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Greetings, traveler! Welcome to Overgear’s look at the newest addition to the World of Warcraft’s collection of battle pets. Continuing exploration of the Patch 8.2 – Rise of Azshara, in this article we will cover drop sources of the new pets from Mechagone and Nazjatar. There is a ton of content in both zones, including elite rares, a new dungeon and raid, battle pets, daily quests, and world quests. If you want to learn more about Mechagone, we have got that covered in the article 8.2 Patch: Mechagon – Location, Dungeon and Outdoor Content.

Mechagon Island

Wandering around Mechagon Island, you may notice some quite common tech – chicken robots Dismantled OOX-35/MG. You can easily find them by using a target macro:

/target Dismantled OOX-35/MG

Once you find one, you can repair it with 25 Spare Parts. There are 2 outcomes:  the repaired chicken will either follow you, return to Rustbolt, and activate a self-destruction sequence or it will grant you the pet – OOX-35/MG. This pet is cageable, meaning you can buy or sell it on the Auction House. A nice nod to Oglethorp Obnoticus and his robot chickens.

Drop from Rares

A number of pets are obtained from elite rares across Mechagon Island. These rares are part of Rest In Pistons achievement and they can be looted once per day.

Pet: Arachnoid Skitterbot / Arachnoid Skitterbot

Drops From: Mecharantula

Location: /way Mechagon Island 87.90 19.60

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Bonebiter / Bonebiter

Drops From: Bonepicker

Location: /way Mechagon Island 65.94 26.35

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Lost Robogrip / Lost Robogrip

Drops From: Malfunctioning Beastbot – Requires someone to enable it with Blueprint: Beastbot Powerpack

Location: /way Mechagon Island 60.65 42.22

Cageable: Yes

Junkyard Tinkering

Pascal-K1N6 – a robot-tinker who will assemble all sorts of technology if he has the right blueprints. There are two achievements based on creating items and collecting blueprints – Junkyard Architect and Junkyard Scavenger. Among all sorts of items created with the help of Pascal, there are multiple Battle Pets:

Pet: Microbot XD / Microbot XD

Blueprint: Quest Blueprint: Microbot XDBlueprint: Microbot XD

Cageable: Yes
Crafting materials:

S.P.A.R.E. Crate – x2

Energy Cell – x3

Chain Ignitercoil – x2


Pet: Utility Mechanoclaw / Utility Mechanoclaw

Blueprint: Quest Blueprint: Utility MechanoclawBlueprint: Utility Mechanoclaw

Cageable: Yes

Crafting materials:

S.P.A.R.E. Crate – x5

Energy Cell – x3

Chain Ignitercoil – x2


Wild Pets

«Doesn’t remember what it was originally programmed to do, just wants to battle other pets»

– Summarized Battle Pet collector experience.

There are several pets across Mechagone Island, and none of them can be caged. An achievement for capturing all wild pets on Mechagon Island is Mecha-Safari.

Legendary Pets

There are eight Legendary Pets that you can battle on Mechagon Island. Defeating them all grants the Mighty Minions of Mechagon achievement. First defeat of each pet also grants you an item that can be handed in for a 250 Rustbolt Resistance reputation reward. Eight pets will give you a total of 2000 reputation, allowing you to progress faster on the Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two achievement.

Each legendary pet also has a related world quest, which requires you to defeat that pet. World quest also rewards reputation along with battle-training stones such as Flying Battle-Training Stone and Marked Flawless Battle-Stone, Artifact Power, or Polished Pet Charm.

List of Legendary pets:

«Operation: Mechagon» Dungeon

Operation: Mechagon is a Mythic-only 8 boss mega-dungeon, currently offers six pets, four of them listed as wild caught and two are dropped from bosses.

Wild Pets

These mechanical creatures can be caught in the dungeon, none of them can be caged. They are located in both the upper and lower portions of the dungeon.

Pets from Bosses

Microbot 8D

Pet: Microbot 8D – He’s just so happy to be programmed to exist.

Drops from: HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit

Cageable: Yes

Golden Snorf

Pet: Golden Snorf – The birth of an exceptionally rare Golden Snorf was such an abnormality that not even King Mechagon could force himself to mechanize his beloved, fuzzy friend.

Drops from: King Mechagon

Cageable: Yes


Nazjatar is a massive zone with a lot of content. It is the core of the Nazjatar Empire and ruled by Queen Azshara and it is the place where the main plot of the Patch 8.2 will unfold. Given the scale of the location, its no wonder there will be a lot of battle pets. So, get your traps ready, soon you are going to be busy!


Nazjatar just went on the PTR and the sources of the most pets are yet to be revealed, mostly the information we have right now is from the datamines.

Nazjatar Battle Pets Map

This map shows the location of capturable wild battle pets (green numbers) needed for the achievement Nazjatari Safari, and Legendary ones (orange numbers), needed for the achievement Nautical Nuisances of Nazjatar. Let’s take a closer look:

  1. Abyssal Slitherling /way 44.05 60.13
  2. Sandclaw Pincher /way 43.73 63.96
  3. Glimmershell Scuttler /way 45.09 66.72
  4. Great Sea Albatross /way 48.58 71.16
  5. Elderspawn of Nalaada /way 51.12 74.77
  6. Deeptide Fingerling /way 48.07 75.16
  7. Bloodseeker /way 41.19 66.77
  8. Muck Slug /way 43.75 61.64
  9. Spireshell Snail /way 34.14 47.78
  10. Ravenous Scalespawn /way 29.61 49.66
  11. Pearlhusk Crawler (Cave) /way 49.59 50.36
  12. Giant Opaline Conch (Cave) /way 28.46 27.89
  13. Prince Wiggletail (Baby Naga) (Cave) /way 37.09 27.55
  14. Chitterspine Skitterling /way 43.04 23.70
  15. Voltgorger /way 38.13 16.56
  16. Shadowspike Lurker /way 42.19 14.02
  17. Hissing Chitterspine (Deep inside the cave) /way 42.19 14.02
  18. Kelpstone (Cave) /way 47.48 26.98
  19. Frenzied Knifefang (underwater cave) /way 58.17 26.74
  20. Mindshackle (Cave) /way 56.32 11.37
  21. Sandclaw Sunshell
  22. Chomp /way 71.87 51.16
  23. Silence /way 58.38 48.11

Drop from Rares

Amethyst Softshell

A number of pets are obtained from elite rares across Nazjatar. These rares are part of I Thought You Said They’d Be Rare? achievement and they can be looted once per day.

