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The upcoming World of Warcraft Dragonflight expansion brings in some changes to the reputation system. The current system we have now has been a part of the game since its release. Framing reputation nowadays includes different stages to be acquired. Heroes of Azeroth usually start with Neutral standing, farming through Friendly and Revered, up to Exalted. That is done by completing quests, killing rare NPCs, or farming dungeons. Every level provides players with a bunch of rewards and the best rewards are usually unlocked at the highest standing – Exalted.

Things change in Dragonflight. Let’s take a quick look at them.

Dragonflight Renown System

Dragonflight expansion introduces four main factions: the Dragonscale Expedition, the Maruuk Centaur, the Iskaara Tuskarr, and the Valdrakken Accord. Players will not farm reputation as they did before, instead, Blizzard implements a familiar system of renown.

The system was first introduced in Shadowlands but it seemed to be a bit raw and unfinished. The Dragonflight reputation renown will provide players with faction trophies more often which makes it similar to a battle pass rewarding system. As it is known every 1000 points of reputation now adds 1 level to renown.

What makes it different from Shadowlands is that players are not bound to one faction or particular covenant but instead they can progress much faster earning a reputation with every Dragonflight faction in the game.

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Dragonflight Reputations Overview

Dragonscale Expedition

Explorer’s League and Reliquary now work together in an expedition to Dragon Isles. The Dragonscale Expedition discovers ancient secrets, including a travel network. As players go further through the renown ranks of this faction, they will have a chance to power up Waygates all over the Dragon Isles. As Blizzard says, alts will benefit from it too.

Dragonflight Reputations Overview

Heroes will get access to special tools like the Expedition Metal Detector and Sturdy Expedition Shovel or an Expedition Supply Kit for treasure searching. The Dragonscale Expedition Renown Quartermaster is called Pathfinder Jeb. He is situated in the Dragonscale Camp, southwest of the Ruby Life Pools. Earning Renown unlocks more items and rewards.

Renown Name Description
1 The Dragonscale Expedition The beginning of your adventures.
2 Expedition Scout Packs Information on finding Expedition Scout packs.
3 Simple Expedition Tools Excavator’s Punch, Excavator’s Mallet, Excavator’s Trowel, Excavator’s Chisel)
4 Dragonscale Expedition Cloaks Dragonscale Expedition Cloaks
5 Blacksmithing Plans I: Tool Plans: Sturdy Expedition Shovel
5 Buried Treasures Ability to find and dig through Disturbed Dirt mounds with a Sturdy Expedition Shovel.
6 Ancient Waygate Unlock the Ancient Waygate.
7 Advanced Expedition Tools Expedition Excavator, Trusty Sweeper, Researcher’s Magnifier
7 Activity Unlock – Climbing Backpack Unlock climbing across the Dragon Isles.
8 Ancient Waygate More Ancient Waygates
8 Mount Customizations I Renewed Proto-Drake: Spined Brow, Renewed Proto-Drake: Maned Crest, Renewed Proto-Drake: Spiked Jaw
9 Enchanting Formulas I Formula: Enchant Cloak – Graceful Avoidance and Formula: Enchant Boots – Rider’s Reassurance
9 Wayfinder’s Compass Wayfinder’s Compass
9 Jewelcrafting Designs I: Gems The designs for Radiant Malygite, Energized Malygite, Sensei’s Neltharite and Keen Neltharite 
9 Activity Unlock – Cataloging Expeditions Unlock the Cataloging Expeditions
9 Engineering Schematics I: Explosives Schematic: Gravity Bomb and the Schematic: Primal Deconstruction Charge 
10 Additional Ancient Even more Ancient Waygates.
10 Bonus Supplies Increase the amount of supplies you discover from treasures by 25%.
11 Expedition Animal Specialist Gray Marmoni or Black Skitterbug.
12 Expedition Equipment 1 Expedition gloves 
13 Cooking Recipe I: Finishing Reagent Recipe: Salad on the Side ( Salad on the Side).
13 Jewelcrafting Designs II: Trinkets Design: Idol of the Earth Warder and Design: Idol of the Lifebinder 
13 Ancient Waygate Additional Ancient Waygates.
13 Quest Line: Dragonscale Expedition Chapter 1 Unlock the first chapter of the Dragon Expedition’s continued adventures.
14 Dragonscale Expedition Ensembles Dragonscale Expedition Ensembles 
15 Ancient Waygate More Ancient Waygates 
15 Inscription Technique I: Drake Customization Technique: Renewed Proto-Drake: Spined Hair 
15 Mount Customizations II Renewed Proto-Drake: Spiked Club Tail, Renewed Proto-Drake: Swept Horns, Renewed Proto-Drake: Harrier Pattern
15 Jewelecrafting Designs III: Crafter’s Gear Purchase the Design: Scribes Magnifier in the Dragonscale Basecamp
15 Tailoring Patterns I: Crafter’s Gear Pattern: Master’s Wildercloth Fishing Cap, Pattern: Master’s Wildercloth Chef’s Hat, Pattern: Explorer’s Banner of Dragon Isles Flora and Pattern: Explorer’s Banner of Dragon Isles Geology
15 Engineering Schematics II: Crafter’s Gear Schematic: Ore Pack and Schematic: Tailor’s Shears 
16 Enchanting Formula I: Enduring Enchanted Lockpicks Enchanting Formula: Enduring Enchanted Lockpicks 
16 Magic Bound Chests Ability to open Magic Bound Chests as long as you possess an Enchanted Lockpicks
17 Researching in Comfort Soft Purple Pillow, Small Triangular Pillow, Skinny Reliquary Pillow
17 Ancient Waygate Even more Ancient Waygates
17 Tailoring Patterns II: Throw Pillow and Explorer’s Tent Throw Pillow and the Pattern: Dragonscale Expedition’s Expedition Tent
18 Bonus Supplies II 50% chance to loot double Dragon Isles Supplies
19 Inscription Technique II: Dragonscale Expedition Contract Technique: Contract: Dragonscale Expedition
19 Tailoring Patterns III: Azureweave Adventurer’s Pack Azureweave Expedition Pack (34 slot bag) 
19 Banners of the United Factions Reliquary Banner, Explorer’s League Banner
19 Dragonscale Expedition Tabard Dragonscale Expedition Tabard 
20 Explosive Archaeology Expedition Explosives 
20 Ancient Waygate Additional Ancient Waygates
20 Expert Expedition Tools Expedition Telescope (Punting – NYI), Expedition Binoculars (Punting – NYI)
21 Jeweled Whelpling Treasure Maps Unlocks the ability to find Treasure Maps leading to Jeweled Whelpling materials and patterns
21 Treasure Tracking Expedition Metal Detector or the Mecha-A-Duck Tracker. Each can be used in finding Dragon Isle Treasures.
21 Tailoring Patterns IV: Duck Stuffed Duck Lovie Pattern: Duck-Stuffed Duck Lovie 
21 Engineering Schematics III: Quack-E and Expedition Multi-Toolbox Schematic: Quack-E Schematic: Expedition Multi-Toolbox
21 Inscription Technique II: Illusion Parchments: Magma Missile Technique: Illusion Parchment: Magma Missile 
22 Ancient Waygate More Ancient Waygates across the Dragon Isles.
22 Mount Customizations III Mount customizations 
23 Expedition Equipment II Expedition pants.
24 Quest Line: Dragonscale Expedition Chapter 2 Gain access to the second chapter of the Dragon Expedition’s continued adventures.
25 Dragonfly Riding Unlock the ability to find and tame dragonfly mounts, purchase some dragonfly mounts ( Tamed Skitterfly, Azure Skitterfly)
25 Grand Expeditioner Unlock the title Grand Expeditioner.

