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Greetings, and welcome to the Overgear VotI Raid Class Tier List! In this list, we will be discussing the overall performance of each class and specialization in the Raid, taking into account their strengths and weaknesses in different situations. It’s important to note that while this tier list can provide valuable insight and guidance, it should not dictate your choice of class or specialization. Ultimately, the most important thing is to choose a spec that you enjoy playing and can perform well with, so that you can fully immerse yourself in the raiding experience.

Dragonflight Raid Class Ranking

In the current season, our ranking system for specs takes into account the equal importance of damage, utility, and survivability. Damage remains crucial for completing fights quickly and making the tank’s life easier. Utility is also important, as it can help smooth out encounters and make them more manageable, with Bloodlust being a prime example. However, survivability has become increasingly crucial this season, as new bosses and trash deal significant amounts of damage.

Our ranking system follows a classical format to assess the power and utility of each class and spec:

  • S: Dominating the metagame specs that can easily overcome challenges and excel in every situation.
  • A: Great specs with impressive damage, along with a fair combination of utility and self-sustain abilities.
  • B: Simply good specs that may lack in damage, survivability, or utility, but can still work well when paired with other top-tier classes.
  • C: Specs with multiple downsides, such as low survivability, limited utility, or low damage output.
  • D: Specs that can be challenging to play effectively in raids and struggle to compete with the top specs in damage, even when played perfectly. These specs usually suffer from low tuning.
  • F: Specs that require immediate attention and tuning from developers.
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Dragonflight Raid Class Tier List 5.0

Patch 10.0.7 Dragonflight Raid DPS Rankings


Havoc Demon Hunter

The Demon Hunter class possesses one of the most versatile damage toolkits in the game, allowing them to excel in any given situation. Moreover, they can achieve this with a single talent build, which is an invaluable asset for fights that feature blended fighting styles. The Demon Hunter’s greatest strength lies in their ability to perform strong 2-5 target cleaves and burst AoE. Specifically, they are unrivaled in their burst AoE capabilities, which is particularly useful for dealing with sporadic add waves in some of the raid’s more challenging encounters. Lastly, the Demon Hunter still has access to Darkness, an incredibly valuable raid cooldown.

Demonlogy Warlock

Demonology Warlocks are known for their mediocre single target damage output, but they excel in cleave and burst AoE situations with minimal talent tree investment. While their damage output may be considered weak in raids, it’s important to note that having at least one Warlock is essential due to their class utility. Moreover, Warlocks are the most durable non-tank class in the game, which makes them a valuable addition to any group. Therefore, Demonology Warlocks are considered to be a solid B-tier class at minimum.

Balance Druid

The Balance Druid class may not have the highest single-target damage output, but their well-rounded and versatile damage toolkit makes them stand out in the game. Their unique ability, Starfall, allows them to consistently cleave and spread damage to groups of enemies in a way that no other class can match. While this ability may not be essential in most fights, it makes them invaluable in encounters that require this specific capability. Moreover, on multi-target fights, Balance Druids are one of the most valuable DPS classes due to their exceptional cleave capabilities. However, their mid-tier single target damage may keep them in A-tier among other classes.

Arcane Mage

The Arcane Mage is renowned for its exceptional ability to deal damage to a single target, especially during short burst periods when it boasts the highest burst damage in the game. However, it may fall short compared to the Unholy DK in longer burst windows, but it has the advantage of being able to unleash devastating bursts more frequently. Therefore, it’s currently the preferred Mage specialization for single target fights. Besides, Mages are known for their impressive defensive capabilities, and their immunities, such as Ice Block, are always valuable in raid situations.

Enhancement Shaman

The Enhancement Shaman is highly effective at dealing both single target and cleave damage on their own. However, when the damage gained from Windfury Totem is factored in, they become one of the most valuable DPS classes in the game. The totem remains highly popular among most melee classes, with certain specializations gaining significant damage boosts from it. In fact, even without the totem, Enhancement Shaman would still be an A-tier spec due to their impressive damage output. However, the totem’s added value elevates the spec to S-tier status, with the number of melee in the group determining whether it’s optimal to bring two Enhancement Shamans.

