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These notable achievements are an almost classic challenge for World of Warcraft that we have known since the Wrath of the Lich-King expansion. Glory often provides a fresh look at familiar boss fights with the help of unusual mechanics and easter eggs. Also, every achievement rewards players with a unique mount in the style of the completed raid.

But even the oldest Glories can be a tough challenge even now. Most of them can’t be completed solo because of specific mechanics and requirements for a number of group members. In our guide, we look closer at the most problematic parts of each Glory to make your life easier. But don’t forget, if you don’t want to do it by yourself, you always can buy, for example, Glory of the Argus Raiders boost on Overgear.

It should be noted that we won’t talk about every part of every Glory achievement. And if we didn’t talk about some achievements at all, you should know that all of them you can do only with boss speed killing without gaining damage to adds. Or to kill bosses in a specific order, that you can learn from the achievement requirements. And don’t forget about Instance Achievement Tracker addon which helps you check when criteria of achievement will be met.

Wrath of the Lich King Achievements

Glory of the Ulduar Raider Achievement

First and one of the most legendary Glories ever. The most of achievements you can obtain just by nuking the boss. But for some cases, you need to know specific tactics.

  • Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare – your main problem will be your high damage, so you need to take off all your armor and weapons. Also, you can die and get a debuff from Spirit Healer to prevent random one-shots. After that, just start the boss fight, wait for engineers to fix all 4 harpoons, and let the dwarfs kill everybody. After this watch as every enemy aggroes on you and wait until Razorscale goes enrage (you can see “Razorscale goes into a berserker rage!” in chat). Finally, trigger all harpoons, and punch the boss until her health drops below 50%. And wait some time until Razorscale kills all 25 dwarfs by Flame Breath;
  • Heartbreaker – like in the case of Iron Dwarf, Medium Rare, you need to control your damage. Strip down or die to decrease your DPS, start the fight, shot the boss down to 75%, and say “Hello” to his heart. After this, just quickly kill the heart and boss;
  • Firefighter – don’t forget to push the big red button before starting the fight;
  • I Love the Smell of Saronite in the Morning – pull the boss but don’t touch vapors. You can drink a cup of tea or text your friends until 8 vapors transform into Animus. Kill this monster and defeat the boss.

After all parts of Glory completion, you should get an achievement and two mounts Rusted Proto-Drake and Ironbound Proto-Drake at once, which will be added to your collection.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Icecrown Raider Achievement

Since WoW WotLK we have two versions of this achievement – for 10 and 25 people raid. In today’s realities, there is no difference between them, so all tactics will be identical to both versions.

  • Full House – you need to kill all mobs and taunt the boss. After that, just chill and wait, until Lady Deathwhisper summons 5 waves of adds, and after their appearance kill the boss (all adds should be alive and well);
  • Once Bitten, Twice Shy – you need 2 weeks for achievement completion. The first time, just kill the boss, but without one-shots to protect yourself from bugs. On the second week start the fight and wait for the debuff Essence of the Blood Queen followed by the words: “Know my hunger!” Now you can blast her down and get achievement;
  • Portal Jockey – if you can heal the dragon, just cast spells from the start of a fight. Or don’t touch adds and use some Heavy Shrouded Cloth Bandage;
  • Been Waiting a Long Time for This – just avoid traps, don’t kill the adds, and wait for 25 stacks of a debuff. And don’t forget to kill the Lich King after all.

After completion of 10 player raid, you should obtain  Reins of the Bloodbathed Frostbrood Vanquisher. Reins of the Icebound Frostbrood Vanquisher is your reward for 25 player raid.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Cataclysm Achievements

Glory of the Cataclysm Raider Achievement

Nowadays, you can do every part of this meta-achievement solo. There are not so many challenges, where you can face troubles.

  • Aberrant Behavior – shot the boss down to 30% HP, wait for 12 Aberrations and quickly kill all of them by AoE. Now you can defeat the boss too;
  • Keeping it in the Familystrip down your character except for the weapons, and gently blast down Nefarian HP to 50%. Kill the Onyxia, and after that use range abilities to defeat Nefarian before he’s landing;
  • The Only Escape – unlock 2-3 dragons, quickly blast them, and after all, defeat the boss;
  • Double Dragon – pull the bosses and wait for 5 stacks of the debuff. In Twilight Realm kill 6 Twilight Fiends – they will be very small and quick. Now it’s time to kill the bosses;
  • Stay Chill – go to Nezir and wait for 7 stacks of Wind Chill. After that, quickly go to the Nashal platform and kill the boss. Go back to Nezir, wait for stacks to renew, and run to Rohash. Finally, Nezir, it’s your time (don’t forget to check stacks);
  • Four Play – gently attack the boss, but don’t kill him. We need to start the second phase and wait for Stormling appearance. When adds will be dead, blast the Al’Akir.

The reward for Glory of the Cataclysm Raider is Cataclysm-style mount Reins of the Drake of the East Wind.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Firelands Raider Achievement

This Glory looks very easy. But at least one achievement needs good reflex, preparation, and training. Or another player in your party.

  • Not an Ambi-Turner – target all your DPS into the right foot;
  • Bucket List – pull the boss and run with him through all Firelands locations;
  • Only the Penitent… – in a party with your friend achievement will become much more manageable. But if you want to do it solo, we have some advice. First – use the macros /kneel to avoid Kneel to the Flame! cast. Start the fight near one of the crystals, and use Gunshoes, the blink, or similar skills to click another crystal quickly. If you manage to click on two crystals in 4 seconds and avoid cast, the achievement will be yours.

