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We were waiting for the return of Class Tier Sets during all Battle for Azeroth expansion and two patches of Shadowlands. Now they are here, and nobody can ignore them if they are really interested in actual high-end content in all its manifestations.

Class tier set bonuses

If you still never handled this gear, we should note, why obtaining Class Tier Sets is extremely important for your character. The point is that this armor sets much more than just a nice transmog with actual characteristics for the PvE content.

Every Tier Set gives you an opportunity to try totally new gameplay mechanics, you have never seen before, or test talents of your spec, which you always miss. This means a lot even for fans of hard Details statistics and Warcraft Logs ratings – set bonuses guaranteed to increase your DPS, HPS, and other characteristics. Sounds good, don’t you think?

To activate the first bonus you need to equip your character with two parts of a set. Four parts in a row will give you the second bonus, which will make your hero much more powerful. Even low item level Class Tier Set parts do their job very well and often give you more profit, than ordinary gear with the highest item level.

Bonuses differ for each class and even specialization. Typically they upgrade one of your abilities or add the new spells from the talent list to your rotation, but sometimes can complement the game mechanics with totally new stuff.

For example, the Restoration Druid bonus gives your character a chance to cast new HoT Renewing Bloom every time when Rejuvenation heals your teammates. Also, that fits well with Druid’s legendary Vision of Unending Growth and makes this Runecarving Power your undisputed first choice. All Class Tier Sets bonuses you can see in the gallery below.

All these facts make the Class Tier Sets required for various content – Mythic+ Dungeons, Raids, PvP, and even Torghast if you really want to.

Where tier set farms

You might ask if the Class Tier Sets is so important for all types of WoW content, does it means, that you will have to farm Sepulcher of the First Once raid even if you are a true PvP or Mythic+ fan? You’ll be glad to hear that it’s not. The drop system is quite flexible in Eternity’s End expansion, so acquiring Class Sets has several options.

Raiders, as always, can loot Tier Set Pieces from bosses in Sepulcher of the First Ones. PvP and Mythic+ players can find them among Great Vault rewards. Plus, now everybody can convert suitable 3 Season armor to Class Tier Sets through the new Creation Catalyst system. Want to skip all this farm and get set right now? Take a look at our Raid Set Bundle.

Creation Catalyst crafting system

First of all, if you want to equip your character, you need to know about the main novelty of April, which greatly simplifies the life of both your main characters and alternate. With the new Creation Catalyst crafting system, you can transform your 3 Season gear of any item level into Tier Set pieces with all included bonuses.

During the Fourth Chapter of the Zereth Mortis campaign players already visited Catalyst Gardens, but only on April 12/13, this place got its unique feature. 

How to get 9.2 Class Tier Sets

You can find the Creation Catalyst in this peaceful place at coordinates 47.88. You don’t need to do another questline to get access, just fly to Catalyst Gardens and transform your random gear into a Tier Set Pieces with unique bonuses. If you still didn’t unlock Zereth Mortis flying, we can help you with this useful option. Or you can find teleport under Creation Catalyst tower.

How Creation Catalyst works

With Creation Catalyst, every actual Shadowlands Season 3 gear can be converted to an analog of a corresponding armor from the Sepulcher of the First Ones. Helm, shoulders, chest, hands, and legs get a class bonus. All other items like wrist or belt only change their secondary attributes, which can be useful to obtain required stats. Item level during craft doesn’t change. Also, tertiary stats and socket don’t disappear. 

The only thing you need for crafting is Cosmic Flux. The amount differs depending on the armor slot:

In the first week of the Creation Catalyst system debuted it had one charge, so you can transform only one item. The number of charges is growing every week. Also, if you didn’t craft Class Tier Set pieces during CD, you don’t lose charges, cause their just accumulate.

