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Season 1 of Shadowlands is the first time since Legion where new affixes will be added to the Affix Rotation. You’ll get to experience all the affixes in the 8 brand new Shadowlands dungeons.

Prideful Seasonal AffixShadowlands Season 1 Mythic+

With a new Season comes a new Seasonal Affix, which will automatically be applied to all Keystones Level 10 or higher. For Shadowlands Season 1, this affix is Prideful. Compared to other Seasonal affixes, Prideful has relatively low impact throughout the dungeon, as players will already need to learn all the new dungeons.

Similar to the BFA Season 2 Seasonal Affix, Reaping, at every 20% Enemy Forces (also known as Trash Count), players will spawn a Manifestation of Pride near their location. Manifestation of Pride has a base health of ~189k and will scale up with key level (~30% of bosses’ health). If the group happens to drop combat with the Manifestation of Pride, through death or other means, it will return to its spawn location and will remain at its current health. You’ll get a maximum of 5 spawns throughout the dungeon. 

In addition to melee’ing the highest threat target, Manifestation of Pride only has 2 abilities.

Manifestation of Pride will cast Bursting With Pride, dealing 384 base damage (scaling with key level) to all players every 2 seconds and gaining a stack of Bursting With Pride increasing its AoE damage by 40% per stack.

  • This slowly ramps the party damage until the Manifestation of Pride is defeated.
  • If the party wipes, and the Manifestation of Pride drops combat, the stacks will reset. Once it’s reengaged, the stacks will continue to ramp once again.

The Manifestation of Pride‘s other ability is Belligerent Boast which is cast every 7 seconds.

  • This applies a debuff for 4 seconds to a random member of the party. Note that this debuff doesn’t actually deal any damage.
  • While the debuff is counting down, 4 red lines can be seen around the player indicating the direction that missiles will fire when the debuff expires.
  • The origin point of the missiles is the debuffed player, so if they move, so will the trajectory of the missiles.
  • However, the missiles seem to always point in the cardinal directions (North, East, South and West), so turning your character does not change the direction of the missiles.
  • After 4 seconds, the missiles will fire outwards dealing high damage and stunning anyone hit with Belligerent Boast for 2 seconds. However, the stun can be Magic Dispelled

When the Manifestation of Pride dies all nearby players will gain the Prideful, increasing their damage and healing by 30%, movement speed by 60% and restoring 5% mana every second for 60 seconds.

Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+

New Shadowlands Affixes

Inspiring Affix

Inspiring – Some non-boss enemies have an inspiring presence that strengthens their allies.

The Inspiring Affix works very similar to the Emissary of the Tides from the Seasonal affix Beguiling, except that this time the Inspiring Presence is applied to seemingly random existing mobs in the dungeon. These mobs appear to be fixed from dungeon run to dungeon run. However, they will probably change from week to week.Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+

Random mobs will be infected by Inspiring Presence and highlighted with a gold glow around their model, which will make it easier to indicate them. Any other creatures within 15 yds will have the Inspired, making them immune to CC effects.

Just like Tide Emissaries, you’ll have to decide if you want to CC the Inspired creature, so that you can use interrupts or just pull it altogether because CC’s don’t matter.

Spiteful Affix

Spiteful – Fiends rise from the corpses of non-boss enemies and pursue random players.

The Spiteful Affix is very similar to the Thing From Beyond corruption except every player can see the NPC. Whenever any mob dies, it will summon a Spiteful Shade creature nearby that will fixate a random player.

  • The Spiteful Shade has about 100k health at a baseline and will scale based on key level.
  • It has the passive All-Consuming Spite which makes it lose 8% of its health every second that it’s alive.
  • It does nothing but melee very hard, currently around 2-3 times the melee damage of regular creatures in the dungeon. The damage also appears to scale its damage with key level.
  • The Spiteful Shade can be Crowd Controlled using stuns, slows and knocks.

Due to its high melee damage, you’ll likely be looking to kite these as much as possible. Since they lose 8% of their health every second, you don’t actually need to put damage into them and can just run away. This will likely make this affix a little harder for melee, and it may even be worth killing the mobs at the same time and running away from the Spiteful Shades together.

Storming Affix

Storming – While in combat, enemies periodically summon damaging whirlwinds.

The Storming Affix is very similar to Volcanic in that they’re both environment mechanics. Random Tornadoes will spawn around enemy creatures while in combat.

  • The initial starting location will be indicated by a grey swirly on the floor for 2 seconds.
  • It will then revolve around in a spiral for about 10 seconds before disappearing.
  • Getting hit by a Tornado will cause you to take damage and be knocked back a small distance.
  • Multiple Tornadoes can be active at the same time.

Compared to Volcanic which only targets players at range, this seems to affect players in melee since it spawns around enemy creatures. The maximum number of tornadoes will scale with the number of mobs present in the pull.

Removed Affixes

Shadowlands Season 1 completely removes two affixes from the affix rotation. However, Blizzard has mentioned that these may return in the future.

