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Shadowlands continued the tradition of offline progression through Missions. Now it’s called  Covenant Adventures. But not only the name has changed, the rules of the game have changed too. In this guide, we’ll take a closer look at all the changes, recruit Adventurers, and rewards, including mounts and transmog.

Covenant Adventures in General

Covenant Adventures is a new version of Missions, that you already met in previous addons. However, the new Missions resemble chess. You are given a certain set of figures, each figure has its own abilities and attack pattern. Your task is to allocate resources as efficiently as possible. Because  your units’ abilities are not static counters, they are combat abilities that are used directly to defeat enemy forces in battle. In total, you can send up to 5 companions on a mission. When the adventure is complete, you will see it on an icon near minimap.

Also you can control the Commande Table through Mobile Companion App.
Mob app

Unlocking Adventures

Upon reaching level 60 and joining a covenant you will be introduced to your Sanctum. Here you can choose upgrades for your Sanctuary. The Command Table — one of those upgrades. You can build it in the first week of progress, and I advise you to do it, because the Command Table gives the most profit.

There are three tiers to the Command Table:

  • Tier1:  Tactical Insight

Grants access to Adventures and their rewards.

Cost: 500 Anima 1 Redeemed Soul 1 Hour

  • Tier 2:  Deserved Feast

Increases the rate at which companions naturally heal by 25%.

Cost: 5000 Anima 8 Redeemed Souls 12 Hours

  • Tier 3:  Superior Efficiency

Decreases the time an adventure takes to complete by 25%.

Cost: 1000 Anima 22 Redeemed Souls 24 Hours

Adventures Interface

The Scouting Map has not changed much since the previous addon, so it won’t be difficult to figure it out. By opening the Scouting Map you will see a list of available tasks, their difficulty, rarity and rewards.

Mousing over the bar or the rewards information will give you more information about that adventure
Adventures Interface
Clicking the Companions tab at the bottom of your Scouting Map will show you a list of your Companions as well as details about each. Here you can see the characteristics of your companions (level, health, attack rate and ability). Also you can heal your Soulbinds and Allies for Anima.


There are three categories of Companion: Soulbinds, Allies, and Troops. Companions have special abilities, as well as characteristics that make them Heals, Tanks and DPS. Each characteristic level up with experience. Six Companions you can obtain thought completing your Covenant campaign quests and increasing your Renown, so make sure to maximize it every week. Another ten you will find in Torghast at 2 and 5 layers as NPSs needing help. It spawns randomly, so rerun Torghast until you get it.


The most powerful Companions: they have two abilities and earned through Covenant quests and the Covenant Campaign.



Combat Meditation: Pelagos meditates, increasing his damage by 30% and inflicting a Sorrowful Memory on all enemies, dealing $s2 Holy damage.

 Doubt Defied:  Pelagos faces his fears and hurls light in the face of his foes, dealing $s1 Holy damage to all enemies at range.


 Lead the Charge:Kleia charges into battle, dealing $s1 Physical damage to all adjacent enemies.

 Mace to Hand:  Kleia’s determination (and mace) make enemies pay dearly, dealing $s1 Physical damage to any who attack her.


 Resilient Plumage: Mikanikos enhances the durability of the closest ally, reducing the damage they take by 50% for two rounds.

 Sparkling Driftglobe Core: Mikanikos dazzles all enemies for two rounds, reducing their damage by 100%. Does not cast at the start of battle.


Nadjia the Mistblade

 Double Strike: Nadjia strikes the closest enemy twice, dealing a $s1 and then $s2 Physical damage

 Shadow Walk: Nadjia becomes untargetable and heals herself for $s2.


 Blood Explosion: Theotar pulses with shadow, dealing $s1 Shadow damage to all enemies at range.

 Exsanguination: Theotar rips the blood from all enemies at range, increasing the damage they take by $s1%.

General Draven

 Protective Aura: Draven’s wingspan shields himself and all allies, reducing all damage taken by $s1%.

 Wing Sweep: Draven sweeps his wings, dealing $s1 Physical damage to all enemies.


Plague Deviser Marileth

 Ooz’s Frictionless Coating: Marileth heals a nearby ally for $s1 and increases their maximum health by 10%.

 Volatile Solvent: Marileth douses the nearest enemy, dealing $s1 Shadow damage and inflicting an additional $s2 Shadow damage when the target is struck for three rounds.


 Gnashing Chompers: Emeni’s marvelous mastication inspires all adjacent allies, increasing their damage by $s1 Shadow.

 Sulfuric Emission: Emeni’s fumes deal $s1 Nature damage to all enemies in melee range.

