloted boosting method and get all of their benefits! Read about details in the "How it works" section.


  • A lot of fun and useful knowledge if you choose the Self-play option;
  • Full Prophecy Dungeon run;
  • Pinnacle gear;
  • A chance for new Prophecy weapons;
  • A chance for Prophecy armor and weapons from other seasons;
  • A lot of additional drop during the run;
  • A lot of experience for your season pass.


      • Every day starting September 10 and ending September 14 first 5 people will get a free run;
      • Click the "Chat with us" button after 14:00 BST;
      • Type the code phrase: "Happy birthday, Destiny!";
      • If you were are lucky to get into the first five people, after our support' answer you can choose the boosting method and book a time fittable in your schedule;
      • If the piloted option was chosen, at the appointed time our professional player will take your character and start completing order;
      • If the self-play option was chosen, at the appointed time you will get an invitation in the game and instructions on what to do.

Please note that recently developers changed their security and in-game surveillance system and could issue account suspension for some activities. We cannot affect their actions in any possible way. So we take every precaution available to avoid the risks that are involved. Make sure to follow all instructions of our managers and boosters before and during your order.

That's not a joke. Full Prophecy Dungeon run for free!
Our boosters use VPN with your country location to prevent any emergence of problems!
All additional gear and resources that will drop during the completion

Prophecy Dungeon Run

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