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Greetings, adventurer! Welcome to Overgear’s look at Mechagon – one of the two outdoor zones coming with the patch 8.2. While the main plot of the Battle for Azeroth expansion unfolds in Nazjatar, Mechagon is a smaller location, offering players more of «on the side» experience with a lot of activities in the outdoor zone, featuring a Mythic-only Operation: Mechagon 8-boss megadungeon along with the Robodrome arena.

Mechagon Island

Outdoor content

Mechagon and Nazjatar will both be endgame experiences that draw on the best elements of previous endgame grinds: the Timeless Isle, Argus, Tanaan Jungle, and the Broken Shore. Azshara’s domain of Nazjatar will be a little more typical, while Mechagon will be “what you might expect from a gnomish paradise,” it is more sandboxy, unpredictable, and akin to a playground.
– Ion Hazzikostas

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2Mechagon is an ancient gnomish city located on a hidden island. Mechagon will be available for players since day one of the Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara. The release is expected on May 28th (May 29 EU), 2019.
The main theme of Mechagon is tinkering and building. An island is filled with secret activities, puzzles, and all sorts of mechanical beings – even mechanical motospiders that are somehow capable of laying eggs. As for the local society, the Mechagnomes, their system of values is based on the number of robotic parts you have. Ruled by King Mechagon, they are following his vision of curing everyone of the Curse of Flesh, replacing their flesh with pure robotic parts.

Located northwest of Kul Tiras, Mechagon has a similar to Stormsong Valley landscape. Rustbolt area is the main questing hub, home to the Rustbolt Resistance – the faction we’ll be gaining reputation with throughout our Mechagon adventure. This area is located on the northeast of the island. Right there you will find most of the usual vendors, faction’s camps, quest givers and an entrance to the Operation: Mechagon dungeon. Southwest of Rustbolt, there is another major camp called Bondo’s Yard. Here you will find some of the new blueprints, charging station, scrapping mechanism, mechanocat painting station, and a few rare mobs. Some of you will notice a nice Overwatch reference there once you meet Roadtrogg and Junkbrat, WoW versions of Overwatch heroes Roadhog and Junkrat.

There are many projects scattered across the island – scavenge details along the way, rebuild mechanisms and turrets, and they will help you both against players and rare enemies. Usually, there are two construction projects per day on a daily rotation, including Reclamation Rig, Flame Turrets, Drill Rigs, and Launch Pads. To learn what projects are active each day, you should talk to  Waren Gearhart at Rustbolt. Contributing to construction projects 500 times will allow you to get a Deep Pockets achievement, which is a part of the Mechagon meta achievement Mecha-Done.

It is worth noting, that Mechagon is a War Mode compatible location, which opens the door for an outdoor PvP, just beware the guards within the hub, they do not tolerate hostility.


On the current PTR build there is only one World Quest per day in Mechagon, rewarding an epic scrap material, which we will talk about later.

Mechagon Visitors is one of the main features of the new zone. Every day different NPCs will arrive at Rustbolt and offer players daily quests. Among them Explorer’s League from Hearthstone: Elise Starseeker, Reno Jackson, and Sir Finley Mrrgglton; Chromie, asking players to check out an alternate timeline, and others. Completing quests from different visitors count towards Outside Influences achievement progression, which is a part of the Mechagon meta achievement Mecha-Done. As you continue to explore Mechagone you will find more quests and objectives!

Reputation Rewards

Rustbolt Resistance is a new faction of mechagnomes, banded against the forces of King Mechagon led by Prince Erazmin the son of King Mechagon. Throughout our Mechagon adventure, we will help them build up their base – Rustbolt, assist the rebellion cause and gain reputation needed for a meta-achievement Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two. Once you gain their trust, a Rustbolt Quartermaster will offer you some quite useful reputation rewards:






  • Rustbolt Resistor – Another unique mechanical mount. It costs 524,288 gold, which is the number of bytes in 512 kibibytes. A nice reference!


Spare Parts system and Blueprints

Spare Parts is a new currency system tied to pretty much every activity on Mechagon. There are different parts with different rarities available at this moment. Spare Parts are the most common of them and you will get them from, basically, everywhere and they have a guaranteed drop from mobs, meaning you can farm them whenever you want to. As the saying goes, easy come, easy go – these parts are used in everything as well. Energy Cells are rarer, you can get them from mobs and chests around Mechagon, and occasionally you will even find them just lying on the ground. Empty Energy Cells are more common, you can charge them using a charging station at Bondo’s Yard. And then there are two epic components – Galvanic Oscillator and Chain Ignitercoil. These are a very rare drop from mobs an chests, and they come as a reward from the only available so far world quest on Mechagon, one epic component daily. You can also purchase Chain Ignitercoil from   Cork Stuttguard for a 35,000 gold, in case you have some money to spare.