Now you can explore Azeroth and all other worlds with Corrupted Egg of Millagazor phoenix.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Dragon Soul Raider Achievement

You can fully complete this Glory solo. Just note some critical moments to make it even easier.

  • Taste the Rainbow! – you need to pull the boss and wait about 5 minutes for confidence. After Yor’sahj the Unsleeping tries all combinations, he must die;
  • Deck Defender – concentrate all your attention on Twilight Assault Drake and try to kill everybody approach, /target macros will help you. Important: this task is impossible without range spells;
  • Maybe He’ll Get Dizzy… – just run on left and right sides, kill tentacles and stay in tentacles holes to avoid rolls. You will obtain achievement after completion of the encounter;
  • Chromatic Champion – kill Deathwing 4 times, starting from every Aspect’s platform. Yes, you need at least four weeks for that achievement.

Now you can enjoy your personal little Alexstrasza with Reins of the Twilight Harbinger.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Mists of Pandaria Achievements

Glory of the Pandaria Raider Achievement

Characters of the class with pets look like cheaters when they try to complete the Glory, because the pet can replace another player for some mechanics. But at least Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better…achievement requires 2 members in the group.

  • Must Love Dogs – all you need is just defeat the bosses with the pet dogs. Some pets may not count for the achievement, but you can use popular options like Worg Pup from the auction or Perky Pug (reward for Looking For Multitudes achievement);
  • Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better… – you need at least 2 people for this task. One of them should have a tank spec. Only tanks can use specific crystals to get Nullification Barrier. So pull the boss, take the crystal and stay close to the tank. When the boss cast required spells, the tank will steal debuff from another player and use it on the boss. Be patient, because Feng the Accursed uses various casts when his HP is higher than 66, higher than 33, and less than 33. You can strip down to control your DPS and don’t skip required phases;
  • Sorry, Were You Looking for This? – you need at least 2 people, or character of the class with pets. You should pull the boss and don’t nuke him until the totem appears. After that, you can destroy it to get into Spirit World. On another side you can see the Ancient Mogu Artifact, just quickly run to it and use it, don’t miss even a second;
  • Straight Six – don’t nuke the boss, gently lower his HP until 6 sparks don’t appear. Run from the platform and wait until sparks hit the edge and transform into the Focus pillar. Quickly kill 6 pillars, and don’t forget to defeat the boss after;
  • Overzealous – gently attack boss to make him move between platforms. You can strip down and use only mele auto-attack to break the cast. After the boss leaves the third platform, you’ll find bugs near the column. Just use them and kill the boss;
  • Candle in the Wind – strip down and gently reduce boss HP to 20%. After that, use one of the braziers to get a torch. Run with the wind to the first 2 braziers and lit them. Now you need to reduce boss HP to change the direction of the wind. Get a torch another time and lit the last 2 braziers;
  • I Heard You Like Amber… – start the fight, but don’t attack the boss. Stay in one place and kill all Burning Ambers. If you transformed, use only auto-attack. When 8 Burning Ambers are killed, you can kill other adds and boss. If you want, use creation’s first skill to increase DPS, but don’t use it on Burning Ambers;
  • Timing is Everything – pull the boss, but don’t attack until Grand Empress Shek’zeer energy pool drops to zero. After that two packs of adds come to help bosses, and you should quickly nuke them all. Now you can kill Grand Empress Shek’zeer;
  • Face Clutchers – start the fight and try to find Parasitoid Sha in the water surrounded platform. Pick up one of them to get it on your character’s head. Now Lei Shi can die.

We hope, Reins of the Heavenly Crimson Cloud Serpent will be worth all these efforts.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Thundering Raider Achievement

You’ll hate this Glory. For solo completion, your character needs to be a specific class, and also, some parts of this Glory require 3-4 weeks for full completion. At last, some tactics for achievement are totally crazy.

  • Lightning Overload – just taunt the boss and go to that specific place. When the boss casts Focused Lightning Orbs, they should be stuck in the corner. Just wait, and then kill the boss;
  • One-Up – start the fight and wait until the turtles appear. Kill them all in one place or at least on one line. Wait for the second wave of turtles, repeat mechanics. Now you can use the Whirl Turtle shell to kick it in the right direction;
  • Head Case – you need three weeks for achievement completion. Each week you need to ignore one of Megaera’s heads of a specific color. Repeat this with another head on the second week. On the third week too;
  • Soft Hands – it’s a really hard task, so you must prepare for this challenge. There are many ways to complete it, even in solo mode, but all of them are hard to explain. A better option – check videos on Youtube. Also, you can complete this achievement together with a friend. Start the fight and run to nest while another player taunts the boss. Kill all birds in the nest and pick red feathers. Now you should find the place where Golden Egg falls. When you catch it, you will lose your flying buff, so your friend must nuke the boss for seconds;
  • You Said Crossing the Streams Was Bad – try to do this challenging achievement in Normal mode. Pull the boss, avoid AoE zones and wait until Durumu the Forgotten starts casting 3 beams on you. Now you should run along the edge of the platform until you detect one of the small Fog Beasts with the help of boss beams and cones. After that, you will see the counter on the screen. Now you should kill the required number of Crimson Fogs running across the platform. When you end, the second phase starts, and you should avoid Disintegration Beam casts and stay in the center of the platform to survive stun and cone spells. Repeat this two times to get achievements during the fight;
  • Ritualist Who? – you can complete this achievement in one day. Just go to the Dark Animus chamber and kill all Dark Ritualists. Now you can exit the game for at least 30 minutes, take a rest, and after this, pause back to kill mobs after respawn. Repeat until you complete the achievement;
  • A Complete Circuit – adventure for four weeks. But all you need to do is kill the boss, starting every fight near every pillar in the corner of the platform.

