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Since the developers decided to outdo themselves in the Dragonflight expansion, a lot of things in our favorite game will go through a massive overhaul. The profession system will also change quite a lot. Let’s see what’s new!

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Dragonflight Professions Overview 5.0

Crafting Orders

The traders of the Artisan’s Consortium only just recently opened a new branch in the Dragon Isles and now offer their new service to the locals, (almost) at no cost.

Now you can place a crafting order and have others create things for you. Here’s what you need to know about this mechanic.

Is skill or profession necessary?

You don’t have to possess the skill or profession necessary to craft your order. You can also order a Soulbound item without having the profession.

Note that while you don’t have to have the specialization needed for crafting your item, the crafter you choose has to be qualified for the job.

Finding a crafter

You can find your crafter yourself or in a special interface (using an assigned NPC).

In Valdrakken you will also find crafting tables. You can find your crafter there or meet up with other crafters.

You can pick and choose your crafter by making your order available only for your guild members, friends, one specific person or anyone at all.

Ordering process

You can specify the details of your order such as duration and commision. You can also include a note to the crafter. A small commision will be required for placing your order. Once the item is crafted, you will see it in your mail.

You should provide the crafting materials for your order including some of the optional reagents if you want to influence the secondary stats. Also, note that you will need to provide Soulbound reagents for a Soulbound item.

You can also place orders on behalf of your guild (although the specific mechanics are yet unclear).

Not to forget that you can pick up orders yourself to earn some gold on the side and develop your skills. A great opportunity to start a business if you’ve been looking for one.

Dragonflight Professions Overview

Recrafting Orders

If you want to increase the quality of the crafted item, replace, remove or add optional reagents, you can actually recraft the item now. You will need some of the materials from the recipe you used and a special reagent – Artisan’s Mettle.

Artisan’s Mettle is a reagent used for recrafting purposes. It’s supposed to be rare and can be earned in crafting or gathering activities. Either the person who places a recraft order or the crafter can provide this reagent. Note that it is Soulbound.

The new item will change its quality depending on your current skill and the reagents you used. As is with the usual crafting, the option to order a recraft is also available if you don’t have the skill to do it yourself.

Quality of Crafted Items

In Dragonflight there will now be a new attribute for reagents and crafting items – quality. The higher the quality, the better the item. Let’s take a closer look at the elements of this system.


Quality affects both crafting items and materials and determines the resulting power of the item. Higher quality may increase the item level of gear or add helpful properties to potions.

Affecting factors

To get a better item, you have to use higher quality materials, a more difficult recipe, and finishing reagents. The latter is a new reagent type that can influence the crafting process by, for example, increasing your crafting skill or stats.

As you might expect, a higher quality item will sell for more gold.

Naturally, the outcome will also be affected by your primary crafting skill, crafting specialization as well as by secondary crafting stats: inspiration, speed, multicraft, and resourcefulness.

Recipe difficulty

Each recipe contains information about:

  • your current crafting skill;
  • skill required to use the recipe;
  • crafting characteristics: inspiration, multicraft, speed, and resourcefulness;
  • conditions you need to meet in order to craft at the quality level you’re going for.


You’ll need to increase your skill level to continue using high quality materials and difficult recipes. Note: some bonuses, stats, and finishing reagents can boost your crafting skill/stats or make a difficult recipe available for you.


There’s a special icon in the item description indicating its quality.

Quality tiers

There are 5 levels of quality for crafted equipment and 3 levels for crafted/gathered materials (potions, herbs, ores).

Dragonflight Professions Overview

Quality tiers for crafted equipment

The quality attribute affects ilvl in crafted equipment. The higher the tier – the higher the ilvl. Developers provided us with an example of how it might look like:

Tier 1Dragonflight Professions Overviewilvl 270
Tier 2Dragonflight Professions Overviewilvl 272
Tier 3Dragonflight Professions Overviewilvl 274
Tier 4Dragonflight Professions Overviewilvl 277
Tier 5Dragonflight Professions Overviewilvl 280

Quality tiers for crafted or gathered materials

There is more variation with consumables. Depending on the item, the tiers may influence duration, number of charges, or the power of the effect.

Note that not all reagents will have quality. General things that can be gathered by everyone, such as meat, fish, cloth will go without this attribute.

Crafting Specializations

In the olden vanilla days there were crafting specializations that essentially served as subclasses to a profession. Expect them back in Dragonflight!

Developing your crafting specialization is integral to producing higher quality items. For example, Blacksmiths can now become Armorsmiths with an ability to craft more powerful Plate armor.

To become better at your specialization, you will need to earn specialization Knowledge points. There are plenty of ways of acquiring them, but you’ll spend some time exploring the world first. Don’t forget to poke your nose everywhere and maybe you’ll find a book or an NPC that could teach you more about your specialization. You can learn more about this currency from our Dragonflight Profession Knowledge guide.

You might want to exploit this mechanic in your guild. If different members of it have their own specialization, your guild will end up with a pool of higher quality items.

Crafting Stats

In Dragonflight you will be able to specialize in secondary crafting stats. They only work while crafting the expansion related items.

Inspiration – x% chance to be inspired and this recipe with extra skill. This stat works like a dice roll, giving you a bonus on quality. This can help you end up with a better quality item than you can currently afford. Alternatively, the stat can give your maximum quality item a little bonus.

Resourcefulness – x% chance to use fewer tradable reagents.

Multicraft – x% chance to craft additional items but for stackable items only.

Crafting speed – crafting is x% faster.

New Profession Gear

Profession gear is pretty self-explanatory – it’s a type of gear that you wear while working on your profession. It doesn’t take up space in your inventory but does provide some beneficial stats to your crafting and gathering abilities. You will switch into this gear automatically.

Developers feel like the new gear will add to the role-playing aspect of the game, and it’s hard to argue with that!

Keep in mind that transmog isn’t yet available for this type of gear, but developers seem to have plans to add it in the future.

Dragonflight Professions Overview

Reagent Bags and Stacks

Since the new quality system will put a strain on your inventory, it’s only fair that developers also decided to introduce special reagent bags and update stack sizes.

A reagent bag can only have reagents in it and takes up one slot in your bag.

The stack sizes will increase for most crafted consumable items (200) and gathered reagents (1000).

Prospecting and Milling

Just a quick note on these – you will be able to find new Prospecting and Milling recipes in the Dragonflight versions of Jewelcrafting and Inscription. Now, instead of targeting a stack of reagents, you will be able to choose the herb you wish to mill or the ore you want to prospect and then decide on the amount you’d like to consume.

Level Up Any Profession You Want!
Skip the grinding part and get benefits immediately after order completion!
Dragonflight Professions Overview 5.0

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