Assassination Rogue

Assassination Rogues are considered an S-tier class for one primary reason: their exceptional damage output. They are capable of dealing the highest amount of single target damage in the game, and they are also one of the best classes for executing targets. Additionally, Rogues are known for their impressive defensive capabilities, and the Atrophic Poison talent makes them an essential addition to any group. However, the primary strength of Assassination Rogues lies in their single target damage output, and they may not be as effective in multi-target scenarios. Fortunately, Rogues have two other specs that excel in AoE situations, allowing the class to perform well on any boss encounter.

Subtlety Rogue

Subtlety Rogues offer a combination of solid single target damage, strong AoE and cleave capabilities, and the standard defensives and utility that all Rogues possess. While they may not excel in a specific area as well as the other Rogue specializations, Subtlety still holds its own as a strong A-tier class. However, Assassination Rogues outperform them in terms of single target damage, and Outlaw Rogues surpass them in cleave and AoE situations. Nevertheless, when a combination of both is required, Subtlety is an excellent choice that can hold its own among other top-tier classes.

Retribution Paladin

Retribution Paladins have undergone a significant overhaul in patch 10.0.7, making them a highly sought-after class in raids. With two potent auras in their toolkit, Paladins have become a valuable addition to any raid team, and Ret Paladins, in particular, have seen a boost in their survivability thanks to new talent nodes such as Sanctified Plates. Additionally, Ret Paladins have become a force to be reckoned with in terms of damage output, cementing their place in the A tier for now. However, with ongoing tuning adjustments, their placement may shift in the coming weeks, so keep an eye on their performance.

Affliction Warlock

Warlocks are highly valued in every raid due to the class utility they provide, making it essential to have at least one in any group. After receiving recent buffs, Affliction has become a popular choice for several encounters. It offers a DoT-based playstyle that is surprisingly effective even during movement, and can also provide decent AoE conversion with the right talents. All three Warlock specializations are now more viable and have their unique strengths that can be utilized in specific situations.


Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogues are known for their exceptional cleave and AoE damage, thanks to the power of Blade Flurry. Even in single target situations, they boast impressive damage output and possess a strong defensive toolkit that all Rogues bring to the table. Moreover, they can provide the required Atrophic Poison debuff, making them a valuable addition to any group. While Assassination Rogues may still be a better choice for single target encounters, Outlaw’s performance improves drastically as soon as more targets are added to the equation. Therefore, they are an excellent choice for situations that require exceptional cleave and AoE capabilities.

Frost Mage

Frost Mages are known for their mediocre sustained single-target damage, but they excel in funnel damage and 2-3 target stacked cleave scenarios. While Arcane Mages may have the advantage when it comes to single target damage and burst potential, Frost Mages may be the preferred choice for more AoE-focused encounters. Moreover, Mages in general are strong defensively, and their immunities such as Ice Block will always be valuable in raid scenarios. Overall, Frost Mages may not be the strongest Mage specialization, but they do have their niche and can be a valuable addition to a raid team.

Fire Mage

Fire Mages are considered to be the weakest Mage specialization for raiding due to their low damage output. While Fire Mages may be decent in M+ and some AoE scenarios, they do not perform well in raids, particularly when it comes to single target damage. As a result, both Arcane and Frost specializations are more attractive options when it comes to maximizing the mage buff. Overall, Fire Mages may not be the best choice for raiding and may benefit more from other types of content.

Shadow Priest

The Shadow Priest class has mid-tier single target damage, decent AoE potential, and some mild execute damage. Overall, they are considered mediocre damage dealers that do not offer much in terms of damage output on their own. However, this changes when you factor in the Power Infusion talent. With the ability to apply Power Infusion to someone other than themselves, the Shadow Priest can significantly increase the damage output of the target they apply it to, and the Priest themselves also benefit from the increased damage. This makes Shadow Priests more attractive as damage dealers, particularly when the damage increase from Power Infusion is factored in.

Devastation Evoker

Devastation Evokers are known for their exceptional burst AoE damage, decent single target damage, and their ability to handle movement more efficiently than most other ranged DPS classes. However, it’s important to note that their range is limited to 25 yards, despite being classified as a ranged DPS, which can be a significant drawback in certain encounters depending on your raid’s positioning. Nevertheless, they are still considered an A-tier ranged DPS due to their impressive damage output. However, their tier status may change depending on how the gameplay evolves, and they may need to be re-evaluated as a B-tier class.