Reins of the Armored Skyscreamer will be waiting for you after the completion of this 4-weeks adventure.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Orgrimmar Raider Achievement

Even now, you can’t do it solo. Some parts of Glory require at least 5/10/13 people, depending on mode. Also, we have many nuances for other achievements.

  • No More Tears – start the fight and wait until the boss disappears. You need to stop dark sha puddles, but don’t damage them. Druid roots will be the best choice. After 40 seconds puddles transform into Tears of the Vale. Kill 10 of them and the boss;
  • Go Long – start the fight and reduce He Softfoot HP to 66%. One player will get Mark of Anguish debuff, which can be given to another player at a distance of 40 yards with action buttons. So you need at least 5 people located at a sufficient distance from each other;
  • Fire in the Hole! – start the fight, but try to don’t nuke the boss. Wait for siege mode, and Crawler Mines appear. After that, you need to run through all of them. When laser from the boss damages mines, they should transform into Superheated Crawler Mine. Now you can click the right button on every mine. Repeat 6 times and kill the boss;
  • Rescue Raiders – for confidence, kill all mobs on the central Orgrimar square, and rescue all NPCs. For some of them, you need to loot specific keys. After the rescue, you can go to the bosses;
  • Unlimited Potential – before the stairs that head to the boss, you can find Corrupted Skullsplitter. Taunt him and run to the boss. During the fight with Malkorok, add should be hited by Breath of Y’Shaarj to be transformed into Corrupted Amalgamation. Now you can kill the boss;
  • Criss Cross – you need at least two players for this challenge. One of you should don’t touch Mantid mobs, and the second should ignore Mogu enemies;
  • Giant Dinosaur vs. Mega Snail – you need at least 5 people for completion. Strip down and stay in one camp near the boss. You need to wait until HP of every player decreases to 50%, so you should taunt the boss in turn. When the second phase will start, the boss should target one player, which should kite the Thok the Bloodthirsty. All other players should run to the entrance and wait until 3 Kor’kron Jailers appear. Kill the mobs and loot keys. Now you can free the snail from the cage to the left of the entrance. Nuke the boss after;
  • Strike! – start the fight but don’t damage the Garrosh. Run to the one of Iron Star and kill one Siege Engineer to prevent weapon launch. Repeat it every time Siege Engineer comes. Wait until 18 Kor’kron Warbringers appear and reduce HP of them to 20% (you can strip down for confidence). Now you can run to another Iron Star to let all warbringers die. Garrosh should die after.

Impressive proto-drake-like Reins of Galakras will instantly make you forget about all the problems during the achievement completion.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Warlord of Draenor Achievements

Glory of the Draenor Raider Achievement

Almost all achievements are solo-able for a 60-level character in Shadowlands. You should have enough damage to nuke bosses or survive minutes under attack. But some parts of Glory have essential points to know.

  • Hurry Up, Maggot! – just advice – go to the LFR mode for this achievement. You can do it with the help of Seer Kazal in a 3-level Garrison. In the raid, pull the boss riding on a mount, keep the Butcher target on the maggots, and run from him. Boss can one-shot even 60-level character if you get 10 stacks of Gushing Wounds debuff, but in LFR, you should complete achievement much earlier;
  • A Fungus Among Ustake the flamethrower and pull the Brackenspor. Reduce boss HP to 40% and wait until green moss covers almost all the room. After than run and spam the flamethrower button until you get 15 stacks of Burning Infusion. Now you can defeat the boss;
  • Lineage of Power – pull the boss and damage him to 50% of HP. When intermission starts and a cloud under the boss appears, focus on the Gorian Warmage. The mob will be spam casts, but if you start the run to the cloud right after the end of the cast, he will do one-two step on you. Repeat it until you take the Warmage to the cloud zone. When the mob gets Fortification, you can kill other adds except for buffed Warmage and in the same style, move him to the spot of the next cloud. Arriving, you can attack the boss to start the second intermission and get the Replication stack buff on the Warmage. After that, just kill all Gorians;
  • The Iron Price – we are interested in Iron Ores on the ceiling in the center of the room. Pull boss and move him to the entrance. Also, you must stand in front of him and turn your back to the center of the room. After you get up in the air after Overhead Smash, try to loot the ore. Repeat until you can do it;
  • He Shoots, He Ores – start the fight and wait until the boss doesn’t lose all energy. After that, find Volatile Ore in one of the Ore Crate. Loot them and start moving to the entrance. If the boss touches you during rolling, it will be a failure, but you can avoid it if you throw the ore one step forward and pick it up while the boss goes on forward. In that style, you need to move to the pipe of Ore Grinder and use it (don’t throw, use the pipe);
  • Fain Would Lie Down – kill Beastlord Darmac near every mount. You can do it for one day – repeat the same process in Normal, Heroic, and Mythic modes;
  • The Steel Has Been Broughtbuild your Draenor garrison and kill the Flamebender Ka’graz with single-target spells;
  • There’s Always a Bigger Train – buy Toy Train Set and Wind-Up Train Wrecker from Jepetto Joybuzz in Dalaran. In the raid, pull the boss and place Toy Train Set on the first railway track from the entrance. In 10 seconds, add Wind-Up Train Wrecker to the same place. When a bigger train crash Wind-Up Train Wrecker, the achievement will be yours;
  • Would You Give Me a Hand? – for this achievement, you need at least 10 people. Pull the boss and wait for runes. When hands appear, instantly kill 10 of them and attack the boss until you die from the fall. Or avoid death and kill the boss from the ground;
  • Ashes, Ashes… – to complete this achievement solo you need to have the character of the class who can return on the platform when the boss throws you from it (hunter, demon hunter, druid, etc.). Just catch 20 Falling Ashes and track the boss casts to avoid falling. Also, you can use the class with pets: your little assistant should taunt (but don’t attack) the boss in the center of the platform while you try to catch ashes. When you see Marked for Death on yourself, run to the center to avoid falling.

