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The new expansion WoW: Embers of Neltharion will bring two new world bosses to the game at once, or rather a duo, for the battle with which you need to use certain tactics. Thus, there are already 5 world bosses in the game: Vakan and Gholna, Basrikron, Strunraan, Bazual, Liskanoth. In this guide, we will analyze tactics, abilities, and table loot for new and four old bosses because the item level will increase to 421, which means that the old world bosses will become relevant again.

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Dragonflight World Bosses 5.0

Vakan and Gholna World Boss Overview

The formidable world boss can be encountered in the fiery depths of Zaqali Caldera. It is highly probable that this world boss will drop Item Level 421. Given that current world bosses provide Item Level 395 loot and considering the +26 increase in Item Level between seasons, an Item Level 421 reward aligns with this progression pattern.

Dragonflight World Bosses

Gholna wields supreme control over molten lava, launching searing magma projectiles and generating Lava Geysers throughout the battleground. In contrast, Vakan has mastered the enigmatic force of shadowflame, shrouding combatants in impenetrable darkness and conjuring a Whirling Inferno. However, these powerful Elders possess a unique counterbalance: Vakan’s Ascendancy and Gholna’s Ascendancy enable each of their assaults to be repelled and redirected against the opposing Elder, purifying the field of battle and bestowing potent enhancements upon the warriors.

Dragonflight World Bosses

Thus, we already have some idea of their abilities.

  • Lava Geyser — Gholna causes magma to erupt at 5 random player destinations, inflicting 125082 Volcanic damage to players within 5 yards of impact and creating a Molten Pool.
  • Gholna’s Might — Using Searing Touch to disperse a Blistering Cyclone fills the player with Gholna’s might, increasing their haste by 10% for 10 sec.
  • Blistering Cyclone — The Vortex inflicts 30020 Shadowflame damage every 1 sec to players standing within it.
  • Vakan’s Might — Using Burning Shadows to disperse a Molten Pool fills the player with Vakan’s might, increasing their haste by 10% for 10 sec.

Tanks play an important role in the fight with this boss, which should not keep two bosses next to each other. Because while Gholna and Vakan are close together, they gain Empowered Rivalry. Empowered Rivalry reduces their damage received by 90%. It means that you simply won’t kill the boss until the next expansion if you keep them together.

Also, Gholna applies a stack of Searing Touch, and Vakan applies a stack of Burning Shadows. These are deadly mechanics but are easily discarded if the tanks switch bosses.

DPS and Healers should simply do damage/heal and avoid Incineration and Scorching Eclipse.

Other than the item level, we don’t know what exactly you will get for defeating this boss, but we will add it as soon as this information appears.

Strunraan World Boss Overview

Strunraan is very similar to Rashaget, the final boss of the first season of Dragonflight. He seems to be her closest relative but is farthest away – in the southeastern Ohn’ahran Plains. /way #2023 82.0 76.0 Strunraan.

Dragonflight World Bosses

Strunraan is very fond of electricity and not without reason, the fight with him takes place at the waterfall. Don’t stand in the water when the boss casts Shock Water, and avoid Arc Expulsion, which will damage players standing directly in front of Strunraan. At 100 energy, Strunraan will take flight and cause Empowered Storm. Therefore, keep an eye on the energy bar, but if it is full, move out of the line of fire; otherwise, you will die.

Since Dragonflight Season 2 Strunraan drops an armor piece of each type and a trinket at item level 421.

Basrikron World Boss Overview

The closest boss to the capital is not given a break at all and is killed as soon as he appears. Basrikron can be found in The Waking Shores at /way 55.0 77.7.

This boss is very similar to the previous one, but instead of electricity, he throws rocks. However, the tactics are very similar: don’t stand in front of the dragon, watch his energy when it reaches 100, and move away from him because Basrikron will take flight and plummet with a Sundering Crash. From time to time the boss will summon elementals to attack players — pull it to the boss and AoE it.

Dragonflight World Bosses

Since Dragonflight Season 2 Basrikron drops an armor piece of each type and a trinket at item level 421.

Bazual World Boss Overview

Basrikron is a fire dragon found in The Azure Span /way #2024 79.2 36.2 Bazual.

Bazual, the formidable adversary, wields devastating attacks that will leave players struggling to survive. With his Magma Eruption, he unleashes a scorching blast that creates a pool of molten magma, forcing players to avoid the deadly terrain. When his energy reaches 100, Bazual takes to the sky, unleashing a Deterring Flame that ignites all players and sends them flying backward.

As if that weren’t enough, when Bazual’s health drops to 40%, he draws upon the fiery power of the Firelands to imbue himself with the unstoppable Flame Infusion. This empowering ability inflicts searing heat damage to all players. While infused, Bazual upgrades his ultimate attack to the devastating Rain of Destruction, which he unleashes when his energy reaches 100.

Dragonflight World Bosses

Since Dragonflight Season 2 Bazual drops an armor piece of each type and a trinket at item level 421.

Liskanoth World Boss Overview

Venture into the distant realm of Thaldraszus, where the Primalist Future awaits and where you will encounter the formidable Liskanoth. To reach this otherworldly plane, travel through a portal located at coordinates /way 59.8 82.2, and be prepared to face a fierce foe.

Liskanoth commands the elements with mastery and wields her power to encase players in a prison of ice and snow, using her Glacial Storm and Binding Ice abilities. But beware, as when her energy reaches its zenith at 100, she takes to the sky and unleashes a cataclysmic Deep Freeze upon all who dare to stand in her path.

But that’s not all – Liskanoth’s mastery of the elements is without equal, and she can call forth the very elements themselves to aid her in battle. As she battles, she summons pillars of ice and waves of frost that threaten to overwhelm the bravest of warriors.

Dragonflight World Bosses

Since Dragonflight Season 2 Liskanoth drops an armor piece of each type and a trinket at item level 421.

World Quests Completion!
All available quests, including World Bosses!
Dragonflight World Bosses 5.0

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