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“Ten thousand years ago, as the seas engulfed Zin-Azshari, Queen Azshara forged a dark bargain with N’Zoth that transformed her loyal subjects into the sinister naga. Through millennia of brutal conquest, Azshara has built a new empire from the ruins of the old and now holds dominion over the depths that once threatened to claim her. Ever the gracious host, she has invited the Alliance and Horde alike into her Eternal Palace to witness her glorious ascension… and their ultimate demise”.


The Azshara’s Eternal Palace Raid is the fourth Instance for the Battle for Azeroth Expansion that opened its gates to the Champions the previous week. There are eight bosses total with the Queen Azshara herself as the last one. The Raid is mostly linear, except for the second and third bosses, which can be done in any order:

1st Boss – Abyssal Commander Sivara;

2nd or 3rd Boss – Blackwater Behemoth;

2nd or 3rd Boss – Radiance of Azshara;

4th Boss – Lady Ashvane;

5th Boss – Orgozoa;

6th Boss – The Queen’s Court;

7th Boss – Za’qul;

8th Boss – Queen Azshara.

There are new Achievements to earn, new titles, and new Mounts and Battle Pets to obtain. We will talk about all these options in this review, but let us start with the unlock schedule, for this is the basic information.


Azshara’s Eternal Palace Raid Unlock Schedule

Normal and Heroic Difficulties have been released already;


Gear Overview

All bosses have the same base item level loot, which is the following:

  • 400 ILvl for the LFR difficulty;
  • 415 ILvl for Normal;
  • 430 ILvl for Heroic;
  • 445 ILvl for Mythic.

We recall that every time you acquire an item, it has a small chance to increase its Item Level for 5 or even 10 points. Whenever an Item receives this bonus it gets the label Warforged. If the ILvl of a specific Item has increased to 15 level points or higher, the label becomes Titanforged. The maximum number for the Titanforged gear is 455 for the Mythic difficulty of the Azshara’s Eternal Palace Raid.

Unfortunately, there are certain limitations to the Item Level system. Azerite Armor cannot Warforge and Titanforge and weapons cannot Titanforge.

Each class and specialization requires unique handling to the needed equipment sets. Special services, such as SimulationCraft or Raidbots, are very useful in these cases. They help you to provide a complete Character Simulation. If you are interested in such programs, read our full SimulationCraft overview.


Unique Effects

As long as the complete Raid sets bonuses were removed from the game lately, the new weapon and gear items have got very interesting appearances and several unique visual effects, which reflect the style of the instance.




Storm of the Eternal

Some armor pieces in the new Raid have a special effect – Storm of the Eternal on them. If you wear such a piece of gear, this effect will occur every 2 Minutes for 10 Seconds, giving you certain bonuses. All effects are based on the armor piece you wear. As a cool bonus, all of these effects across the raid will occur simultaneously! Here are the Items that have one of the possible Storm of the Eternal effects:

All of these Items drop from the Royal Cache – the Treasure Chest that appears after the Queen Azshara is defeated.



There aren’t any Class armor sets in the Battle for Azeroth unfortunately, so there are not any unique Class transmogrification sets as well. But every type of armor whether it is Cloth, Leather, Mail or Plate has its own Set that conveys the atmosphere of the Raid. New gear sets have naga theme, obviously, with fins and in underwater colors. Mythic sets have additional details and additional visual effects of course.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace Loot Overview

There is also a cool looking special plate Shoulder armor that drops from the seventh boss Za’qul. These shoulders have the appearance of Za’qul’s armor and are similar to other special transmogrification items like Tusks of Mannoroth from Siege of Orgrimmar or The First Satyr’s Spaulders from Emerald Nightmare. This Item drops on Mythic and Heroic difficulties only, so if you are eager to get them, visit our special marketplace spot, where you can find everyday Mythic and Heroic Raids. Choose the seller, suitable day, and time and get your Pauldrons of Za’qul! All the deals are absolutely safe! The seller will be paid only after you will confirm receipt of the needed loot.

Azshara’s Eternal Palace Loot Overview


There are brand new weapons in Azshara’s Eternal Palace Raid with sometimes unique effects such as additional healing or damage increasing. Each specialization has at least two weapon choices, just like it was in the Battle of Dazar’alor Raid. Here we will list all the weapon units with primal stats and the names of the Bosses, which present you these Items.


