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A Demon Hunter specializes in close-range combats engaging physical damage as well as damage by the magic of Chaos, Fel and – in a smaller proportion – damage by Fire. As it states in the name, the character knows a number of ways to track down, disarm and even destroy demons. It happened so that only the strongest members of the highest race – elves – were capable of passing the ritual to become Demon Hunters. Although, in theory, everyone could undergo these challenges. However, none of other races has ever managed to survive or keep their sanity. This is why, in the World of Warcraft, this class is only represented by two races – Blood Elves and Night Elves. Maybe someday today’s Illidari would find a way to share their craft of keeping hold of the magic of the Fel with the rest of the Azeroth inhabitants… It’s not like there is a huge demand for utilizing the perverting magic of the enemy, but all’s fair in war. So, who knows? In the next updates, we might get a chance to see, say, a Gnome or a Pandaren Demon Hunter 


Let’s review the weak and the strong suits of this new class in its specialization Havoc:


  • One of the strongest bursts on a single target in the game.
  • Good sustained AoE.
  • Extremely high mobility and a Double Jump.
  • Thanks to its talents’ versatility, it’s capable of adapting to various affixes in mythic+ every week.
  • A reasonable switch (target shift) with zero damage loss is possible.
  • The incoming damage by magic is passively reduced by 10%
  • Has a great survivability and it is also a saving ability as Darkness
  • A chance to put debuff for 5% of magic damage on a target for all raid players


  • Average damage and AoE apart from burst damaging gaps

Basic info on the spec:

Demon Hunter has one main resource – Fury. The whole gameplay is based on earning and correctly utilizing it.

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Main abilities

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General information. On achieving several new levels you’ll get access to new talent ‘Tiers’. Talents may have different effect on abilities: add new features, replace old ones, modify passively different effects and spells. Talents can be changed in Sanctuaries or any recreational zones. However, if you don’t have any of those places nearby you can use the Codex of the Tranquil Mind which allows you to switch channels within a minute. You can’t change talents in combat. You can’t change a talent if the talent you’ve picked in the last Tier is on Cooldown. You’ll have to wait until it’s restored first.

Tier 1. Lvl 99

Havoc Demon Hunter 8.2

  • Blind Fury prolongs Eye Beam by 50% and allows it to store 40 Fury each second. Default choice in the Demonic Build.
  • Demonic Appetite. Chaos Strike has a chance to spawn a Lesser Soul Fragment, and consuming any Soul Fragment grants 30 Fury. 
  • Felblade is an additional Fury generator, does damage by Fire. Your attacks acquire the chance to instantly finish the restoring time of this ability. Generates 40 Fury.

*Felblade Prioritize keeping it on a single target while  Blind Fury should be used for AOE. Demonic Appetite becomes cool for single target with Eyes of Rage trait.

Tier 2. Lvl 100.

Havoc Demon Hunter 8.2

  • Unending hunger. With the help of  Demon’s bite generates 10 fury additionally
  • Demon blades. Replaces Demon’s bite and allows your auto attacks to generate Fury. Could be used with a few build variations
  • Immolation Aura. Deals damage to all enemies within 8 yards and generates 80 fury. It is the optimal talent for the most of situations as it’s good  for Aoe and single target fight also

Tier 3. Lvl 102. 

Havoc Demon Hunter 8.2

  • Trail of ruin. The final slash of Blade dance inflicts an additional Chaos damage. It is the optimal talent which you could use in the most of the situations
  • Fel mastery. Increases Fel rush damage by 100%
  • Fel barrage.  Channeled spell which inflicts great AOE damage in 3 seconds and has 1 min cd. A good variant for situations when you need to focus on burst AOE damage

Tier 4. Lvl 104. 

Havoc Demon Hunter 8.2

  • Desperate Instincts enables the Blur to kick in automatically if your health level is below 35%. It also increases the damage resistance from 35% to 50%.
  • Netherwalk makes you immune to damage for 5 secs. During the effect, your running speed is increased by 100%, and you can’t attack. ATTENTION! This talent does not prevent enemies from debuffing you. CD 2 min. Never hurts to have an immunity at hand. This is one of the most used talents.

* Up to your choice. Just take whatever suits your encounter best.

Tier 5. Lvl 106 

Havoc Demon Hunter 8.2

  • Cycle of hatred. Using Fel rush increases your damage by 15% for 6 seconds. Reduces cooldown of Vengeful retreat by 5 sec if it hits at least one enemy you gain 80 Fury in 10 sec.
  • First blood. Reduces the Fury cost of Blade dance  by 20 and increases its damage against the first target struck. Currently it is the only good talent in the tier. You should use it with Blade dance every cooldown for  AOE and single target also.
  • Dark slash. Puts a debuff on enemy for 8 seconds which increases the damage from Chaos strike by 40%

Tier 6. Lvl 108. 

Havoc Demon Hunter 8.2

  • Unleashed Power eliminates Fury spending for the Chaos Nova and decreases the restoring time to 40 secs. If you get to stun frequently, this is your choice.
  • Master of the Glaive. Throw Glaive gets 2 charges and slows the enemies down by 50% for 6 secs.
  • Fel eruption. Impales the target for Chaos damage and also stuns it for 4 seconds. Costs 10 Fury, 30 sec cd

Tier 7. Lvl 110.

