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Someone like the adrenaline of Mythic+ keys, and someone prefer long boss fights in raids, but there are many players which don’t like competing with AI and always want to show themselves to other players in PvP mode. In this guide, we will overview all Dragonflight PvP activities for the biggest fans of player-versus-player encounters.

Dragonflight Arena

Since World of Warcraft The Burning Crusade expansion, one of the most popular PvP modes remains Arena. These short confrontations involve in the process a pretty small number of players who want to show their powers in close quarters. Depending on your choice, you can test yourself in Arena 2v2 or 3v3, but you can check the Solo Shuffle mode to play in a team of 6 players.

By completing the Arena fights, players can increase or decrease their rating. From 0 and up to 2400, or even more – the best players in WoW history could boast of a 3800 rating, for example. Leveling your Arena progress, you can achieve several ranks, which are common for Arena 2v2, 3v3, and Solo shuffle:

  • Unranked – 0-1000
  • Combatant I – 1000-1200
  • Combatant II – 1200-1400
  • Challenger I – 1400-1600
  • Challenger II – 1600-1800
  • Rival I – 1800-1950
  • Rival II – 1950-2100
  • Duelist – 2100-2400
  • Elite – 2400+

So, as you can see, leveling above the 2400 rating doesn’t give you another rank and almost doesn’t reward you, but some players count the high rating as a reward itself anyway.

Also, no matter what PvP mode you choose, you will take the fights on the same maps in Arena 2v2, 3v3, and Solo shuffle. With the introduction of Nokhudon Proving Grounds as a new Arena map, the number of maps reached 15. But starting from Dragonflight Season 1, there will be a weekly rotation of the pool of maps. This pool should help Arena teams have enough time to adapt to the specifics of each of them to maximize players’ efficiency.

The list of Dragonflight Arena zones and three weekly pools:

Pool A Pool B Pool C
  • Nagrand Arena
  • Dalaran Sewers
  • Tiger’s Peak
  • Enigma Crucible
  • Empyrean Domain
  • Ashamane’s Fall
  • Maldraxxus Coliseum
  • Nokhudon Proving Grounds
  • Nagrand Arena
  • Ruins of Lordaeron
  • Tiger’s Peak
  • Empyrean Domain
  • Blade’s Edge Arena
  • Maldraxxus Coliseum
  • Black Rook Hold Arena
  • Nokhudon Proving Grounds
  • Nagrand Arena
  • Hook Point
  • Tol’Viron Arena
  • Ashamane’s Fall
  • The Robodrome
  • Mugambala
  • Enigma Crucible
  • Nokhudon Proving Grounds

Dragonflight Arena Rewards

Arena 2v2 can be a nice mode for the daily evening Arena matches together with your BFF to up your character on the ladder and get some achievements and titles. At the same time, the most coveted rewards will wait for you only in Arena 3v3 mode.

At first, every PvP rank will grant you a specific achievement and also several titles:

  • Combatant – at 1000 Rating
  • Challenger – at 1400 Rating
  • Rival – at 1800 Rating
  • Duelist – at 2100 Rating
  • Elite – at 2400 Rating
  • Gladiator – 50 wins at 2400 Rating (only for Arena 3v3)

Also, the big achievements in Arena 3v3 during the season will grant you:

Dragonflight PvP Overview

And even more, by earning the Arena rating, you cal unlock Elite PvP set appearances with flaming and lightning effects: 

  • Combatant I (1000) – Cloak
  • Combatant II (1200 – Legs, Bracers
  • Challenger I (1400) – Gloves, Boots
  • Challenger II (1600) – Chest, Belt
  • Rival I (1800) – Head, Shoulder, Helm
  • Elite (2400+) – Tabard
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Dragonflight PvP Overview

Dragonflight Solo Shuffle

As we said before, in many details, Solo Shuffle is similar to the usual arena. This PvP mode uses the same rank system and the same maps, provides you with an opportunity to farm Honor or Conquest, depending on your choice, and buy PvP gear.

But at the same time, there are some differences:

  1. You don’t need to have a team to join the Solo Shuffle. It is a single mode, but you won’t fight alone;
  2. After you join the queue, you will become a part of a group of 6 players (2 healers and 4 damage dealers);
  3. When you complete the fight, the system will shuffle two teams to get another composition of players;
  4. The encounter ends after 6 rounds.

Solo Shuffle appeared in the game before Dragonflight, but the key novelty of the expansion is the Rated mode of this PvP activity. Because of it, now you can not only have fun spending time in Solo Shuffle but also earn Conquest points and get some achievements and rare titles.

