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    Dragonflight Season 1 is in full swing! Are you ready for new adventures in WoW?

    With our Dragonflight carry services, you can enjoy the new expansion right now! Below you can find various offers, including Vault of the Incarnates raid runs, Mythic+ dungeons completion, Dragonflight leveling, profession boost, and a lot of other useful offers.

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        Dragonflight boost FAQ

        In the new WoW expansion Dragonflight players finally come back to Azeroth and more mundane tasks and adventures, exploring Dragon Isles. Unlike the Shadowlands, where from the start players faced a lot of novelties, now we will spend our time on more familiar things and systems. But there is we have some exceptions like Dragon riding.

        If you are interested in Dragonflight, you should know that the main WoW activities will be the same like raiding, Mythic+ dungeons, well-known PvP, RBG, and Arena fights. Also, casual players will get even more stuff to enjoy. And we can offer you a lot of these activities as a part of our DF carry:

        • Leveling for your character up to 70l
        • Dragonflight raids completion starting from the Vault of the Incarnates;
        • Mythic+ runs to get the best gear and unique experience;
        • PvP boosting depending on your goals;
        • Professions boost;
        • Renown leveling for new Dragonflight factions;
        • Dragon riding unlocking and leveling including obtaining all possible skins and improvements;
        • Mount or transmog farm.

        Buy Dragonflight services to make your life much easier and spend your time in the game the way you want. And don't forget that if you can't find the offer you need, you can always text us via live chat.

        What will Dragonflight be about?

        Right now, we don't know all plot turns and are focused on Dragon Isles exploring. Also, PvE players at the start of the expansion will face Raszageth, a powerful proto-dragon.

        When can we expect Dragonflight?

        Dragonflight expansion release date is November, 28/29 depending on the region.

        What's new in WoW Dragonflight?

        The main novelties are the Dragonriding system inspired by the How to train your Dragon film, new talent trees (more flexible and wide), professions revamp, and the new reputation-renown system.

        What do I need to prepare for Dragonflight?

        For your convenience, you can equip your character with 250+ ilvl items from Shadowlands expansion to be stronger doing your first steps on the Dragon Isles.