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2All mentioned crafting parts will be used on blueprints, as they are tied to Mechagon progression. You will work closely with Pascal-K1N6 – a robot-tinker who will assemble all sorts of technology if he has the right blueprints. Blueprints come from different sources: some are lying on the ground, while others drop from rares and chests, tied to achievements and some are bought from vendors. A number of blueprints will come from the Operation: Mechagon dungeon.

What is their functionality? You may ask. Using blueprints you will craft some gadgets that will help you while you are questing, some prints will allow you to craft rings and trinkets, as a part of a gear catch-up system. There is one unique Trinket you will unlock, and it is named the Pocket-Sized Computational Device. This trinket comes with three Punchcard sockets, allowing you to customize your trinket with any combination of Red, Yellow and Blue cards.

Red Punch Cards

  • Subroutine: Overlock: Chance on damage or healing to gain 10% haste.
  • Harmonic Dematerializer: On Use: Deal 7,363 damage to the target, and apply Harmonic Dematerializer’s damage to similar targets.
  • Cyclotronic Blast: On Use: Channel a cyclotronic blast, dealing 21,010 damage every 0.5 sec for 2.5 sec.

Requires Revered with the Rustbolt Resistance faction

Yellow Punch Cards

  • Forceful Adaptable Logic Board: 311 Critical Strike, 93 Versatility.
  • Forceful Refined Logic Board: 311 Critical Strike, 93 Mastery.
  • Optimized Efficient Logic Board: 311 Mastery, 93 Haste.

Blue Punch Cards

  • Supplemental Oxygenation Device: Increases your lung capacity by 1000%.
  • Remote Circuit Bypasser: Gain a Remote Circuit Bypasser, empowering your ability to manipulate Mechagon foes.
  • Friend or Foe Identifier: Track nearby Mechanical creatures.

Other blueprints will be used to summon rare elite monsters, unlock new vendors and even craft a new mechanocat mount. Speaking of mounts, let’s mention some of the mechanical wonders from Mechagon.

Mechagon Spider Mounts

Mechagon, being a tinker-paradise, may surprise you with unique mechanical mounts, using unique animations and mountspecials. For sure. it is not every day a robot you have been repairing for a while turns out to be a giant mechanical spider mount!

Rusty Mechanocrawler

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2

Drop: Rare elites in Mechagon, such as Arachnoid Harvester

Scrapforged Mechaspider – Reward from Quest: Drive It Away Today

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2

Zone: Mechagon

Mechagon Peacekeeper

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2

Drop: HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit, Mechagon Dungeon

If you would like to know all about the new mounts coming with the new Patch 8.2, Rise of Azshara, we have got that covered in the article WoW Patch 8.2 New Mounts and Changes.

Rare Elites Map

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2

There is a number of Rare Elites spread across both the present Mechagon and the alternate timeline, accessible via Chromie. Their respawn timers may vary, some only spawn when they are summoned, and some require multiple players to clear out the area for an elite to spawn. These Rare encounters are criteria for the achievement Rest in Pistons, that can be located under the Battle for Azeroth Exploration tab.


Some Rare Elites are yet to be found, as for those we know about already, take a look at the map:

  1. The Scrap King
  2. Killsaw
  3. Jawbreaker
  4. Arachnoid Harvester
  5. Rustfeather
  6. Rumblerocks
  7. Foul Manifestation
  8. Crazed Trogg (When he says he hates blue, go to Bondo’s Yard and stand in front of the Rustbolt Spraybot spewing blue paint at 63.38 41.59 – then return to Crazed Trogg. He will react and attack you. Do the same if he says he hates green or orange paint.)
  9. Bonepicker
  10. Mecharantula
  11. Armored Vaultbot (Kite him to Bondo’s Yard at the yellow circle located at 63.27 38.78. Loot the gold on the ground. Drops Blueprint: Vaultbot Key.)
  12. Mr. Fixthis
  13. Steel Singer Freza
  14. Seaspit (Drops Quest item: Blueprint: Rustbolt Kegeratorunlocks Rustbolt Inn.)
  15. Gear Checker Cogstar (Killing mobs in Junkwatt Depot triggers a broadcast text from Gear Checker Cogstar. The more you kill, he updates the broadcast until he spawns.)


