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World of Warcraft Classes Demon Hunter «Havoc»

Havoc Demon Hunter PvE Guide (WoW Legion 7.3.5)

A Demon Hunter specializes in close-range combats engaging physical damage as well as damage by the magic of Chaos, Fel and – in a smaller proportion – damage by Fire. As it states in the name, the character knows a number of ways to track down, disarm and even destroy demons. It happened so that only the strongest members of the highest race – elves – were capable of passing the ritual to become Demon Hunters. Although, in theory, everyone could undergo these challenges. However, none of other races has ever managed to survive or keep their sanity. This is why, in the World of Warcraft, this class is only represented by two races – Blood Elves and Night Elves. Maybe someday today’s Illidari would find a way to share their craft of keeping hold of the magic of the Fel with the rest of the Azeroth inhabitants… It’s not like there is a huge demand for utilizing the perverting magic of the enemy, but all’s fair in war. So, who knows? In the next updates, we might get a chance to see, say, a Gnome or a Pandaren Demon Hunter 



Let’s review the weak and the strong suits of this new class in its specialization Havoc:


  • One of the strongest bursts on a single target in the game.

  • Good sustained AoE.

  • Extremely high mobility and a Double Jump.

  • Thanks to its talents’ versatility, it’s capable of adapting to various affixes in mythic+ every week.

  • A reasonable switch (target shift) with zero damage loss is possible.

  • The incoming damage by magic is passively reduced by 16% (artifact traits).

  • Powerful 1 min defensive cooldown, immunity to damage available.

  • Not the most stable one, but still there is a raid save in the form of Darkness.


  • Strong dependency on the weapon ilvl as all the main abilities calculate the damage based on it.

  • Dependency on AoE CDs which sometimes prevents from making AoE damage constant.

Basic info on the spec:

Demon Hunter has one main resource – Fury. The whole gameplay is based on earning and correctly utilizing it.

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Main abilities

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General information. On achieving several new levels you’ll get access to new talent ‘Tiers’. Talents may have different effect on abilities: add new features, replace old ones, modify passively different effects and spells. Talents can be changed in Sanctuaries or any recreational zones. However, if you don’t have any of those places nearby you can use the Codex of the Tranquil Mind which allows you to switch channels within a minute. You can’t change talents in combat. You can’t change a talent if the talent you’ve picked in the last Tier is on Cooldown. You’ll have to wait until it’s restored first.

Tier 1. Lvl 99

  • Fel Mastery increases the damage inflicted by the Fel Rush by 30%, and restores 33 Fury if you hit at least one target. At the moment, this is a weak talent.

  • Felblade is an additional Fury generator, does damage by Fire. Your attacks acquire the chance to instantly finish the restoring time of this ability. This one is the best pick on a single target without 4T21.

  • Blind Fury prolongs Eye Beam by 50% and allows it to store 35 Fury each second. Default choice in the Demonic Build.

Tier 2. Lvl 100.

  • Prepared. Allows you to utilize the Vengeful Retreat more frequently, and generates 110 Fury over 10 secs. The weakest talent.

  • Demon Blades are the best talent in any case except Demonic Build. It’s particularly good if used together with the Legendary Anger of the Half-Giants ring. The higher your ilvl, the stronger the talent (depends on the speed rating: a higher ilvl provides higher stats, an opportunity to collect more speed).

  • Demonic Appetite is one of the key talents in the Demonic Build as the stakes are on the trait Feast of Souls which kicks back the Eye Beam.

Tier 3. Lvl 102. 

  • Chaos Cleave allows to do 10% of the damage your Chaos Strike does to all the targets in close proximity to you. Those 10% pass on to the main target as well. This talent is used in the Demonic Build in case you lack the Legendary Chaos Theory cloak or T20 Set Bonus.

  • First Blood is universally the best talent on the Tier. With the T20 Set Bonus or the Legendary Chaos Theory cloak, this is your sole choice in any situation.

  • Bloodlet creates an additional damage source – a physical DoT depending on the damage done by your Throw Glaive. You can only utilize this talent if you have the Legendary Mo’arg Bionic Stabilizers, and only in those combats where this debuff can be kept on 3 targets. There is no use of it on other than 3 targets. It also loses its benefit if te targets die off quickly.

Tier 4. Lvl 104. 

  • Netherwalk makes you immune to damage for 5 secs. During the effect, your running speed is increased by 100%, and you can’t attack. ATTENTION! This talent does not prevent enemies from debuffing you. CD 2 min. Never hurts to have an immunity at hand. This is one of the most used talents.

  • Desperate Instincts enables the Blur to kick in automatically if your health level is below 35%. It also increases the damage resistance from 35% to 50%.

* Up to your choice. Just take whatever suits your encounter best.

Tier 5. Lvl 106 

  • Fel Eruption is a target stun and it does double damage on targets that are immune to stunning. The talent may be used only as an alternative to the Nemesis in AoE encounters when you need a quick target switch. Nemesis, in this case, would lose effectiveness.