Full completion of the Glory of the Draenor Raider gives you a chance to add Gorestrider Gronnling to your collection.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Hellfire Raider Achievement

For this Glory, you will need at least one other player because of Get in My Belly! achievement. Also, some other parts of Glory have critical moments:

  • Turning the Tide – Hellfire Guardians appears at the start of the fight and they will stay on the Northern and Southern walls. You can kill them only with the help of the boss. Just pull him, and run to one of the walls. After Barrage cast 5 Hellfire Guardians should be dead, so move to the next wall and repeat mechanic. When all 10 Guardians die, you can defeat the boss;
  • Get in My Belly! – you need at least 2 people. Pull the boss but don’t attack him. Wait for the Feast of Soul cast. When one of the players gets sucked in the belly, you need to wait a little bit more for another Feast of Soul cast. When 3 Fragment of Crones appears inside the belly, the player should kill all of them to summon Soul of the Crone to the second player. Now he can kill everybody to get the achievement.
  • Pro Tossdon’t use Eye of Anzu during the fight;
  • I’m a Soul Man – start the fight and nuke Soulbound Construct. Wair for Socrethar will begin to summon souls through portals. Now you can enter the Construct to drop aggro from Haunting Souls. Repeat this until 20 souls don’t appear. Now you can taunt all of them and use an AoE spell. Don’t forget to defeat Socrethar;
  • Bad Manner(oth) – strip down to decrease your DPS. Start the fight and run to purple spire, where the boss can’t push you from the platform. Don’t blast the boss and wait until Doom Lord appears. Reduce his HP to 30% and repeat it with the boss HP. When Mannaroth’s cast Empowered Felseeker kills Doom Lord, you can finish the fight;
  • Echoes of Doomfire – start the fight and wait until Doomfire (corrupted green ball) appears. Now you can nuke the boss.

Infernal Direwolf can’t fly but looks great even compare with the brand new WoW mounts.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Legion Achievements

Glory of the Legion Raider Achievement

Warlock with demon pets is your best option to try to do this Glory solo. But it requires hours of training, so if you don’t want to spend your time in Legion raids, it will be better to find another player to complete achievements together.

  • Buggy Fight – this achievement is very, very long in solo. You must start the second phase of the boss fight and wait for the Heart of the Swarm cast. During it, you can see Glow Bugs you need to squish. It will be great if you can squish two bugs for one cast, so prepare yourself for a long adventure. Also, it would be best if you had good healing to survive boss attacks;
  • Webbing Crashers – learn all egg spots and destroy them after pull. Use feathers to fly to hard locations. Achievement is solo-able, but you need to practice;
  • Took the Red Eye Down – pull the boss, kill all appearing tentacles and wait until 20 Nightmare Ichors appear. After that, cast your AoE to kill all of them and kill the boss;
  • Imagined Dragons World Tour – you can do this achievement solo if you have a class with pets. In that case, your assistant should pull the bosses, while you ride through portals and take buffs (they look like small clouds on the ground). Also, you can ask your friend for help – while one of you is tanking, the second player collects the buffs. After that, change your roles, repeat the mechanic, and kill the bosses;
  • I Attack the Darkness – you need to be a demon hunter or warlock for solo completion of this achievement. Or farm Eye of Arachnida from Stratholm boss Nerub’enkan. During the boss fight, you must use Eye of Kilrogg or Spectral Sight and find Creature in the Dark adds on each phase. Just kill them all, and don’t forget about Xavius;
  • Grand Opening – it can be a solo-able achievement, but only if you are pretty lucky and complete all requirements until the boss goes into enrage. So we recommend you try this challenge in a party with your friend in Heroic mode. Just start the fight, and don’t nuke the boss. Wait for Time Bomb debuff and walk to one of the blue circles. When the pillar of light appears, go to the next. Don’t forget to break the Power Owerhelming cast with Temporal Smash that you can use after killing of Waning Time Particle and Fragmented Time Particle;
  • Elementalry – find Nether Elemental before the boss, taunt him, but don’t attack. Run to the boss and gently reduce his HP to 20%. Add should transform into Well-Traveled Nether Elemental, and you should kill him and the boss too;
  • Burning Bridges – start the fight, don’t rush to kill the boss, and wait for Burning Embers to appear. Don’t touch any of the adds; don’t forget to run back when the bridge collapses. When all 15 mobs fall in the water, you can kill the boss;
  • Infinitesimal – buy or farm Infinite Whelpling battle pet if you don’t have this pretty dragon. Summon your little friend and start the boss fight. Don’t rush. Wait for Expedient Elemental and Recursive Elemental, and kill both. Now you should run through puddles that appear after the death of elementals to transform your pet into Infinite Drakeling. Kill this dragon. Kill the boss;
  • I’ve Got My Eyes On Yougently hit Gul’Dan to start the second phase of the fight. Wait until the boss summons 16 Eyes of Gul’dan and blast all of them with AoE. Kill the boss and ride your elk.

