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What are Covenant Adventures (Command Table) in Shadowlands

For Shadowlands, Covenant Adventures are the next iteration of Missions. They are an abstracted, turn based combat system that relies more on tactical ability management and less on pure RNG than the Missions that we are used to. As with previous Missions, Adventures is a system for offline progression, meaning that you set up what you want to do and the majority of advancement is done in real time without your direct interaction. You can be working towards your goal while you are playing other content, and even while you are off-line. The system is also available on the Mobile Companion App so you can collect and launch Adventures on the go.

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If you don’t want to waste your time farming anima and covenant renown constantly doing all the locals, dailies and 24 hours table farming, we can help you with the covenant progress and command table in particular! It’s noticeable that covenant progress will lead you to the opening of the flights in Shadowlands in patch 9.1. That’s why keep in mind that you need to have your covenant progress done by the day 9.1 released.

Must have addons

However, if you are farming Command Table you need to optimise your progress in order to reduce the time you spend on dealing with table mechanics and to increase the efficiency of your battles minimising the amount of defeats. 

Covenant Mission Helper

This is the best addon to help you plan out your actions. If your goal is to really think about every mission, to try out several different combinations, Covenant Mission Helper is for you.

When you place your troops on the field, the addon automatically calculates not only your chance of success — taking into account all the different abilities that your units and the enemy units have — but it also displays how much total HP you will lose. If you feel like it, you can then use the Optimize button to let the addon try to find a better placement for the current units you have on the field in order to minimize HP loss.

Not satisfied? Just change up some troops and Optimize again, to your heart’s content, until you find a combination that will not only yield mission success, but also make you lose as little HP as possible — preferably none. And if you’re doing an easier mission, you can try removing extra troops and Optimizing to see if you can get away with it while still succeeding and taking minimal damage.

The side window that displays all of this information transforms adventures into the actual mini-game that I wanted them to be when they were first announced. I get to actually change up my units and make decisions for each mission, min/maxing my troops to a satisfactory level.

That said, there might still be some optimization needed for this addon to work perfectly: The results have diverged from reality for me on some rare occasions — I once failed a mission that the addon had calculated as a victory.

Venture Plan

The first major improvement that Venture Plan brings to Adventures is the interface overhaul. As you can see from the screenshot above, this addon provides you with a great interface to easily visualize your missions and their rewards, doing a much better job at condensing all that info than the default UI does. Many players are using it solely for this reason, and it’s already worth it just for that.

When it comes to actual troop placement on the adventures themselves, the UI is also improved so that all your followers and troops can be found on neat little squares — no scrolling necessary.

This addon is not as easy to use as the previous one when it comes to trying out all the different possibilities for your current mission: You need to click a button to recalculate the outcome every time you make a change. CMH definitely wins over Venture Plan in that department. But thankfully, you can use both at the same time, reaping the best benefit that each one provides!

The truth of the matter is that once I started using wow addons to help me with my mission table, I was finally able to complete some missions that seemed previously impossible to me — such as the Venthyr missions to get Soul Ash. It’s regrettable that Blizzard seems to have shipped this system without balance from Covenant to Covenant, and for not providing players with all the information they needed to play the game as it was meant to be played.

Fortunately, these two addons will certainly be an enormous help. Make sure you grab one of them, or both, and transform your adventures into a much less frustrating game — one that you can actually win!

Blizzard’s Mobile Companion AppCommand Table Addons – WoW Shadowlands

The official Blizzard’s Mobile wow app for Shadowlands Command Table is the perfect way to keep progressing on your command table, while staying away from PC. This app provides a full-fledged command table, calendar, guild chat, maps of local tasks and more. This app also may be useful even when you are playing wow, but you don’t want to waste your time for flight to the table or you don’t want to use your hearthstone to receive rewards from the table and to set new missions. In order to save your time, you can log off and do everything you need via the Companion app and then get back to the game.

Garrison Missions Manager

This addon is loaded with the Curse app. Players experienced with wow addons already likely have the Curse app installed, but for those that don’t the process is simple. The Curse app lets players load addons for several games without much trouble. This specific addon offers some more functionality than the official companion app and makes managing the adventures in-game much easier. Don’t be thrown off by the name, it is still being updated for Shadowlands.

Golden Mission Table Helper

This is the newest of the bunch, and its simplicity and ease of use is what makes it an easy addon to recommend. It looks like it was originally in Russian, but the English translation looks to be fine.

Nice to have addons

In addition to these main addons for Shadowlands Command Table, it’s nice to have some more useful addons. Here’s the list of the most important of them.

Astral Keys

mythic+ key tracking for guild. For each guild member who has this addon installed, it provides a list of their current key, level, and affixes. Extremely useful for grouping in guild and sharing for best in slot.

Deadly Boss Mods

 – dungeon & raid encounter mechanics timers. Timers and callouts for raid encounters. There are addons for each expansion and other content, so just install those you’ll use.

Details! Damage Meter

 – performance output charts. Traditional damage meter showing output for the group. Advanced users can leverage some of the heavier charting and logs to really dig into the encounter to min/max.


 – modern UI overhaul. A full UI suite to modernize the design and experience of the WoW UI. Highly recommend using this.


– hazard notification. Simple addon that yells at you when you are standing in fire.


PvE progression tracking. Tracks your raid and Mythic+ progression and assigns you a score. This will be important if you want to run max yield Mythic+ dungeons and is the measuring stick for player ability (for better or worse).


Flexible buff tracking. Well known buff tracker. Leverage wago.io for a large selection of community snippets! Be sure to download the desktop client to ensure you always have the latest version of your WeakAuras!


Economy & trade valuation. A robust interface for those looking to participate in the WoW economy. Less experienced players can use this to quickly create listings at a recommended price or check values, while experienced players can dig into the more advanced aspects of the economy.

World Quest Tracker

Improves UI for world quest listings. Supplements the world map by grouping world quests for easy viewing. Review all current WQs, middle mouse click to add them to the tracker, and go go go!


Adds visual trail to cursor. It’s easy to lose track of your cursor in combat, so this adds a customizable trail to your cursor so you never lose focus.

PvP Addons


Enemy unit frames for BGs. Essential for anyone playing RBGs, this shows all enemies’ health and how many are targeting them.


Audible callouts for enemy cooldowns. Customizable audio callouts any time an enemy uses a cooldown. This is essential for Arenas, but I recommend disabling in BGs, as it can get noisy.


Arena unit frames. Excellent replacement for Arena unit frames, showing all vital PvP information at a glance, including trinkets, buffs, debuffs, and diminishing returns.

If you want to collect all must-have followers we recommend completing Chains of Domination Campaign! You can easily do it with Overgear and don’t waste your time!

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