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What is SimulationCraft?

SimulationСraft is a third-party program, which is able to reconstruct different combat situations in “World of Warcraft” and gathers all the damage causing combat characteristics. This particular software will help a player to learn about the following things:

  • The rotation and stats priority;
  • Stats weight and gear items comparison including Trinkets;
  • Total possible damage.

Unfortunately, “Simcraft” only works with damage dealers and is not useful for a player with a “tanking” or “healing” role.

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SimulationCraft Guide 5.0

Why is it better than a Dummy?

SimulationCraft Guide

Everything is about time and a number of iterations (a repetition of a process in order to generate a sequence of outcomes). An average player will spend about five astronomical minutes to interact with a dummy in a game. “SimulationСraft”, on the other hand, calculates thousands of such absolutely different interactions in seconds! Moreover, this program collects all kinds of statistics and provides it in a convenient form.


How does “SimulationСraft” work and how to deal with it?

  • You import your character into a program as a text, using a “Simcraft” addon. You may choose to provide the program with a “Wowarmory” link to the character as well, but consider the absence of data to the things in your bags.
  • You are free to choose stats priority, the desired combat model, number of targets and the combat’s length.
  • The program starts to process all the possible simulations immediately after setting the parameters.
  • You get the complete and most detailed information of the chosen combat in no time.

Pawn & Pawnstrings

“Pawn” is a very convenient addon for the ingame use. It compares gear items with secondary characteristics between each other, including previous simulations results.
“SimulationCraft” is able even to count stats weight for your character. Stats weight means the quantity of stat which increase total damage dealt by your character by 1.
This particular addon lets a player create several accounts for one and the same specialization. Example: the “Haste” characteristic is usually on a third place when you deal with one enemy, but this exact characteristic becomes the most important one as soon as you start a fight with several foes. This means different simulations with a different priority.
For the convenience of importing this information “Pawn” has an option to create a new profile by simply copying a line from “Simcraft” – “PawnString”. You automatically get a new profile with all the data needed after pasting the selected line.

How to Sim Your Character

What is Needed

You need the newest version of the “SimulationCraft” program; the “Simcraft” addon for copying your character’s profile from the game and the “Pawn” addon as well for importing stats weight data into a game and for an ability to compare items between each other.

What To Do

  1. If you use the “Simcraft” addon, run a game and make sure, the addon works.
  2. Type: /simc in a gaming chat and copy everything that will be shown there.
    SimulationCraft Guide
  3. Launch “SimulationСraft” program.
  4. The “Import” tab is needed to integrate your character’s information into the program.
    SimulationCraft Guide
  5. Go to the “Options” menu.
    SimulationCraft Guide
  6. The “Globals” tab has several important parameters to set a simulation. Below we will have a look at the primary and most interesting simulations for an average user.
    • Iterations – a number of iterations. The higher is this figure, the more accurate the results will be.
    • Length (sec) – the length of the combat in seconds.
    • Fight Style – the type of a combat:
      • Patchwerk – a single motionless target; an option is used by default.
      • Beastlord – a boss with a huge number of additional targets that appear during the combat.
      • Hectic Add Cleave – a boss with five adds present for 40% of the total combat time.
  7. Num Enemies – a number of enemies. Example: If you want to know, how much damage can deal your character upon the encounter with two bosses at a time present for 100% of the combat time, you should pick up the “Patchwerk” combat type and set 2 “Num Enemies”.
  8. Threads – the number of threads of your CPU that will be given to the program.
  9. Process Priority – the rate at which your CPU will be loaded by the program’s calculations. The higher the rate, the faster your Computer will calculate all the simulations from one hand, but the more it will be overloaded from the other hand; so it will be absolutely impossible to do any smaller thing while using all the possible threads together with the highest priority rate. As a result, you will have to wait until all the simulations are calculated.
  10. World Lag – this is a ping rate. Settle this figure identical to the one, you have in the game.
  11. Report Pets Separately – this option will separate your character’s simulation results from your character’s pet results in case you have chosen such a class in the game.
  12. Buffs/Debuffs tub let to add or to remove different party or raid reinforcements.
  13. Scaling tub gives an opportunity to learn about stats weight of your character.
    • Put a tick into the very first option “Enable Scaling” for letting a program perform necessary calculations.
    • Choose the characteristics which suit you in a lower column. Everyone is usually interested in one basic characteristic and in four secondary ones.
      SimulationCraft Guide
  14. Press the “Simulate” button in a lower left corner after you have settled all the needed parameters, either you can go to the tab of the same name for the final test. You will be able to see all the final parameters for the following simulation in there.
  15. A program will need some time to finish all the calculations; this time depends on the power of your Computer, on the simultaneously running processes, and on the chosen productivity parameters in a “SimulationCraft” program.
    SimulationCraft Guide

Other Configurations


Changing talents in a profile is as easy as it can be. In the line: “talents=1331211” these figures mean the chosen talent in each tier.

SimulationCraft Guide

Replacing Gear Pieces

You can change gear items in lines like the following one:


This line presents item.

If you want to replace the item in this particular slot, you may choose one of two ways.

  1. The easiest one works in cases when you have the needed item in your character’s bags. You should run a game; put on the item you are interested in; copy a new profile completely, or a specific line with the help of /simc command, typed into a chat and replace the text in the “SimulationCraft” program.
  2. In case you do not have the item of interest, use a “Wowhead” site to help you, but consider this way to be more complicated, because in this case you have to have an understanding of the text in the item bar and of the text in an address bar of the “Wowhead” site.
    Each and every item in a “World of Warcraft” game has aunique ID – Identification number. There are “bonus_ids” as well which contain the additional information about the item levels including the “warforged” items system. The “azerite_powers” option deals only with pieces of Azerite Armor.

We have the following link in the end:


Stat Weight Score (Pawn)

You can find a short manual of how to obtain stats weight for your character above, and now you will learn how to use it in the best possible way.

After all the simulations are finished, you will see a “Pawn String” parameter under the stats weight table in a “Results” tub in case you have put a tick in an “Enable Scaling” option before.

SimulationCraft Guide

Copy the text in this line and enter the game.

Open “Pawn” addon as it is shown on a picture.

SimulationCraft Guide

Choose “Manual” and press the “Import” button. Paste earlier copied line into an appeared field.

Action Priority List

You also may integrate your own APL – Action Priority List. This is a list of your Abilities and Traits priority. You can get all the basic profiles in the following way in case you update the “SimulationCraft” program regularly.

Choose an “Import, Sample Profiles” tab, select the APL of your interest and double-click on it.

A new profile in a “Simulate” tab has been created. Now you need to select and copy everything that goes after the following line:

# This default action priority list is automatically created based on your character.

Till the lines with your gear items:


Now you need to paste it into your character’s tab – you may paste it after the equipment items lines.

Simulating Multiple Profiles

This is a very convenient option to compare the results of different simulation in one window. You need to insert several profiles in one with a small spacing. In case you want to compare the items to find the best one, you may choose an easier way.

You are to type the following at the end of a profile:

copy="any name"

Simulating Trinkets With Active Abilities

By default, “SimulationСraft” will not use any trinket abilities; you have to manually add them into the Action Priority List.

Example:If your character has this trinket equipped, add the following into the Action Priority List:



You can add “if” conditions to this action just as you would for any ability. For example:



This will make “Simcraft” use the trinket only when Barrage is ready to cast and you have resources for it.

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SimulationCraft Guide 5.0

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