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Dragonflight is coming and this is a perfect time to think about changing your class. The new expansion brings in talent changes and some old classes may shine brighter than they did before. We are not talking about feral druids, obviously. Before we start, note that everything you are going to read is just a humble opinion of an author and I don’t claim it to be the truth. Let’s jump into this general class overview together, hope you will like it and find something useful.

Dragonflight Best Class for Beginners and Solo Content

If you are new to this game then try out a Beast Mastery Hunter. This class has already become a community meme due to its popularity among newbies. It offers an enjoyable gameplay experience with a unique side activitycollecting rare beasts. It’s not hard to play but it will take some time to become a real master. The fact that you have a strong pet by your side makes this class not only great for getting acquainted with World of Warcraft but also gives you a chance to feel that RPG side of the game. Maybe you are the one who was chosen to break those stereotypes and hurtful jokes about huntards! Remember that you are supposed to fight evil, not join them!

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Dragonflight Best Class for You

Death Knight

Dragonflight Best Class for You

Pure death itself. Once they were ruled by Lich King AKA Arthas. Death Knights could break his magic and release themselves from his control. They went through a nightmare but now they are awakened and fight as members of the Horde and Alliance to prevent evil from destroying people’s lives.

Death Knights have three different specs: Blood, Frost, and Unholy.

  • Blood – tank that focuses on self-sustain and self-healing. They wield two-hand weapons with carved runes on them, making Death Knights’ attacks lethal and merciless;
  • Frost – DPS spec that was born in the furthest parts of Northrend. Frost Magic combined with Runal Weapons blasts enemies making their blood freeze in veins;
  • Unholy – this is the spec that represents all the horror and disgust that Arthas brought to this world. DPS Masters of diseases, curses, and decay, these warriors will slowly kill everything and nothing stops them.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Low mobility;
  • Doesn’t bring a very powerful raid buff

Demon Hunter

Dragonflight Best Class for You

Disciples of Illidan himself, Illidari sacrificed everything they had to fight demons and other evil spawns. They put their life to master fel magic and use it against its masters – demons.

  • Havoc – his warglaives are the last thing that Demons see before death. Master of melee combat he spins like a whirlwind sewing dead bodies behind his path;
  • Vengeance – they call for an inner demon to harden their skin and become almost invulnerable to magic and physical attacks. They are perfect tanks with incredible mobility and great utility. They use seals to burn, fear and silence their enemies.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Strong group utility, magic using classes will love your Chaos Brand;
  • Awesome Mobility;
  • Great sustain with self-healing and leech.
  • CD-reliant class;
  • Only a couple of builds work which lowers the variety of playable specs.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

Druids protect nature and keep life in balance. They are ferocious combatants who can shapeshift into different animals and unleash stars upon their enemy heads. They are the most versatile class in the game as they can switch between all the available roles: RDPS, MPDS, Tank, and healer. Don’t underestimate their power like those who dared to challenge them before as you risk staying rooted in the deepest parts of the forest forever.

  • Balance – calls for the power of Stars, Moon, and Sun to strike down enemies. The skies themselves will punish those fools who were not clever enough to step back;
  • Feral – These druids can shapeshift into a furious cat form to shred the flesh of hostile forces with primal fury;
  • Guardian – Transform into a bear to protect your allies with mighty claws and sharp teeth;
  • Restoration – They specialize in natural healing over time effects, even the worst wounds can be healed by these healers.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Great survivability;
  • Good raid utility like Rebirth and Mark of the Wild;
  • Very high mobility and flexibility;
  • Interesting to play due to its many shapeshifting forms.
  • Poor utility in raids as a melee spec;
  • Lack of a unique tank niche;
  • Very punishing if mistime cooldowns.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

They were created by the black Dragon Aspect Neltharion. Later he was known as Deathwing who caused those terrifying cataclysms all over Azeroth. His aim was to create the perfect soldier with the powers of all five major dragonflights. Evokers use their talents to defend dragonkind in obedience to the Earth-Warder. The journey will be long, and a few Dracthyrs will handle this path. But those who prevail to master their full potential shall be honored with the title of Evoker.

