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Love is in the Air. Love to farm because this event is an excellent opportunity to get unique items, toys and X-45 Heartbreaker, because the drop-chance of this is increased! This guide will tell you in detail about this annual event and what you can get by participating in it and completing tasks.

Love is in the Air Updates in 2023

Love is in the Air is celebrated every year. This year the event will start on February 6th and run until February 20th. During these two weeks, players can farm Love Tokens, which can be exchanged for valuable prizes.

Love is in the Air Event Overview

Also, in February opens the hunting season for the X-45 Heartbreaker, one of the rarest mounts in the game. And this year, the hunt promises to be successful because the chance of getting a mount is increased. However, it is only upgraded for your first Heart-Shaped Box each day on an eligible (level 60+) character.

How to farm Love Tokens

Your task is to get as many Love Tokens as possible. You can do this by completing the main quest and the event dungeon’s daily quest. In just a day, you can get 40-45 Love Tokens. Here is a complete list of sources for obtaining holiday currency.

Hourly Character Driving!
Complete any daily tasks you need, including the event activities!
Love is in the Air Event Overview

Main questline

The main task will take 30-40 minutes to complete, but it is necessary to be able to complete some daily quests. It starts in your faction capital at Detective Snap Snagglebolt (for Horde /way #85 50.0 65.0 Detective Snap Snagglebolt) or Inspector Snip Snagglebolt (for Alliance /way #84 61.6 75.2 Inspector Snip Snagglebolt). In the course of this questline, seven tasks await you:

  1. Something Stinks for Horde or Something Stinks for Alliance
  2. Pilfering Perfume for Horde or Pilfering Perfume  for Alliance
  3. Snivel’s Sweetheart for Horde or Fireworks At The Gilded Rose  for Alliance
  4. Hot On The Trail for Horde or Hot On The Trail  for Alliance
  5. A Friendly Chat… for Horde or  A Friendly Chat…  for Alliance
  6. Something is in the Air (and it Ain’t Love) for Horde or Something is in the Air (and it Ain’t Love)  for Alliance


A Cloudlet of Classy Cologne — Start & End: Public Relations Agent

A Perfect Puff of Perfume — Start & End: Public Relations Agent

Bonbon Blitz — Start & End: Public Relations Agent

Gifts to Faction Leaders – once you complete the main quest, you can collect Lovely Charms. These decorations drop from rare and elite monsters. After collecting 10 of these decorations, you can collect them into one good one and present it to your Faction Leader.



Holiday Boss

You can queue up every day for a special holiday dungeon during the holiday. In this dungeon, you have to fight the bosses, The Crown Chemical Company Trio.

Love is in the Air Event Overview

If your character is level 60+, you can get the exclusive X-45 Heartbreaker. As well as other items needed to complete achievements


By completing daily tasks, you will have enough Love Tokens to complete most of the achievements of this event. The biggest one is Fool For Love. To complete this achievement, you need to buy a lot of items from Lovely Merchant. In total, you need 98 Love Tokens for this achievement. It would help if you also had a partner, because some of the achievements require outside help.

Notable holiday-themed Items

In addition to achievements during this event, you can get a lot of unique toys, mounts, pets, and transmogrifications.

Pets and Mounts Toys Transmogrifications

Love is in the Air Event Overview

Love is in the Air and Trading Post

For the new transmog item shop, several event-related quests have also been added. In total, you will receive 750 Traveler’s Log points and 100 Trader’s Tender for completing these tasks. Read more about the new store in our Trading Post Guide.

  • Love is in the Air: Complete “Bonbon Blitz”— an activity for 150 points. Complete Bonbon Blitz quest (spray 10 people with perfume)
  • Love is in the Air: Present a Lovely Charm Bracelet — present a  Lovely Charm Bracelet to at least one faction leader
  • Love is in the Air: Kill Apothecary Hummel — queue for the seasonal dungeon to defeat Apothecary Hummel
  • Love is in the Air: Have a Romantic Picnic in the Ohn’ahran Plains — purchase Romantic Picnic Basket from  Lovely Merchant and use it in the Ohn’ahran Plains
  • Love is in the Air: Use Peddlefeet’s Hearthstone in the Dragon Isles — purchase Peddlefeet’s Lovely Hearthstone from  Lovely Merchant and use it in the Dragon Isles

Since 2019, no significant changes have been introduced to the event, so you have almost all the achievements and toys of this holiday. However, if you have always been too lazy to deal with the routine, you can use our services, and our team will do everything for you.

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