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Welcome to Overgear Mythic+ Class Tier List. Here we are going to cover all the available class and role combinations and talk about their general performance in Mythic+. This list shouldn’t decide which class you want to play or which one you want to see in your group. But don’t forget that we always recommend you to play whatever spec you like and just enjoy the process.

Mythic+ Class Tier List

Dragonflight Class Ranking

We are going to use particular criteria to rank specs. This season, the Survivability of a class is important. Damage, Utility, and Survivability are all equal now. 

  • Damage is as important as it always has been. It allows you to complete the key faster. In addition, big damage makes your tank take less damage; 
  • Utility in Mythic+ is something that allows dungeons to be completed more smoother and easier. For example, Bloodlust. If you do not have it in your group, inviting a “worse” spec is OK just to get that utility. Survivability is now very…no… VERY important;
  • Survivability. New bosses and trash deal high amounts of damage, and this tier list is about a combination of damage and survivability. Even target-caped classes can now shine due to the fact that tanks can’t pull half of the dungeon as they did in Shadowlands.

We are going to use a classical ranking system to define the amount of power and utility of every class and spec. Let us remind you what that means:

  • S: Dominating the metagame specs. Groups with these specs can easily bypass troubles and do better in every situation.
  • A: Great specs with great damage and a fair combination of utility and self-sustain.
  • B: Simply good specs but with a lack of either damage, survivability, or utility. Still, these specs work well if they are paired with other top-tier classes.
  • C: They have multiple downsides in either survivability, utility, or damage.
  • D: Specs that are tough to play effectively in dungeons. They struggle to compete with the top specs in damage even if played perfectly. Usually, they suffer from low tuning.
  • F: A spec that needs developers’ attention and immediate tuning.

Patch 10.0.7 Dragonflight DPS Rankings


Balance Druid

If to talk about utility, then Balance Druid is what you are looking for. No matter how good or bad their DPS is, they consistently stay at high tier – Force of Nature, Typhoon, Ursol’s Vortex, Incapacitating Roar, Solar Beam, Remove Corruption. With the recent changes of their DPS and bug fixing, Balance Druids become an S-tier class.

Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogue is a great class overall, with tons of damage, utility, and survivability.  Shroud of Concealment, Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion, Atrophic Poison / Numbing Poison is what makes Outlaw Rogue awesome for most Mythic+ groups.

Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monk’s survivability and damage are mad. This spec is a killing machine. Touch of Karma, Fortifying Brew, Dampen Harm, and Diffuse Magic are his defensive buttons. Most specs are happy to have 2 of these, but Windwalker has 4. The damage of Windwalker is also high. He has outstanding AoE burst damage, which is always great for Mythic+. Their utility is also great. Leg Sweep and Ring of Peace are examples. 

Subtlety Rogue

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update did not bring any changes to the Subtlety Rogue. Nevertheless, the spec remains at the top of our tier list, ranked as an S-tier option due to its impressive burst damage output, great utility, top-notch mobility, and exceptional defense.

Moreover, the Subtlety Rogue boasts a unique damage profile that allows them to switch between funnel-single-target damage and pure AoE, which is highly desirable for any spec. While the spec may have a relatively weaker 2-target and 3-target damage profile, it is a small trade-off for what the spec can do.

Overall, the Subtlety Rogue remains an excellent option for players seeking a versatile and powerful damage dealer. With its impressive toolkit and diverse damage profile, it is no surprise that the Subtlety Rogue remains a top-tier choice for players seeking to maximize their damage output.

Feral Druid

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update brought several small changes to the Feral Druid, resulting in a fairly negligible net damage loss, particularly during cooldowns. However, these changes do not detract from the significant improvement Feral Druids have seen since the transition from Shadowlands to Dragonflight.

Feral Druids now boast much better burst and sustained AoE damage, with their renowned uncapped AoE capabilities remaining intact. This has resulted in one of the highest damage profiles across all specs and classes, making Feral Druids an excellent choice for Season 1.