Dragonflight Solo Shuffle Rewards

First, by leveling your ranks, you will get achievements and titles, like it was in Arena 2v2 and 3v3 modes. But the strongest players will have a chance to get the specific rewards:

  • Crimson Legend – if you will end the season at top 0.1% of the Solo Shuffle ladder with at least 50 games played;
  • Legend – if you win 100 Rated Solo Shuffle rounds while at Elite rank during Dragonflight Season 1;
  • Soloist – if you complete the Supreme Soloist achievement, which involves winning 150 rounds of Solo Shuffle.

If you want to get these rewards but are not happy with the idea of playing in one team with random players, you can always order a coveted Solo Shuffle rating from Overgear.

Dragonflight PvP Gear

No matter what PvP mode your want to explore, Arena, Solo Shuffle, or Battlegrounds about which we will talk later, you should have a suitable PvP-specific gear to maximize the power of your character.

First of all, specific PvP gear will provide you with the classical PvP secondary attribute Versatility (1% Versatility grants a 1% increase to your damage, healing, and absorbs, and reduces the damage you take by 0.5%.) And secondly, PvP-related items have two different item levels for PvP and PvE.

What is interesting, while you can upgrade these items to increase their PvE item level, your gear PvP item level doesn’t have ranks. So, when you buy your first Honor/Conquest set, you can be pretty weak in PvE encounters but much stronger in PvP. Because of that, your experience and skills in PvP are the only keys to regular wins.

So, before we talk more about the most popular PvP sets, let’s check what source of PvP gear players have in Dragonflight:

Source PvP Item Level
Crafted Gear (Professions) 398
War Mode Gear (Bloody Tokens) 408
Unrated PvP Gear (Honor Points) 411
Trophy of Strife Gear (World PvP rewards) 421
Unique Crafted Gear (Professions) 424
Rated PvP Gear (Conquest points) 424

While Crafted Gear is optional, and Open World PvP gear is only for fans of Open World PvP (you can learn more about it in our Bloody Tokens Farm guide), PvP-related gear players can buy for Honor/Conquest points is more than required for Arena, Solo-Shuffle, and Rated Battlegrounds.

To get Unrated PvP Gear, you need to farm Honor points in unrated BGs, arenas, or world PvP. The items you can buy after will always have a 411 PvP item level, but the PvE item level will start from 340. In the table below, you will find the prices of items and prices to upgrade them.

Type Purchase Cost

(ilvl 340) (PvP ilvl 411)

Upgrade to Rank 2

(ilvl 340-346)

Upgrade to Rank 3

(ilvl 353)

Upgrade to Rank 4

(ilvl 359)

Upgrade to Rank 5

(ilvl 366)

Off-Hands 425 250 300 500 625
Gladiator Trinkets, Wrists, Cloaks, Rings, Necks 525 300 375 600 750
Damage Trinkets, Boots, Gloves, Shoulder, Belt 700 400 500 800 1000
Melee One Handed Weapons, Shields, Chest, Helms, Legs 875 500 625 1000 1250
Intellect One-Handed Weapons 1350 750 950 1500 1875

You can find Honor gear vendor Seltherex in Valdrakken.

Rated PvP gear can be purchased only by Conquest points you can get on Rated Battlegrounds and rated Arena fights. The PvP item level of items will always be 424. But be aware that you can’t farm Conquest points endlessly because of the 550 weekly cap. 

Like Unrated PvP Gear, Rated gear item cost depends on the item slot:

  • Helm, Chest, and Legs – 875 Conquest
  • Shoulders, Gloves, and Feet – 700 Conquest
  • Cloaks, Bracers, Rings, and Belt – 500 Conquest
  • One-Hand weapons – 900-1,350 Conquest
  • Off-Hands – 450 Conquest
  • Two-Hand weapons – 1800 Conquest
  • Trinkets (Gladiator/DPS) – 525/700 Conquest

You can buy Rated PvP gear from Calderax vendor.

Another way how to get Conquest gear is the Great Vault PvP Tasks:

  • Earn 1250 Honor from Rated PvP to unlock the first item;
  • Earn 2500 Honor from Rated PvP to unlock the second item;
  • Earn 5000 Honor from Rated PvP to unlock the third item.

Dragonflight PvP Class Tier List

It is no news that the class balance in World of Warcraft isn’t perfect. Meta changes from patch to patch or even weekly sometimes. Sometimes your favorite class can’t compete with others. On Arena, it’s very important because the success of your team depends on only two or three players, so you should choose the classes and specs which will have maximum chemistry and impact.

So, it is necessary to tell you about the current Dragonslifth Season 1 PvP Class Tier List. You can find the tables below.

We are going to use a classical ranking system to define the amount of power and utility of every class and spec. Let us remind you what that means.

