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Welcome to another Overgear guide to World of Warcraft Dragonflight! Today we will discuss a new feature of the expansion – The Trading Post. This is an event with a variety of monthly changing rewards. You can earn special currency by completing activities and spending it later for transmogs, mounts, and companions.

Basically, it works in a pretty familiar way, and some players could have recognized a simplified Battle Pass system. What makes it different is that you use your in-game currency for trading. With that being said, let’s jump in to find out some more information.

Trading Post Location

Traders are found in the main cities of both factions. Tawny and Wilder is an Alliance trading post which is situated just outside of Mage District in Stormwind. Horde players can visit Zen’shiri Trading Post in Orgrimmar, next to the Grommash Hold.

They are easy to find as the goods are set off and allure travelers with their loveliness and effulgence.

Trading Post Currency

Trader’s Tender is a currency for buying goods at Trading Posts. By now, we can say that you can get up to 1000 Trader’s Tender per month in two ways.

Monthly RewardsThe Traveler’s Log
  • At the start of every month, players will get an amount of Trader’s Tender.
  • Every month the set of activities changes.
  • You’re free to choose the most interesting activities in the Log.
  • Some activities are fun to do, some are connected with your routine game play.
  • Players are awarded with 100 Trader’s Tender every time they fill the bar by 20%.

Dragonflight Trading Post Guide

Trading Post Rotation and Item Freezing

Trading Post vendors sell different goods each month, but it doesn’t mean that those offered items will be only available once and then gone forever. They will occasionally come back in the future giving players who couldn’t buy them a chance to try again.

As it was mentioned in one of the Blue Posts, traders will sell unique items from past promotions that are no longer obtainable. This is awesome as it provides an alternative way for all the players to get these goods.

In case one couldn’t save up enough currency to buy a specific item, there is a function of freezing it. It will remain available for buying the following month without any extra fees. Note that you can freeze only one item per month like that.

Trading Post Goods

Players have access to an infinite diversity of cosmetic items, pets, companions, and tabards. What makes it even more attractive is that Blizzard has added items that are not currently available in the game at this point. It looks like from now on, we have a choice rather buy some items for real money or just wait for them to appear in the Trading Posts.

In this part of the guide, you can find some information about World of Warcraft Trading Post goods. 

May 2023

The main reward for completing the Travelers Log progress bar is Savage Green Battle Turtle.

ItemCostReward Type
Pippin600Battle Pet 
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide High Priestess’s Ceremonial Drape50Cloak Transmog 
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Huntsman’s Recurve Bow50Bow Transmog 
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Sharpened Shank50Dagger Transmog
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Ensemble: Vagabond’s Snowy Threads100Hood and Cloak Transmog Set
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Ensemble: Wanderer’s Snowy Trappings100Hood and Cloak Transmog Set
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Sunbleached Grimskull Cinch100Belt Transmog
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Well-Worn Grimskull Cinch100Belt Transmog 
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Merciless Trapper’s Staff150Staff Transmog
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Crimson Bicorne175Helm Transmog 
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Black Iron Blunderbuss200Rifle Transmog
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Lost Crown of the Arcane200Helm Transmog 
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Tiercel’s Wing2001H Sword Transmog
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Fang of the Mountain4001H Sword Transmog
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Ensemble: Kvaldir Scout Leathers750Leather Transmog 
Dragonflight Trading Post Guide Ensemble: Vestment of the Honored Valarjar850Cloth Transmog

Trading Post Activities

To acquire Trader’s Tender currency in the World of Warcraft: Dragonflight, players must engage in a variety of tasks. We have compiled a distinctive selection of monthly events for your convenience. Take a look at these exciting activities below.

May 2023

Travel Points
Complete Grand Hunts with the Maruuk Centaur
Complete Grand Hunts on the Dragon Isles.
Complete Reverse Dragon Racing Courses
Complete Dragon Racing reverse courses in the Forbidden Reach.
Defeat Forbidden Reach Primal Storm Bosses
Defeat Primal Storm bosses in the Forbidden Reach on the Dragon Isles.
Unlock Doors Within the Zskera Vaults
Unlock doors within the Zskera Vaults using Zskera Vault Keys
*Gather Titan PartsGather Titan Parts during the Researchers Under Fire: Titan Lockdown Event100
*Loot Suffusion Crucibles at the Suffusion CampsLoot Suffusion Crucibles at the Suffusion Camps during the Fyrakk Assaults100
*Discover the Ancient Stones in Zaralek Cavern100
Children’s Week: /cheer for Paera Finebreeze alongside an orphan
Emote /Cheer for Paera Finebreeze while you have an orphan alongside you.
Children’s Week: Complete a Quest
Complete one of the following Children’s Week quests.
Children’s Week: Complete Daily Quests with Your OrphanComplete daily quests while you have an orphan alongside you.100
Children’s Week: Complete Four QuestsComplete 4 of the following Children’s Week quests.150
Children’s Week: Complete Mythic+ Dungeons Alongside an OrphanComplete Mythic+ Dungeons while you have an orphan alongside you.100
Children’s Week: Land Lunkers with a Harpoon alongside an orphanUse a harpoon to land lunkers while you have an orphan alongside you.50
Darkmoon Faire: Balloon + Pony = Fun
Ride a Darkmoon Pony around Darkmoon Faire Island while holding a balloon.
Darkmoon Faire: Tonk CommanderComplete the quest Tonk Commander at the Darkmoon Faire Island.50
Spring Balloon Festival: Complete a Hot Air Balloon Ride
Hop into a hot air balloon and enjoy the whole ride.
Glowcap Festival: Witness the Rise and Fall of Fshoo
Fall of Fshoo- Help keep the great Fshoo alive as long as possible in Sporregar in Zangarmarsh.
Defeat New Pet Tamers with Dragonkin Pets
Defeat Dragon Isles Pet Tamers with a lineup of at least 2 Dragonkin pets.
Complete Weekly Crafting Quests
Weekly profession quests can be obtained within the Artisan’s Market in Valdrakken.
Fulfill Personal Crafting Orders
Speak to a Crafting Orders Clerk in Valdrakken’s Artisan’s Market to access Crafting Orders.
Rubber Duck Fishing
Fish up items in the Dragon Isles while using the Rubber Duck bobber.
Loot War Supply Chests in the Dragon Isles
Complete “Sparks of Life” Quests
Complete “Sparks of Life” quests on the Dragon Isles.
Complete Dragonscale Expedition World Quests
On the Dragon Isles, complete Dragonscale Expedition world quests.
Complete Dragronrider Racing World Quests
Complete Weekly Quests in the Zskera VaultsComplete weekly quests in the Zskera Vaults on the Dragon Isles.75
“Yes, Chef!” During a Community Feast
Say “Yes, Chef!” at a Community Feast in Iskaara on the Dragon Isles
Flipping the Board
Interact with a Hearthstone Game Board in the Missing Hinge Inn in Azure Span.
Lug or ride an Iskaara Tug SledLug or ride an Iskaara Tug Sled.50
Murglasses Need to be CelebratedEmote /dance with a player under the effects of Murglasses.50
Murglasses Need to be SeenUse Murglasses in: Valdrakken, Iskarra, Maruukai and Dragonscale Basecamp.100

Dragonflight Trading Post Guide

We are really hyped about this new World of Warcraft Dragonflight feature as it implements something new and rewarding. Now every player has a chance to make his dreams about that unobtainable item come true. Let’s hope this system will work as well as it sounds in theory. Aaaaand… This is the end of our Overgear guide to the World Of Warcraft Trading Post. Please, don’t forget to rate it, as your feedback is highly appreciated by our team!

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