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“The high elves can’t handle the energy of the Well. They will destroy Azeroth and must be stopped. The dragon aspects desire your power. They can’t be trusted and must be stopped. You are the true master of Dragon Soul. Use its power to kill your enemies and save Azeroth from the deadly plague” — a black dragon called Neltharion was listening to the voices in his head. He was heading to a great gathering of five aspects and thousands of dragons. The time had come for them to come forward in this War.

The Old Gods created Dragon Soul. The artifact was to get them out of the jail built for them by titans. But then it belonged to Neltharion and was to help carry out a plan that had been carefully devised. Just in time! On the gathering, the four remaining aspects agreed to put a part of their magical power into the artifact to help the black dragon overpower demons. “Neltharion has always been prudent and brave. He can be trusted”.

Meanwhile, the war for Azeroth was continuing. The army of Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest was retreating to Mount Hyjal. The demons driven by Archimonde’s ruthlessness were feeling the approaching victory. There was no way to run or hide. Only death was a way out — inevitable and inglorious end of the night elves. No way! Yet another battle they must face.
When the dragons finally came, the demons and the night elves were fighting as equals. Malfurion was calling upon the forces of nature to crush the enemies. Archimonde was sending the endless horde of the Twisting Nether servants to match the druid’s wrath. The fate was now on the side of the defenders of Azeroth. The black aspect was destroying the demons by hundreds. Even the eredar sorcerer could not stand against Dragon Soul. Only the voices still had power over Neltharion. A single incantation made all the other dragons freeze in the sky when he turned to greedy elves. He couldn’t let anybody prevent him from accomplishing his plan and the aspects having strengthened the power of the artifact only help the black dragon. Neltharion has always been prudent.

The terror of what had just happened consumed the dragons. Malygos the blue, the Spell-weaver, managed to free himself and other blue dragons. Neltharion used to be his friend and Malygos felt responsibility for the black dragon. The battle between former fellows was fascinating. It seemed that the enemies on the ground also froze to see Malygos fall and the blue dragons with him. No one can beat Dragon Soul.

Love. It lives even when the end draws nearer. It can change a course of wars, save or destroy thousands. Illidan loved Tyrande. His feeling was pure and sincere but unrequited. After Neltharion’s betrayal, no one had seen Illidan among the night elves. He could not stand that Tyrande had chosen his brother Malfurion. Lord Kur’talos was killed, the army of night elves was devastated. Everything seemed lost to him.

After a while, a tall hooded figure was seen in Zin-Azshari, the capital of the Queen Azshara. Demons felt a great power in this stranger and let him to the Well of Eternity. A pair of golden eyes, which weren’t meant to remain the same, reflected on its surface.

War of the Ancients: story two

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