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Why is Engineering Useful in Shadowlands?

What’s not to love about Engineering, especially when they’re bringing back all of the unpredictable backfires and unfortunate catastrophic events?

  • Engineering returns to Shadowlands with an array of useful items to create, including two Optional Reagents and an all-time favorite, an item to resurrect players!
  • Belt enhancements are back, though you can only use them on yourself.
  • Once again, Oribos has an auctioneer only engineers can use!

Engineering profits in Shadowlands

  • Easy auctioneer access without necessity of having Brutosaur
  • Good potential for goldfarm
  • The ability to craft helmets for all types of armor 
  • The ability to craft bombs that can be useful in PvP and PvE content

Shadowlands Engineering Trainer Location

You can learn Shadowlands Engineering from Machinist Au’gur in 

There are no Forges or Anvils in the Engineering area of the Hall of Shapes. You will need to go a short distance north to the blacksmithing/mining area for these features

Engineering Tools

You will need some kind of tool to craft most engineering items. These tools are:

To save some bag space, I highly recommend getting a Gnomish Army Knife. It replaces all of these tools, so you only have to carry one item with you.

Approximate Materials Required

Shadowlands Engineering Parts

  Shadowlands Engineering Raw Materials

Shadowlands has several types of ore and other mined goods, as well as one type of stone used to make Engineering parts and finished goods. You can either gather these yourself with the skill, or you can purchase these from the Auction House:

  Shadowlands Engineering Manufactured Parts

In addition, you will need to manufacture parts for Engineering projects. Again, these can also be purchased from other players on the Auction House:

Handful of Laestrite Bolts1 10 17 251x Laestrite Ore (yields 2)
Porous Polishing Abrasive1 10 17 252x Porous Stone (yields 3)
Mortal Coiled Spring15 45 47 503x Porous Polishing Abrasive, 5x Laestrite Ore, 2x Luminous Flux
Wormfed Gear Assembly25 75 77 804x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 5x Porous Polishing Abrasive ,3x Laestrite Ore ,1x Machinist’s Oil

  Shadowlands Engineering Vendor Parts

There are some new vendor purchased parts you will need, which you can pick up from many Trade Vendors as well as the Engineering vendor in Oribos:

Shadowlands Engineering Schematics

 Shadowlands Engineering Bombs, Mines, and Assorted Booms

All kablams have a 5 minute cooldown. There are a variety of launching mechanisms for all your explosive needs.

Nutcracker Grenade10 20 27 353x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 2x Porous Polishing Abrasive, 1x Laestrite Ore
Shadow Land Mine20 25 32 405x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 3x Porous Polishing Abrasive, 3x Laestrite Ore
Bomb Bola Launcher30 30 37 453x Nutcracker Grenade, 1x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Porous Polishing Abrasive, 1x Twilight Bark, 10x Penumbra Thread

  Shadowlands Engineering Devices

The schematic’s authors assume no responsibility for injury or spectacular death sustained in the use of these items.

50UL-TR4P50 55 60 653x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Mortal Coiled Spring, 10x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 10x Phaedrum Ore, 5x Soul Dust
Gravimetric Scrambler Cannon60 70 75 803x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 3x Mortal Coiled Spring, 20x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 20x Porous Polishing Abrasive, 10x Solenium Ore, 5x Sacred Shard
Momentum Redistributor Boots65 75 77 8010x Mortal Coiled Spring, 20x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 10x Phaedrum Ore, 15x Desolate Leather, 20x Shrouded Cloth
Wormhole Generator: Shadowlands85 90 953x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 7x Mortal Coiled Spring, 20x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 3x Elethium Ore, 10x Solenium Ore, 10x Oxxein Ore, 10x Phaedrum Ore, 10x Sinvyr Ore

  Shadowlands Engineering Scopes

Attach to a gun or bow. One of the safer engineered products on the market! (But don’t put an eye out).

Infra-green Reflex Sight75 90 92 951x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 2x Oriblase
Optical Target Embiggener75 90 92 951x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 1x Angerseye, 1x Oriblase

  Shadowlands Engineering Belt Enhancements

Because every engineer needs their very own utility belt! (Can only enhance your own belt. The technology’s ours and ours alone).

Dimensional Shifter45 60 65 701x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 10x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 3x Sinvyr Ore, 1x Umbryl, 1x Immortal Shard
Electro-Jump45 60 65 701x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 10x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 3x Solenium Ore, 1x Oriblase, 1x Immortal Shard
Damage Retaliator45 60 65 701x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 10x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 3x Oxxein Ore, 1x Angerseye, 1x Immortal Shard

Shadowlands Engineering Goggles

Each set of Goggles increases your Shadowlands Engineering by 20 and has a Use of allowing you to look far into the distance. All Goggles have an iLevel of 165 and a minimum level of 60. We can’t trust this technology to inexperienced users.