  • S: Dominating the metagame specs. Groups with these specs can easily bypass troubles and do better in every situation;
  • A: Great specs with great damage and a fair combination of utility and self-sustain;
  • B: Simply good specs but with a lack of either damage, survivability, or utility. Still, these specs work well if they are paired with other top-tier classes;
  • C: They have multiple downsides in either survivability, utility, or damage;
  • D: Specs that are tough to play effectively in raids. They struggle to compete with the top specs in damage even if played perfectly. Usually, they suffer from low tuning;
  • F: A spec that needs developers’ attention and immediate tuning.

Let’s start from DPS:

S-tier A-tier B-tier C-tier D-tier
  • Havoc Demon Hunter
  • Demonology Warlock
  • Affliction Warlock
  • Shadow Priest
  • Feral Druid
  • Destruction Warlock
  • Assassination Rogue
  • Windwalker Monk
  • Arcane Mage
  • Unholy Death Knight
  • Frost Death Knight
  • Retribution Paladin
  • Survival Hunter
  • Fury Warrior
  • Enhancement Shaman
  • Elemental Shaman
  • Outlaw Rogue
  • Subtlety Rogue
  • Frost Mage
  • Devastation Evoker
  • Beast Mastery Hunter
  • Balance Druid
  • Arms Warrior
  • Fire Mage
  • Marksmanship Hunter

For healers, everything is much more simple:

S-tier A-tier B-tier
  • Restoration Druid
  • Preservation Evoker
  • Holy Paladin
  • Holy Priest
  • Discipline Priest
  • Restoration Shaman
  • Mistweaver Monk

Dragonflight Arena Best Comps

So, now is the right time to tell you in which compositions your Arena experience will be better.

Arena 2v2 Arena 3v3
  • Havoc Domon Hunter + Holy Paladin
  • Feral Druid + Holy Priest
  • Fury Warrior + Resto Druid
  • Arms Warrior + Resto Druid
  • Assassination Rogue + Resto Druid
  • Shadow Priest + Assassination Rogue + Restoration Shaman/Holy Paladin/Evoker
  • Shadow Priest + Fury/Arms Warrior + Holy Paladin/Evoker
  • Shadow Priest + Feral + Evoker/Holy Paladin
  • Shadow Priest + Arcane Mage + Evoker/Restoration Druid
  • Shadow Priest + Affliction/Demo Warlock + Mistweaver Monk/Evoker/Restoration Druid

Dragonflight Rated Battlegrounds

If you don’t like the small teams of players in PvP encounters and prefer the real war, you can always choose the battleground as your suitable PvP mode. Depending on the specific battleground, you can fight together with players in the 10-men team, or 15-men, or even bigger. Battlegrounds were added to the game since Classic, so it’s really essential thing for World of Warcraft.

One more time, if you just want to funny spend time, you can always join the Unrated Battlegrounds. But if you want to take a real challenge, you can find a team for Rated Battlegrounds to earn some Conquests, buy 424 PvP ilvl gear, and complete the seasonal progress with a unique mount as a reward. Just look at the amazing faction-related mounts of Dragonflight Season 1 – Vicious Sabertooth (Alliance)/ Vicious Sabertooth (Horde)!

Dragonflight PvP Overview

It is interesting that after getting the seasonal reward, you can continue farming to get Vicious Saddle. This token can be used to buy the mounts of past RBG seasons.

And, in the end, let us say that battlegrounds are a good way to up your Honor level. This system doesn’t provide you with high-rated gear but can offer you various cosmetic rewards.

Honor Level Achievement Reward
Honor Level 5 Dutiful Squire/ Dutiful Gruntling
Honor Level 10 Honorable Pennant, First PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 15 Prestigious Bronze Courser
Honor Level 20 Alliance Enthusiast/ Horde Fanatic
Honor Level 25 The Honorable title
Honor Level 30 Prestigious Pennant, Second PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 40 Prestigious Ivory Courser
Honor Level 50 The Prestigious title, Third PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 60 Elite Pennant
Honor Level 70 Prestigious Azure Courser
Honor Level 80 The Unrelenting title, Fourth PvP Artifact Appearance
Honor Level 90 Esteemed Pennant
Honor Level 100 the Unstoppable Force title
Honor Level 125 Prestigious Forest Courser
Honor Level 150 Prestigious Royal Courser
Honor Level 175 Glorious Pennant
Honor Level 200 Bound by Honor title
Honor Level 250 Prestigious Midnight Courser
Honor Level 300 the Tactician title
Honor Level 400 Sir Snips/Bucketshell
Honor Level 500 Prestigious Bloodforged Courser

And don’t forget that Honor Levels progress is another offer you can get from Overgear.

So, our excursion into WoW Dragonflight PvP ended. Hope it was an interesting guide for you, so don’t forget to rate this article. Good luck in future fights, and be strong as a real war-chief!

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