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At the foothill of Mount Hyjal in the shadow of the great tree of Nordrassil, a new kingdom of night elves was founded. After the Sundering, magic was prohibited. Elves understood the irreversible consequences that might follow the Well of Eternity powers abuse. Last time this happened, hordes of Burning Legion nearly enslaved all life on Azeroth. Instead of magic, night elves turned to druidism, and Malfurion, the first druid, became their teacher.

Emerald dream is a special state that exists outside the physical laws. There, the nature of Azeroth is preserved in the pristine form designed by the Titans. Plunging into such a state, one could monitor the well-being of nature itself, and protect it if necessary. The druids fall into the emerald dream for as long as 100 years. In exchange for nature’s blessing, they had to carry out their own service in the vastness of the primordial Azeroth.

So it happened that there were almost no warriors left in the new kingdom of the night elves. Many of them became druids. But times required vigilance and a strong army. Too hot was still the burning wound inflicted by Sargeras. Elves must be prepared if the horrors of the War of Ancients are to be repeated. So, under the lead of Shandris Feathermoon, the Order of the Sentinels appeared. The Order, consisting only of female elves, stood guard over the tranquility of the elven folk. The Moonguard also made for security on the Mount Hyjal and beyond. Maiev the Shadowsong was their leader and the sister of the former commander of the night elves’ army, Jarod Shadowsong. After his confident unmistakable and bold commands during the War of the Ancients, it was he who was to lead the new kingdom. But Jarod decided to give the power up silently, staying on top of the mountain. So Tyrande Whisperwind, the elder priestess of the goddess Elune, took the place of the former general.

She begged Malfurion not to plunge into the emerald dream, foresaw the events that would take place in his absence. She was afraid of the Fel energy and new calamities it could bring, but Malfurion could not be misled. He knew he had his own mission, of no less importance, that required his attention. The night elves emerged into the sense of uneasiness yet again.

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