Flexible Ectoplasmic Specs85 95 97 1003x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 2x Umbryl, 10x Shrouded Cloth
Grounded Ectoplasmic Specs85 95 97 1003x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 1x Umbryl, 1x Oriblase, 10x Desolate Leather
Articulated Ectoplasmic Specs85 95 97 1003x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 1x Angerseye, 1x Umbryl, 5x Desolate Leather, 5x Pallid Bone
Reinforced Ectoplasmic Specs85 95 97 1003x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 5x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 2x Angerseye, 10x Sinvyr Ore

Shadowlands Engineering Gun

A bit low tech comparatively speaking, but you have to have something with which to fill your enemy with lots and lots of holes.

Precision Lifeforce Inverter35 40 45 504x Laestrite Ore, 1x Mortal Coiled Spring, 4x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 8x Twilight Bark

Shadowlands Engineering Pet

What is interesting about this pet schematic is that it has a minimum level requirement of Engineering (115) to create. However, Engineering skill currently only goes up to 100 in Shadowlands.

Gnomes with their +15 to Engineering skill racial will be able to make this with a base skill of 100 without any modifications. Other races who wish to make this pet will need to equip one of the sets of Shadowlands Ectoplasmic Specs goggles to be able to create this pet, since the Specs all increase Engineering skill by 20.

Schematic: PHA7-YNX is acquired with Exalted reputation with The Ascended in Bastion.

PHA7-YNX115 117 12015x Wormfed Gear Assembly, 20x Mortal Coiled Spring, 25x Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 10x Elethium Ore, 10x Shaded Stone, 20x Luminous Flux

Leveling Shadowlands Engineering

Guide for 1-25

You can buy Luminous Flux and Machinist’s Oil from Distributor Au’burk. They are not listed in the guide for most recipes since you can just buy a bunch of them from the vendor. He also sells a few Twilight Bark but in limited supply, so he won’t always have it.

Both of these will be used in most Shadowlands Engineering recipes, so make all of them now for “free” leveling points.

Guide for 25 – 76

  • 46 – 50
    4 x Wormfed Gear Assembly – 16 Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 20 Porous Polishing Abrasive, 12 Laestrite Ore
  • 55 – 76
    21 x Wormfed Gear Assembly – 84 Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 105 Porous Polishing Abrasive, 63 Laestrite Ore

Guide for 76 – 91

Make 15 from one of these:

Guide for 91 – 97

2 x Flexible Ectoplasmic Specs – 6 Wormfed Gear Assembly, 10 Handful of Laestrite Bolts, 4 Umbryl, 20 Shrouded Cloth

You can make any other goggles. (make the one that can be used by your class)

Guide for 97 – 100

It’s just simply not worth rushing to 100 with green recipes. So, I recommend doing the Engineering World Quest every few days for these last 3 points. They show up every 3-4 days. (check the world quest part above for more details)  But, if you want to reach 100 faster, your only option is basically to make more Engineering Goggles.

Schematic: PHA7-YNX is the only recipe that you cannot craft anyway, and you can’t even buy the recipe until you reach Exalted reputation with the Ascended faction. Reaching exalted will probably take more than a month of grinding.

Where is the Anvil in Oribos?

You can find the anvils near the forge in the middle of the Hall of Shapes. A bit annoying, but you will have to walk back and forth from the anvil to the engineering trainer.

Engineering World Quests in Shadowlands

Each of the four Covenant zones has its own Engineering World Quests. You must have a Shadowlands Engineering skill of at least 25 for these to show up. Completing one of these quests rewards +1 Engineering , experience, and 125 reputation with the local zone faction.

If you are doing the normal storyline, these quests will not be available until World Quests open at level 60. Characters leveling through Threads of Fate with the appropriate skill level can do these starting at level 50, after choosing their Covenant and picking their first questing area.

For this reason, if you are leveling through Threads of Fate, I strongly encourage doing what you need to do to push any Profession skills to 25 as soon as you can to take advantage of these easy skill points, experience, and credit toward your zone completions.

Darkmoon Faire free +5 skill points

There is an event called Darkmoon Faire that appears in the game once a month, starting at 00:01 on the Sunday before the 1st Monday of each month. During the event you can complete quests for each profession.

The profession quests can only be completed once during each Darkmoon Faire and will grant 5 skill points (means you can complete them again once at the next faire). 

The skillups will apply automatically to the most recent expansion profession progress that is not at its maximum. So, for example, if you want the +5 skill in Outland Engineering, but you have already learned other expansions profession skills, you have to max all of them out first, then you can get the +5 in Outland Engineering since that will be the only one that is not at its maximum.

Engineering – Talkin’ Tonks

Making Gold with Engineering in Shadowlands

There are a few useful engineering devices that anyone can use — namely, the 50UL-TR4P, Gravimetric Scrambler Cannon, and Momentum Redistributor Boots. With the ability to banish enemies, throw enemies into random directions, or jump onto enemies’ heads from a distance to do damage to them, havoc will definitely ensure — and will be especially fun in PvP situations. Tell your friends: don’t go into a Battleground without these!

There is also an Engineering-only pet, the PHA7-YNX, that will remain rare for quite awhile, since the recipe requires an Exalted reputation and the material requirements are fairly high.

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