How to get 9.2 Class Tier Sets

This unique system gives everyone an opportunity to transform various items into Class Tier Sets. The list includes:

  • Non-tier items from Sepulcher of the First Ones
  • Mythic and Mythic+ dungeons loot
  • Cosmic Gladiator PvP gear
  • Items you can buy for Sandworn Relic in Zereth Mortis
  • Loot from Zereth Mortis world boss Antros

Important: Mythic and PvP items you still can upgrade with Honor or Valor after transformation. So if you need Tier Set pieces right now and don’t want to wait for weeks, you can use Creation Catalyst even for 236 item level armor.

Raid Drop

Of course, even with the available Creation Catalyst system Sepulcher of the First Ones still is the easier way to equip your character in BiS items. Specifically, everyone can get a Class Tier Set from 5 bosses of the raid on every mode from LFG to Mythic.

To obtain a coveted gear you need to loot a specific Class Tier Set tokens and convert them into a piece of armor for your character. There are some types of so-called Modules for every class:

  • Venerated Module – Paladin, Priest, and Shaman
  • Dreadful Module – Death Knight, Warlock, and Demon Hunter
  • Zenith Module – Warrior, Rogue, and Monk
  • Mystic Module – Hunter, Mage, and Druid

How to get 9.2 Class Tier Sets

All those tokens are under the vigilant protection of the hardest bosses of the Sepulcher of the First Ones. But don’t worry – you don’t need to kill the Jailer at least. Some of the tokens from the last bosses of the raid have increased item level, like other rewards. Here is a list of bosses we are interested in:

BossSlotLFR ilvlNormal ilvlHeroic ilvlMythic ilvl
Halondrus the ReclaimerLegs239252265278
Lihuvim, Principal ArchitectHands239252265278
Anduin WrynnHelm239252265278
Lords of DreadShoulders246259272285

Important: your party mates can share with you tokens if they didn’t need them, but only in that case if they already have this piece of gear at least the same item level.

If you complete all required bosses in all available for you modes but didn’t obtain all parts of the Class Sets you need, you can wait for weekly rewards from the Great Vault. For two bosses you’ll get one guaranteed item, for five – an opportunity to choose one from two, for eightthree items of your choice. Every slot can contain a tier set piece.

Also, you can get tokens from every boss through the Great Vault, even if you don’t kill them in the past week. For example, after killing two first bosses in the first slot you can find shoulders from Lords of Dread or Rygelon with increased item level.  

Mythic+ and PvP Rewards

Players addicted to other types of WoW content can pretend to get a Class Tier Sets without raids. Of course, Mythic+ players can’t loot coveted tokens at the end of dungeons, like PvP fans can’t obtain them as a reward. But Tier Set can be one of the items to choose from the Great Vault.

How to get 9.2 Class Tier Sets

Each slot for PvP or Mythic+ activities can obtain part of special equipment, and its item level will depend on your rating or the level of the key you complete. For example, for Mythic +10 you can obtain 265 item level Tier Set pieces, and for Mythic +15 – guaranteed 278 item level gear.

Unfortunately, the drop chance of Tier Set pieces for Mythic+ or PvP activities is quite low, about just several percent. Because of it, you can’t count the Great Vault as the main armor source, only as an additional one. So if you want to get full gear, you have to farm raid or get our Tier Set boost to increase your chances.

Class Tier Sets in Shadowlands Season 4

In the new season, Class Tier Sets remain the key gearing option for everyone. Despite the fact that all three raids now are active and rotate each other weekly, you can only get tokens in Sepulcher of the First ones from the same bosses. So you don’t have so much time and chances to equip your character through raiding.

Luckily, the Creation Catalyst system still works, and even more – all unused charges from the past season remain too. So you can transform Mythic+ gear into pieces of Tier Set, as well as PvP gear or 285 ilvl world bosses loot. Also, you can get Cosmic Flux even from Castle Nathria and Sanctum of Domination raids, so crafting become much easier. About all other novelties of new content, you can read in our Shadowlands Season 4 Overview.

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