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The Pandaren are fond of beer, tasty food, martial arts, and agriculture. The Pandaren Empire is imbued with a thousand-year-old wisdom and is based on old good values: family, freedom, equality, and spirituality. But this is now so.

Once these “plush” folks of Southern Kalimdor were slaves, their culture was almost destroyed, and their native language has sunk into the abyss of the Mogu empire rulers wild cruelty. We have already talked about Lei Sheng. It was him who brought the Mogu civilization to flourishing. By uniting all the clans into one, Lei Shen achieved complete obedience of other races, including the Pandaren, depriving those for many years of hope of liberation.

‘’No reading and writing! And forget about the Pandarian!’’ Their leaders and scientists were killed, their mother tongue was considered the language of the conspirators and was forbidden for use under pain of death. The weapon also was tabooed. Only a few Pandarens managed to hold a real sword or arrows in their hands, and with the only purpose — to defend the borders of the hated empire from the hordes of bloodthirsty Mantids.

‘’Patience and a bamboo stick is your weapon!’’ Over time, the Pandaren started practicing unarmed combat, and some of them, thanks to their ability to cook curative decoctions and treat wounded warriors, even freed themselves from military service. So Pandaren became martial arts masters and skillful healers — future beer brewers. Many years passed before one cruel Mogu ruler replaced another, and the Pandaren realized that all the power of the empire rests on them and other ‘’lesser’’ races of Southern Kalimdor. And then they needed just one reason to start a great uprising of the deprived races and forever free themselves from the yoke of menacing Mogu with the heart of stone. The main hero of this sad story was Pandaren Kang whose child was taken to a border wall and was torn into pieces by the fierce Mantid. It was then when he stepped on the path that would bring peace to Pandaria and through which he would become known as Kang, the Fist of First Dawn.

Lore: Pandarens

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