  1. Boilburn Drill Rig DR-JD41 (Drops Quest item: Blueprint: Scrap Trap.)
  2. Enforcer KX-T57.
  3. Ol’ Big Tusk Drill Rig DR-TR28.
  4. Gemicide Drill Rig DR-JD99.
  5. Earthbreaker Gulroc Drill Rig DR-TR35.
  6. Caustic Mechaslime Drill Rig DR-CC73 (After drilling at The Outflow 66.40 58.84, he is underground.)
  7. Gorged Gear-Cruncher Drill Rig DR-CC61 (After drilling at The Heaps 72.63 53.85, he is underground.) Very Rare spawn.
  8. The Kleptoboss Drill Rig DR-CC88 (after drilling at The Heaps 68.38 48.14, he is underground.) Very Rare spawn.
  9. Mechagonian (Nullifier Minions that spawn when Drill Rig DR-JD99 starts (59.81 67.05) have a chance to drop Smashed Transport Relay. This is where Gemicide spawns. That item summons Mechagonian Nullifier when you combine Hyperbolic Circuit, a Transference Disc, and an Energy Cell to repair the relay that summons him. It is placed on the Hackable Nullifier Relay (56.88 52.10) in Junkwatt Depot).


  1. Motobrain Spider
  2. The Rusty Prince (Only spawns in Future Mechagon.)


  1. Uncle T’Rogg
  2. Paol Pondwader (Unknown if Construction Projects are needed, but he showed up during Flame Turrets & Reclamation Device.)


Mechagon meta achievement Mecha-Done is the main reason to complete Mechagon content, and it is consists of six achievements:

Once you complete all the achievements listed above, you will get the meta achievement Mecha-Done and a great reward – Keys to the Model W, a unique mount, different from anything you’ve seen before in WoW.

Flying in Mechagon

Battle for Azeroth Pathfinder, Part Two achievement progression will begin with the launch of 8.2 and will require Revered with two new factions – Rustbolt Resistance from Mechagon and Ankoan from Nazjatar for the Alliance, or Unshackled from Nazjatar for the Horde. Upon completion of all the achievement requirements, you will be able to fly on all outdoor zones, including Mechagon and Nazjatar – rejoice!

Mechagon Dungeon

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2

Operation: Mechagon is a Mythic-only 8 boss mega-dungeon, in line with Karazhan from the patch 7.1. The dungeon entrance is located at Rustbolt. We can safely assume that later, perhaps in patch 8.3, the dungeon will likely be split into two separate parts, just like Karazhan, and Mythic+ mode will be enabled. This mega-dungeon should be treated more like a 5-man raid than just a dungeon – bosses will require strategy rather than a simple zerg. Overall, the dungeon is more focused on bosses and have a little trash. In the second half of the dungeon lack of trash is compensated with traps, such as spinning blades, flamethrowers and who knows what else!? (Expect «Only the Penitent…» 2.0?)

Operation: Mechagon consists of the 8 following encounters:

King Gobbamak


Trixie & Naeno

HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit

Tussle Tonks The Mechgineers of Mechagon test their mettle and their metal by battling with customized robots. Normally these Tonks battle each other for glory, but when Mechagon is invaded by adventurers they work together to repel the fleshy intruders.

K.U.-J.0. – Mechagon dumps all its refuse into pipes that lead into the Under Junk. There, Trash Mistress Wendy Cogsworth works the cranes and mechacopters, sorting and organizing. Meanwhile, her loyal guard dog keeps out the Junker Gnomes that intend to steal valuable components. When the adventurers slide into the Under Junk it’s up to K.U.-J.0. to keep them from entering Mechagon City.

Machinist’s Garden – Beautiful and dangerous, the metallic gardens of Mechagon animate to defend the city from invaders.

King Mechagon – Maniacal as he is brilliant, King Mechagon clings to the idea that all organic life is fragile and weak. Ready to be purged from Azeroth once and for all. Now that he controls Mimiron’s Workshop, nothing will stand in his way.

Dungeon Loot

As for the loot item level, we can assume that Mechagon loot will be relative to Normal or even Heroic Azshara’s Palace. Once you take a look at the Operation: Mechagon loot table, you will notice a new type of set system implemented within the ring slots. It gives players the ability to create customizable set bonuses using two categories of items: the first is triggers (Logic Loops), setting up the conditions, and the second is benefits (Bit Bands). Used together, they allow you to create a custom effect, using one Logic Loop and one Bit Band. For example, Logic Loop of Maintenance together with Protecting Bit Band gives you a custom effect: «If you activate an ability while your health is below 50%  then you absorb the next 59595 Magic damage within 8 sec».