Defiled Reins give you an opportunity to summon this proud beast any time you need. And don’t forget, this mount can fly.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Argus Raider Achievement

In relevant Shadowlands BiS gear, you can try to do some parts of Glory solo, but already on the second boss, you should have another player in the party or have a character with pets.

  • Worm-monger – start the fight and stand with your back to the boss to notice the appearance of worms. When the boss starts the Decimation cast, run to the worms to blast them, and repeat it until you don’t decimate all 16. Now can kill the boss too;
  • Hounds Good To Me – solo-able only for classes with pets. In other cases, we recommend you find another player. Separate the Felhounds of Sargeras to opposite parts of the den area and wait until orange and purple void zones appear. To get a stack of Fel Imbuement you need to move purple Fellhound to purple zone, and orange to orange. Don’t let them get close to each other so you don’t lose stacks. Repeat mechanic until you get 5 stacks on each hound and kill the bosses;
  • Portal Combat – don’t nuke the boss, you need at least 91% HP. Another requirement – collect Everburning Flames, Cloying Shadows, and Caustic Slime debuffs. Start from the red portal, then go to the purple, and try green. Don’t worry, if you lose debuff on the go, you can take it later. When you collect all 3 debuffs, kill the boss;
  • Spheres of Influence – learn, where all orbs are located and collect them during the fight. Or you can do it before the fight. And even after the fight, so check the coordinates of the first orb before the start;
  • Hard to Kill – during the intermission (66% and 33% HP) boss will fly to the other end of the bridge and set traps. All you need to do is run through every trap without resistance abilities. When you complete the second intermission, the boss could die;
  • The World Revolves Around Me – start the fight, don’t attack the boss, and wait for 9 Diabolic Bombs. Avoid these purple balls, until you don’t see all 9. After that, you can nuke the boss (but still don’t touch bombs);
  • Together We Stand – use all your DPS and nuke the boss in 10 seconds. It is more than possible in solo in Shadowlands, but if you can’t avoid the Alone in the Darkness cast, ask your friend for help;
  • Remember the Titans – solo-able only for classes with pets. Start the fight and separate Shivarras together with your friend or pet. After that just avoid adds and don’t touch anyone for 6 minutes. When all Torments appear, you can nuke the bosses;
  • Don’t Sweat the Technique  – now you can do this achievement even solo, but it’s a not-so-easy task. Start the fight and damage the boss until the first intermission starts. Now you should control one Ember of Taeshalach with roots from the druid, for example. Kill all other mobs to start the phase. Now you should stay near the add in the front of the boss to let Aggramar damage add with his AoE and combos. Play this mechanic until Ember of Taeshalach transforms to Manifestation of Taeshalach. Now you can kill the add and the boss. Just advice: during the phase you should be located near the center of the platform to don’t let yourself be knocked out.
  • Stardust Crusaders – nowadays you need at least 3 people (tank, heal, and damage dealer) for achievement completion. But with a bigger number of players, it should be easier. Attack boss until the last phase starts and raid wipes. After death, only the tank can pick up the tree and fight the boss, all other players should release their spirits. Wait until 6-8 Reorigination Modules appear, but don’t nuke them. When Modules explode by default, Motes of Titanic Power will appear and you should be quick to collect 20 for 5 seconds.

If you can complete all these achievements, feel free to ride one of the Sargeras Felhounds – Antoran Gloomhound.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Battle for Azeroth Achievements

Glory of the Uldir Raider Achievement

Considering that the Battle for Azeroth expansion ended not so long ago, we can recommend you not try to do it solo. Even if some parts of Glory you can complete by yourself in Normal, it’s better to have a group of 5-6 people with damagers, healers, and tanks.

  • Elevator Music – you need a demon hunter to complete the achievement without problems. In the second phase of the boss fight, slow down your DPS. Demon hunter should jump from the elevator and glide under, searching for orbs. The player should fly through 4 Orbs of Harmony spheres to activate them, and after that group can nuke the boss;
  • Parental Controls – you can do it solo in Normal mode if you can survive. All you need to do is find buttons on each chamber’s walls and use them to find the right combination. If the button goes dark, you choose the right button. If it blinks, you should try another one. Take your time and complete the achievement by trial and error;
  • Thrash Mouth – All Stars – the boss cast Terrible Thrash as every fourth melee attack. So just track your DBM, and make sure every player takes damage from the spell;
  • Now We Got Bad Blood – pull the Warmother Rakkali from the platform before the boss and go to the Vectis. Don’t DPS Warmother and wait for Liquify phase when red circles of AoE should appear. Let Rakkali run to the circle, so she gets the debuff. Now kill Warmother and the boss after;
  • What’s in the Box? – one of the players should have Puzzle Box of Yogg-Saron toy. During the fight, don’t try to nuke the boss. You need to wait for the Projection of Yogg-Saron to appear. When the Old God goes away, use the toy and wait until Projection returns to you. Now watch a beautiful special effects show and kill the boss;
  • Edgelords – just don’t go to the central area of the platform, where Zul is located, and let your RDDs nuke the boss;
  • Existential Crisis – at the beginning, your group needs to spread out. During the fight, after the boss cast around every player will spawn Existence Fragment. You can touch only green orbs spawned from you and avoid Fragments of other players. Be patient and nuke the boss;
  • Double Dribble – when the fight starts, two players should run to the left or right chambers and pick Power Matrix to carry it to the Reorigination Drive. The main rule is don’t move if you hold the Matrix. You should pass the orb by the action button to another player 20 yards in front of you. Just pass, wait until another player takes the orb, run forward, and stand in front of him to take the pass. Don’t move when Matrix is still in the air. Also, you can use mage blinks to make it easier, but only mage blinks. If your party has good DPS, you can complete the achievement with a single Power Matrix run. If the boss is still alive, choose another two players and repeat the orb run in the second chamber.

