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Torghast is a new feature in the Shadowlands expansion, designed for 1 player of a group of up to 5 players. In a way, you can see that as some evolution of Visions of N’zoth from Patch 8.3.

Essentially, the Torghast is an endless dungeon, and the further you go, the stronger opponents you face, but you also become stronger. The progression system in Torghast is represented as floors. The higher you climb, the harder the walkthrough is. The layout of the Torghast, appearance, and enemies are different for each visit. As you progress through, you will receive various buffs in the form of Anima Powers, which will improve your abilities, give you new ones, increase your stats, and more.

But the most important thing about the Torghast existence is its connection to the crafting of Legendary items in the Shadowlands. In case you haven’t heard, legendary items in Shadowlands will be obtained through the new crafting system, and Torghast is an integral part of the process.

Participation in Torghast does not have time restrictions, the only limitation is the number of deaths.

How to get into Torghast 

Torghast is located inside the Maw, and the access there is locked only behind the questline. 

Upon reaching level 60 and joining the covenant, the following covenant questline will send you to the Torghast. We won’t go into details of the questline, as it would contain many storyline spoilers.

What you need to remember, is that you won’t have to farm any keys in the future to get access to Torghast, as it was with the Horrific Visions of N’zoth. Torghast will be open for you at any time, and will not time limit you in any way during your walkthrough.

Torghast Mechanics

The first thing you should know is that you won’t be able to change your gear, talents, or specialization in Torghast. The Jailer’s Chains debuff will constantly remind you about that. However, at the beginning of every third floor, you will find an area hidden under the dome – Refuge of the Damned, which will cancel the debuff and allow you to make some adjustments.

The second thing you should get familiar with is the interface of Torghast.

Torghast UI

During the Torghast walkthrough, you will see a new element on your screen, which is located at the usual space for quest information. It will display all the information you need to know.

Torghast Overview

  1. Current Floor
  2. Death Counter
  3. Phantasma Available
  4. Interactive menu listing your Anima Powers
  5. Deployed Anima Powers menu

What is the Phantasma and what is it used for? What is Anima Power? You will find answers to these questions down below.

Anima Powers

As we already said, enemies in Torghast will get stronger with each floor. But you will also become stronger. Your strength will increase with the help of Anima Powers. These are bonuses that can enhance your abilities, increase your stats, activate additional talents in the talent tiers, and much more. Most of the Anima Powers can stack up. It should be noted, that these powers come in different qualities: uncommon, rare, and epic The colors are green, blue, and purple, respectively.

Torghast Overview

Anima Powers can be obtained in two ways:

  1. Mobs drop the dark spheres, which upon interaction offers you 2 to 3 Anima buffs to choose from.
  2. Buy from the vendor on the intermission floor, with the Phantasma.

Phantasma is a currency that drops from all enemies and from destroying various phylacteries across the floors. Phantasma accumulates a remains for each Torghast run separately, so you will start each Torghast run with 0 Phantasma. 

Phantasma is spent exclusively on various enhancements from the vendor. You can buy either random Anima Powers or specific ones. The list of specific powers is generated differently each time.

Anima powers drop from mobs in the form of a big dark sphere. Interacting with it opens up a menu with a choice of Anima Powers. If you are not sure what to choose at the moment, you can simply minimize the menu and choose the desired effect later on.

Torment Effects

The higher you progress, the greater difficulties you will encounter. The Jailer will either put debuffs on you or empower your opponents. For example, every 40 seconds additional mobs are spawned, and they will hunt you down. With each floor, the HP bar of these enemies will increase by 10%. Or, another example: with each floor enemies will inflict 3% increased magic damage.

Death Counter

As we mentioned earlier, your Torghast runs will be limited only by a certain number of deaths. But even upon reaching the limit, you can still successfully finish the run.

The number of allowed deaths depends on the number of people in the group:

  • Solo: 5 deaths
  • 2 Players: 8 deaths
  • 3 Players: 10 deaths
  • 4 Players: 13 deaths
  • 5 Players: 15 deaths

It is worth noting, that these death counters are for the entire party, and not per each member. However, you can increase the counter with an Obscuring Essence Potion.

But what happens if you reach the limit?

As soon as you hit the limit, a 30 seconds countdown will start. At the end of the countdown, The Tarragrue will spawn at the beginning of the floor. That is a slow, huge, and deadly enemy that will kill the players instantly upon reaching them. After that, it will be impossible to avoid him, which essentially brings your journey through the Torghast to an end. If you manage to finish the floor before The Tarragrue reaches you, he will not be present on the next floor, but the first death will start the countdown again.

Torghast System

In this section, we will take a look at the Torghast’s environment, analyze its layout, and explain what you need to do.

First things first, let’s take a look at the map:

Torghast Overview

This is the beginning of your Torghast run. It’s the central hall from which you can access all the paths:

  1. The Runecarver’s Chamber. It is here that you will bring all your materials to craft Legendary gear.
  2. Three branches at the top and 3 branches on the left are the main Wings of the Torghast where you will earn the Soul Ash required to craft Legendary items.
  3. Three branches below are the Twisting Corridors, a separate wing where you can obtain various cosmetic awards, and the mount – Corridor Creeper. That is the only mount that can be used in the Maw.  

