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The opportunity to turn common gear into a piece of set armor has already appeared in Shadowlands and has been very warmly received. Indeed, this is a great opportunity to catch up or level up your tier set if you already have one. In this guide, we will analyze in detail how the Revival Catalyst works, what it can do, and what it takes.

What is the Revival Catalyst in Dragonflight?

The successful solution to converting equipment into set armor returned to the game on January 24th (January 25th for EU). The opportunity to use the catalyst will appear for all players who complete the corresponding quest. After completing the quest, you will receive 6 transformation charges. It is important to know that this quest is account-wide, but the charges it gives are personal for each character on the account. This means that it will be enough to complete the quest once, and any of your other characters will already be able to make tier-set armor if, of course, he has the necessary equipment.

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Dragonflight Revival Catalyst Guide 5.0

How to Use the Revival Catalyst and Transforming Items

To transform, you need non-crafted gear and charges, which you can get for a weekly quest. Non-crafted gear can be obtained from various sources:

  • World quests rewards;
  • Dragonflight vendors of various factions;
  • Primal Storm gear;
  • Mythic+ items;
  • Non-set raid gear pieces.

In most cases, you will prefer the M+ items because if you transform a Mythic+ gear into a tier set, then like any other Mythic+ gear, you can increase its ilvl for Valor.

Dragonflight Revival Catalyst Guide

With all this in place, simply drag your item into the Revival Catalyst window and click transform. Remember that a transformed item will change all of its stats. The exception is the tertiary characteristics and sockets – they will remain unchanged.

Let me remind you that only Helms, Shoulders, Chests, Gloves, and Legs can have a tier-set bonus (you can learn more about them in our Dragonflight Tier Sets guide). However, you can turn other slots (Cloaks, Bracers, Belt, and Boots) into part of the set to transmog or balance your character’s stats. To give you a better idea of what you get for converting non-set slots into sets, we will present a table of conversions below.

Death Knight
Demon Hunter

Revival Catalyst Location

The Revival Catalyst is located in Tyrhold, Valdrakken /way #2025 59.8 53.7.

Dragonflight Revival Catalyst Guide

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