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Through the black waters of the Eternity Well, a huge figure of Sargeras with a broken sword in this hand was already visible. Dragon Soul was helping him. To prove his greatness, the youngest of the Stormrage brothers willingly brought the artifact to the evil. The Old Gods were helping him. With Burning Legion coming forth, they hoped to get Azeroth back and pop everyone of a lesser kind, including the fallen titan himself. The Queen Azshara and the rest of the highborn were helping him. They thought that under Sargeras the high elves would be the only race to rule on the planet. Everyone had their own motives to help the evil, become the evil, or keep being it. Once you let it loose, a mist will cover your eyes, through which no light, beauty, or love can be seen. But love doesn’t need watching. It lives invisible and doesn’t remind of itself until it’s necessary. It comes always on time, just like it came to Illidan in times of a discernible darkness. After Tyrande almost died before his eyes, the elf found his true path and went by the route of salvation of Azeroth.

They fought their way to the Eternity Well through the masses of demons. Illidan kept telling Tyrande about an enchantment that will consume the servants of Sargeras and save Kalimdor from its doom. What drives him? What powers help him through? Tyrande didn’t know the answers. She couldn’t recognize a childhood friend in this desperate elf.

Feeling a near coming of his master, Archimonde concentrated all his forces for a final battle. He knew that the elves would not last before his great army and even greater cruelty. A former guard master and the head of the elven army, Jarod Shadowsong, knew it as well but was preparing for the battle all the same. All of a sudden, as if to break his determination, rangers reported some unseen huge creatures approaching the elf camp from the rear. Tauren, which had joined the army of Azeroth not long before that, didn’t even think of standing against the fearsome creatures and were right to so. Cenarius, the Lord of the Forests and the Master of Druids, was leading the beasts: formidable Aviana, bear-brothers Ursoc and Ursol, giant boar Agamaggan, and other the most ancient habitants of Azeroth, who couldn’t stand aside from the war determining the future of their homeland.

The new allies were tearing down the enemies on the ground and in the air: Agamaggan was cutting through the rows of demons as a knife; Aviana was protecting the elves from deadly bats, but the troops of Burning Legion didn’t seize to come forward. They didn’t care how to die, under the arrows of the night elves or from the hands of their master Archimonde. Even the dragons having flown to the battlefield didn’t shake the demons’ determination, who slew the greatest protectors of Azeroth one by one. In those minutes of desperation, an enormous white stag revealed himself. He had the power unrivaled by any warrior of Kalimdor. Before his sight, the demons ran in panic and couldn’t hurt him by no means. It was Malorne — father of Cenarius and the very nature of Azeroth. To halt the panic and retreat of the demons, Archimonde decided to fight the stag back himself. The battle turned out to be the perfection of the weapon war: Archimonde killed the enemy breaking his neck. A perfection of greed and hypocrisy war was still to burst out within the walls of Zin-Azshari.

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