Havoc Demon Hunter 8.2

  • Demonic. Eye beam causes you to enter demon form for 8 sec after it finishes dealing damage. Probably the best choice in this tier for the most of the situations – it is good for cleave and AOE, it grants similar growth with Momentum and easy to use in a single target fight because it does not require changing a stand and the damage rotation doesn’t change. Besides this talent synergies with azarite trait Revolving blades allowing to use 2 Death sweeps
  • Momentum. Fel rush increases your damage done by 15% for 6 sec. Vengeful retreat’s cooldown is reduced by 5 sec. If it damages at least one enemy you gain 80 fury in 10 sec. Seems like a good talent but it is the most difficult one to use. It grants good short damage burst when you need it.
  • Nemesis. Increases damage you inflict against the target by 20% for 1 min. When the target is slain, you will inflict 20% additional damage against all creature types matching the original target (Humanoid, Dragonkin, etc.) for the remaining duration. A situational choice which grants good single target damage if you can attack the target the whole time of its duration.

As a result, we get two strong builds for different objectives:

Standard demonic build:

  1. Blind Fury / Demonic Appetite with Eyes of Rage trait
  2. Immolation Aura
  3. Trail of ruin
  4. Netherwalk
  5. First blood
  6. Demonic

Felblade build for Single Target:

  1. Felblade
  2. Demon blades
  3. Trail of ruin
  4. Netherwalk
  5. First blood
  6. Demonic

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Azerite traits

BfA introduced a new trait system. Now helmet, shoulders and chest are special items with traits  improved by azerite.

Havoc has several top traits you need to obtain:

Furious gaze. The best trait significantly  increasing haste at the end of Eye beam duration. The more you have such traits the better.

Eyes of Rage become very cool tool to change your playstyle and also increase your dps. Requires Demonic Appetite talent choice.

Thirsting blades. Another good trait increasing damage due to unstacking increased damage from Chaos strike

Revolving blades. Another good trait improving Blade dance

Seething power. A trait with interesting mechanic which is granting some damage growth. A bit worse than the previous traits.

There is also a worth attention Chaotic transformation trait. Besides of improving damage of Demon’s bite when using Metamorphosis this trait also refreshes cooldown of Eye beam  and Blade dance. You need only one of such trait because of  cooldown renewal since the damage improvement here is not important.

You can use chart on herodamage.com or go on raidbots.com to simulate the best traits your character has.

For addon AzeritePowerWeights:

( AzeritePowerWeights:2:"herodamage.com - Stacks_1T_T24":12:577: 159=10, 575=9.70, 220=7.63, 526=7.38, 522=7.29, 352=7.05, 562=7.03, 193=6.88, 82=6.41, 494=6.39, 488=6.39, 196=6.31, 479=6.28, 157=6.08, 126=5.81, 478=5.70, 501=5.65, 485=5.46, 482=5.16, 192=5.11, 523=5.03, 504=5.02, 483=5.00, 194=4.87, 30=4.76, 521=4.65, 486=4.55, 492=4.55, 480=4.49, 195=4.48, 495=4.46, 489=4.46, 245=4.35, 561=4.05, 498=4.05, 505=3.35, 156=3.32, 31=3.14, 500=3.12, 481=3.07, 22=2.73, 459=2.61, 560=2.49, 499=2.42, 353=2.41, 20=2.25, 21=2.19, 576=2.14, 462=1.92, 487=1.81, 493=1.81, 541=1.78, 497=1.76, 491=1.76, 461=1.63, 496=1.56, 490=1.56, 18=1.34: )

Pay attention that these stats are the best for standard Demonic build

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These ratings are based on simulations, statistics of WarcraftLogs and players experience.





  1. Immolation Aura before pull
  2. Prepotion
  3. Metamorphosis, you can instantly jump on an enemy
  4. Nemesis  (if this talent is taken in your spec)
  5. Felblade to quickly gain Fury
  6. Fel rush if Momentum is taken
  7. Death sweep (if you have First blood by default)
  8. Annihilation
  9. Keep up the rotation following prioritations



If you use Momentum you should also:

  • Use vengeful retreat to gain more Fury
  • Use Fel rush the way so the ability doesn’t stand idle at 2 charges or use it to gain buff for more damage

When using Demon blades you could use Fel rush  or throw glaive during global cooldown.


When fighting several targets the rotation doesn’t change. Just try to make Blade dance and Eye beam to hit the most of the enemies and  don’t hold these abilities for too long.

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The default characteristic priority is as follows:

Agility > Versatility ~ Crit > Haste > Mastery

Mastery of this specialization increases the whole damage done by the Chaos magic and increases your running speed.

Check the stats of your character on raidbots.com in Stat Wieghts tab. You can also use an addon Pawn  to import this information in the game so it would be easier to chose the next gear.

Based on the aforementioned characteristics and results of your character’s own simulation results, you can draw conclusions on Gems, Chants and Raid Chemicals.

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Kick with a modifier, with the Shift key held, the ability is applied on a remembered target, without – on the current one.

/cast [mod:shift,@focus][]Consume magic


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What’s next?


  1. Leveling. If your character has been inactive since the previous expansions, the best  option to level up it is by Timewalking dungeons. You will gain a lot of experience, but there is one big disadvantage of leveling this way. Timewalks are available only for one week during a month, but Overgear is always here.
  2. Equipment. At high level, the most important thing for you will become your gear. WoW is a multiplayer game, that’s why we recommend for you to play it with your friends, or to find a new friends for mythic+ runs. If you have any trouble with it – Overgear may help you to find not just friends for a run, but a complete well geared and experienced group that also will be glad to trade all the loot you need.
  3. Raids. Raids are the top-tier PvE content in the game. That’s why the equipment’s base ilvl is higher than anywhere else. These dungeons require knowing all the tactics and have a good gear to kill the bosses. The possibilities of Overgear might let you skip those criteria.
  4. Azerite. It is also not the best idea to forget about the Heart of Azeroth and not to feed it with more Azerite. Ignoring this won’t make your character stronger. The easiest way to do it – just complete all the world quests with Azerite rewards everyday. You can get extra azerite from Island Expeditions. Companions can be found at Overgear.

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