Charismatic Bloodgorged Crawg will become your reward for this challenge.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of Dazar’Alor Raider Achievement

Sorry, but you can’t do this Glory solo. So it would be best if you found some like-minded people to get more DPS and HPS and feel achievement is quite feasible.

  • Can I Get a Hek Hek Hek Yeah? – before the fight, you must find Mysterious Trashpile to get Jani’s Favor debuff. During the fight don’t nuke the boss and adds and wait until you will be transformed into saurids. This form gives you another action button to steal shinies, 3 from the Disciples, 3 from the Crusaders, and 3 from the Champion. Just do it all and kill the boss;
  • Barrel of Monkeys – find Heavy Barrels before the start and put them in one place. Start the fight and stay near the barrels to put them under Reverberating Slam or Deathly Slam casts. When all barrels will be destroyed, you can destroy the boss too. But you should be patient – every barrel after destruction gives a 20% damage increase buff to the boss;
  • Hidden Dragon – before the fight, you must find Jade Serpent Egg. Attack the boss, and pick the egg after killing the first wave of Living Bomb and before the second phase starts. The player with an egg should stay out of the fight and avoid AoE spells. Don’t attack bosses too hard; you need to wait until Monk transforms into Jade Serpent to cast Dragon’s Breath on the player with an egg. Now you can kill bosses;
  • Praise the Sunflower – for achievement completion, at least one player in part should have the Singing Sunflower pet. During the fight, one of you should pick Topaz of Brilliant Sunlight and stay away from the group for 100 seconds to get Grossly Incandescent! aura for 20 seconds. Now everybody should go to the player and /praise Singing Sunflower;
  • Walk the Dinosaur – during the fight, put a mark on one of the appeared Ravenous Stalker. Every 20 seconds mob chooses a new target, so players should kite add away from the group. It’s the most challenging part. All other players should just nuke the bosses but keep Ravenous Stalker alive;
  • I Got Next – you need engineers with Blingtron 4000, Blingtron 5000, or Blingtron 7000. Place two of them before the fight starts, and they will duel. Pull the boss. When one of Blingtron will win, Blingtron MK2 has to appear. Kill the add and kill the boss;
  • De Lurker Be’loa – start the fight. One player should stay on the pier and click fishing pool to start 2 minutes cast, during which the player should avoid all attacks. Groups on the ships don’t need to kill the bosses until De Lurker Be’loa appears;
  • Snow Fun Allowed – when Howling Winds Phase starts, you need 3 players to collect snow mounds. After that, interrupt Jaina’s cast. Players with snowflakes should run to one barrel to create Frosty Snowmon. Use Jaina’s spell Broadside to destroy Refractive Ice and melt the Frosty Snowmon. Jaina is your final point.

When all these achievements will be completed, you can ride your new Dazar’alor Windreaver mount.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Ny’alotha Raider Achievement

At least because of Realizing Your Potential achievement, you can’t complete an entire Glory solo in Shadowlands, Dragonflight, and other future expansions. For now, every part of Glory of the Ny’alotha Raider requires unusual tactics and pretty high DPS and HPS. It would be best if you had a well-prepared party for every achievement.

  • Smoke Test – attack boss until the second phase doesn’t start. Now your quick damagers should prepare and kill 10 Crackling Shards for 3 seconds;
  • Mana Sponge – start the fight and kill 2 Dark Manifestations in the first phase. Don’t touch the third add and wait until the second phase starts. After that, Dark Manifestation should catch one of the mana orbs to transform it into Forbidden Manifestation. Now you can burst to add and boss after;
  • Phase 3: Prophet – find the Disciple of the Prophet before the boss room and taunt this add. Start the fight with Prophet Skitra and wait until two clones of Disciple of the Prophet appear. Now you can send all your damage to adds, and don’t forget about the boss too;
  • Buzzer Beater – to summon Void Orb, you need to wait until the boss accumulates 100 energy and starts Void Ritual phase. During this phase, players should be positioned at the fire marks near the boss. When Void Orb appears, check DBM timer of Voidwoken debuff, and run together with another player to the portal bouncing the Void Orb between you. Don’t forget that Orb should touch the portal with less than 3 seconds remaining of the debuff. Repeat this mechanic three times to get an opportunity to kill the boss;
  • Realizing Your Potential – you can find 3 Promising Specimens near the Maw of Gor’ma entrance, in Ritual Chamber before Xanesh, and before The Hivemind room. Pick them all and pull the boss to get them evolution. Nove you can annihilate the Evolved Specimen and boss after;
  • You Can Pet the Dog, But… – an easy task, just don’t forget about 5-second cooldown of /pet action;
  • Temper Tantrum – to start Throes of Agony you should kill 5 boss tentacles. Just do it quickly to see two Throes of Agony for 60 seconds;
  • Total Annihilation – just start the fight, don’t kill adds, and let the tank face the Void Ascendant towards the group. All group members should stay in Annihilation beam and check stacks on everybody. Most often 2-3 casts are enough.
  • How? Isn’t it Obelisk? – pull the boss and run to one of the obelisks in the corner of the room. Wait until Vita Orb appears and kill it to trigger Void Empowered. Now Unstable Void missile should appear, and you can redirect it to the Obelisk, facing your characters in its direction. Repeat this mechanic with another obelisk and nuke the Ra-Den;
  • Bloody Mess – decrease the boss HP to start the last phase, when Bloods of Ny’alotha is summoned constantly. This is the best moment to wait for 10 Bloods and group all of them to kill by AoE spells;
  • Cleansing Treatment – start the fight and wait until the second phase starts. Now you should separate the group into two parts and run in left and right tunnels. Damage Synthesis Growths and share your progress in voice chat to defeat them at one time;
  • It’s Not A Cultdecrease the N’Zoth HP to 15-20% and use Anguish to have below 50 sanity for every player. Now, Thought Harvester should finish Harvest Thoughts cast (no one should soak it). When everyone reaches 0 Sanity, you’ll get Gift of N’Zoth buff. Now you should nuke the boss for 20 seconds.

