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Welcome to Overgear VotI Raid Class Tier List. We will cover all the class and role variations here to talk about their general performance in the Raid. Note that this list doesn’t tell you what class you have to play or which one you want to invite to your raid. Simply play whatever spec you like and enjoy the process.

Dragonflight Raid Class Ranking

We are going to use particular criteria to rank specs. This season, the survivability of a class is important. Damage, Utility, and Survivability are all equal now. 

  • Damage is as important as it always has been. It allows you to complete the fight faster. In addition, big raid damage makes your tank’s life easier;
  • Utility in Raid is something that allows it to be completed more smoother and easier. For example, Bloodlust. If you do not have it in your raid, it is OK to invite a “worse” spec just to get that utility. Survivability is now very… no…VERY important;
  • Survivability. New bosses and trash deal high amounts of damage, and this tier list is about a combination of damage and survivability.

We are going to use a classical ranking system to define the amount of power and utility of every class and spec. Let us remind you what that means.

  • S: Dominating the metagame specs. Groups with these specs can easily bypass troubles and do better in every situation;
  • A: Great specs with great damage and a fair combination of utility and self sustain;
  • B: Simply good specs but with a lack of either damage, survivability, or utility. Still, these specs work well if they are paired with other top-tier classes;
  • C: They have multiple downsides in either survivability, utility, or damage;
  • D: Specs that are tough to play effectively in raids. They struggle to compete with the top specs in damage even if played perfectly. Usually, they suffer from low tuning;
  • F: A spec that needs developers’ attention and immediate tuning.
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Dragonflight Raid Class Tier List

Patch 10.0.5 Dragonflight Raid DPS Rankings


Havoc Demon Hunter

Havoc is effective in any situation rather it is a single target or AoE. It has outstanding mobility and survivability. Havoc also brings some excellent utilities like Chaos Brand, increasing the amount of Raid Damage. 

Demonology Warlock

Demo warlocks have some great survivability. The Class tree is full of powerful defensive tools like Soul Link, Fel Synergy, Demonic Embrace, Demonic Fortitude, Demon Skin, Fel Armor, Dark Pact, Frequent Donor, Sweet Souls, Mortal Coil, and Dark Accord. Demonology’s rotation has become a bit more difficult in Dragonflight. The spec sometimes can be challenging to play.

Balance Druid

Balance Druid is a progression-oriented class, as it has a lot of raid utility. Stampeding Roar, Nature’s Vigil, and Innervate, Mark of the Wild – are some examples of their classy abilities. Balance Druid damage is average, but the kit has worked in his favor.

Arcane Mage

Their ability to deal bursty and strong damage increases the potential to see multiple Arcane Mages in every raid. Mages, in general, have a very strong defensive and utility kit.

Enhancement Shaman

Enhancement can deal with fantastic DPS in both Single Target and Cleave situations. The main challenge for the raid is to find a solid player because this spec has a difficult rotation. Shaman has fairly good defensive abilities like Astral Bulwark, Spirit Wolf, Earth Elemental, and Brimming with Life.

Assassination Rogue

Assassination is great for single-target encounters because of Recipe. Their damage doesn’t suffer much from downtime because it is DoT based. Like all rogue specs, Assassination has incomparable defensives like Feint, Cloak of Shadows, and Cheat Death.

Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw has a good kit for cleave situations. Their single target is great too. Defensives and Utility are both strong no matter what spec you play ( Cloak of Shadows, Cheat Death, Feint, Atrophic Poison), but Outlaw offers even more: Combat Stamina and the Grand Melee Roll the Bones.

Subtlety Rogue

Subtlety has frequent, small burst windows, and they have strong class-wide effects like Cloak of Shadows, Cheat Death, Feint, and Atrophic Poison.


Frost Mage

Frost deals sustained damage. In some situations, sustained DPS helps to fill the gaps between other classes’ cooldowns. Frost has a number of particular defensive abilities that can be refreshed with Cold Snap, and it also buffs the raid with Arcane Intellect.

Fire Mage

Fire is a great spec if you are looking for mobility during your fights. They have some great defensive abilities like Cauterize and Ice Block

Shadow Priest

Shadow’s damage is solid due to Power Infusion and its effect Twins of the Sun Priestess. Their Defensive abilities are good as they have a lot of self-healing and Dispersion. Shadow priests bring a raid buff Power Word: Fortitude.

Devastation Evoker

Evokers look strong in fights that are mixed with single targets and cleave situations. Devastation also brings a Bloodlust effect.

His defensives are mediocre with buttons like Renewing Blaze and Obsidian Scales.

Beast Mastery Hunter

Hunters have weak survivability, and even despite the fact they have Aspect of the Turtle, they are still one of the most fragile classes in the game at the moment. Another class-wide problem is the lack of a decent buff for the raid.

Still, this class has some advantages. Beast Mastery hunters are highly mobile, which means they lose almost any damage to mechanically intensive fights. 

Fury Warrior

Fury has unique bursts that provide this spec with big damage every 90 seconds: Recklessness, Ravager, Spear of Bastion, and Avatar. This is quite good in fights of Vault of the Incarnates, which often feature frequent short bursts of AoE and fast switching to a single target boss.

Windwalker Monk

Windwalker is a solid damage dealer in the raid with great single and multi-target numbers. Defensively, Windwalker has a lot of abilities to survive in fights. Windwalker also brings the Mystic Touch buff into the raid.