  • Devastation – a Ranged DPS spec that is focused on overwhelming distanced attacks. Devastation Evokers possess a variety of spells including classic dragon breath combined with the power of Blue and Red dragons.
  • Preservation – the combination of Green Dragonflight power along with the magic of the Bronze Dragonflight makes Evokers to be great healers.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • New classes are always overtuned.
  • New classes are always overplayed.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

They are the owners of wilderness, rambling around unfriendly forests with their pets by their side. They have mastered the art of traps and shooting which makes them as dangerous as primal nature itself.

  • Beast Mastery – they can tame the wildest and the most dangerous beasts and beasts-alike creatures. Have you ever wanted to be the master of a furious dinosaur or human-sized spider? Here is your chance!
  • Marksmanship – these hunters prefer to fight from distance using their bows or guns. Their sharp arrows and deadly bullets will find their aim even during the darkest night;
  • Survival – masters of melee combat who use explosives, poisons, and pets to fight their enemies.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Pet AI sometimes can be weird;
  • Weak Utility overall.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

Mages use elements like fire, frost, and arcane in their spells. They can incinerate or freeze to death mobs of enemies with just one spell. Their power is endless, don’t drown in that ocean of infinite and pure mightiness, and remember that only discipline can lead through the path of Mage.

  • Fire – combusts and incinerates evil to bones;
  • Frost – call rains of frost to clean your path, they can control water elementals to fight their side;
  • Arcane – manipulate with raw overwhelming magic and feel it with your fingertips.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • No way to deal damage to spread targets.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

What do magicless souls do if they hunger for adventures? Warriors have the answer! Take a big club and hit the breath out of your enemies. If one club isn’t enough – take two! A pretty straightforward way for those who prefer physical power over magical one. Who needs those stupid books and years of magical studying when there is an endless voice calling you for adventures right now? Do up your armor and sharp your sword, the battle starts immediately.

  • Arms – They are hardened fighting masters who can strike down armies with their axes or swords;
  • Fury – Do you have anger management problems? Do you feel like you want to smash everything around you? Does your blood boil every second of your life? If the answers are “yes” then you are hired, sign it with a cross right here;
  • Protection – a classical warrior with a shield and one-handed weapon who protects his party from any danger. The years of combat experience taught him to suppress pain and keep going under any circumstances till the last breath.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Lacks crowd control;
  • Downtime significantly impacts damage.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

Well… What do magicless souls do if they hunger for adventures? They take a club… Oh, wait. What if there is no club to wield? Use your fists to float like a butterfly and sting like a bee. And remember that hands can’t hit what the eyes can’t see.

  • Brewmaster – we all have that kind of friend who starts looking for fights as soon as he takes a beer or two. Well, don’t judge him, he may be a Brewmaster Monk deep in his soul. Being drunk as a lord, monk doesn’t feel pain and can survive longer than others. That makes him a perfect tank. Just throw that tottering body forward and pray he doesn’t fall asleep;
  • Mistweaver – infused with the power of Jade Serpent they know the secrets of life energy using it to heal wounds;
  • Windwalker – who needs a weapon if your arms and legs can lay lethal traumas on your enemies? Just be careful.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • A unique tanking system that smoothes damage intake from Stagger and Shuffle for both Physical and Magic damage;
  • Great crowd control abilities such as Paralysis and Leg Sweep;
  • Forgives mistakes when playing.
  • A lot of keybinds to keep track of;
  • Playing healer one may face Mana management problems.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

Light, piety, and blessings are what Paladins leave behind them. They also leave the dead bodies of those who were stupid enough to serve evil. They are the honest and the brightest representatives of their factions who dedicated their lives to light. Believe me, you don’t want to be their enemy one day, because even Gods can’t save you from their righteous wrath.