When N’Zoth will be defeated, you’ll become a proud owner of Wriggling Parasite mount.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Shadowlands Achievements

Glory of the Nathria Raider Achievement

You should be totally insane to try to do this Glory solo during Shadowlands. Of course, you need a raid group to complete all achievements the best way. We think you should prefer the Normal mode to make it easy.

  • Blind as a Bat – you can find Sneaky Servitors with the help of the demon hunter’s vision. Or just look for the small piles of rocks in the room. When one of the players gets the Echolocation mark, just run to the rocks and kill the Sneaky Servitor with the boss void zone. Repeat 6 times;
  • Burning Bright – start the fight and wait until the second phase starts. Now tank should run with the boss to every of four braziers. Fiery Brazier can be lited by Fiery Strike (frontal cone that strikes tank in every mode), Blazing Brazier by Blazing Surge (frontal cone that strikes tank in Normal), Smoldering Brazier by Smoldering Remnants (Reborn Phoenix spell that spawn pool of flames under it), Embered Brazier by Ember Blast (directed on random raid member);
  • Private Stock – in the room before the boss three random players should use Anima Attunements. During the fight in the center of the room will appear Loose Anima orbs, which you should transport with Dimensional Tear wormhole to the display case (blue, green, or white circle on the ground). When the orb appears, the tank with Dimensional Tear should run to the display case and another player to Loose Anima. Repeat this mechanic three times and kill the boss;
  • Feed the Beast – when the boss starts casting Volatile Ejection, players with marks should run to large anima canisters. Destroy 6 canisters with the help of the boss and kill the Hungering Destroyer;
  • I Don’t Know What I Expected – you need one player with Son of Animus pet. Start the fight and don’t nuke the boss too fast, you need to wait 4 minutes until the pet ends cast and transforms into Dark Animus. Now you can blast this monster for 1 minute and kill the boss too;
  • Pour Decision Making – Belligerent Waiters will be spawned every minute of the fight. Don’t rush, wait for add come to the main floor, and steal a bottle of wine from him. Now you can throw it in the random guest. Repeat four times and nuke the bosses;
  • Dirtflap’s Revenge – find Dirtflap at the end of the corridor near Sludgefist room. When you speak with him, NPC should fly to the room and sit on one of the pillars. Start the fight and broke this pillar by Sludgefist’s Hateful Gaze. When Dirtflap flies to another one, repeat mechanics, until the boss destroys all pillars in the right order;
  • Feed Me, Seymour! – before the bosses platform all players should use roses to get the Bouquet of Wilted Sanguine Roses buff. Now you can pull the bosses and wait until the first intermission starts. Now all players should collect Anima Orb to change the buff to Bouquet of Blooming Sanguine Roses. If every player completes the mechanic and doesn’t die, you can kill the boss to obtain the achievement;
  • Clear Conscience – if your group has good gear and healing, you can just stay in the one camp until all Burden of Sin stacks be removed. But don’t decrease the boss HP to 70% until you complete the achievement requirement. If you don’t sure about your partners, you can split the raid into two groups. The first group faces Cleansing Pain the first time, the next three times two groups should do it together, and the fifth time it’s the task for the second group. When you’ll complete this challenge, just nuke the boss.

Nathria-style bat Rampart Screecher will be added to your mount collection after achievement completion.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Dominant Raider Achievement

Some parts of this Glory turned the fights into a real hell in the time of Patch 9.1. Now in Normal, you have to do every achievement without big troubles. But for some of them, you should practice well.

  • Name A Better Duo, I’ll Wait – before the fight, one of the players should take Oddly Intangible Key Anima Power. It will be great if this player has a good defensive cooldown and movement speed abilities. Don’t forget that you can reroll the powers until you find one you need. During the fight, wait for Hungering Mist cast. Now your player should find Buttons near one of the room walls, pick him and run to Moriaz until Mist ends;
  • Eye Wish You Were Here – you can find Lost Field Kit near the wall against the boss on the platform. Use it in the third phase to get Scavenged S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera. Now you should take a picture of the entire raid. Also, you need to wait for the Immediate Extermination cast and take another picture of the boss after;
  • To the Nines – attack the bosses until Skyja comes to start the second phase. Now you should wait until Fragments of Destiny casts on 9 players. One tank should move away from the raid when you complete this part of the task. Every player with debuff should run to him one by one and be dispelled. When the tank gets 9 or even more stack, you can dispel him too;
  • I Used to Bullseye Deeprun Rats Back Home – on the boss platform, you can see 3 chains with something like rings. All you need to do during the fight is throw Orb of Torment through these rings. Every time you do it, you’ll see “A goal has been scored” in the chat. Repeat it three times;
  • Tormentor’s Tango – just /taunt your old friend Garrosh before the start. Now all you need to do is kill the boss avoiding all waves of Torment. If any player gets damage from the spell, you have to wipe and start again;
  • Whack-A-Soul – find the lever on the left pillar at the entrance of the boss room. During the fight, you’ll face other enemies, caged Burning Gibbet. Kill them every time they appear and kick Terrifying Shriek cast to avoid fear. And don’t forget about Painsmith Raznal;
  • Knowledge is Power – if the ladder to the platform with the boss is right in front of you, on the platform to the left, you can find Vazzaren the Seeker. Taunt this mob and run to the boss. Start the fight, and pick Vazzaren away from it until Unstable energy cast starts. Now run with mob into the Energy Core’s Radiant Energy. When Vazzaren transforms, you can kill him and the Guardian of First Ones until the boss goes enrage;
  • Flawless Fate – just avoid Fated Conjunction big energy beams, Fate Fragment small orbs that appear during intermission, and take Call of Eternity cast away from raid;
  • Together Forever – you can find pretty cat Mr. Bigglesworth in the room after The Tarragrue, to the left of the tunnel leading to Soulrender Dormazain’s entrance, and in the Kel’Thuzad’s room. One player should click on cat in every location to get Mr. Bigglesworth on the head, and during the fight in the second phase, enter the Phylactery to use the extra button;
  • This World is a Prism – you can find 4 prisms during the second phase in the place hard to notice during usual raiding, and four players should pick them. In the third phase, you can see significant Covenants symbols on platforms, so players should go to the platforms that match their prism. Now you can start the cast and return to the fight.