Bonesmith Heirmir

 Ravenous Brooch: Heirmir’s brooch heals her for $s1.

 Serrated Shoulder Blades: enemies attacking Heirmir take $s1 Physical damage.

Night Fae


 Invigorating Herbs: Niya invigorates adjacent allies, increasing all damage they deal by 20%.

 Spiked Burr Trap: Niya’s Burr Trap deals $s1 Nature damage to the furthest enemy each turn for 2 turns.


 Podtender: heal an adjacent ally for $s1, but reduce their damage by 10% for the next round.

 Social Butterfly: Dreamweaver doubles the damage of all allies for 2 rounds.

Hunt-Captain Korayn

 Face Your Foes: Korayn steels his resolve and slices his opposition, dealing $s1 Physical damage to all adjacent enemies.

 Hold the Line: Korayn and allies take 10% less damage.


There are sixteen named Allies that you can collect as you progress through the game. Each Ally has one unique ability.

  • 6 Allies are recruited by earning Covenant Renown.
  • 6 Covenant Allies can be rescued from Torghast, Tower of the Damned.
  • 4 unaffiliated adventurers can be recruited by any Covenant from inside Torghast



 Dawnshock: Apolon’s light ignites the farthest enemy, dealing $s1 Fire damage and $s2 Fire damage for the next 2 rounds.


 Reconfiguration: Reflect — Bron reconfigures, wreathing himself in bands of light that deal $s1 Holy damage to all who attack him for the next 3 rounds.


 Cleave: Clora cleaves all enemies in melee, dealing $s1 Holy damage.

Disciple Kosmas

 Holy Nova: Kosmas erupts in light, dealing $s1 Holy damage to all enemies and healing allies for $s2.


 Potions of Penultimate Power: Sika dishes out potions to the party, increasing their Damage by $s1 Holy for 3 rounds.



 Etiquette Lesson: Bogdan reminds the nearest enemy of their manners, dealing $s1 Shadow damage for the next three turns.

Lost Sybille

 Headcrack: Lost Sybille smashes the heads all adjacent enemies together, dealing $s1 Physical damage.


 Slicing Shadows: Rahel cheerfully slices the closest enemy and hurls a dagger at the farthest enemy, dealing $s1 Shadow damage to both.


 Mirror of Torment: Simone wields her mirror with precision, dealing $s1 Arcane damage to the farthest enemy.


 Polite Greeting: Stonehead smiles and politely smashes all enemies in melee for $s1 Physical damage.


 Mirrors of Regret: Vulca invokes the power of loss, dealing $s1 Arcane damage to all enemies at range.


Gunn Gorgebone

 Reconstruction: every round, Gunn heals for $s1.


 Fan of Knives: Khaliiq hurls energized daggers at all enemies at range, dealing $s1 Shadow damage and reducing their damage by 10% for 2 rounds.


 Toxic Dispersal: deals $s1 Nature damage each round to all enemies and heals all allies for $s2.


 Shadow Bolt: Rathan blasts the furthest enemy, dealing $s1 Shadow damage.

Rencissa the Dynamo

 Dynamic Fist: Rencissa lashes out, dealing $s1 Shadow damage to adjacent enemies.

Secutor Mevix

 Secutor’s Judgment: Mevix judges his opponent wanting, dealing $s1 Shadowfrost damage to all enemies in a cone in front of him.

Night Fae


 Forest’s Touch: Groonoomcrooek’s branches lash in the wind, dealing $s1 Nature damage to all enemies in a line.

Guardian Kota

 Flashing Arrows: Kota unleashes a flurry of arrows, dealing $s1 Physical damage in a cone emanating from his closest enemy.

Master Sha’lor

 Anima Bolt: Sha’lor blasts the furthest enemy with shaped Anima, dealing $s1 Arcane damage.


 Heart of the Forest: Qadarin heals himself for $s1 Nature.


 Onslaught: Tez’an stabs multiple times with his spear, dealing $s1 Physical damage to all enemies in melee.

Watcher Vesperbloom

 Strangleheart Seed: Watcher Vesperbloom implants a seed into the nearest enemy, dealing $s1 Nature damage and increasing damage taken by 20% for three rounds.


Troops are  infinitely unnamed units who are a fancy resource to fill out your ranks.  Each Covenant has two different Troop types which have each have a special ability associated with their role. Each one extra troop cost 1 anima.


Kyrian Phalanx

 Shield of Tomorrow: The Phalanx takes $s1% reduced damage and protects all ranged allies in the same way.

