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Game mechanics in “World of Warcraft” change Expansion after Expansion and “Battle for Azeroth” is not the exception – the PvP Mode System for Open World has been modified. This time, we speak about its latest version – the War Mode. In this review we will learn what advantages this new Mode brings to Players, how it works and what it looks like.


What is War Mode?

War mode in Battle for Azeroth

Apart from other important changes concerning the PvP System, the “Battle for Azeroth” expansion has brought us a new Open World PvP Mode that is called War Mode. This lets Players take part in PvP battles outdoors all over Azeroth and get additional rewards for being on the alert all the time. Players get access to special PvP Talents as well.

You may toggle this Mode in your Character’s Talent Panel but only in the Capital City of your Faction. Notice that you will be able to interact only with those Players, who have their War Mode ON too, so make sure your friends have toggled it as well.


War Mode Bonuses

  • Access to all PvP Talents in the outdoor World, regardless of being engaged in PvP combat or not. You will find many of them to be quite useful while leveling.
  • +10% experience boost while leveling. As Patch 8.1 went live, War Mode Call to Arms is increasing the experience buff from 10% to 30% for players of the under-represented faction. In addition, the outnumbered faction receive a weekly quest to slay 25 level 120 players for ilvl 370 gear and 1000 of Artifact Power.
  • +10% World Quest reward bonuses at maximum level.
  • Ability to earn Conquest Points, which count towards a weekly progress bar for special gear rewards.
  • Completion of PvP achievements.


Dismounting Enemy Players

If the opposite Faction representative passes by being mounted do not wait any second longer – catch him with a Net-o-Matic 5000 (works only with War Mode enabled by both characters). Your enemy will be dismounted and you may care about the rest. Sometimes you may win the combat without even starting it – with this Net you can dismount other players even if they use flying mounts and in this case, they just have to be high enough to die simply by falling down! The item does not work for Druids in Flight Form, however.


War Mode Honor Points

You will be granted with additional Honor Points by killing Players of the opposite Faction in War Mode.

  • Killing regular Players of the enemy Faction grants 6 bonus Honor.
  • Killing Assassin-level Players (those that have killed 10 players without dying) grants an additional 30 points of Honor.

You will also get a special Buff after killing ten enemy Players. This Buff increases damage and healing for 15%, making you even more dangerous to others. Use this superiority with great relish, but remember that this Buff will be cancelled immediately as you die or use any Portal.


PvP Talents

War mode in Battle for AzerothThe PvP Talent System reminds the one from the “Legion” Expansion, but differs by sight and technically. Players have an option of choosing four PvP Talents (in contrast to six as it was in “Legion”), one of which is your favorite PvP Trinket. Yet the fundamental difference is the possibility to use selected PvP Talents in the Outdoor World, regardless of being engaged in PvP combat or not.

Talents are usable only when War Mode is active and it’s possible to change them to others only in resting areas or with the help of Tome of the Quiet Mind.


Other Rewards

Completing the “Conqueror of Azeroth” meta-achievement grants you Conqueror’s Scythemaw mount and a suitable “Conqueror of Azeroth” title.



Some Achievements are connected directly to the War Mode and are parts of the big meta-achievement “Conqueror of Azeroth”.


Patch 8.1 added more Achievements that require you to have War Mode enabled:

  • Supplied and Ready – Loot the Secret Supply Chests in Kul Tiras and Zandalar during an active Assault while in War Mode.
  • Frontline Veteran – Complete all six Alliance/Horde Assaults in War Mode.
  • Frontline Slayer – Kill 50 Alliance/Horde players during an Assault on Kul Tiras or Zandalar.
  • Azerfighter – Kill 5 players of the opposite faction while you are under the effects of an Unstable Azerite Flare.
  • Boxing Match – Slay a Burly Deckhand without losing your Extra Buff Peon during the Zuldazar Assault world quest “Crate n’ Barrel” in War Mode.


War Mode Bounties

You get Damage and Healing Bonuses after you killed ten enemy Players in War Mode, but if you continue to slay others you will soon find out that a bounty in the form of additional Honor Points has been placed on your head. Know that you will have to confront those who would like to get this reward and there will probably a lot of them… and they may even succeed in this. Do not try to hide – your current position will be shown on a Zone Map for everyone. So if you are a brave soul fight with Honor all by yourself or cut your enemies into pieces with friends’ help and don’t forget that in war all means are good.

You may choose to become a bounty-hunter yourself as well. You will get a Bounty Hunting Achievement for looting 10 bounties from slain Players while within War Mode.


Dueler’s Guild

The art of duel reaches a new level in the “Battle for Azeroth” Expansion. In the new Dueler’s Guild, you may fight with either your friends or other Players from your Faction, get Achievements and other rewards. The Guild is located in Hook Point, Boralus for the Alliance and in The Mugambala, Zuldazar for the Horde. Only 120 leveled Characters with the enabled War Mode may participate in Guild battles. Players have to talk to a Guard to queue a Duel.



The First Rule of Dueler’s Guild – Participate in a duel in the Dueler’s Guild.

Trial by Combat – Win a duel in the Dueler’s Guild.

Contender – Win 25 duels in the Dueler’s Guild.

Dueling Master – Win 50 duels in the Dueler’s Guild.

Prize Fighter – Win 3 consecutive duels without leaving the Dueler’s Guild.

Thirty Six and Two – Defeat each class in duels in the Dueler’s Guild.

Master of Duels – meta-achievement consisted of Dueling Master, Prize Fighter and Thirty Six and Two.



Players will get Dueler’s Tabard and “Contender” title for fulfilling the Dueling Master and Master of Duels Achievements’ conditions accordingly. It’s easier and faster to do the most difficult Achievements together with friends, especially if they have the gaming classes you need.

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