In this guide, Overgear will show you how to level your Engineering skills through all expansions Here you will find all information about profession levels, such as 1-300 Vanilla, 1-75 Outland, 1-75 Northrend, 1-75 Cataclysm, 1-75 Pandaria, Draenor 1-100, Legion 1-100 and BfA 1-175. This guide will be updated with a relevant section after Shadowland’s release.

What bonuses does Engineering have?


General Information

You will have to find a special trainer for each expansion. For example, you can learn Vanilla and Cataclysm engineering schematics from Roxxik for the Horde or Lilliam Sparkspindle of Alliance. To learn Outland recipes you need to visit Shattrath and find Engineer Sinbei of Scryers or Technician Mihila of Aldor.


To craft engineering items you need some tools, such as:

There is also a cool item – Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife which can be bought and sold at the Auction house, and it saves some space in bags. If you already have Draenor Engineering skills, then you’ll be able to craft its improved version – Ultimate Gnomish Army Knife. There is also a Northrend version – Gnomish Army Knife, but usually, it is more expensive to get.


The best way to get materials for each expansion is to buy them at the auction house. Otherwise, you will have to spend hours farming resources with mining or killing mobs for some special reagents, such as Cloth. 

Each Engineering skill of any expansion can be leveled in front of the Auction house. Of course, it requires a lot of gold to do so. Fulfill your gold stocks with Overgear and save your time!

1-300 Vanilla

Vanilla engineering 1-300

Approximate materials required


1-75 Outland

Outland engineering 1-75

Approximate Materials Required



1-75 Northrend

Northrend engineering 1-75

Approximate Materials Required


1-75 Cataclysm

Cataclysm engineering 1-75

Approximate Materials Required


1-75 Pandaria

Pandaria engineering 1-75

Approximate Materials Required


Draenor 1-100

Draenor engineering 1-100

Approximate Materials Required


Legion 1-100

Legion engineering 1-100

Approximate Materials Required


  • The leveling of any Legion profession is a bit different. You will need to do a questline until the All Charged Up. The reward for this quest is a level 1 recipe for the Gunpowder Charge. It is also very important to get level 2 and 3 – they can be bought from The Widow in the Dalaran Underbelly. But here comes the most interesting part: these recipes require special currency –  Sightless Eye. To get 750 of them will take around 30 minutes of your time.
  • Dalaran Underbelly has 2 phases, which you can track by looking at your debuffs: Sewer Guards or No Guards. When guards are active there are several rares spawning in the area. Killing them will bring you around 60-90 Sightless Eyes. Farming rares for a while will get you those 750 Sightless Eyes.
  • Once it’s done you can buy both recipes: Gunpowder Charge level 2 and Gunpowder Charge level 3.
  • 140 x Rank 3 Gunpowder Charge – 140 x Leystone Ore, 2800 x Oversized Blasting Cap

BfA 1-175

BFA engineering 1-175

Approximate Materials Required


Similar to Legion, BfA has recipe ranks. Higher ranks reduce the number of required materials.

  1. Requires Exalted Zandalari Empire (Horde) / Proudmoore Admiralty (Alliance).
    You need this reputation to buy Rank 2 of Unstable Temporal Time Shifter.
    You will also have to defeat High Tinker Mekkatorque in Battle for Dazar’alor raid on any difficulty to obtain the Rank 3 of Schematic: Unstable Temporal Time Shifter.
    35 x Rank 3 Unstable Temporal Time Shifter – 280 Monelite Ore, 210 Storm Silver Ore, 525 Insulated Wiring.
    Craft this until 150.
  2. If you complete Pet Battle Challenge: Gnomeregan, you can buy Schematic: Mechantula for one Pristine Gizmo.
    25 x Unstable Temporal Time Shifter – 300 Monelite Ore, 200 Storm Silver Ore, 400 Insulated Wiring
    35 x Mechantula – 350 Monelite Ore, 175 Platinum Ore, 350 Insulated Wiring
  3. You’ll need 6 Marks of Honor
    25 x Unstable Temporal Time Shifter – 300 Monelite Ore, 200 Storm Silver Ore, 400 Insulated Wiring
    Buy the Rank 2 and 3 Sinister Combatant’s Discombobulator from Ozgrom Ragefang (Horde) in Zuldazar or Leedan Gustaf (Alliance) in Boralus for 6 Marks of Honor.
    20 x Rank 3 Sinister Combatant’s Discombobulator – 500 Storm Silver Ore, 300 Platinum Ore, 80 Expulsom 
  4. You’ll need 15 Tidalcore. This item is a 100% drop from the last boss of any mythic dungeon, including the chest in Mythic Plus.
    35 x Unstable Temporal Time Shifter – 420 Monelite Ore, 280 Storm Silver Ore, 700 Insulated Wiring
    You can scrap each goggle you make and return your Tidalcore and Expulsom. So if you don’t have 15 of each reagent, you can get these 15 points by crafting and scrapping only one Goggle.
    Craft any of these Goggles: Surging Bionic Bifocals, Surging Gearspun Goggles, Surging Orthogonal Optics, Surging Synthetic Specs.
    15 x Goggle – 450 Storm Silver Ore, 150 Platinum Ore, 225 Insulated Wiring, 15 Expulsom, 15 Tidalcore.

Nazjatar leveling

Shadowlands 1-100

For Shadowlands engineering we have an individual guide. Check it out!

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