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Brewmaster Monk PvE Guide (WoW Legion 7.3.5)

Brewmaster Monk utilizes the style of the Ox which goes back to the philosophy of Niuzao, The Black Ox, one of the four August Celestials of Pandaria. Niuzao is the epitome of persistence which is reflected in the Brewmaster’s abilities – they can survive in heavy duty combats and protect their allies.




Basic information on the spec:

A Brewmaster Monk uses Energy as a resource. It is spent on abilities that allow to deal damage and to activate various defensive mechanics.

Let’s take a closer look at the weakest and the strongest aspects of this specialization:


  • Extremely efficient against one-time strong damage.
  • Very high mobility.
  • Strong defensive cooldowns.
  • Stable dps.


  • Requiring constant external healing
  • No unique bonus for the raid.

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Main abilities

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General information. On achieving several new levels you’ll get access to new talent ‘Tiers’. Talents may have different effect on abilities: add new features, replace old ones, modify passively different effects and spells. Talents can be changed in Sanctuaries or any recreational zones. However, if you don’t have any of those places nearby you can use the Codex of the Tranquil Mind which allows you to switch channels within a minute. You can’t change talents in combat. You can’t change a talent if the talent you’ve picked in the last Tier is on Cooldown. You’ll have to wait until it’s restored first.

Tier 1. Lvl 15

  • Chi Burst. A quick spell with a 1-sec casting allows you to send an Energy clot 40 m ahead of you and deal all the enemies on the way Nature damage, or restore Health to the allies. During the casting of the spell you can still evade. CD 30 secs.
  • Chi Wave. You emit a small clot of Energy that bounces off your enemy towards a friendly target within a 25-m radius. The clot bounces between targets 7 times in total. Enemies receive damage, allies get healing.

* Your default choice here is Eye of the Tiger as it is the best option in dealing damage and getting a minor heal on a regular basis. Chi Burst, in its turn, is a good option for dealing max burst AoE damage as well as healing a group/raid. Chi Wave loses to the other two talents because it has nice healing power only in case you are alone. In a raid, it hops and restores other participants’ HP. It is also worse in terms of DPS on a single target as well as AoE, respectively.


Tier 2. Lvl 30.

  • Chi Torpedo. Substitutes your Roll. Chi Torpedo drags you 20 m forward. It also increases your Haste by 30% for 10 secs after it’s used. The effects sum up, up to 2 times. This one also has 2 charges.
  • Tiger Lust. This is a sprint that can be applied on both yourself or your ally. The talent increases your running speed by 70% for 6 secs. This effect cancels any movement impairing or stunning on the target.
  • Celerity. Reduces the restoring time of your Roll by 5 secs and increases its charge count from two to three.

* The choice is yours as it affects your mobility. Tiger Lust, though, would be preferable in neutral situations as it’s an auxiliary ability to the 2 (not 3) charges of Roll, and this talent helps you get rid of movement impairing effects cast on you. Chi Torpedo is good for making large distances that’s why its key usage is Mythic+.


Tier 3. Lvl 45.

  • Black Ox Brew. Allows you to instantly fill up your Energy stock and restores max charges of your Brews. CD 1.5 min.

* Black Ox Brew is your best choice because the combat gives you a lot more charges of your Brews than Light Brewing because of the additional Energy pull, and since it is a Brew itself, your Keg Smash and Tiger Palm also finish its restoring time. On top of that, it allows you to get prepared to the phase where you’re to get massive damage.
Gift of the Mists is a nice choice in case you need to take care of your own lost Health, say, in the combats where your Brews are not that effective which may occur in combats entailing massive magic damage.


Tier 4. Lvl 60.

  • Ring of Peace. Creates an Energy Ring in the selected zone for 8 secs. Any enemy stepping into that ring will be thrown out of it. CD 45 secs.
  • Summon Black Ox Statue. Creates a Black Ox Statue in the indicated location for 15 min. The statue puts all the enemies within the 30-m range in danger. When you apply Summon to the statue, all the enemies within the 8-m range of that statue are forced to attack you for 3 secs.
  • Leg Sweep. A mass stun allowing to stun all the enemies within the 5-m radius of you for 5 secs. CD 45 secs.