Torghast Layers

Since the main purpose of visiting Torghast is to farm Soul Ash, let’s take a closer look at the structure of the six main Wings.

Torghast Overview

  • Each Wing is divided into 8 Layers
  • Each layer is divided into 6 Floors
  • 3rd Floor is always the intermission, without enemies and with a vendor
  • 6th Floor is always with the boss and with a vendor
  • Floors 1,2,4,5 always end with the Elite mob guarding the portal to the next floor.

Finishing each layer will reward you with a fixed amount of Soul Ash. The maximum amount per week is 1200. This amount can be reached only if you complete both weekly Wings, 8 layers in each one.

Subsequent Torghast runs are going to be faster because the system allows you to start at the maximum reached layer from the previous week. Meaning, that if you completed all 8 layers of the Wing, you can immediately start the 8th layer and get the maximum amount of Soul Ash upon its completion, which is 600 per Wing.

In total, there are 6 Wings available:

  1. Skoldus Hall
  2. Fracture Chambers
  3. Soulforges
  4. Coldheart Interstitia
  5. Mort’regar
  6. The Upper Reaches

Only two of the six Wings will be active each week.

Twisting Corridors

As we have already mentioned, Twisting Corridors are separate Torghast levels where you can obtain cosmetic rewards and Corridor Creeper mount. Twisting corridors are represented by three wings. Inside the wing, you won’t have to complete layers in stages, because it’s a single run through 18 floors. Floors are chosen in groups, 6 from different main Torghast wings.

Torghast Playthrough

Phantasma usage

Phantasma is a currency that drops from all enemies and from destroying various phylacteries across the floors. It can be spent at the vendor on the third and sixth floors of any layer. Here are some examples of the powers you can buy:

Plundered Anima Cell for 150 Phantasma. Use: summon an Anima Cell, allowing you and your allies to select a random Anima Power.
Ravenous Anima Cell for 250 Phantasma. Transform any non-elite enemy into an Anima Cell.

Obscuring Essence Potion for 100 Phantasma. Increases the available death count by 1.

Blinding Smoke Capsules for 100 Phantasma. Decreases the aggro radius of the target, allowing you to sneak past.

Rejuvenating Siphoned Essence for 35 Phantasma. A local health and mana potion that can only be used in the Torghast.

Fleeting Frenzy Potion for 125 Phantasma. A potion that increases all damage done by 30%. Can only be used in combat. The effect ends upon leaving the combat.


In addition to those goods, the vendor will have a set of random powers, both general and class-specific. For example, an increase of the maximum health, or some other characteristics.


Souls of Torghast

During the run, you will encounter friendly souls in chains. You can interact with them and do as you wish:

  • Free them. As a reward, you will receive a new currency – Freed Soul, which is required to advance your covenant Sanctum.
  • Sacrifice the soul to receive a temporary buff Soulbound Armaments.


You will find them everywhere across the Torghast. You can break them by interacting or with your abilities. It’s one of the two sources of Phantasma.


At the beginning of some floors, you will find a friendly NPC, whom you can free. After that he will ask you a favor – usually, it is to find some item on the current floor. As a reward, you will get Phantasma and the Anima Cell.


During the Torghast runs, you can come across various puzzles, solving which, you can get different rewards.
Types of the puzzles:

  • Find the key to the chest
  • Enter the right combination of runes to open the chest
  • Press on the plates in the right order
  • Restore the correct order of the levers to open the chest

Rare mobs

On some floors, you can come across a special rare enemies, marked as Elite. Defeating them will get you a great amount of Phantasma and a guaranteed Anima Cell with unique Anima Powers.

Boss Encounters

On the top floor of each layer, you will face the final boss. At the entrance, there is a vendor, so you can spend all the Phantasma obtained earlier. Given that you have a lot of Anima Powers, the fight should not cause any big problems. The defeated boss will drop some loot (remains to be unknown yet, there is a placeholder loot on the Beta), Soul Ash for Legendary crafting, and Anima Cell with epic-quality Powers.

Torghast Rewards

Let’s summarize the rewards that you can get from Torghast:

Torghast Legendaries

The main role of Torghast in empowering your character is crafting and upgrading of the Legendary items. As we already know, the main reagent for the crafting can be obtained in the Torghast wings – the Soul Ash. Crafting a basic piece of Legendary gear will require 1250 Soul Ash. This means that the full weekly completion of the Torghast will give one more legendary item to your collection per 2 weeks.

To craft the Legendary gear you will need:

  1. Get a recipe for the Legendary effect. The sources are very different. It can be a drop from the dungeons, raids, PvP, reputation, achievements.
  2. You will need to create or buy a blank – a Base item. These are crafted with the professions – Blacksmithing, Leatherworking, Tailoring, and Jewelcrafting.
  3. Visit the Runecarver in Torghast. He will combine all the reagents to create the legendary item.

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