Maruuk Centaur

The Maruuk Centaur is a union of different clans with the same culture. They are nomadic hunters and storytellers guided by the Wild God of the Wind called Ohn’ahra. In the past, the clan had its rises and falls but they try to keep that peace with dragons. Now they are disturbed by outsiders on their shores. Heroes will have to prove their respect and kind intentions. Take part in the License to Hunt quest and get your renown level up to 6 to unlock Grand Hunts and get a powerful animal companion for your hunts. Also, Clan caravans make their way across the Ohn’ahran Plainsand every couple of days and they need protection. Along the way of getting renown, you’ll be rewarded with more and more items like battle pets and customizations for you and your dragon. Farrier Rondare is a renown Quartermaster, he is located in Maruukai.

Dragonflight Reputations Overview

Just because we don’t have a complete list of rewards yet, this part will be added soon. Meanwhile, take a look at some rewards that have been announced:

Iskaara Tuskarr

The Tuskarr of Iskaara lived on the Dragon Isles for generations. Cold and rough winters taught them to work together as a team or as a big family. They appreciate fishing and cooking skills and will welcome friendly strangers with open arms. You don’t want to be their enemy as the Tuskarr are very skillful and deadly warriors. 

Dragonflight Reputations Overview

Getting renown levels with the Iskaara Tuskarr will teach the heroes of Azeroth new ways of fishing using harpoons and nets. Your catch will be prepared for the Community Feast event to thank hungry adventurers. Tuskarr vendors offer unique tools like an Iskaaran Fishing Net or the Iskaaran Harpoon to improve your survival capabilities. As it is known for this moment, the faction has 7 renown vendors located in Iskaara, The Azure Span. All the rewards will be added soon but meanwhile, you can check out some of them:

Valdrakken Accord

Valdrakken is the capital city of the Dragon Isles. With the allied forces new to these shores, Valdrakken Accord will help to protect Azeroth. Valdrakken Accord provides some variety of Supply and Crafting quests, Work Orders, and Dragon Isles exploration missions that reward players with drake customization options, titles, and battle pets. 

Dragonflight Reputations Overview

Players will have to choose their side between Wrathion and Sabellian. In the end, there will be a chance to aid both leaders, but choosing one particular side each week provides a huge bonus and some follow-up quests. There are 4 Renown vendors, all located in Valdrakken city, in Thaldraszus. Blizzard hasn’t announced a full list of rewards yet, so let’s take a look at some we could find out. Later, this article will be edited with further information, stay in tune.

Note, that Dragonflight is already available for testing, except for some content like raids, and it looks very exciting. We should expect its release on November, 28. Don’t forget to rate our overview, if it was interesting for you, and good luck in your Azeroth adventures!

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