Squidhunter Speargun, from Orgozoa (Agility);

Shiver Venom Crossbow, from Abyssal Commander Sivara (Agility);


Court Dagger of Sentencing, from The Queen’s Court (Agility);

Sivara’s Slitherblade, from Abyssal Commander Sivara (Agility);

Fang of the Behemoth, from Blackwater Behemoth (Intellect);

Fist Weapons:

Claw of the Myrmidon, from Abyssal Commander Sivara (Agility);

Hatchery Scraper, from Orgozoa (Agility);

One-Handed Axes:

Royal Scaleguard’s Battleaxe, from Abyssal Commander Sivara (Strength);

Dream’s End, from Za’qul (Strength);

Diver’s Folly, from Blackwater Behemoth (Agility);

One-Handed Maces:

Current-Weaver’s Gavel, from Lady Ashvane (Intellect);

Scepter of the Azsh’ari, from Abyssal Commander Sivara (Intellect);

Two-Handed Maces:

Tentacle Crusher, from Orgozoa (Strength);

Monstrosity’s Shipbreaker, from Radiance of Azshara (Strength);


Tidebinder’s Driftglobe, from Abyssal Commander Sivara (Intellect);

Stormtamer’s Orb, from The Queen’s Court (Intellect);


Aqua-Pulse Trident, from Orgozoa (Agility);

Shiver Venom Lance, from Abyssal Commander Sivara (Agility);


Bulwark of the Seaborn Avatar, from Radiance of Azshara (Strength, Intellect);

Great Reef Barrier, from Orgozoa (Strength, Intellect);

One-Handed Sword:

Orgozoa’s Paralytic Barb, from Orgozoa (Strength);


Anu-Azshara, Staff of the Eternal, from Queen Azshara (Intellect);


Pashmar’s Finial, from The Queen’s Court (Intellect);


Sever, Edge of Madness, from Za’qul (Agility).


BoE Trash Drops

The system of Bound When Equipped (BoE) Items in the new raid is quite similar to the one, existed in previous instances of this Expansion. There are two BoE drops for each type of armor – wrists and gloves, and a cloak with a prior stat that generates according to the class and specialization. The BoE Items may be Warforged and Titanforged like any other armor piece. The Item Level of BoE gear depends on the difficulty of the Raid:

  • Raid Finder: 400+
  • Normal: 415+
  • Heroic: 430+
  • Mythic: 445+

This is the complete list of BoE Items for the Azshara’s Eternal Palace Raid:


Handwraps of Unhindered Resonance – Hands (Haste, Mastery);

Cuffs of Soothing Currents – Wrist (Critical Strike, Haste);


Brineweaver Guardian’s Gloves – Hands (Critical Strike, Haste);

Skulker’s Blackwater Bands – Wrist (Haste, Versatility);


Deepcrawler’s Handguards – Hands (Critical Strike, Haste);

Abyssal Bubbler’s Bracers – Wrist (Critical Strike, Haste);


Gauntlets of Crashing Tides – Hands (Critical Strike, Haste);

Brutish Myrmidon’s Vambraces – Wrist (Critical Strike, Haste);


Cloak of Blessed Depths – (Haste, Versatility).

Armor Overview

Appropriate gear appears to be one, if not the most, important part of asuccessful Character. Everyone knows that only good gear may provide good playing. We recommend using the SimulationCraft or the Raidbots programs to determine the stats weight which is, by the way, a very important step in their character’s rising if they want to choose the best possible pieces of equipment for their current Character specialization. Let us have a closer look at the major gear parts for each type of armor, excluding the Azerite armor items.


Bindings of the Herald Intellect, Haste, VersWrist:Za’qul 
Sea Sculptor’s Cuffs Int, Vers, MasteryWristRadiance of Azshara
Gloves of Unshackled Arcana Int, Haste, MasteryHandsRadiance of Azshara
Handguards of the Highest-Born Int, Crit, MasteryHandsQueen Azshara
Belt of Blind Devotion Int, Haste, VersWaistRadiance of Azshara
Cephalopod’s Sash Int, Crit, HasteWaistOrgozoa 
Priscilla’s Fishnets Int, Haste, MasteryLegsLady Ashvane
Seawrath Legwraps Int, Crit, MasteryLegsAbyssal Commander Sivara
Eelskin Flippers Int, Crit, VersatilityFeetBlackwater Behemoth
Slippers of the Sorceress-Queen Int, Crit, MasteryFeetQueen Azshara