The only area where Feral Druids can seek further improvement is in single-target damage. However, the overall strength of the spec more than makes up for this drawback, and it remains a solid option for players seeking a powerful and versatile damage dealer.

Shadow Priest

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update did not bring any changes to the Shadow Priest. Nevertheless, the spec remains a well-rounded DPS specialization that offers immense value as the key level increases due to its consistent damage profile.

Shadow Priests excel in single-target damage with improved utility, defensive options, and the best Shadow utility available in Power Infusion and Twins of the Sun Priestess. These factors place the spec in a fantastic position in the current season.

However, it is important to note that the Shadow Priest has one of the longest interrupt cooldowns in the game, which can hinder their team’s mob control. Additionally, their limited mobility can put them at a disadvantage in dangerous situations that require quick actions.

Despite these drawbacks, the Shadow Priest is still considered one of the best DPS classes in Season 1 and deserves its S-tier spot. With its impressive damage output and versatile toolkit, the Shadow Priest remains a reliable and powerful option for players seeking a high-performing DPS class.


Havoc Demon Hunter

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update did not bring any significant changes to the Havoc Demon Hunter. Nevertheless, the spec continues to offer one of the most well-rounded DPS packages, with excellent survivability, immunity, self-sustainability, and mobility.

In other words, Havoc Demon Hunters remain one of the best melee choices for Season 1. With its impressive toolkit, the spec offers a reliable and versatile option for players seeking a high-performing DPS class.

Enhancement Shaman

It is the best DPS spec that brings Bloodlust. Their defensiveness is holding them back from getting into the S tier. Enhancement Shamans have incredible Single Target damage. 

Their weakness is survivability. Astral Shift is a strong cooldown, but other classes have better options.

Arms Warrior

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update did not bring any changes to the Arms Warrior. Despite this, the spec’s playstyle feels great, offering a fair share of bursty front-load damage, great single-target damage (if they spec into it), and exceptionally strong execute damage.

As a result, we expect the Arms Warrior to remain one of the better melee choices for DPS players throughout the season. With its impressive damage output and solid toolkit, the Arms Warrior continues to be a reliable and powerful option for players seeking a high-performing DPS class.

Frost Mage

Frost Mage’s overall damage is OK, but they also provide a huge amount of utility to the group. They allow tanks to kite easily. The strongest side of Frosts is their survivability. Ice Barrier, Greater Invisibility, Alter Time, Mirror Image Ice Block are what puts Frost Mage into A.

Retribution Paladin

Their survivability isn’t really good. Divine Protection is very weak because of its long cooldown. Divine Shield is nice, but it also has a long cooldown. It is hard for Paladins to live in Dragonflight. 

Although they provide their party with some great utility spells like Hammer of Justice, Blessing of Freedom, Lay on Hands, and Blessing of Protection

Paladins do great damage and have strong bursts, but it is difficult to damage tank kites.

Fury Warrior

Fury Warriors have good AOE damage and self-sustain. But this becomes their problem, too, as they can easily take threats and die. Their utility is something that the party may want: Rallying Cry, Defensive Stance, and Spell Reflect.

Unholy Death Knight

Their damage on super big pulls is legendary. But there aren’t many dungeons with the large pull size. Outside of those dungeons, they deal a mediocre DPS. Nevertheless, their saves and utility spells are really strong – Death Grip, Abomination Limb, Insidious Chill, Anti-Magic Zone, Death Strike, Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, and Veteran of the Third War make them strong A-tier.

Arcane Mage

Arcane Mage’s burst damage is the highest if we talk about ranged DPS. His defensive abilities are also strong – Ice Barrier, Greater Invisibility, Alter Time, Mirror Image, and Ice Block. Arcane is very cooldown reliant. Many Dragonflight dungeons require movement, which makes a huge problem for Arcane mages.

Demonology Warlock

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update brought massive buffs to the Demonology Warlock. These changes will significantly increase their burst damage, single-target damage, and AoE damage profile. The buffs will positively impact the specialization, likely putting it in a commanding position to be a great ranged choice for the rest of the season.

