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Another secondary profession is Fishing, which has not changed much but will provide a couple of interesting bonuses that can once again bring the pleasure of just fishing somewhere near the bodies of water.

Dragonflight Fishing Leveling!
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Dragonflight Fishing Guide 5.0

Dragonflight Fishing Bonuses & Benefits

Fishing is a valuable secondary gathering profession, allowing you to fish in various bodies of water worldwide. It is common for Cooking to use fish and other seafood obtained through Fishing to create a variety of health-restoring or health-enhancing products.

New Fishing System in Dragonflight takes Fishing to the next level. You can completely disconnect your mouse from Fishing by using only the hotkey on your keyboard and then the interaction key when the bobber starts moving, or you hear a sound.

Also, in Dragonflight, in the game was added another faction that can upgrade your fishing skill and equipment, Tuskarr. So if you want to expand your fishing arsenal, you should find Tavio (Fishing Gear Crafter) in Iskaara, Azure Span. There you can buy various Tuskarr Fishing gear:

Fishing GearFishing SpotsFishing Gear Upgrades

Fishing Holes allows you to find pools of rare fish in the unique fishing holes around the Dragon Isles. With the Flying Fish Bone, in turn, you can find and catch fish in the highest mountains of the Dragon Isles.

Dragonflight Fishing Changes

While most of Dragonflight’s professions have received a specialization or a wide range of different talent upgrades, Fishing has been left without any of that. But it’s not all bad, we have a new Profession Gear that provides good profession bonuses and also saves inventory space.

You can also read more about all the changes that will happen with the release of Dragonflight in our Dragonflight Professions guide.

Dragonflight Fishing Equipment

With the release of the Dragonflight update, each profession will have its own special equipment. When you perform an action related to the Fishing profession, your character will visually transform into equipment that will look like a hat and a fishing rod. This equipment is not transmoggable.

Dragonflight Fishing Guide

Professional equipment is also expanding, now almost every profession has two equipment slots: one slot for a tool and one slot will be occupied by an accessory. These slots provide special storage space for your equipment. This means that now you don’t have to switch your weapon to a fishing rod when you want to fish. These items will already be equipped.

Dragonflight Fishing Trainers

These guys will help you to learn Fishing:

Dragonflight Fishing Leveling!
Get permanent access to cooking reagents!
Dragonflight Fishing Guide 5.0

We would like to remind you not to forget to check for updates in order not to miss the profession leveling, which will appear soon. Good luck in your adventures, and don’t forget to rate our guide if it was useful for you. Also check out our WoW Fishing Boost Service!

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