Kyrian Halberdier

 Halberd Strike: The Halberdier slices their weapon at the farthest enemy, dealing $s1 Physical damage.


Venthyr Nightblade

 Double Stab: stabs the closest enemy twice, dealing $s1 Physical damage with the first knife and and $s2 with the second.

Venthyr Soulcaster

 Siphon Soul: deals $s1 Arcane damage to the farthest enemy and heals themself for $s2.


Maldraxxus Plaguesinger

 Plague Song: scream at enemies at range, inflicting $s1 Nature damage each round for 4 rounds.

Maldraxxus Shock Trooper

 Bonestorm: whirls in place, dealing $s1 Shadow damage to all enemies in melee.

Night Fae

Ardenweald Grovetender

 Revitalizing Vines: heals the closest ally for $s1.

Ardenweald Trapper

 Bramble Trap: winding tendrils ensnare all enemies, dealing $s1 Nature damage and reducing their damage by 20% every other round.

Successful Adventure

Every Adventure is a battlefield, where you have only five slots for your Companions. Your enemy can fill up to 8 slots. You have to include at least one ( or even more) Soulbind or Ally in your party, you can’t send a party comprised entirely of Troops. Keep in mind, that  each Companion has its own abilities and attack pattern. Use it properly to reach success.

Now, step by step, we will figure out how to properly send troops into battle.

Step 1
Step 1
Choose an Adventure. All of my strongest companions are in another fight right now, but I have another. He is weak, that the Necrolords do not welcome, so we will level him up.

Step 2
Step 2
Here you can see my melee Troop attack pattern: he can splash all melee row. Perfect for this fight.
Step 2.1
Now let’s deal with the last row. I have Maldraxxus Plaguesinger, he’s a range unit with AOE. I’m sure two Maldraxxus Plaguesingers can handle this.
Step 2.3
Most important thing is Soulbinds (or Allies). They have unique special abilities, some of them buffs your army, another can deal huge DMG. This one, Emeni, can do both. Blue circles means buff, red arrows — attack pattern. Looks great and invincible, even WA informs me «Victory is guaranteed!». WA doesn’t always work correctly, so be careful. At least it will give you confidence. Last check in and here we go.
Step 2.4
Step 3

Check the stats on both the enemy’s part of the screen and on yours. These show the health and the attack strength of their troops and yours. Make sure that your numbers are bigger if you can. If all looks right press Start and confirm it. After 4 hours ( or even more, if it was a rare Adventure) we will return to get rewards.
Step 3
Remember you can heal your Soulbinds and Allies for anima. Also they naturally heal over time.

Notice your troops have their own level. It means if you find a new Ally (which will be level 1), you can take him on tasks above his level. Big Troops will boost your poor and weak commander.
step 3.1
In this case I prefer to level up my new ally with my big Ally. Also here you can see the unusual attack pattern. This time I can’t use this feature properly, but you have to keep in mind this sort of thing.

Completing an Adventure
Completing an Adventure

 When your Adventure is complete, return to your Command Table and open the Scouting map. Completed Adventures will be highlighted and have a check mark after their title. Click on a completed Adventure.
completed Adventure
You will be treated to a turn by turn replay of the Adventure. It can help you understand the course of the fight, but you can skip it to get your reward.

Failing an Adventure

If you fail you do not receive the reward item, but your Companions still receive experience. Hopefully your Companions got level up, otherwise their health will be incomplete. It means they will be less efficient next Adventure. 

Unusual Adventures
Unusual Adventures
Here you can see Campaign Adventure. Campaign Adventure is a special Mission that grants you access to more Adventures with better rewards. Soul Ash, for example. Complete the Campaign Adventure and 1-4 rare Mission, to get your Soul Ash task.

Soul Ash task

The mission appears every three days (if all conditions are met). It is available within two days from the moment you enter the game. To view the duration of a mission, just mouse over it.

Soul Ash Missions are very difficult, so do not rush it. Some Missions even have an affix that inflicts periodic damage on all your Companions. Level up your Commanders to increase their attack DMG, HP and your chances of success.

Here you can see BiS setups versus melee units for each Covenant.

Adventures Rewards

Rewards for completing Adventures successfully are similar to those awarded from Missions in the past: Anima, reputation tokens, experience, gold,  Polished Pet Charm, and even weapons and mounts.

Darkwarren Hardshell
Adventures Rewards
Highwind Darkmane
Highwind Darkmane
Chittering AnimiteChittering AnimiteWarstitched DarkhoundWarstitched DarkhoundValius, Gavel of the LightbringerValius, Gavel of the LightbringerGlorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand
Glorenzelg, High-Blade of the Silver Hand

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