Mindbender's Ambition Shotgun

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Why Mindbender’s Ambition is so popular shotgun? There are not so many shotguns in the game that can have good rolls of perks - Mindbender’s Ambition is one of them. You can roll the best PvE combo and there is also a Full choke perk for PvP is possible. If you miss this shotgun - here comes Overgear. Stop dreaming of Mindbender’s Ambition - obtain it here! Buy Mindbender’s Ambition at the lowest price at Overgear. 

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Mindbender’s Ambition is a most powerful shotgun in Destiny 2 and it is not very difficult to find it. There is another problem - get the right combo of perks or simply a god roll. We’ve already mentioned that Full Choke may be found on Mindbender’s Ambition but what about else perks? Slideshot, Threat Detector, Snapshot Sights and Pulse Monitor for the first slot. For a second one: Rampage, Quickdraw, Moving Target and Auto-Loading Holster. As you can see, there are some chances to get a pretty nice roll for Mindbender’s Ambition. How you can get it? Well, it is an rng drop from nightfall strike of Vanguard. Good news here, is that none of things like your score in the end doesn’t affect on the chance of Mindbender’s Ambition drop. Simple spam of the Nightfall Strikes is the way. If you’ve got not enough patience or time to doing so there is another way. Overgear provides a lot of boosting services in Destiny 2 and Mindbender’s Ambition farm is on the list. Check our proposition and buy Mindbender’s Ambition farm at Overgear at the lowest price!

Mindbender's Ambition