* For raids, in the majority of cases you will have to use Summon Black Ox Statue as it presents an additional option to accumulate aggro.
In Mythic+ the most profit comes from Leg Sweep as most of the enemies are prone to stunning. The Statue may actually play out the opposite way causing your enemies set involved in the combat in a more than desirable quantities, let alone situations where you can simply forget it somewhere, and one of your enemy’s patrolling groups finds it and then gather up half a dungeon on their way down to you.
Ring of Peace is extremely peculiar and is mostly interesting in PvP.


Tier 5. Lvl 75.

  • Healing Elixir. 2 charges with 30-sec CD. Using this ability restores 15% of your max HP. If your Health indicator happens to fall below 35%, the effect is triggered automatically provided you have at least 1 charge of this ability.
  • Dampen Harm. This ability allows you to reduce the incoming damage by 20-50% for the next 10 secs. The damage-reducing effect depends of the amount of damage coming your way – the more the damage, the higher the percentage.

* By default, Healing Elixir is an amazing talent as it provides you with an additional opportunity to heal. It is particularly convenient because it can be triggered passively once your HP goes below 35%. Use this one unless you need the other two talent’s benefits.
If you’re facing massive magic damage in the combat, Mystic Vitality is your choice.
If you’re lacking additional CDs to decrease damage, Dampen Harm could come in handy.


Tier 60. Lvl 90.

  • Rushing Jade Wind. Generates around you a tornado that lasts for 6 secs and deals Nature damage to all the enemies within the 8-m range.
  • Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox. You summon Niuzao, the Black Ox for 45 secs. The Ox attacks your target and later provokes it. It also deals minor damage with Stomp.
  • Special Delivery. Using Brews, you have a 100% chance of throwing a Keg in the air. The Keg lands near you in 3 secs dealing nice AoE damage and reducing the running speed of the enemies hit by 50% for 15 secs.

* Rushing Jade Wind is best implemented in the gameplay with low Haste value. It whelps fill in the gaps in your rotation dealing better damage as compared to the other two talents on this Tier.
Special Delivery is your choice in case your Haste value is too high and you simply don’t have the time to maintain the effect of Rushing Jade Wind.
Invoke Niuzao, the Black Ox could work out better for burst damage for 45 secs once every 3 min. In terms of total damage, it’s clearly worse than the other two.


Tier 7. Lvl 100.

  • High Tolerance. Stagger delays additional 10% of the incoming damage. Your Haste goes no more than 15% up depending on the amount of damage delayed.

* High Tolerance is your best survival option as it allows you to delay more Stagger damage, increases your Haste which reduces the CD for all your key abilities.
Blackout Combo favors maximizing damage dealing over boosting your survival.

At the end of the day we do not land on any concrete builds as most talents are usable in certain situations.

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Unlike talents, in the weapons branch there is no choice of what you can and what you can’t take. With the current Artifact Knowledge, the order of artifact acquisition is insignificant as to open all the traits, you only need to earn 2.23 billion artifact power which is extremely easy to do just over the first few minutes after you’ve reached level 110.


The spec uses 1 Life, 1 Storm and 1 Iron relics.

Relic priority:

  1. Face Palm
  2. Hot Blooded
  3. Potent Kick
  4. Overflow
  5. Staggering Around
  6. Dark Side of the Moon
  7. Obsidian Fists
  8. Gifted Student
  9. Healthy Appetite

Only the first 3 are of any interest as they increase both the damage dealing and survival. These relics have a better bonus even with lower ilvls as compared to those not mentioned.

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Netherlight Crucible

Tier 1 of any relic allows you to increase your weapon’s ilvl by 5 points.

Tier 2. Here you face your first crucial choice between Light and Dark. Essentially, this Tier’s choice is to be driven by the Tier 3 choice trait which coincides with the relic priority. In case you’re not interested in any of the traits on Tier 3, focus on picking the best one on Tier 2:

  1. Shocklight / Murderous Intent
  • Increase DPS and survival.
  1. Secure in the Light / Infusion of Light
  • Nice single target DPS, increased survival.
  1. Master of Shadows
  • Additional Mastery and Avoidance which may be extremely important.
  1. Light Speed
  2. Refracting Shell
  • Purely for the defensive bonus.
  1. Light’s Embrace
  2. Shadowbind
  3. Chaotic Darkness
  4. Torment the Weak
  5. Dark Sorrows

Tier 3. Like it said before, in Tier 2 the traits may be equal in their value to those of Tier 3

  1. Face Palm
  2. Hot Blooded
  3. Potent Kick
  4. Overflow
  5. Staggering Around
  6. Dark Side of the Moon
  7. Obsidian Fists
  8. Gifted Student
  9. Healthy Appetite

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A Brewmaster Monk has access to the total of 14 Legendaries.