The Demonology Warlock boasts an all-around balanced damage profile, with their consistent mass AoE being the best. Furthermore, their entire toolkit, including defensives, utility, and self-sustain, contributes to their tremendous damage output, making the spec an excellent choice for players seeking a high-performing ranged class.

Overall, with its impressive damage profile and versatile toolkit, the Demonology Warlock is poised to be one of the top ranged choices for the rest of the season. The buffs have significantly strengthened the spec, and we can expect to see it performing exceptionally well in all types of encounters.

Destruction Warlock

Over the past few weeks this spec was buffed and their damage seems very competitive with Demonology. Still, the Rain of Chaos builds that people used to play in Season 4 are not strong enough at the moment. And that moves Destruction Warlock into the A-tier list.


Assassination Rogue

Assassination rogue is the weakest spec of the class. They do mediocre AOE damage and stop the tank from chain-pulling. They really want to get back into stealth because of Garrote, Improved Garrote, and Shrouded Suffocation. Still, they have very strong utility/defensiveness – Feint, Cloak of Shadows, Evasion. In addition, they also have access to Iron Wire Garrote, which silences up to 8 mobs for 6 seconds. 

Fire Mage

Despite the fact that fire mages have been recently buffed, they still find their place in B-tier. This ranking is only based on their poor tuning.

Fire mage is the same as the other 2 mage specs if to talk about defensiveness and utility. Cauterize is an additional save that Fire Mages have.

Marksmanship Hunter

His saves have got long CDs, and he lacks self-sustain even with  Fortitude of the Bear, Survival of the Fittest, Aspect of the Turtle, and Exhilaration. Marksmanship has some of the highest burst AOE in the game. They seem like the best hunter spec atm.

Devastation Evoker

They bring Bloodlust to the dungeon. Their overall damage is strong. Mastery: Giantkiller helps them to deal with that task. The utility is also really good – Wing Buffet and Tail Swipe, Oppressing Roar, Zephyr, Cauterizing Flame. Their survivability is horrific. Two charges of Obsidian Scales and decent self-sustain are all that Devastation really has. 

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shaman is a Jack of all trades, Master of none. The survivability is OK due to spells like Nature’s Guardian, Astral Shift, and Earth Elemental. Its AOE and Single Target damage are OK too, but it is not something special we haven’t seen among other classes. His utility is Bloodlust, Thundershock, Earthquake, and Ancestral Guidance

Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knight can deal some very high amounts of damage on 2-4 targets. But this class requires a special build for it. At the moment, Breath of Sindragosa is the best Frost DK build for M+, but players will struggle to do damage a lot.

Survivability and Utility wise, Frost DK is a great class – Death Grip, Abomination Limb, Blinding Sleet, Insidious Chill Anti-Magic Zone, Death Strike, Anti-Magic Shell, Icebound Fortitude, and Veteran of the Third War

Survival Hunter

Does decent Single Target damage but low AOE damage. Survival Hunter has the worst defensive spells. In comparison to Shadowlands, Wildfire Bomb is super weak. In Shadowlands, hunters used to have some decent life-saving Conduits, but things changed since they’d been removed. With that being said, we put Survival into the D tier.

Beast Mastery Hunter

The Beast Mastery Hunter’s damage is mediocre, they have no bursts and provide weak utility for the group. They also have one of the worst defensive cooldowns in the game – Fortitude of the Bear, Survival of the Fittest, Aspect of the Turtle, and Exhilaration the cooldown on these defensives are very long. 

Affliction Warlock

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update brought significant changes to the Affliction Warlock. One of the most noticeable buffs is an increase in their single-target damage profile, which is an area where the spec needs further improvement. The rework of Summon Darkglare will contribute to this improvement.

Overall, the Affliction Warlock received several positive changes, which will likely result in the spec being in much better shape than at the beginning of the season. However, it is unlikely that we will see many players choosing this spec simply because the other Warlock specs are in a better place.