Paladins have three different specs:

  • Protection – their shield and one-handed weapon will cover the whole world from any kind of danger. They dedicated their hearts to protecting the helpless and those who suffer. They are the iconic warriors of light;
  • Holy – healers in plate armor. They lay their hands in prayer to light and light answers them. They wrested thousands of lives from the dark clutches of death and so will do over and over again. This spec is focused on healing in the melee zone and that makes it unique;
  • Retribution – Good can be spread with a light word. If not, there is a huge two-handed weapon these guys carry behind their backs to enhance the teaching effect of preaching.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Low mobility;
  • Hard to heal multiple spread targets.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

Some Priests dedicate their life to light, healing their party members’ wounds. Others learn to suppress pain and specialize in absorbing damage. But there is also a third way, the way of shadows. This type of Priests knows how to torture the body and the mind of their enemies.

  • Holy – Holy Priests are classical healers who call to light to get power. They utilize light to heal and empower their allies even in the darkest time;
  • Discipline – they are masters of preventing and absorbing damage. Their ability to suppress pain leads mighty parties ahead to the fight. This time no pain IS gained;
  • Shadow – who needs that pathetic light if you can infuse yourself with shadow? Watch your enemies cry in suffering while their bodies and mind melt slowly.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Mistakes made by the Discipline Priest are very punishing;
  • Low Mobility.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

Rogue is a deadly class whose specialization is stealthiness, poisons, and fast combo attacks. They are usually those who can sneak around the most dangerous parts of the world.

  • Assassination – they are dagger-wielding killers that utilize bleeds and poisons to disable even the strongest enemies. Don’t be fooled by the view of their weapons, as the size is compensated by lightning-like attack speed;
  • Combat – they use stealth to sneak into the battle and then start their death dance, cleaving and wounding enemies. The weapon arsenal is pretty wide, as you can choose between swords, axes, maces, and fist weapons. Still, combat rogues are shrouded with a veil of secrets because dead bodies don’t tell stories;
  • Subtlety – stalk your victims in shadows waiting for an appropriate moment to strike. Once Subtlety Rogue chooses a target, it can be considered already dead, as these brutal murderers know no mercy. Enemies pray to gods begging to cover them from the eyes of infamous Horde assassination guilds or Alliance SI:7 organization.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Swapping between targets is difficult if enemies are out of melee range;
  • Forced to choose between Utility and DPS spells to use in a group due to the combo point system.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

Shamans gain their powers from spiritual practices, and they do not accept any gods but nature and elements. Earth, fire, water, and air are their tools to fight and bring balance to this chaotic world.

  • Enhancement – melee fighters who use elements to empower their weapons during combat;
  • Restoration – call for ancestral spirits and elements of water to cleanse wounds and ease your allies’ pain;
  • Elemental – nature can be destructive, and elemental shamans know how to utilize its power for their needs.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Requires to plan your keybinds to play effectively;
  • Versatile gameplay is usually outclassed by other specializations.


Dragonflight Best Class for You

They scoop their power from demonic realms. These masters of dark arts can unleash armies of demons upon weakened and cursed enemies to finish them off. Some warlocks can siphon life from their suffering enemies and store their souls for future disgusting and shady rituals.

  • Demonology – a leader of demons who can control their will and force them to serve and protect the owner;
  • Destruction – calls for chaos to burn enemies with fire. Nothing can survive under their demolishing spells;
  • Affliction – specializes in damage over time and drain effects. Slowly leeches the life powers of their enemies, making them suffer and decay.
Strengths Weaknesses
  • Low mobility;
  • Pets AI can sometimes be weird.

Thank you for reading your general class overview, we hope you liked it. Remember that first thing first, you are supposed to enjoy the game and its process. Don’t try to chase meta classes and specs just because people decided they are good. All in all, we are here to have fun, don’t we?

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