  • Nemesis increases the damage on a tagged target by 25% for a minute. If the target dies during this effect, for the remaining active time you get a buff – outgoing damage increased by 25% but only for the type of enemy which the dead enemy was (humanoid, demon, mechanism etc.). This is best choice for a single target or cleave combats, and it’s great for constant AoE if you have a big fat main target.

Tier 6. Lvl 108. 

  • Unleashed Power eliminates Fury spending for the Chaos Nova and decreases the restoring time to 40 secs. If you get to stun frequently, this is your choice.

Tier 7. Lvl 110.

  • Chaos Blades increases all the outgoing damage by 30% for 18 secs. Auto-attacks start to do Chaos damage and get additionally increased by 150%. This is the perfect talent for a single target beyond Demonic build. CD 2 min.

  • Fel Barrage. A spell that needs 2 secs supporting. It does major Chaos damage to your main target and everyone in close proximity to it. CD 2 min but your attacking abilities – with a certain probability to it – might decrease the restoring time by 5 secs. The effect can be cast to 30m. This talent is great in encounters that need AoE bursts, which makes it something in between the Single-target Build that demands Chaos Blades and the Demonic Build allowing you to do massive AoE damage, but demanding a longer period of time for that.

  • Demonic is the basic talent for the Demonic Build. After utilizing Eye Beam for 8 secs, you receive Metamorphosis with all its benefits. The whole build holds up to the talent Demonic Appetite and finishing off the enemies in order to receive more souls. The latter helps reduce the Eye Beam’s restoring time through the trait Feast of Souls. This would give you more frequent use of Eye Beam which is quite a powerful AoE CD on its own, and you’re more frequently in Metamorphosis which makes your main abilities do more damage, brings up your speed rating by 25% and is essential as it has 30% self-healing.

As a result, we get two strong builds for different objectives:

Demonic build for raiding with 4T21 or for Mythic+ AoE

  1. Blind Fury
  2. Demonic Appetite
  3. Chaos Cleeve
  4. Nemesis or Momentum for AoE
  5. Demon Reborn
  6. Demonic

Old build without 4T21

  1. Felblade
  2. Demon Blades
  3. First BloodChaos Cleeve
  4. Nemesis
  5. Chaos Blades

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Unlike talents, in the weapons branch there is no choice of what you can and what you can’t take. With the current Artifact Knowledge, the order of artifact acquisition is insignificant as to open all the traits, you only need to earn 2.23 billion artifact power which is extremely easy to do just over the first few minutes after you’ve reached level 110.


Majorly, the main thing for a Demon Hunter is the ilvl of their relic as the damage done by their weapon is a key characteristic, and is used to calculate the damage inflicted by all the main dps abilities. There is, for sure, one particular relic worth noticing: Critical Chaos. This relic provides the biggest dps boost on a single target. 

  1. Critical chaos 9.2
  2. Chaos Vision 1.7
  3. Wide Eyes 1.7
  4. Demon rage 1.2
  5. Contained Fury 0.3
  6. Unleashed demons 0.3
  7. Sharpened Glaives 0

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Netherlight Crucible

Tier 1 of any relic just allows you to improve the ilvl of your weapon by 5.

From now on, everything depends on whether you have a relic on Critical Chaos:

  • If your relic is on Critical Chaos by default, follow the priorities listed below.

  • If your relic is not on Critical Chaos, but in Tier 3 you have an opportunity to receive this trait, pick a way that would lead you to it.

  • If your relic is not on Critical Chaos, and in Tier 3 there’s no such bonus, either, it’s time you think, ‘Why am I using this relic at all?’ But still, if you’re planning on optimizing it, just follow the priorities listed below.

Tier 2. The figures are given as an equivalent to the weapon’s ilvl

  1. Torment the Weak 5.9
  2. Secure in the LightInfusion of LightShadowbind 5.6
  3. Shocklight 5.4
  4. Chaotic Darkness 5.2
  5. Master of Shadows 4.6
  6. Murderous Intent 4.3
  7. Light Speed 3.7
  8. Dark Sorrows 2.7

Tier 3.

  1. Critical chaos 9.2
  2. Chaos Vision 1.7
  3. Wide Eyes 1.7
  4. Demon rage 1.2
  5. Contained Fury 0.3
  6. Unleashed demons 0.3
  7. Sharpened Glaives 0

If you are using CrucibleWeight you can import this string into the game:

cruweight^127829^ilvl^1^252799^5.39^252922^2.68^201456^1.88 6:1.55 7:1.67^252875^5.58^252088^3.68^201454^0.93 6:0.25 7:0.12^201455^9.2 6:9.27 7:9.31^201457^0.29 6:-0.11 7:0.03^201458^1.19 6:1.25 7:0.85^201460^0.56 6:0.14 7:0.3^238045^1.9 6:1.68 7:1.12^252191^4.34^252888^5.21^252091^4.63^252906^5.92^253070^5.64^253093^5.62^end

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Other traits are purely defensive and auxiliary, with no figure associated.


All in all, to a Demon Hunter with the specialization Havoc, 14 Legendaries are available.

Anger of the Half-Giants is your first choice in any situation. Significantly increases the Fury generation. More Fury gained = more Fury to spend, hence less time wasted.