Cultured Pearl ArmbandsAgi/Int, Crit, MasteryWristLady Ashvane
Tideblood BracersAgi/Int, Crit, HasteWristAbyssal Commander Sivara
Anglerfish FeelersAgi/Int, Haste, VersHandsBlackwater Behemoth
Gloves of Incomparable BeautyAgi/Int, Haste, MastHandsQueen Azshara
Ship Swallower’s BeltAgi/Int, Vers, MastWaistBlackwater Behemoth
Beloved Monarch’s WaistwrapAgi/Int, Crit, MasteryWaistQueen Azshara
Leggings of the StormbornAgi/Int, Crit, VersLegsRadiance of Azshara
Formcrafter’s PantsAgi/Int, Crit, MasteryLegsOrgozoa 
Ancient Tempest StridersAgi/Int, Haste, MastFeetRadiance of Azshara
Ardent Worshipper’s BootsAgi/Int, Crit, VersFeetThe Queen’s Court



Arcanamental BindingsAgi/Int, Crit, MasteryWristRadiance of Azshara
Shackles of DissonanceAgi/Int, Haste, MastWristZa’qul 
Grips of the Scaled ArcanistAgi/Int, Haste, VersHandsRadiance of Azshara
Hands of the FanaticAgi/Int, Crit, HasteHandsThe Queen’s Court
Tanglekelp WaistwrapAgi/Int, Crit, HasteWaistLady Ashvane
Wavespine ClutchAgi/Int, Haste, MastWaistAbyssal Commander Sivara
Pelagos Predator’s LegguardsAgi/Int, Haste, VersLegsBlackwater Behemoth
Cherished Empress’s LeggingsAgi/Int, Vers, MastLegsQueen Azshara
Slipstreamer’s SaltwalkersAgi/Int, Crit, VersFeetBlackwater Behemoth
Vethan’s IcewalkersAgi/Int, Crit, MasteryFeetQueen Azshara



Palace Sentinel Vambraces Str/Int, Crit, HasteWristAbyssal Commander Sivara
Naga Executor’s ArmguardsStr/Int, Vers, MasteryWristRadiance of Azshara
Gauntlets of Overflowing ChillStr/Int, Haste, MastHandsAbyssal Commander Sivara
Undercove CrushersStr/Int, Vers, MasteryHandsBlackwater Behemoth
Storm-Tempered GirdleStr/Int, Haste, MastWaistRadiance of Azshara
Eternity Keeper’s GreatbeltStr/Int, Crit, MasteryWaistQueen Azshara
Fleetwrecker’s GreavesStr/Int, Crit, VersLegsBlackwater Behemoth
Tide Goddess’s WargreavesStr/Int, Vers, MasteryLegsQueen Azshara
Sabatons of the Stalwart Str/Int, Haste, VersFeetAbyssal Commander Sivara
Coralshell WarbootsStr/Int, Crit, HasteFeetLady Ashvane



Cloak of Ill TidingsMastery, Critical StrikeCloakZa’qul 
Drape of the HatcherCritical Strike, HasteCloakOrgozoa 
Boralus Noble’s SealMastery, HasteRingLady Ashvane
Ring of the Highborne CourtierCritical Strike, MasteryRingThe Queen’s Court
Cursed Lover’s RingHaste, VersatilityRingQueen Azshara



Azshara’s Font of PowerAllQueen Azshara
Ashvane’s Razor CoralStrength & AgilityLady Ashvane
Dribbling InkpodStrength & AgilityOrgozoa 
Edicts of the FaithlessStrength & AgilityThe Queen’s Court
Phial of the Arcane TempestStrength & AgilityRadiance of Azshara
Vision of DemiseStrength & AgilityZa’qul 
Za’qul’s Portal KeyIntellectZa’qul 
Aquipotent NautilusIntellectLady Ashvane
Chain of SufferingTankZa’qul 
Bloodthirsty UrchinTankLady Ashvane
Luminous JellyweedHealerBlackwater Behemoth
Zoatroid Egg SacHealerOrgozoa 
Deferred SentenceHealerThe Queen’s Court
Shiver Venom RelicIntellect DPSAbyssal Commander Sivara
Leviathan’s LureIntellect DPSBlackwater Behemoth

