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Knowledge Points is a new special currency implemented in Dragonflight. It is used for crafting and gathering professions. Every profession has a specialization tree that provides players with various bonuses like new recipes, abilities, and skills. All of the things listed allow players to craft better items and get more resources. In order to go through the profession tree, players need to farm Knowledge Points. Secondary professions like Cooking, Fishing, and Archaeology do not have specialization trees, so they don’t need Knowledge Points. The main source of farming Knowledge Points is repeatable quests. You will get enough points. Eventually, it is not something you can get right here and right now. Be patient and keep on farming!

Dragonflight Profession Knowledge Overview

First things first, you should know that Knowledge Points cannot be refunded. They are permanent! There is no way to get a single point back at this moment. Use them wisely!

Profession level 25 is required for Knowledge Points to be used. You can still get this currency before level 25, though.

Knowledge Points are unique to each profession in the game. For example, you can get Knowledge Points in Herbalism, but you will not be able to spend them on Alchemy or Inscription.

There are several ways to get Knowledge. Some can be used from the start, but others become available only after unlocking Adventure Mode.

The way you get Knowledge in Crafting and Gathering professions differs. They have the same idea, but not everything is the same.

Besides getting Knowledge Points, players will also find some Artisan’s Mettle. This is another important currency that is used in some quests. You can also buy different profession-related items from Rabul.

Note that Dragonflight has just been started, and not every single method is known at the moment. We will adjust this guide if it is needed.

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How to farm Profession Knowledge Dragonflight

Dragonflight Knowledge Points Farm

First-Time Crafting

The very first time you craft something, you will get +1 Knowledge, 1x Artisan’s Mettle, and some Experience. That makes a lot of sense in crafting every recipe at least once, whether you want the end item or not.

First-Time Gathering

Note that this method is related only to Herbalists and Miners but not Skinners. There are four main Herbs and two main Mining Nodes. You get +4 Knowledge points for gathering every base herb and +2 Knowledge points for each base mine. Nevertheless, both Herbs and Mines have six different Modifiers which have specific drop and effects upon harvesting or mining. You get +1 point for every modifier. To make a long story short, Herbalists get +24 Knowledge, and +12 knowledge are available for Miners.

Rare Items for Gathering professions

Every Gathering Profession will occasionally give extra items that will increase your Knowledge by 1 or 3 points. Building in a Perception will increase your chance of getting those items.

Items that give you 1 point are the most common. These include items such as Infused Pollen for Herbalists, Unyielding Stone Chunk for Miners, or Saturated Bone for Skinners. These items have no limits, and your luck only limits them.

But items that provide players with +3 points are limited. You can only loot 1 per week. These items are Dreambloom for Herbalists, Iridescent Ore for miners, and Large Sample of Curious Hide for Skinners.


You may find some open-world treasures that are hidden across all the Dragon Isles and contain Profession-specific Knowledge. Those items give +3 Knowledge to your current crafting profession. Players without the profession can still find the item but cannot interact with it. Most gathering professions have 7-8 treasures, although not every single treasure was found. We will adjust this guide as soon as information is available.

Dragon Shard of Knowledge

The Dragon Shard of Knowledge is a quest reward item. You can find it in the open world hidden treasures such as Expedition Scout’s Pack. You need to turn these shards to a master artisan in Ohn’ahran Plains named Khadin as these items don’t give Knowledge by themselves.

The ability to turn in Dragon Shards must be opened via a questline. You won’t be able to collect them until you get Khadin’s Wisdom after the final quest. This usually starts in the Ruby Life Pools. Nevertheless, it can also be started in Ohn’ahran Plains and Valdrakken. It can be started in three different zones because Thomas Bright, as this NPC, can be found in all three locations. The starting quest is called A Gift for Miguel. Once you complete the quest line, you can turn in all of your Dragon Shard of Knowledge. Note that you will have a choice of where to apply it. This is a repeatable quest, so you can turn this item in as often as possible. There are no daily or weekly limits.

Profession Trainer Quests

The main and biggest source of Profession Knowledge will be repeatable quests from a profession trainer. Prepare to make it a part of your everyday routine until you build both of your Professions. Profession Trainer Quests award players with 3 points of Knowledge.

Once you have opened World Quests, you get Profession Trainer Quests and Adventure Mode available. To do this, you must hit level 68 and complete the campaign. Once you complete these conditions, the quest called Moving On opens. This will also open all the things listed above for your alts.

Draconic Treatises from Inscription

Inscriptionists can craft items called Draconic Treatises. You can use them only once per week to get 1 point of Knowledge in any specific crafting or gathering profession.

You will have to order these items by placing a Work Order via the Crafting Order Stations situated in Valdrakken.

Dusty Notes from Rabul

You can find Rabul in Valdrakken standing next to the mailbox  (/way 35.6 59.0). He sells various research notes for every available in-game profession. That will give you 15 points of  Knowledge for your skill of choice, but you will have to spend Artisan’s Mettle. He will only show you the treatises for your professions. The only problem is that these items become more and more expensive as you buy them. The starting price is 100x Artisan’s Mettle. They cap at 200x Artisan’s Mettle.

As you can see, there are plenty of available ways to gain Profession Knowledge Points, some require a lot of time investing. Still, some can become your everyday routine providing you with a stable income of this currency. The way you farm is up to you, but combining all the available options is optimal. Thank you for reading our guide to Profession Knowledge farming in Dragonflight, hope we helped you. Stay tuned for more information as we will adjust this guide later.

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