Beast Mastery Hunter

Currently, the Beast Mastery Hunter is considered the best specialization for raiding among all the Hunter specs, with a significant margin. It offers competitive single target damage with an option to respec for sustained cleave damage, making it a strong choice throughout the entire raid. However, the most compelling reason to bring a Beast Mastery Hunter to your group is their unmatched ability to handle movement. They are the only ranged DPS spec that can perform their full rotation while on the move, making them an excellent choice for encounters that require mobility. While not as crucial as some other classes and specs, having at least one Hunter in your raid composition ensures that gear is not wasted and can help round out your team’s capabilities.

Windwalker Monk

Windwalker Monks are highly regarded for their exceptional burst AoE and solid single target damage, making them a formidable class in raids even without considering the numerous group buffs that they provide. Moreover, every raid requires at least one Monk, and Windwalkers are the best option for applying the Mystic Touch debuff. Additionally, Monks can choose to talent into two highly useful buffs – Generous Pour and Close to Heart – which can be critical for high-damage Mythic encounters where players are stacked with the raid group. Overall, Windwalker Monks are a valuable addition to any raid group, and their versatility makes them an excellent choice for various encounters.

Feral Druid

Feral Druids offer all the standard utility that Druids provide, including the useful Innervate ability. However, in a meta where melee classes are particularly strong, it can be challenging to find a spot for Feral Druids in raid compositions. Despite this, Feral Druids remain a competitive option, with decent single target damage and some of the strongest AoE and cleave abilities in the game. If not for the strong competition among other melee specializations, Feral Druids could easily be considered A-tier, but as it stands, they are ranked B-tier for raiding.

Elemental Shaman

Elemental Shamans are known for their solid single-target damage output, which is complemented by their exceptional cleave and AoE potential. This makes them a great choice for encounters that require multiple damage profiles throughout the fight. However, when compared to other classes like Mages and Warlocks, Elemental Shamans may lack in raid utility and durability. Despite this, they excel in movement situations, and are considered to be one of the top three ranged specializations in terms of dealing with forced movement. Overall, Elemental Shamans are a strong DPS class, but may not be the best option in terms of raid utility and durability.

Destruction Warlock

Destruction Warlocks may have mediocre single target damage, but they make up for it with their strong 2-target cleave potential, particularly with the use of Havoc. They also have decent burst windows with Summon Infernal, making them a solid choice for raids. Moreover, Warlocks are known for their durability, and having at least one Warlock in a raid is essential for their class utility. As a result, Destruction Warlocks are considered to be a valuable addition to any group and are at least a B-tier class.

Frost Death Knight

Frost Death Knights are primarily known for their exceptional AoE and cleave capabilities, especially with the use of Breath of Sindragosa. While their overall damage output is competitive, it’s primarily focused on cleave and AoE situations. However, in terms of pure single-target damage, Frost Death Knights may fall short when compared to other classes. Although they may excel in certain encounters, they may not be the best choice for bosses where single target damage is the primary focus. Additionally, Death Knights in general may not be as valuable in raids as they once were, as Death Grip is not required for any encounters.

Marksmanship Hunter

While Marksmanship Hunters do excel in 3-5 target cleave situations and offer decent AoE burst, their overall damage output is relatively low. They have mediocre single target damage compared to other classes, and do not bring any essential raid utility. Moreover, their defensive capabilities are mediocre at best. Although Beast Mastery is generally a better choice for single target situations, Marksmanship Hunters shine in encounters where versatility is required, particularly when there’s a need for AoE burst damage.

Fury Warrior

Fury Warriors are known for their exceptional sustained cleave on low-target encounters and their strong execute damage capabilities with their Execute ability. While their single target damage may be lacking when compared to other melee classes, they still bring one of the strongest non-healer raid cooldowns in the game, Rallying Cry. However, their value as a DPS class may be reduced due to the strength of Protection Warriors, which provide a strong alternative in terms of utility.

Unholy Death Knight

The Unholy Death Knight class boasts three primary strengths that make it stand out among other melee specs. Firstly, it has one of the highest burst damage outputs in the game, which can be unleashed every three minutes. Secondly, it excels in executing targets under 35% health, thanks to its powerful ability, Soul Reaper. Finally, Unholy Death Knights have the best high-target AoE capabilities in the game, making them an excellent choice for encounters that require this specific ability. Although high-target AoE may not be as crucial in raids as it is in M+, Unholy Death Knights can still shine in certain situations. Overall, Unholy is a solid melee spec that can compete with other classes in terms of damage. However, it does not offer any essential raid utility, and Death Grip is rarely required in most raid encounters.

