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Items and loot

Common changes for Patch 8.1

  • Loot maximum item level will be limited by level 425 .
  • The maximum variety of weekly rewards from daily faction chests will be increased up to 385.
  • All the loot from Darkshore will be increased up to 15 ilvl but enemy power will be also increased by 15%.
  • There will be no new coins for additional loot – you will keep using the old ones.
  • Artifact knowledge is back! Every week the required Azerite level will be decreased by 30%.

Azerite armor changes

  • New azerite armor (looted anywhere), obtained in season 2, will have an additional 5th ring with traits.
  • There will be new traits depending on the location where armor is obtained. For example, armor from new raid Battle for Dazar’alor.

The best way to upgrade your Azerite Armor is visiting the new Heroic Raid – Battle for Dazar’alor.

Titan Residium

  • The amount of dust you can obtain from any source will be rapidly increased but only from 30th of January.
  • Vendors in capital cities will have a bigger variety of 400 and 415 ilvl items.
    Random 385 ilvl – 165
    Random 400 ilvl-  675
    Random 415 ilvl – 1725
    Specific 415 ilvl – 7150
  • Disenchanting 400 will give you 115 Titan Residium, and 415 – 365


Raid (Patch 8.1)

Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 Overview – What`s New?


Alliance will trick Horde in Nazimir that they will weaken  Dazar’alor’s defense. While raiding you will have a chance to play as both Alliance and Horde factions. The events which belong to your faction in the storyline will be witnessed as your faction. In the case where the event belongs to the other faction, you will have to play the event as your enemy faction. The whole raid will turn into the enemy faction including racial traits.

You will encounter significant characters like King Rastakhan, High Tinker Mekkatorgue and Jaina Proudmoore.



Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 Overview – What`s New?

23 January – The beginning of the second season, the release of Battle for Dazar’alor in Normal and Heroic difficulty.

30 January – The release of mythic difficulty and the first wing in “Looking for Raid” mode.

13 January –  The release of the second wing in “Looking for Raid” mode.

27 February – The release of the third wing in “Looking for Raid” mode.



  • Looking for raid 370+
  • Normal 385+
  • Heroic 400+
  • Mythic 415+

Allied races and war campaign

Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 Overview – What`s New?

Because raid has a lot of storyline events, Battle for Dazar’alor has become more connected to the plot. The events have to be seen by all players, so the future war campaign requires players to have all the raid wings opened in “Looking for Raid” option. After all the wings are available, the players can see how events of Battle for Dazar’alor changed factions. As a result – Kul’tiras finally will adjure Alliance and become an available allied race for this faction. Horde will have Zandalar as an allied race.

Every new raid is a new test for a WoW player. The best Guilds will pass raid Dazar’Alor in any difficulty with you regardless of your Raid.IO and other attributes of a successful raider.


Dungeons (Patch 8.1)

Rewards and difficulty

  • Item level of loot in all dungeons on any difficulty will be increased by 30 ilvl.
  • The difficulty of all modes will be increased by 30%.


Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 Overview – What`s New?

Seasonal affix “Infested” will be gone and the one which takes its place is “Reaping affix”. You can find all the information about the new affix here.

The new affix can be a problem if you do not understand the tactics. The easiest way to learn this during the passage of the dungeon with experienced players.



Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 Overview – What`s New?

The second season will again make players fight for prestigious rewards and PvP titles.

Conquest encounter will be restarted which means you will have to save up points from the start for weekly rewards.

  • Players will get “Quartermaster’s Coin” after reaching required conquest points amount. 10 Quartermaster’s Coins can be exchanged for a token which increases the level of any PVP item you choose.
  • Once a week, players will have an additional item drop chance or additional Quartermaster’s Coin after using additional coin drop in PVP.
  • Every week there will be different types of rewards. For example, players will be provided with a choice between different Azerite armor or different item slots.  
  • You will be able to check the requirements for weekly chests in the PvP tab in the interface.
  • Players with Veteran rank (2400+) will get temporary title “*class* – veteran” where class word will exchange for your class together with tabard. Gladiator Title is granted only after 50 wins on this rank. If you manage to win over 150 games and become one of the best players in 0.1% of Veteran rank, you will get “Sinister Gladiator” title.
  • If your title is “Brawler” or better after filling progress bar you will receive “Vicious Black Bonesteed / Vicious Black Warsaber”. After filling this bar one more time the reward will be “Vicious Saddle”.

You can boost your score and gain some conquest points if you are too lazy or have no time to do it again.


Battle for Azeroth Patch 8.1 Overview – What`s New?

New reagents

There will be 2 new reagents in the second season of BFA: Tidalcore and breath of Bwonsamdi.

There are  also similar ways of obtaining them:

  • TIdalcore can be obtained now in Heroic and mythic modes of BFA dungeons and it’s required for creating 385 ilvl items.
  • Breath of Bwonsamdi is dropped from raid bosses of Battle for Dazar’alor and required for creating 400 and 415 ilvl items.

If you need old reagents, go to Uldir, if you wonder where to get Tidalcore you should know all players who have crafting professions can learn the skill of turning new reagents into old reagents. You just need a basic level of skill.

If you want to obtain crafting professions, we recommend you to pay attention to professions which create your class type of armor. Engineering can be a very good choice because of unique traits. Jewelcrafting is amazing because you can craft a Ring with a guaranteed gem slot.

There is a really interesting new engineer recipe in Battle for Dazar’alor which drops from Mekkatorque Unstable Temporal Time Shifter.


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