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World of Warcraft gold is an essential part of the game. In Dragonflight, its importance will become even bigger after profession system rework at least. So, if you want to have high-rated gear, the rarest transmog appearances in the game, or ride on unique stylish mounts, you need to have enough money. Our Dragonflight Gold Making guide will tell you all you need to know about WoW Dragonflight Gold and the most efficient ways to earn it.

Why do you need to farm gold in Dragonflight?

A lot of players may ask: why is it so important, and what can you do with World of Warcraft Dragonflight Gold? Well, it is used for auction trading, fixing your gear, completing crafting orders, buying mounts, various toys, cosmetic items, etc. Gold is a part of the game that can’t be ignored under any circumstances, especially at the start of the expansion. Every launch consumes billiards of top guilds’ gold during their preparation for the raid progress race. That makes Dragonflight release the best time to farm some shiny coins, and Overgear will tell you how to get the maximum out of it in this WoW Gold Making guide.

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WoW Gold Making

World of Warcraft Dragonflight Gold Making Best Classes

In Dragonflight, classes don’t make much difference. Still, some are obviously better than others. For WoW Gold farm, players should aim for movement speed and efficiency. In this case, Druid is what you are looking for. His shapeshifting is helpful in many different situations. For example, you can mine and gather herbs in a traveling form, which saves a lot of time. He can also run faster indoors while in a cat form. Stealth will help to avoid unnecessary fights.

WoW Gold Making

Rogue can do pretty much the same things, although he has no traveling form. His mobility may shine in old dungeons where players can’t use their mounts.

Another class to take a look at is Mage. He can move fast with his Blink ability, and he also has portals to different parts of the world, which saves a lot of time while traveling.

Dragonflight Gold Making Tips

First, let’s see the general tips you should try to follow whether what type of gold farming you prefer:

Create a bank character

During your adventure around the world, you may find different items and pieces of gear. Make a couple of lvl 1 characters and bring them to the nearest Auction House and mailbox. In that case, you will always be able to send them all the extra loot and keep your main character’s bags clean. Don’t forget to get some spacious bags for your alts!

Loot everything!

There is no best place to farm gold in WoW, but you should pick up everything during your travels. Even some gray-quality items cost a coin. Selling everything will help you make a small amount of gold to cover your repair needs. Better than nothing.

Know the market

It is not hard to find out what players need right now. At the very start of the expansion, the demand for resources is unbelievable, which is a chance for you to earn. Try to monitor the prices and get some benefit out of your knowledge. For example, flasks and potions sell at higher prices on Wednesdays due to raids and dungeons reset, but they become cheaper at the end of every week. Try to use that to your advantage and take a risk playing with the market.

Now, let’s talk about the best gold farm WoW ways you can choose.

Auction House Trading

This is considered to be the most efficient way how to farm gold in WoW. The idea behind Auction House WoW gold farming is to buy out items that are lower than their current market value and resell them. Sometimes players can even set up a monopoly on a particular item, dictating their own prices.

WoW Gold Making

This way involves start-up capital and many risks unless you’re a genius who can predict market changes, but once you get used to this system, it will reward you a lot! Just find some time and monitor popular lots like ores, herbs, gear, etc. And don’t play greedy, investing everything you have at once is a bad idea as you may lose everything.

Also, check out Trade Skill Master addon. It collects in-game market data making it easier to work with Auction Houses.

Reagents Farming

Some reagents are more valuable than others. Finding a perfect spot with a lot of mobs and a fast spawn rate will let you earn a lot of money. Dragonflight brings some elements back whose analogs we used to have in previous expansions. We assume that some of the items from the following list will be in demand, allowing players without professions to earn some coins.

Stay tuned as we will adjust this guide later with detailed information about spots and the most expensive materials to farm.


Another source of gold making is a variety of Professions. Players can choose between gathering and crafting options. Both variants have their own advantages and disadvantages. For example, gathering professions bring some stable income, but they also consume a decent amount of time. Crafting professions combined with Auction House games involve some risk, but they also give a chance to earn a lot of gold. For more information, check out our in-depth profession guides.

WoW Gold Making

Dragonflight also brings a new interesting system that is called Crafting Orders. Players can now place orders, and craftsmen will have the ability to complete them. We can’t say how popular this system will be, but in theory, it looks like another great way to make a fortune.

Cosmetic items farm

While playing World of Warcraft, players go through some old content and loot many different items. Don’t rush selling them to the nearest monger as some of them can cost an arm and a leg. Some players will pay thousands and millions of gold to get those items. Trade Skill Master addon can help you with valuing an item. Selling transmog items is a long-term task. Prepare for the repetitious grinding of old dungeons and hours in front of the auction house. This is the situation when the amount takes over quality. The more various items you own, the bigger chance you have to sell at least anything. Sometimes it takes up to a month for an item to be sold, but once you have farmed enough items, your business will shine.

BOE Farming

Take a closer look at the chat. Sometimes players set up parties to kill particular NPCs in different parts of the world. That gives you a chance to loot a piece of epic BOE gear, mounts, pets, and cosmetic items depending on the spot. Usually, all of those items sell at a very high price. Although this way isn’t the most stable one as it includes a lot of random factors, still try to test your luck.

WoW Gold Making

Note, that Raid BOE farming won’t be a thing in Dragonflight anymore as developers have reworked that system. You still can get BoE gear in raids from kind of mini-bosses called Lieutenants, but only one time per week.

Covenant Callings and World Quests

Covenant callings were added in Shadowlands, but we assume this activity will also be presented in Dragonflight. Calling is a quest that requires players to complete some activities in a particular zone. It rewards players with 1000-3000 gold upon completion, and they are available for every character you have.

Thank you for reading our guide to gold farming in Dragonflight. We will adjust it as new information appears. It is really important for us to help players with their in-game needs. If you don’t feel like farming gold yourself, check out our WoW Gold offer.

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