Arms Warrior

Arms Warriors are exceptionally strong in 2-target cleave situations, thanks to their Sweeping Strikes ability, and excel in executing targets with their Execute ability. While their single target damage may be lacking when compared to other melee classes, they still bring one of the strongest non-healer raid cooldowns in the game, Rallying Cry. However, their value as a DPS class may be diminished due to the strength of Protection Warriors, who offer a strong alternative in terms of utility.


Survival Hunter

Survival Hunters have seen a significant drop in performance from their previously strong position towards the end of Shadowlands. Currently, the spec is considered to have mediocre single target damage, poor AoE/cleave, and is the weakest defensively among the Hunter specializations due to its requirement to play in melee range. Given the importance of melee space in raids, there are more attractive options available, especially in a meta with multiple S-tier melee. As a result, Survival Hunters may not be the best choice for raiding at this time.

Patch 10.0.7 Dragonflight Raid Healer Rankings


Holy Paladin

Holy Paladins are known for their exceptional burst healing output during their cooldowns, making them one of the top choices for healing-intensive moments in raids. They are also capable of providing significant damage reduction through Devotion Aura Icon Devotion Aura and Aura Mastery Icon Aura Mastery, making them a valuable asset for mitigating incoming damage. Paladins also bring unique utility to the raid with abilities like Blessing of Protection Icon Blessing of Protection and Divine Shield Icon Divine Shield. While their sustained healing output may be weaker than some other healers, their strong burst healing and utility make them a valuable addition to any raid team.

Restoration Shamans

The recent balance changes have brought a surprising turn of events for Restoration Shaman in 10.0.7. With notable buffs to their healing output and a slight nerf to Preservation Evoker, Restoration Shaman has taken the top spot for throughput healing in the current meta. However, it’s important to note that Resto Shaman’s performance is dependent on the raid composition and the encounter mechanics. While they excel at stacked healing and possess powerful cooldowns like Spirit Link Totem, they may struggle on fights where players are spread out. Nevertheless, the Ascendance build has emerged as a significant factor in Restoration Shaman’s success this patch. Keep an eye on the future changes, as the meta can shift quickly in the world of raids.

Restoration Druid

Restoration Druids are a go-to choice for healing with their exceptional overall healing output and versatile toolkit. They bring some of the strongest healing throughput cooldowns in the game, making them an excellent option for any healing composition. While their damage output is not as strong as other healing specs, they can still contribute with extra DPS during certain parts of the fight. One of the biggest downsides of Restoration Druids is the lack of a damage reduction cooldown and steady damage contribution. However, their exceptional throughput and strong utility spells more than make up for these downsides.

Preservation Evoker

With their exceptional burst healing output and unique defensive cooldowns, Preservation Evokers stand out as one of the top healers in the current meta. Their offensive toolkit is impressive, delivering high damage in both single-target and AoE scenarios, while also providing competitive HPS and impressive mobility. Although their 30-yard range can be a challenge on certain bosses, their utility makes them an incredibly valuable asset to any raid team. However, their true strength is showcased on the challenging Raszageth encounter, where their toolkit proves to be almost perfectly tailored to the fight’s demands, making them a must-have for any team aiming to succeed in this pinnacle encounter.


Discipline Priest

In addition, Discipline Priests bring a unique playstyle that involves balancing damage and healing to provide exceptional utility to their raid. They have the ability to prevent damage before it occurs with spells like Atonement Icon Atonement and Radiance Icon Radiance, while also being able to provide high throughput healing when needed. This makes them a versatile and flexible healer, able to adapt to different encounter mechanics and situations. Additionally, Discipline Priests are highly mobile, allowing them to easily move around the encounter area and reach their targets. Overall, they are a valuable addition to any healing composition and are an excellent choice for those looking to maximize their raid’s survivability.

Holy Priest

Holy Priests offer decent healing throughput but are outshone by other healers when it comes to pure output, such as Restoration Druids, Mistweavers, and Evokers. This puts them in the B-tier. However, they excel in dealing damage and providing the valuable Power Infusion ability. This makes them a valuable choice during progression when DPS is tight and buffs or throughput can be sacrificed. Holy Priests still bring solid healing and utility, but their strength lies in their damage contribution.

