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100 000 years ago the Titans located Azeroth, the future homeland for the majority of World of Warcraft races and the epicenter of all happenings. At that time the planet was ruled by the Ancient Gods who were plunging Azeroth into chaos, being an unbearable obstacle on the way to peace and order. The Titans managed to destroy one of the five enemies, Y’Shaarj, and imprisoned others. Their followers, the elementals, the faceless, and the aqir, were expelled or destroyed. And then the Titans created the first two races: mogu and dwarves, who were supposed to complete the job of the Titans — bring order to the planet. At that time tauren and trolls also appeared on the renewed lands.

Later or exactly 64 000 years ago the trolls were roaming the lands of Azeroth, and in the very center of Kalimdor — the only continent — they discovered the Wall of Eternity. Some say it was the blood of the legendary Titans filling the endless depths of the magical well. True or not, it had been feeding the trolls over thousands of years, transforming them into the night elves.

Happy coexistence continued until 10 000 years ago, when the Queen of the night elves Azshara tried to use the power of the Well to destroy the races she considered of a lesser kind. Elven magic attracted Sargeras, and he corrupted Azshara’s mind and persuaded her to convert the Well into a portal for Burning Legion to come. With those grievous days came the First War for Azeroth.

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