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The second season of mythic dungeons is very soon which means that we will finally say goodbye to the annoying Ghuun parasites of the “Infested” affix. But don’t relax – one of the main villains of Battle of Azeroth is ready to make it difficult for you in dungeons. Bwonsamdi himself has decided to have fun with the mortals of Azeroth. Our duty is to tell you about his affix “Reaping” which you will farm for a long time in mythic+ mode with this seasonal affix.

What is Reaping?


Affix will turn on each time after you defeat 20% of trash mobs. So on 20%, 40%, 60% ,80% and 100% of defeated enemies, it will be on. Every enemy killed  in the dungeon is resurrected with 50% of their health as one of 3 ghosts and attacks your group.

Affix Facts & Details

  • Any type of killed mob will be resurrected (neutral and hostile).
  • Souls will not wait until the end of your fight with a pack of mobs if you reach 20% during the fight.
  • Souls exist separately from standard enemies in dungeons, which means if they attack you, they don’t bring a pack of mobs after you by walking near them.
  • Stealth and invisibility work on them as usual. It is possible to avoid the fight or quit it. In this case, all mobs go back to their spots. The same happens if the whole group dies.  Keep in mind that souls have a very big aggro range. So you probably will not be able to skip fighting with them at all with the help of stealth and battle resurrection.
  • Ghosts don’t depend on weekly affixes. For example, killed spirits don’t leave pools of Bloody Affix.

Reaping NPC Types & Abilities

There are 3 types of Risen Spirits.

Risen Soul

Risen Souls are common and easy enemies. Their power is their number because every successful attack puts “Reap Soul” debuff on a target. This DoT damages by 2% of maximum health every 3 seconds and sums up. So you need to kill them as fast as possible with mass spells. Kiting them will be helpful too.

Tormented Soul

Tormented souls only  useone very strong curse – Grave Bolt.

It damages all members of a group by 25% of their health. They cast it for 5 seconds so it is easy to interrupt.

Lost Soul

The Lost Soul is one of the hardest enemy types in the dungeon.These ghosts use Shadow Smash in front of them. It is easy to avoid but in case it hits a player it lowers character’s health amount by 20% for a minute. After death, they spawn green void zones under players that explode in some time. If the player doesn’t avoid being hit then their  damage and healing spells willbe 10% less effective.

Which Reaping Mobs Spawn?

It is not hard to understand what type of souls you are fighting because they belong to certain killed mobs.

Additional Effects When Timer Expires

Reaping affix in 2nd season Battle for Azeroth

There is a nice bonus for players who run dungeons not for a timer but for a weekly reward.

After the dungeon timer is over without death registration, Bwonsamdi will offer you a pact at the start of the dungeon. Pact’s bonus: Your damage and healing spells will be increased by 20% until the end of the dungeon run.

But you also gain the debuff “Death’s Burden” for 2 hours. Truthfully its effect have not been noticed yet. So it will be either changed in the future or it is just a cosmetic debuff for fun.

Bwonsamdi Taunts

Reaping affix in 2nd season Battle for Azeroth

Just like in the open world, Bwonsamdi cannot hold his sarcastic comments after death:

“Ah, ya come ta spend some quality time.”

“Haha! Now dat was an impressive death!”

“Let me guess…ya got in over ya head?”

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