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Azshara’s Eternal Palace Azerite Armor

The Azerite Traits have a huge influence on gameplay in this Expansion; they deal damage, heal, they give additional characteristics; change the basic principles of class abilities, etc. Considering this, Azerite armor is, probably, the most interesting loot in this new Raid. Helms, Shoulders, and Chests are able to interact with your Heart of Azeroth, granting you Azerite Powers. In addition, the 5th ring on Azerite Armor has appeared in Season 2. This ring always contains 2 spec-specific traits and is placed outside of the previous 4 rings.

Every armor type has 7 total pieces of Azerite Armor in the Raid. Each boss will drop one piece of Azerite Armor for each class, except for Queen Azshara. This is the full list of Azerite Armor Items:

HelmShoulder Chest
ClothHandmaiden’s Cowl of Sacrifice, Radiance of Azshara;
Incubator’s Bellcap, Orgozoa
Amice of the Reef Witch, The Queen’s Court;

Fathom-Feeder’s Mantle, Blackwater Behemoth

Robes of Sunken Nobility, Lady Asvane;

Siren Mystic’s Vestments, Abyssal Commander Sivara;

Vestments of Creeping Terror, Za’qul

LeatherHelm of Hideous Transformation, Lady Ashvane;

Helm of the Inexorable Tide, Abyssal Commander Sivara;

Shroud of Unmooring Whispers, Za’qul

Shoulderpads of Frothing Rage, Radiance of Azshara;

Tidal Drifter’s Shoulders, Orgozoa

Blackwater Shimmerscale Vest, Blackwater Behemoth;

Tunic of the Sycophant, The Queen’s Court

MailHood of Lightless Depths, Blackwater Behemoth;

Silivaz’s Skullguard, The Queen’s Court

Gardbrace of Fractured Reality, Za’qul;

Shoulderguards of Crushing Depths, Lady Ashvane;

Abyssal Commander’s Mantle, Abyssal Commander Sivara

Scalemail of Unnatural Selection, Orgozoa;

Servitor’s Heartguard, Radiance of Azshara

PlateGreathelm of the Tender, Orgozoa;

Warhelm of Dread Waters, Radiance of Azshara

Pauldrons of Fanatical Might, The Queen’s Court;

Trench Tyrant’s Shoulderplates, Blackwater Behemoth

Barnacle-Crusted Breastplate, Lady Ashvane;

Dark Passenger’s Breastplate, Za’qul;

Naga Centaur’s Shellplate, Abyssal Commander Sivara


Azshara’s Eternal Palace Azerite Traits

Azerite Armor that comes from Azshara’s Eternal Palace will come with one of three unique zone-traits.

Loyal to the End;

Undulating Tides;

Arcane Heart.


Azshara’s Eternal Palace Raid Essences

Essences – are new Heart of Azeroth slot system that works similar to Glyphs. A Player has 1 major slot and 2 minor slots. A Major slot provides a powerful active ability and Minor – passive effect. Essence socketed in a big golden socket slot apply both Major and Minor bonuses, while two small sockets only apply the minor ones.

Essences, just like gear items, have a variety of different quality ranks, and as you get a higher ranked essence, it is not necessarily a straight damage boost. It may provide more stats, additional charges or utility elements.

Unlike artifact traits from Legion Expansion, essences are more role-focused – they are meant for Tanks, Healers, and Damage Dealers. Some of them work only for a specific role. If you want to know more about new essences, welcome to our Heart of Azeroth – WoW Patch 8.2 Changes review.

Defeating one of the three Queen Azshara-related encounters will award you with a number of Aqueous Reliquary, which can be combined to create a Heart of Azeroth Essence. These bosses are:

The number of Aqueous Reliquary dropped will depend on the difficulty of the bosses killed:

  • LFR – 1;
  • Normal – 3;
  • Heroic – 6;
  • Mythic – 12.

You need 9 Aqueous Reliquary to create the Rank 1 Version of the Essence, 18 Aqueous Reliquary to create Rank 2, and about 36 Aqueous Reliquary to create Rank 3. The Essence that Aqueous Reliquary will create is based on your loot specialization.

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