Nevertheless, the Affliction Warlock remains a solid option for players seeking a damage dealer with strong single-target damage capabilities. With its versatile toolkit and improved damage output, the spec remains a viable option for players who enjoy its unique playstyle.

Patch 10.0.7 Dragonflight Healer Rankings


Restoration Druid

Restoration Druid is the best healer for Mythic+. They are not only great healers, but they also deal decent damage, which speeds up the run. On AOE pulls, they deal heavy damage with spells like Sunfire and Swipe or Starfire.

Their powerful utility spells also make Mythic+ groups stronger – Typhoon, Skull Bash, or Incapacitating Roar, Mark of the Wild, Soothe, Rebirth, and Stealth. Druids are very mobile. Their mobility makes them exceptional healers. The biggest downside to Druid is that they rely mostly on HOT effects.

Preservation Evoker

Preservation Evoker is a new class in Dragonflight. They have powerful short cooldowns that can be used to quickly save the party. Preservation’s damage is at a high level. This is great for M+ healers as it helps the party to go faster. Preservation also has strong defensive spells like Zephyr and Cauterizing Flame.

The utility kit of Evoker is somewhat similar to Shaman. It has an interruption and Bloodlust. Evoker’s main weakness is its short range of spells. They may struggle in certain boss fights. Still, we put them in S-tier.

Restoration Shaman

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update brought a series of buffs to the Restoration Shaman, further enhancing their healing output. This includes improved spread healing, spot-healing, and AoE healing for heavy HPS encounters that require a cooldown. However, these changes come at the cost of a slight damage nerf (Acid Rain reduced by 20%).

Overall, the Restoration Shaman will have a much stronger healing profile, closing the gap between the healers ranked above them. The spec also offers great utility, decent defenses, and a unique playstyle that combines heal-over-time effects with direct heals. All of these improvements combined will likely push the Restoration Shaman to the bottom of the S-tier, reflecting their newfound strength as a healer.


Holy Paladin

Holy Paladin has the strongest utility kit among healers. They can completely ignore some trash and boss mechanics with spells like Divine Shield and Blessing of Protection.  With the newly implemented talent tree system, Paladin’s now have the option to take some very powerful combinations for AoE healing. Paladin’s damage is a bit behind Evoker and Druid. Some talents allow them to deal great AoE damage, but their single-target damage is a bit low.

Disc Priest

Disc Priest’s damage has been improved quite a bit. The can also implement Power Infusion both for yourself and your ally. Discipline’s mana efficiency has been improved with the addition of Power Word: Life.

Similar to Holy, Disc suffers a lot of utility. Disc Priests can also have problems with burst healing. Discipline is best to be paired with classes that have some great self-sustain. Discipline Priests can shine bright, it just needs the right group composition.


Holy Priest

Holy Priest is a powerful single-target healer. The main problem shows up when really heavy group damage is needed. Apotheosis may help but only once in two minutes. 

Power Infusion is something that can boost an ally’s DPS up to the skies. If to talk about some class problems – Holy Priests cannot interrupt casts. Another downside is that they are quite immobile and squishy.


Mistweaver Monk

Now Mistweaver Faeline Stomp triggers Ancient Teachings. On top of that, every 10 seconds, Monks can now cast an instant Vivify. Mistweaver healing is incredibly mana efficient and simple enough to get up to Mythic +20. One downside Mistweaver healing has is a lack of strong cooldowns. 

Mistweaver’s utility is all about mob control – Leg Sweep, Ring of Peace, Paralysis, and Provoke. Mystic Touch is another good buff for your party.

Patch 10.0.7 Dragonflight Tank Rankings


Protection Paladin

The Protection Paladin received a significant update in Patch 10.0.7, with a few positive adjustments that are expected to strengthen their position on the S-tier. These changes not only add an additional utility, but also a slight increase in damage output. The class boasts an excellent front-loaded burst, impressive party-wide utilities, and the ability to provide off-healing when required. However, following the removal of Holy Power generation by Avenger’s Shield in Dragonflight, the Paladin may experience downtime for Shield of the Righteous, which should be planned for to avoid being vulnerable during combat. Despite this, the Protection Paladin remains one of the most valuable tank specs in the current season, with powerful party-wide utilities, combat resurrection, immunity, and effective off-healing capabilities.