Retuned Affixes

  • Bursting
    • Now a Magic effect that can be dispelled.
    • Damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level up to +15, rather than a % of players’ maximum health.
  • Volcanic
    • Now deals 20% health (down from 40%).
    • Added functionality: Players hit are now knocked high into the air.
  • Sanguine
    • Duration reduced to 20 seconds (was 60 seconds)
  • Grievous
    • Damage is now a flat amount that scales with keystone level up to +15, rather than a % of players’ maximum health.
    • Added Functionality: Non-periodic heals now remove 1 application of Grievous Wound.
  • Explosive
    • Now appear slightly farther away from enemies that summon them.
    • Explosive Orb health has been reduced to 160 health and no longer scales with keystone level.
    • Explosive Orbs now have a sound effect when defeated.Shadowlands Season 1 Mythic+

Developer comments on these changes can be found here.

Shadowlands Affix Rotation

In the first season of Shadowlands, the rotation of Mythic+ affixes will be completely changed: it will not only expand to 12 weeks, but also add a number of new effects. Players will be able to try out 4 new modifiers: one seasonal – “ Prideful” and three more regular – “ Inspiring“, “ Spiteful“, “ Storming“, which will replace the current “ Teeming” and “ Skittish“.

Of the 12 combinations, only three repeat those currently available in Battle for Azeroth, and two of them – “ Fortified“, “ Explosive“, “ Volcanic” and “ Fortified“, “ Sanguine“, “ Quaking” – are likely to be the easiest. The other 9 combinations are completely new.

Week # Affix 1

(Level 2+)

Affix 2

(Level 4+)

Affix 3

(Level 7+)

Seasonal Affix

(Level 10+)

1 Fortified Bursting Storming Prideful
2 Tyrannical Sanguine Grievous Prideful
3 Fortified Inspiring Explosive Prideful
4 Tyrannical Raging Quaking Prideful
5 Fortified Bursting Volcanic Prideful
6 Tyrannical Spiteful Grievous Prideful
7 Fortified Bolstering Storming Prideful
8 Tyrannical Inspiring Necrotic Prideful
9 Fortified Sanguine Quaking Prideful
10 Tyrannical Raging Explosive Prideful
11 Fortified Spiteful Volcanic Prideful
12 Tyrannical Bolstering Necrotic Prideful

Other changes

A few other changes or innovations: 

  • Players can now change weapons during the mythic+ dungeon.
  • A member of each Covenant can unlock certain bonuses and buffs for the entire group in the two dungeons of the location that is associated with their Covenant.
  • Due to the introduction of the Great Vault in Shadowlands, there will be no additional roll for the loot.

Mythic+ Loot Changes

End of Dungeon Loot

Compared to Battle for Azeroth, the base amount of loot that will drop from a Mythic+ dungeon has been decreased to 1 (down from 2).

However, the bonuses that increase the amount of loot dropped seem to continue to apply.

  • +1 Loot for timing the key.
  • Stacking 20% increased chance for a piece of loot for every Key Level above 15.

This means that timing the key is even more important when trying to gear up!

Weekly Chest Rework & Loot

In Shadowlands Season 1, the regular Mythic+ Weekly Chest has been removed for the new Great Vault Weekly system. Completing certain objectives in Raids, Dungeons and PvP will grant you more options to choose from your Weekly Chest. Find out more in our guide: WoW Shadowlands Weekly Chest Rework

In order to get the choice of Dungeon gear from your Great Vault, you’ll need to complete the following objectives.

  • Complete 1 Mythic+ Dungeon
  • Complete 4 Mythic+ Dungeons
  • Complete 10 Mythic+ Dungeons

The Item Level of each piece will be determined by the 1st, 4th and 10th highest dungeon that you completed that week respectively. 

Below you can see a table of Mythic+ level 2-15 dungeon loot levels in season 1, including both the item at the end of the run and the weekly Great Vault reward.

Compared to the levels of Mythic+ dungeons in Battle for Azeroth, in Shadowlands the situation is slightly different. The differences are:

  • Now players only need to complete a level 14 dungeon to get the maximum reward of level 226 from the Great Vault, and they need to complete a level 15 dungeon to get the maximum reward from the chest at the end of the race.
  • In addition, for the first time, the maximum reward level at the end of a dungeon run is lower than the level of items obtained in Heroic mode raid: in Shadowlands, the maximum item level from the final chest of the Mythic+ dungeon is 210, while in the heroic Castle of Nafria, items are obtained at level 213. In Battle for Azeroth in seasons 1-3, the loot of these types of content had the same level, and in 4 dungeons you could loot even slightly better things.
    Mythic+ level End of the dungeon loot level Great Vault loot level
    Level 2 187 200
    Level 3 190 203
    Level 4 194 207
    Level 5 194 210
    Level 6 197 210
    Level 7 200 213
    Level 8 200 216
    Level 9 200 216
    Level 10 204 220
    Level 11 204 220
    Level 12 207 223
    Level 13 207 223
    Level 14 207 226
    Level 15 210 226

Shadowlands Season 1 Rewards

Similar to the fourth season of Battle for Azeroth, in the first season of Shadowlands, players of Mythic+ dungeons will be able to get two awards: a title and a mount. For completing all the dungeons of at least level 10 in time, the title “the Proud” will be given as a reward, and for all dungeons of at least level 15 – a death elemental Sintouched Deathwalker

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