Mistweaver Monk

Mistweaver Monks are a top-tier healing specialization, boasting exceptionally high healing output and strong damage capabilities. Their excellent mobility and decent durability also make them a compelling choice for any healing composition. While previously lacking a damage reduction cooldown was a weakness, their overwhelming throughput more than compensates for it. It is important to consider the unique buffs and debuffs that Monks bring, as having at least one in every raid is crucial. However, being a melee healer can be a disadvantage in a raid where melee DPS are already valuable, adding an extra character to the melee range.

Patch 10.0.7 Dragonflight Raid Tank Rankings


Protection Warrior

Protection Warriors are unparalleled in their defensive capabilities. They boast the strongest non-healer raid cooldown, Rallying Cry Icon Rallying Cry, and their required buff is invaluable. While Blood DK may have an advantage in surviving large single hits of magic damage, Protection Warriors dominate in almost all other situations. Their ability to just stay alive is unmatched, and their Defensive Stance Icon Defensive Stance enables them to survive damage that would kill any other tank. Additionally, Protection Warriors pack a serious punch with their damage output, making them a force to be reckoned with on all fronts. Overall, their unparalleled durability and impressive damage make them an exceptional choice for tanking in raids.

Blood Death Knight

Blood Death Knights are the top choice for tanks when it comes to handling massive bursts of magic damage, especially in encounters like Raszageth, the final boss of Vault of the Incarnates. While they are among the strongest in terms of defensive power overall, their biggest weakness is their low damage output, which is the lowest of all tank classes. Additionally, Blood DKs do not bring any mandatory buff to a raid, which lowers their value slightly as a tank. Nonetheless, their exceptional defensive capabilities make them a solid option for any tanking scenario.

Protection Paladin

Protection Paladins bring a fantastic blend of offense and defense, making them a solid choice for any raid group. They have a strong toolkit of abilities that can be tailored to fit the specific needs of each encounter, including the powerful Blessing of Spellwarding and Final Stand. In terms of survivability, Paladins have received significant buffs throughout the 10.0 cycle, making them a force to be reckoned with on the front lines. Their vast array of defensive cooldowns allows them to handle most incoming damage patterns with ease. Moreover, with the recent addition of a second Paladin aura, Protection Paladins have become even more valuable in a raid setting, increasing their demand and overall value.


Vengeance Demon Hunter

Vengeance Demon Hunters are a versatile tank with exceptional self-healing and durability that can excel in any situation. They boast a strong damage output and a solid defensive toolkit, making them a top pick for any raid team. Their key utility comes from Chaos Brand Icon Chaos Brand, which is a valuable debuff to have in the raid. However, if there is already a Havoc Demon Hunter in the group, other options can be explored. While there are tanks that specialize in either offense or defense, Vengeance DHs are an excellent all-round choice that can adapt to any situation.

Brewmaster Monk

Brewmaster Monks have had their defensive capabilities questioned in Season 1, but they make up for it with exceptional damage output, especially before their recent nerfs. The buffs they bring through the Mystic Touch debuff may make them a valuable asset to the raid, as both Windwalker and Mistweaver may not always be the best choice. Additionally, Brewmasters have strong mobility, which can come in handy in specific encounters. While their tankiness is still a question mark, recent buffs to their survivability may make them a viable option for Mythic progression. Overall, Brewmasters are a solid choice in the B Tier.


Guardian Druid

Guardian Druids are currently ranked in our C Tier not due to any major weaknesses, but because they lack unique strengths that make them a top choice for min-maxing raid teams. While their damage output and survivability are adequate, they may struggle with certain mechanics as they have fewer abilities at their disposal compared to other tank classes. Additionally, their utility is often considered redundant or replaceable unless there is a lack of other druid specs in the raid group, or multiple Stampeding Roars are required. Although Guardian Druids bring Mark of the Wild, this is usually already provided by a DPS or Healing druid.

Thank you for relying on our Vault of the Incarnates Raid Class Tier List. Our team will constantly update and modify the rankings as game changes occur. The meta is always evolving, so don’t be discouraged if your favorite class is not currently in the top tier. It may become more viable in future patches. We encourage you to keep an eye on the list and visit us again to stay informed about any updates.

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