The reward for this challenge is one of the most impressive Shadowlands mounts Hand of Hrestimorak.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

Glory of the Sepulcher Raider Achievement

Last Shadowlands Glory is the quintessence of all we love: easter eggs, riddles, puzzles, and corgis. Also, its pretty challenging achievements, which require excellent knowledge of tactics, good reflexes, and attentiveness.

  • Power ON – go to the first boss over the right bridge. Before the boss, you can see a small platform with Depleted Automa. You can use death knight’s grip or something like that to get Automa to raid. Now start the fight and kill the adds near Automa to activate it. After mechanic completion just kill the mob and the boss too;
  • Wisdom Comes From the Desert – you can find four Memorial Pylon in the boss zone. Texts on these structures you can read as “In memory of Liet…”, “…Researcher of the Ravener…”, “…who dubbed the name “Skolex”…”, “… and was then eaten by it”. All you need to do is to destroy these Pylons in the same order. In Normal, you can even do it on mounts. You just need to stay in one camp near one of the Memorials and pull the boss to let Skolex cast Ravening Burrow. Repeat it four times and just kill the boss the way you want;
  • Xy Never, Ever Marks the Spot – in the room of the boss you can see three platforms outside the main area. In this place in random order during the fight should appear artifacts: first from start, second on 75% of the boss HP, and third on 50%. One player (demon hunter, warrior, warlock, or any Ventyr) should use artifacts to get raid debuffs, decreasing players’ movement speed and HP and damaging everybody during the encounter. Under such conditions you should finish the fight;
  • Four Ring Circuskill Colossal Realmcrafter in the platform before Dausegne. One of the players should catch Afterlife Core and carry it during the fight, avoiding all Disintegration Halo casts. The best choice for this task is a mage with blinks or every class with Night Fae Covenant. Also, you can use the action button to throw Core to another player behind the Halo line;
  • Where the Wild Corgis Are – on the platform with the boss on the left side near the Winter Queen you can find and use Suspicious Pawprint. Now you should complete the first phase and start the second. During Wild Stampede you can see corgis. Raid has to pet them until every player gets 5 Licked debuffs;
  • The Protoform Matrix – you should have one engineer with Reaves Battery or Rechargeable Reaves Battery. Before the start, summon the Reaves near an unsynthesized Protoform Automa (on the left side of the first Synthesize zone). After Synthesize cast ends, Reaving Automa: Neo appears, and you should nuke it and the boss too;
  • Shimmering Secrets – during the fight you should find and use 6 artifacts located in various zones. The First will be waiting for you on the path between the first and second rooms, on the right side. The second you can find behind the statue on the northwest side of the second room. The next four artifacts appear on the path from the second room to the third room: check the left side of the bridge, the corner on the right side after the bridge, after the corner on the left side, after the corner on the right side. Artifacts size are pretty small, so you need 6 people and maximum attention. If you’ll find and use all objects, on the last phase 6 mobs should appear. Blast them and boss;
  • Coming to Terms – before the fight, you should find and collect 3 Haunting Memory: on the platform on the left side before Dausegne, on the left platform in Artificer Xy’mox’s zone, and behind the trash on the platform opposite the entrance to Halondrus. If you collect all memories, during the fight with Anduin after Kingsmourne Hungers cast you can meet and nuke Anduin’s Grief;
  • Amidst Ourselves – during the Infiltration of Dread (Among Us) phase one player should find four small boxes with lights at the base of the random pillar. Complete a simple puzzle to switch on all the lights. If you’ll don’t it, you can try it during the next Infiltration of Dread phase;
  • We Are All Made of Stars – before the start all raiders should stay on pools of cosmic energy like this one. When you’ll taunt the boss, all players should get Herald of the Cosmos debuff. Now you just need to kill the boss, but if one of the players will die, the raid loses debuff;
  • Damnation Aviation – on the first phase of the fight, players under the Rune of Damnation effect can see the Progenitor Orbs high above the arena. So you need to use the Rune of Damnation and try to collect runes when you’ll be knocked upwards. You have 6 attempts, so you should practice great.

Complete all these achievements and enjoy riding your Shimmering Aurelid.

WoW: Glory of the Raider achievements full guide

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