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Great yet tragic events unfolded during the first Legion crusade on Azeroth. It all began when the elven Queen Azshara and her highborn brethren became unable to control the Well of Eternity power. In desperate experiments, they had been losing connection with reality until finally, they all went mad. Unfortunately, it was then, when they saw Sargeras for the first time in the depths of the Well. A new God and a leader was recognized immediately. Azshara even wanted to become Sargeras’s wife and with such ambitions, she was ready to do anything, even jeopardize Azeroth population’s survival.

According to Sargeras’s plan, the Well was turned into an interplanetary portal, through which the first demons of the netherworld emerged. Azshara was busy fortifying the portal to let Sargeras pass. Meanwhile, the demons began to clear the planet from all the creatures that could interfere with their master’s intentions.

Malfurion Stormrage, the first night elf druid, was one of few to stand against bloodthirsty demons, doomguards, and felhounds, swarming over Kalimdor. He was joined by his twin-brother Illidan Stormrage who was to become the greatest of the elven mages; by the twins’ childhood friend and a priestess of Eluna Goddess named Tyrande; by demigod, protector of forests and druids Cenarius; and by Lord Kur’talos Ravencrest who believed that Azshara had been captured and all the mishappenings faced by Azeroth were not her intentions. Kur’talos, recognized as a talented war chief, was quick to summon an army of night elves. He directed the strike on the capital from where the endless hordes of demons emerged. The night elves fought bravely and effectively. Powered by the energy of the Well they succeeded in the first battle.

After the failure, Sargeras charged Mannoroth to change the course of the war, as the latter was the prince of the underworld, a leader of pit lords, and a mighty lieutenant of Legion’s army. With the help of Azshara and her high councilor, Xavius Mannoroth managed to create a barrier around the Well. Its energy could not reach the night elves anymore. They, deprived of magic, started losing a fight after fight. With heavy losses, the night elves retrieved and were closer to defeat and death than ever before.

To break the barrier and let the night elves obtain magical power lacked so desperately Malfurion immersed in Emerald Dream, a special state of consciousness accessible for druids only. And even though the attempt was successful, the barrier was broken and Xavius was dead, the wiser of the Stormrage brothers provoked Sargeras’s rage. To lead and help the demons of the netherworld the greatest mage of the Eredar race was sent. His name was Archimonde, the Hand of the Fallen Titan himself. The War of the Ancient was to break out again, with yet unseen fury. Under such conditions, only one hope remained for the protectors of Azeroth — the Dragon Aspects with a countless army of mighty dragons.

To be continued…

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