Raddon’s Cascading Eyes is a very powerful Legendary for your Demonic Build. It makes your Metamorphosis’s uptime even longer. A great choice for AoE encounters and Mythic+.

Delusions of Grandeur allows you to shorten Metamorphosis to 2 min (with the use of relics and t20, of course). One very powerful Legendary for both single target and cleave on AoE.

Sephuz’s Secret. Without an active Boss, you can refer to this Legendary as an average one, but if you do get an opportunity to activate its effect per CD or at least somewhat often, it becomes a very nice pick. It could be particularly great for Mythic+.

Cinidaria, the Symbiote. Havocs have one of the strongest pool bursts in the whole game. This Legendary allows you to up that burst by extra 30%. But keep in mind that it only works till 90% of the target’s HP. Consequently, its result will depend directly on the time it takes to reach 90%.

Chaos Theory. Blade Dance is 10% likely to give you Chaos Blades for 10 secs. The t20 Set Bonus in your stock makes this an amazing choice.

Soul of the Slayer activates the talent First Blood allowing you to get another talent on the Tier in addition to it. Could show great results if used on Bloodlet together with the Legendary Mo’arg Bionic Stabilizers.

Mo’arg Bionic Stabilizers. Each Glaive’s ricochet is increased by 25%. This is a cleave Legendary, rather average, but if your encounter allows you to keep the Bloodlet’s debuff on long-living targets, this Legendary could give out really good results.

Other Legendaries are of no great interest for this particular specialization. If you have some, and you want to find out which one is better for you, just use Simcraft.

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4T21 Demonic build:

  1. Potion of prolonged power in 1-2 secs before pull
  2. Nemesis
  3. Rage of the Illidari
  4. Demon’s bite untill 30 Fury
  5. Eye Beam to activate Demonic
  6. Metamorphosis
  7. Spam Annihilation during Betrayer’s fury buff from you tier
  8. Eye Beam
  9. Spam Annihilation

Without 4T21:

  1. Potion of the Old War in 1-2 secs before pull

  2. Metamorphosis

  3. Nemesis

  4. Felblade

  5. Chaos Blades

  6. Death Sweep (with active First Blood) / Fel Barrage, if available

  7. Rage of the Illidari

  8. Annihilation


Single target

Combatting with 3+ enemies:

Ability priority:

  • Fel Rush, in case you have 2 charges or the 2nd one is coming up soon. With Fel Mastery on, always consider your Fury generation. So if you have less than 30 Fury until cap, do not hesitate to use it.

Some clarifications:

  • If you’ve got Momentum, try and activate it before spending the Fury you’ve earned or before using powerful AoE cooldowns, such as Rage of the Illidari, Eye Beam, Fel Barrage and Throw Glaive with Bloodlet in stock.

  • If you’re engaged in a mixed type combat (with one main target and additional targets present from time to time), keep the Rage of the Illidari and the Eye Beam until those enemies appear so that you don’t end up wasting one of your CDs before those mobs spawn. With Fel Barrage, long waiting is not justified only if auxiliary enemies are about to appear really soon and if they die quickly, because this talent restores very quickly.

Demonic Build:

The Build is based on a talent combination that allows you to significantly increase the uptime of Metamorphosis due to Demonic. The latter activates the former when Eye Beam is enhanced by Blind Fury. This combination generates max Fury to consume it over the 8-sec Metamorphosis. The Build also leans upon the Eye Beam’s benefit due to the trait Feast of Souls whose effect is significantly enhanced by Demonic Appetite. This all allows you to restore your Eyes quicker. Also a combination of Unleashed Power and the trait Overwhelming Power gives an increased number of souls to kick your Eyes back. And the cherry on the top of this Build is the Legendary Raddon’s Cascading Eyes allowing you to restore Eye Beam the quicker, the more enemies you have.

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The default characteristic priority is as follows:

Demonic build:

Crit > Mastery > Versatility > Speed > Agility

Without 4T21:

Crit > Speed > Versatility > Agility > Mastery

Mastery of this specialization increases the whole damage done by the Chaos magic and increases your running speed.

Since there are no caps on the stats, the characteristics’ value changes constantly demanding a certain balance between them. So, if you gather a lot of crit, the value of speed increases significantly. That is why on receiving new equipment it is strongly recommended you use Simcraft or Raidbots.com. There’s nothing that can give you a more precise answer to what stat to consider first, than a simulation.

Based on the aforementioned characteristics and results of your character’s own simulation results, you can draw conclusions on Gems, Chants and Raid Chemicals.

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Set bonuses


  • 2 pieces: Fury generation from all your abilities increases by 10%.

  • 4 pieces: The probability of Chaos Strike becoming the critical hit is 8% higher.


  • 2 pieces: The probability of Blade Dance making the critical hit is 20% higher.

  • 4 pieces: Blade Dance returns 20 Fury if it hits at least one enemy.


  • 2 pieces: Your Eye Beam ability does 30% more damage.

  • 4 pieces: After the supporting of Eye Beam is over, your speed value is up by 25% for 8 secs.


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Kick with a modifier, with the Shift key held, the ability is applied on a remembered target, without – on the current one.

/cast [mod:shift,@focus][]Consume magic