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Sha of anger. Sha of fear. Sha of hatred. Sha of doubt. A young shado-pan was sitting on top of a wise and old mountain, lost in thoughts about the path he was about to step onto. Yes, this snow-covered peak has seen everything. It saw how the Titans created a new life on the ruins of the chaos spread by the Ancient gods; how the race of Mogu turned the free southern lands into a huge empire of slaves; how these slaves built a new world out of righteous rage, freedom-loving, and bamboo sticks. It seemed that the shado-pan was trying to see everything that used to be there, to remember what the mountain remembered, and to find clues in the past that would help him see himself clearly in the present. What would Khan do in his place?

Kahn was still a slave when his son was taken and given to the Mantid. Who would want to be in his place? Continue enduring the rulers’ cruelty or begin a war to be killed in the very first battle? But time is patient. Once realized the enormous power born by the enslaved races, the Pandaren, together with ferocious Hozens, wise Jin-yu and hardy Grummle, whose hearts were burning with the same fire, began the slave uprising. It was time to free the Southern Kalimdor.

Chronicles say that the battle for the dungeons lasted 4 days. The Pandaren’s attack on the Mogu’s defensive positions was as fast as a tiger’s leap. By all means, they needed to take over Emperor Shield — thousands of stone statues that were ready to destroy any enemy on the first order. A menacing weapon, against which even the greatest shado-pan would not stand a chance.

But a miracle did happen. Pandaria finally became Pandaria, uniting the southern races under the banner of freedom. The external enemy was defeated, the spacious valleys blossomed with colors of a peace. Even now they are happily green, even if you look at them from this peak, shrouded in fog and cold winds. But the struggle with internal enemies never ended. Shado-pan knew that he was facing battles no less fierce than those in which his ancestor Kahn, the Fist of First Dawn, fought. But he also knew that his path would be different. When the jade serpent Yu’lon appeared on the horizon, the warrior was ready to fight his first Sha. He had to.

Memories of an old mountain

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