Pet: Amethyst Softshell

Drops From: Amethyst Spireshell

Location: (Rare Spawn) /way 60.65 33.54

Cageable: Yes

Brinestone Algan

Pet: Brinestone Algan

Drops From: Avarius

Cageable: Not


Pet: Budding Algan

Drops From: Rockweed Shambler

Cageable: Not

Caverndark Nightmare

Pet: Caverndark Nightmare

Drops From: Caverndark Terror

Location: Inside the Chitterspine Grotto

Cageable: Yes

Chitterspine Needler

Pet: Chitterspine Needler

Drops From: Needlespine

Location: (Cave) /way 56.34 11.40

Cageable: Yes

Coral Lashling

Pet: Coral Lashling

Drops From: Carnivorous Lasher

Cageable: Yes

Daggertooth Frenzy

Pet: Daggertooth Frenzy

Drops From: Daggertooth Terror

Location: (Fish in the Abyssal Pool) /way 48.48 20.73

Cageable: Yes

Glittering Diamondshell

Pet: Glittering Diamondshell

Drops From: Sandclaw Stoneshell

Location: (Crab with multiple spawn locations) /way 74.48 30.88

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Murgle

Drops From: King Gakula

Cageable: Yes

Necrofin Tadpole

Pet: Necrofin Tadpole

Drops From: Blindlight

Location: (Up only with World Quest, in the cave) /way 36.31 80.53

Cageable: Yes

Pearlescent Glimmershell

Pet: Pearlescent Glimmershell

Drops From: Iridescent Glimmershell

Location: (Rare Spawn) /way 46.64 52.53

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Sandkeep

Drops From: Sandcastle

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Scalebrood Hydra

Drops From: Scale Matriarch Gratinax

Location: /way 35.77 41.30

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Seafury

Drops From: Prince Typhonus

Location: /way 45.54 69.39

Cageable: Yes

Skittering Eel

Pet: Skittering Eel

Drops From: Vor’koth

Cageable: Yes

Spawn of Nalaada

Pet: Spawn of Nalaada

Drops From: Elderspawn Nalaada

Location: /way 51.60 75.22

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Stormwrath

Drops From: Prince Vortran

Location:(High in the air. Might require flying.) /way 42.63 74.28

Cageable: Yes


Pet: Wriggler

Drops From: Mirecrawler

Location:(Rare spawn) /way 60.94 50.43

Cageable: Yes


The Eternal Palace Raid

Azshara’s Eternal Palace is a new raid that consists of 8 encounters and will launch later after the release of Patch 8.2. Players will fight their way through an army of Naga and unimaginable monsters of the abyss to challenge Queen Azshara herself as the final boss.

Wild Pets

In the lightless trenches and chasms of the Great Sea, life still exists.


These battle pets can be caught in the dungeon, none of them can be caged.

Pets from Bosses

Lightless Ambusher

Pet: Lightless Ambusher – In the lightless caverns, a bright shell color doesn’t make you any worse at ambushing.

Drops from: Lady Ashvane

Cageable: Yes

Pet: Mindlost Bloodfrenzy

Drops from: Blackwater Behemoth

Cageable: Yes

Nameless Octopode

Pet: Nameless Octopode – The influence of the old gods on the aquatic life of Nazjatar is unmistakable, as many simply wander as mindless eyes of N’zoth.

Drops from: Za’qul

Cageable: Yes

Zanj'ir Poker

Pet: Zanj’ir Poker

Drops from: Azshara Chest

Cageable: Yes

Pets with Unknown Sources

There are a few pets from the PTR with yet unidentified sources, listed in the pet journal without any clarifications on how to obtain them. Most likely though, that these pets are going to be tied to Mechagon.


Chitterspine Devourer

Pet: Chitterspine Devourer

Sold by: Crafticus Mindbender & Dazzerian

Price: 30 Nazjatar Battle Commendation
Location: Nazjatar

Damplight Slug

Pet: Damplight Slug

Sold by: Atolia Seapearl

Price: 500 gold
Requires Revered with Unshackled faction
Location: Nazjatar

Drowned Hatchling

Pet: Drowned Hatchling

Sold by: Feylana the Handler

Price: 40 Prismatic Manapearl
Location: Nazjatar

Pearlescent Glimmershell

Pet: Pearlescent Glimmershell

Sold by: Artisan Okata and Finder Pruc

Price: 150 Prismatic Manapearl
Location: Nazjatar

Prismatic Softshell

Pet: Prismatic Softshell

Sold by: Speaker Utia

Price: 500 gold
Requires Revered with Ankoan faction
Location: Nazjatar


There are a few achievements tied to pet battles in the patch 8.2, both in Mechagon and in Nazjatar.


Mighty Minions of Mechagon

Nazjatari Safari

Nautical Nuisances of Nazjatar


Reward: a cute little Kelpfin, but just as the narrative says – don’t let the cuteness fool you. This little monster will jab your ankles the second you’re not looking.

You like pets, don’t you? Overgear gives you opportunity to boost your pet collection.

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