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It is high time to decide what class you are going to play in Dragonflight and make some preparations for comfortable and smooth leveling through the new expansion. In this guide, we will cover all the essential information that might help you during your adventure. It is a usual thing that players change their main character with the release of a new expansion and Dragonflight will not be an exception, that’s why we want to start with some old content that is already available.

Best class to level in Dragonflight

This is kind of a repetitive question we want to discuss. World of Warcraft leveling is just a minor part of the game that ends as soon as a player hits that level cap. There is no reason you want to choose your character according to leveling difficulty. Instead check out our Dragonflight Best Class for you guide, where you can find an overall description of every class. That might help you to choose among that variety of options. And remember that the main idea is to enjoy the game and it’s OK to play whatever class you want, even Feral Druid.

Dragonflight 1-60 leveling

There are not many options for World of Warcraft fast leveling here and every optimal path has already been discovered before. The fastest proven variant is a dungeon leveling as a group of 5 people. The idea behind it is simple and pretty straightforward: keep on queueing up and clearing dungeons until you hit level 60. Try to avoid Cataclysm and Warlords of Draenor dungeons as they are full of role-playing and cutscenes and we don’t want to waste our time on that. Instead, try out TBC and WOTLK dungeons as they have a corridor-like path and offer a couple of quests at the entrance. All in all, it’s just a question of taste and preferences.

Dragonflight Leveling Guide

Another way to level your character is by completing quests. In this case, Cataclysm and Legion zones are your best choices as they offer a lot of quests with the least amount of time spent running around. Spires of Arak zone in WOD, for example, offers a 20% exp bonus if you build a garrison there, keep that in mind when you choose a location for leveling.

If you are one of those guys who don’t look for an easy life you can try out Island Expeditions for leveling. We warn you, that this is a very special way of leveling that didn’t find a lot of love among WoW players. Still, it has its own benefits as you get a chance to loot various mounts, pets, toys, and pieces of gear for transmog. You will need heirloom gear for this kind of leveling or prepare to spend a lot of gold upgrading your gear via Auction House as Island Expeditions don’t reward players with any gear upgrades.

Dragonflight leveling!
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Dragonflight Leveling Guide

Dragonflight 60-70 leveling

In most cases, the last levels you reach in new expansion zones are much more interesting and challenging, than old ones. So, buckle your seat belts and prepare for the Dragonflight.


At the start, a short list of things you need to note for convenient and fast leveling:

  1. Decide what character you are going to play beforehand. In this case, you won’t lose your time jumping from one character to another and will keep pace with the players of your server;
  2. Get equipment for your mounts like Comfortable Rider’s Barding or Light-Step Hoofplates;
  3. Buy some consumables like flasks, food, health, and mana pots. Some Goblin Glider Kits, Fried Bonefish, and Gunshoes might help as well; 
  4. Adjust your build, and pay attention to talents that maximize your survivability and AOE potential;
  5. Clean your bags or make sure you have permanent access to sell all the items you get during the leveling. Keep in mind that some can be sold at a higher price at Auction House;
  6. Turn the PvP Move on to gain extra exp. Amount depends on the faction you play;
  7. Complete and don’t hand in quests before the expansion release so you will have an exp advantage the day when leveling race starts.

Important things to know

Other things which help you level effectively:

  1. There is no point in rushing lvl 70, take your time to enjoy the plot;
  2. When you finish all the storyline quests you may lack 1 or 2 more levels before the cap. Run a couple of dungeons. That will provide you with the needed experience and some mediocre gear;
  3. Set your hearthstone to the zone you are leveling in;
  4. Don’t skip rare events and elites as the amount of exp they reward players with is equal to 1 completed quest;
  5. The first time you craft an item using your profession rewards you with a huge chunk of experience. Keep that in mind;
  6. The best way to level up is to set up a party of 5 players. Think of running dungeons as one completion grants up to 70k experience. This is a great option to level your alts;
  7. Don’t hesitate to learn 2 gathering professions, collecting resources, and selling them on Auction House at the beginning of expansion may help you to become rich.


If you prepared well, let’s finally see what leveling roadmap waiting for you on Dragon Isles.

60-61 Go to the Waking Shores and set your hearthstone there. Make all the quests you see, but prioritize those without a lot of running around the island.
61-62 Keep on going through the storyline quests. You will meet a new faction, and set your HS there.
62-63 Waking shore leveling goes on. Keep on doing quests.
63-64 Talk to Naleidea Rivergleam as soon as you hit lvl 63. Complete some intro quests she gives you as they are required for the storyline extension. Be ready to leave Waking Shores and head to Ohn’Aran Plains.
64-66 Keep on doing quests. You will meet another faction here. You may do some side quests to gain some reputation as this faction is one of the main factions in Dragonflight.
66-68 Go to the Azure Span. Nothing special will be there, just don’t stop completing quests.
68-70 Finish the last zone called Thaldraszus. Finishing the storyline will give you access to world quests, reputation quests, and various activities.

As you can see there is nothing hard in leveling, we assure you that you should level your first character reading quests to understand the main plot of the expansion. We also understand that players have different situations when they can’t keep the pace of the game due to real-life problems and work. In this case, check out our leveling offer. Thank you for reading, hope it helps you! It’s very important for us to get your feedback, rate us with 5 stars if you found this guide helpful!

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