Frost Death Knight

Frost DKs aren’t too mobile and lack of defensive abilities, though some Magic mechanics can be ignored with Anti-Magic Shell.  There are also some encounters where Anti-Magic Zone can be valuable. Their damage is mediocre, and there is nothing much to say about it.

Elemental Shaman

Spec that deals neither great Single Target nor great AoE. The survivability of Elemental shamans is decent, and raid utility is great, but they don’t have a raid buff. 

Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlock spec is more valuable during some frequent movement mechanics if compared with other warlock specializations. It has sustained single-target DPS and good survivability.

Marksmanship Hunter

Marksmanship AOE damage is the highest in the game, and Careful Aim provides a strong opening burst, but their defensive tools are super limited if Aspect of the Turtle is cooling down. 

Feral Druid

This expansion revives this spec. Feral’s damage numbers are solid, especially during cleave situations. Now they also bring Mark of the Wild buff to the raid.

Unholy Death Knight

Unholy can deal good damage in particular situations in AoE and during the Execute phase. Their weakness is movement and target changing. They also lack some defensive abilities, even with Anti-Magic Zone.

Arms Warrior

They need to choose between Single Target and AoE builds, which means they cannot perform well in fights that include both damage types. Defensively, Arms are OK but compared to other classes, they are weaker. Warriors bring Battle Shout and Rallying Cry buffs.


Affliction Warlock

Affliction Lock deals tonnes of AoE damage. They bring a complete Warlock defensive suite and utility kit, but other specs perform better in single-target situations.

Retribution Paladin

They deal solid damage during burst windows with Crusade, but it is not enough for decent overall damage. They have a strong utility toolkit and provide Devotion Aura. Defensively, Retribution Paladin is fairly weak in comparison to other classes, though they have full immunity during Divine Shield. Mobility is also a problem for Retribution.


Survival Hunter

Same as Arms Warriors, they can only specialize in Single Target or AoE at the same time. Survival has some defensive tools, including immunity, but they are mediocre.

Patch 10.0.5 Dragonflight Raid Healer Rankings


Preservation Evoker

Preservation Evoker deals high damage, and his healing potential is outstanding.

Rewind and Dream Breath are two very powerful tools. Preservation Evoker’s range is a strong drawback. 


Holy Paladin

They have the best Damage Reduction cooldowns, like Aura Mastery and Devotion Aura

They can do some good damage, but they don’t bring as much as Discipline.


Discipline Priest

There are some reasons that make Disc good. First of all, they have some awesome burst healings. The other big thing about Disc is their passive damage output. Their utility in Power Infusion + Twins of the Sun Priestess also contributes a lot to the raid’s performance.

Restoration Druid

Their strong points are mobility and raid-wide utility buttons. Restoration Druid with Nature’s Vigil and Protector of the Pack are decent damage dealers. They also can buff raid with Mark of the Wild.

Mistweaver Monk

When coupled with a Discipline Priest and Holy Paladin, Mistweaver fills a valuable niche in between other healers’ cooldowns. But their weakness is Mana. Maintaining mana during moments of intense healing can be very problematic. As a bonus, they bring Mystic Touch to the raid. 

Holy Priest

Holy Priest provides instant healing like Discipline and Resto Druids can’t do. Symbol of Hope Divine Hymn and Power Infusion are very strong cooldowns. A downside of Holy Priest is healing players who are heavily spread.

Restoration Shaman

Despite the fact Restoration Shamans have the strongest healing CD with Spirit Link Totem, but outside of that, they are very flat. This gets even worse for fights when players spread out.

Patch 10.0.5 Dragonflight Raid Tank Rankings


Protection Warrior

Protection warrior is a great damage dealer who brings Battle Shout.  Warriors can almost sustain most forms of incoming damage. Rallying Cry is also a powerful save button.

Blood Death Knight

Mobility is the main weakness of this spec. They also have a lot of utility buttons like Death Grip, Gorefiend’s Grasp, and Abomination Limb. Anti-Magic Shell is a very strong button that allows Blood Death Knights to ignore magic damage. Anti-Magic Zone may find its use in many fights.


Brewmaster Monk

Brewmasters are awesome damage dealers. The Mystic Touch ability makes them even better in particular raid compositions. They have a lot of Mobility, and that helps in many fights. 

Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunter brings Chaos Brand. They are very mobile and good at self-sustaining. There are tons of utility options to choose from: Sigil of Silence, Chaos Nova, Sigil of Chains, and Sigil of Misery

Protection Paladin

They are both great at Damage and Utility, like Blessing of Protection and Blessing of Spellwarding, not to mention their off-healing potential. Mobility is their weakness. Prot Paladins bring Devotion Aura buff.

Guardian Druid

We can’t say that Druids’ damage or utility is bad. Neither is their damage. The only reason we put them in B-tier is that they do not provide anything unique that other specs and classes cannot replace. Still, Stampeding Roar and Mark of the Wild are decent buttons that every raid wants to have.

Thank you for reading our Vault of the Incarnates Raid Class Tier List. We are going to adjust and keep it up to date according to game changes. Meta is very fluid, don’t get upset if your main character is not in the S+ tier, as it may be different in future patches. Keep in touch and come back later to check the changes!

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