Logic Loops drop from HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit, and Bit Bands drop from Head Machinist Sparkflux.

Logic LoopsBit Bands
Logic Loop of Maintenance – If you activate an ability while your health is below 50%…Overclocking Bit Band – …then you gain 198 Haste for 15 sec.
Logic Loop of Division – If you deal Shadow, Frost, or Nature damage…Shorting Bit Band – …then you deal 46519 Nature damage to a nearby enemy.
Logic Loop of Synergy – If you heal a target whose health is below 50%…Protecting Bit Band – …then you absorb the next 59595 Magic damage within 8 sec.
Logic Loop of Recursion – If you deal Holy, Fire, or Arcane damage…Rebooting Bit Band – …then you heal up to 5 injured allies for 11628.

Continuing experiments with unusual proc-based items from Crucible of Storms, Operation: Mechagon brings even more items with interesting procs, including wrists with on-use effects:


Hyperthread Wristwraps – Use: Reduce the remaining cooldown of your 3 most recently cast spells by 5 sec. (2 Min Cooldown.)
Drop: King Mechagon


Wraps of Electrostatic Potential – Use: Fire a lead at your enemy target dealing 1362 Nature damage to them every 1 sec for 8 sec as long as you remain within range.] (1 Min Cooldown.)

Drop: Trixie & Naeno


Gold-Coated Superconductors – Equip: Taking Nature damage increases your Critical Strike, Haste, Mastery, and Versatility by 57 for 60 sec.

Drop: Tussle Tonks


Greaves of Acid Resistance – Attacks from Ooze and Slime creatures have a 10% chance to deal 50% reduced damage to you.

Drop: Gunker

Anodized Deflectors – Use: Gain 201 Parry and 122 Avoidance for 6 sec. After 6 sec, emit a shockwave in front of you for 4579 damage. (1 Min Cooldown.)

Drop: King Mechagon


Salvaged Incendiary Tool – Equip: Your melee attacks have a chance to ignite your enemy with fusion fire, dealing 4140 Fire damage over 4 sec.
Drop: Gunker

Fusion Hacker – Equip: Your melee attacks have a chance to ignite your enemy with fusion fire, dealing 4140 Fire damage over 4 sec.
Drop: HK-8 Aerial Oppression Unit

Neural Synapse Enhancer – Use: Zap yourself, gaining 737 Intellect for 15 sec. (45 Sec Cooldown.)
Drop: Machinist’s Garden


Mountebank’s Colorful Cloak – Once per long rest, returns you to Hearthstone Location. Speak to an Innkeeper in a different place to change your home location. (1 Day Cooldown.)
Drop: Trixie & Naeno

Trashmaster’s Mantle – Equip: Don the mantle of the Trashmaster. Perhaps related to the new Trashmaster title.
Drop: K.U.-J.0.


Modular Platinum Plating – Gain 4 stacks of Platinum Plating for 30 sec, increasing your Armor by 106. Receiving more than 10% of your health from a Physical damage effect will remove one stack of Platinum Plating. (2 Min Cooldown.)
Drop: Tussle Tonks

Ingenious Mana Battery – Use: Channel to store 5000 mana in the Ingenious Mana Battery, up to a max of 25000. (1 Min Cooldown.)
Equip: While your mana is above 50%, gain 114 Versatility, increased by up to 200% by the mana stored in the battery. While your mana is under 50%, siphon 5000 mana every 5 sec from the Ingenious Mana Battery into your mana pool.
Drop: Machinist’s Garden

Azerite Helms

The Azerite helms from the final boss King Mechagon have the special trait Person-Computer Interface that increases the effectiveness of Red Punchcards and Yellow Punchcards in your equipped Pocket-Sized Computation Device trinket by 50%.

Cloth – Inventor’s Ingenious Trifocals

Leather – Mekgineer’s Mindbending Headgear

Mail – Psychogenic Prognosticator’s Lenses

Plate – Apogee Inventor’s Goggles

Mechagon Arena

Mechagon – Location, Dungeon, Outdoor Content and Rewards in WoW Patch 8.2

Patch 8.2 brings into the game a brand new arena – The Robodrome. First introduced as the Mechagon Arena during the BlizzCon 2018, and now it’s almost ready to open its doors for the combatants. The new arena is a circle-shaped one, designed in a style of gnomish buildings of the Mechagon. There are 3 platforms in the center of the arena, you can get on top of one from behind, unlike other ones. They work more like pillars and you can hide behind them.
Certain UI elements such as Arena Statistics window have been updated, and it is most likely that Battlegrounds statistics window will be updated in the same manner.

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