Let’s single out the best and the good Legendaries:

Sal’salabim’s Lost Tunic. Your Keg Smash restores the CD for Breath of Fire. This is a purely DPS legendary whose efficiency grows depending on the number of targets.

Stormstout’s Last Gasp. Your Keg Smash now has 2 charges and deals 25% more damage. This one is designed to increase DPS in case you don’t need an additional survival boost.

Jewel of the Lost Abbey. Stagger now lasts 13 secs. This one is perfect for dampening the incoming burst damage. One of the best defensive Legendaries.

Anvil-Hardened Wristwraps. Attack evasion now also reduces your Brews’ CD by 1 secs. The Legendaries’ efficiency grows with the target count. These are particularly great for Mythic+.

Hatred Reborn is a wonderful trinket allowing you to get your hands on an additional save with a relatively short cooldown.

Soul of the Grandmaster gives you Health for free which, in its turn, allows you to keep Healing Elixir on encounters with massive magical damage.

Gai Plin’s Soothing Sash. Your Purifying Brew restores your HP by an amount equal to 25% of the damage delayed by Stagger. This one is a nice Legendary allowing you to slightly increase your own HPS.

Firestone Walker. Fortifying Brew ‘s CD goes down by 2 secs for each enemy hit with Breath of Fire no more than by 6 secs. This Legendary is quite mediocre, only justifies itself on continuous AoE.

Prydaz, Xavaric’s Magnum Opus. Lots of stats, a slot for a gem, plus, once every 30 secs you get a shield for 25% of your total HP count. Rather an average choice.

Fundamental Observation. Zen Meditation now restores 50% quicker, and auto-attacks against you much like your relocation do not interrupt its casting anymore.

Cinidaria, the Symbiote. Increases your pull damage dealing providing minor healing off it. You could consider this one if you need pull burst.

The Sentinel’s Eternal Refuge. Works fine for a fresh character until you get hold of the first two Legendaries.

Sephuz’s Secret. Since Haste over 14.3% has no great value for Monk, this Legendary’s active bonus is not really beneficial for Brewmaster.

Insignia of the Grand Army allows you to enhance the bonuses of the Netherlight Crucible’s second Tier by 50%.

The choice of Legendaries depends on what you’re aiming at getting – survival, DPS or a combo of these two properties.

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The basic priority rating for the characteristics is as follows:

ilvl (Stamina, Agility) > Mastery = Crit = Versatility > Haste up to 14.3%

14.3% of Haste allow you to rotate without any idling which is beneficial for both DPS and survival. All Haste above this value is useless.

An item’s ilvl helps increase Agility and Stamina, first of all; and second of all – empower the secondary stats. Stamina increases Survival pure; Agility increases the power of attack which re-scales both the DPS and the healing abilities. That’s why ilvl becomes your top priority when picking gear; for garments (rings, necks) up to 10 ilvl is acceptable, for other items – 5 ilvl. If your items have the same ilvl, consider the stats’ priority.

  1. Gems:
  1. Chants:
  1. Food:
  1. Flasks and Potions

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Set bonuses



  • 2 pieces: When a Brew is consumed, there is a 40% chance that a healing Gift of the Ox sphere appears.
  • 4 pieces: When a Gift of the Ox healing sphere is consumed, the current amount of the damage delayed to Stagger goes 5% down.



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Kick with a modifier, with the Shift key held, the ability is applied on a remembered target, without – on the current one.

/cast [mod:shift,@focus][]Spear Hand Strike

Tiger Lust at cursor’s position, as, sometimes, it is useful to hand it over to your ally:

/cast [target=mouseover] Tiger Lust

A macro cancelling a Palladins’ BoP can prove exremely helpful:

/cancelaura Blessing of Protection

Provoke at cursor’s position:

#showtooltip Provoke
/cast [@mouseover,harm,nodead][]Provoke

Provoke on The Black Ox statue:

/tar The Black Ox Statue
/cast Provoke


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