Protection Warrior

Following the March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update, Protection Warriors did not receive any changes leading to the minor patch. Despite this, they remain one of the most viable tank options for the first season of Mythic+ in Dragonflight. Boasting an impressive damage profile and one of the best party-wide utilities, the Protection Warrior’s extreme durability is perhaps their most valuable trait, making them one of the most resilient tanks in Season 1. Additionally, their incredible mobility and self-sustain further solidify their position under the S-tier. Overall, the Protection Warrior offers a well-rounded package, making them a top choice for players seeking a reliable and durable tank for their team.


Brewmaster Monk

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update did not bring any changes to the Windwalker Monk. However, the spec remains a strong contender in the game, with one of the highest damage profiles, an improved self-sustain profile, and better endurance. While there have been no recent updates to the spec, it has seen notable improvement since the beginning of the season.

Despite its strengths, Brewmaster Monks face a disadvantage in their magical vulnerability, which continues to haunt them. Nevertheless, the Windwalker Monk remains an appealing option for players seeking a class that can deal significant damage while maintaining solid self-sustain and endurance. With its impressive toolkit and high damage output, the Windwalker Monk is a reliable choice for players who prioritize offensive capabilities in their gameplay.


Vengeance Demon Hunter

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update did not bring any significant changes to the Vengeance Demon Hunter, except for a minor nerf to the health of Fodder to the Flame. While the Vengeance Demon Hunter performs exceptionally well in lower key levels, they face challenges in higher keys due to their relatively low durability compared to other tank options.

Despite boasting impressive damage and utility, the ongoing issue with survivability has hindered the Vengeance Demon Hunter’s performance. We hope to see further adjustments made to address this concern in the future. For now, however, the Vengeance Demon Hunter remains on the B-tier list, indicating that while it is a viable option, there are other tank specs that offer greater survivability and are better suited for high-level play.

Blood Death Knight

With the March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update, the Blood Death Knight did not receive any changes. Despite this, it remains a solid choice for the first season of Dragonflight due to its exceptional durability against both magical and physical damage. However, the spec falls short in comparison to tanks ranked above it in terms of damage output and damage taken.

While the Blood Death Knight performs well in most areas, damage output is a crucial factor that determines the meta, and unfortunately, this is where the spec falls short. If future adjustments were made to enhance its damage capabilities, the Blood Death Knight has the potential to climb higher in the rankings. For now, however, it remains in the A-tier and is still a viable option for players seeking a durable tank for their team.


Guardian Druid

The March 21 Patch 10.0.7 update brought minor changes to the Guardian Druid’s Thorns of Iron, resulting in a net neutral outcome of about +/-1%. While these changes are helpful, they do not address the main weaknesses of the Guardian Druid going into Dragonflight.

While the Guardian Druid’s AoE damage is among the best, their single-target damage remains one of the weakest among all tank specializations. Nevertheless, the changes will make the Guardian Druid much more durable when Incarnation: Guardian of Ursoc is on cooldown, which is a highly requested feature among players.

Overall, while the gap between tank specializations is gradually shrinking, it remains to be seen whether these changes will be enough to push the Guardian Druid higher in the rankings. Only time will tell, and we must continue to monitor the effectiveness of these changes in gameplay. Regardless, it’s encouraging to see that tank balance is improving with each update.

Mythic+ Class Tier List

Thank you for reading our Mythic+ Class Tier List. We are going to change and keep it up to date according to things going in the game. Meta is always changing, don’t get upset if your main character is not in the S+ tier, as it may be changed in future patches. Keep in touch and come back later to check the changes! Check out our Mythic+ Boosting Services!

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